What Does Rate Limit Exceeded Mean on Twitter


Twitter assigns limits to how a user can perform actions such as following, liking, or commenting on the platform.

If you use up the 100 API calls within the provided time frame then all your further actions will be blocked by the rate limit error message.

This message indicates that you have reached the maximum number of times that you are allowed to perform the action within a specific time period, known as the “rate limit.”

In this article, we’re going to discuss all you need to know about the Twitter rate limit and what you can do to resolve the trouble.

What are rate limits on Twitter?

Rate limits are put in place on Twitter to prevent spam and automated activities.

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These limits are placed on all actions on Twitter, such as sending and replying to tweets, sending messages, following and unfollowing users, etc.

While it’s important to note that the limit varies depending on the authentication method being used, it varies from user to user.

Some users might have a limit of 100 API calls in 60 minutes, while others might have an API call of 900 requests in 20 minutes.

Also, Rate limits on Twitter are dynamic and can change over time. They are also different for different actions and may vary depending on the specific use case.

For example, the rate limit for sending tweets may be higher for a user who is posting tweets manually through the Twitter app or website compared to a user who is using an automated tool to send tweets.

What does the “rate limit exceed” message mean?

The “rate limit exceeded” message appears on Twitter when you have reached the maximum number of times that you are allowed to perform a specific action within a certain time period.

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This message is an indication that you have reached your rate limit for the action and need to wait before you can perform the action again.

How do I get rid of the rate limit exceeded on Twitter?

If you get the “rate limit exceeded” message whole on Twitter then you’ve to just wait for it to be lifted.

While the wait time might not be stated in most cases, it advised that you close the Twitter app and check back in the next hour.

Here are other things you can check to ensure you don’t fall into the rate limit reached message.

1. Monitor your account activity

Closely take a Look at your Twitter account activity to see if you are performing actions that are subject to rate limits more frequently than allowed.

Also, users who make use of automated tools and software should disconnect these apps from their accounts because they often carry out actions on their own.

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You can do this by;

  • Login to Twitter
  • Go to Settings and Privacy
  • Tap “security and account access”
  • Now, “App and Sessions” > connected Apps
  • Finally, disconnect automated apps from your account.

This will help prevent the rate limit error even when you haven’t done much with your Twitter account.

2. Wait

The next thing to do after making sure there’s no automated app connected to your account is to wait for the time frame attached to the limit to be completed.

Let’s say you’ve got 15 minutes to try again – simply close the Twitter app and open it back when the time is due.

The issue should be resolved and your rate limit should have been reset to default.

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