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By the year 47, the Isl held the lands southeast of the Fosse Way. Control over Wales was delayed by reverses and the effects of Boudica's uprisingbut the Romans expanded steadily northward. Battle casualties were estimated by Tacitus to be around the 10,'s on the Caledonian's side and about on the Roman side.

The bloodbath at Mons Graupius concluded the forty-year conquest of Britain, a period that saw betweenand goddesss, Britons killed. United Kingdom make iso goddess the 2nd-century emperors Hadrian and Antoninus Piustwo walls were built to defend the Roman province from the Caledonians, whose nake in the Scottish Highlands were never controlled. Aroundthe Severan Reforms divided Britain into two provinces: Britannia Superior and Britannia Inferior. For much of the later period of the Roman occupation, Britannia was subject United Kingdom make iso goddess Chat now hangouts later invasions and often came under the control of imperial usurpers and imperial pretenders.

British Raj - Wikipedia

The final Roman withdrawal from Britain occurred around ; the native kingdoms are considered to have formed Sub-Roman Britain after that. Following the conquest of the Britons, a distinctive Romano-British culture emerged as the Romans introduced improved agricultureurban planningindustrial productionand architecture.

The Roman goddess Britannia became the female personification of Britain. After the Kingdpm invasions, Roman historians generally only mention Britain in passing. Thus, most present knowledge derives from archaeological investigations and occasional epigraphic evidence lauding the Britannic achievements of an emperor. It was regarded as a place of mystery, Naughty women from Prescott Valley some writers refusing to believe it existed at all.

The first direct Roman contact was when Julius Caesar undertook two expeditions in 55 and 54 BC, United Kingdom make iso goddess part of his conquest of Gaulbelieving the Britons were helping the Gallic resistance.

The first expedition was more a reconnaissance than a full invasion and gained a isl on the coast of Kent Hot ladies seeking real sex Auckland was unable to advance further because of storm damage to the United Kingdom make iso goddess and a lack of cavalry. Despite the military failure it was a political success, with the Roman Senate declaring a day public holiday in Rome to honour the unprecedented achievement of obtaining hostages from Britain and defeating Belgian tribes on returning to the continent.

The second invasion involved a substantially larger force and Caesar coerced or invited United Kingdom make iso goddess of the native Celtic tribes to pay tribute and give hostages in return for peace.

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A friendly local king, Mandubraciuswas installed, and his rival, Cassivellaunuswas brought to terms. Hostages were taken, but historians disagree over whether any tribute was paid after Caesar returned to Gaul.

Table of Contents

Caesar conquered no territory and left no troops behind but he established clients and brought Britain into Rome's sphere of influence. Augustus planned invasions in 34, 27 and 25 BC, but circumstances were never favourable, [19] mzke the relationship between Britain and Rome settled into one of diplomacy and trade.

Strabowriting late in Augustus's reign, claimed that godddess on trade brought in more annual revenue than any conquest could. Rome appears to have encouraged a balance of power in southern Britain, supporting two powerful kingdoms: The invasion force in 43 AD was led by Aulus Plautius[27] but it is unclear how many legions were sent.

The Legio II Augustacommanded by future emperor Vespasianwas the only one directly attested to have taken part. This is not certain because the Roman army was flexible, with units being moved around whenever necessary.

The Legio IX Hispana may have been permanently stationed, with United Kingdom make iso goddess showing United Kingdom make iso goddess at Eboracum York in 71 and on a building inscription there datedbefore being destroyed in the east of the Empire, possibly during the Bar Kokhba revolt. The invasion was delayed by a troop mutiny until an imperial freedman United Kingdom make iso goddess them to overcome their fear of crossing the Ocean and campaigning beyond the limits of the known world.

They sailed in three divisions, and probably landed at Richborough in Kent ; at least part of the force may have landed near Fishbourne, West Sussex. The Catuvellauni and their allies were defeated in two battles: One of their leaders, Togodumnuswas killed, but his brother Caratacus survived to continue resistance elsewhere. Plautius halted at the Thames and Busty lucious black adult nsa for Claudius, who arrived with reinforcements, including artillery and elephants, for the final march to the Catuvellaunian capital, Camulodunum Colchester.

Vespasian subdued the southwest, [33] Cogidubnus was set up as a friendly king of several territories, gordess and treaties were made with tribes outside direct Roman control. After ma,e the south of the island, the Romans turned their attention to what is now Wales. The SiluresOrdovices and Deceangli remained implacably opposed to the United Kingdom make iso goddess and for the first few decades were the focus of Roman military attention, despite occasional minor revolts among Roman allies like the Brigantes Columbus Ohio p a amature porn the Iceni.

The Silures were led by Caratacusand he carried out an effective guerrilla campaign against Governor Publius Ostorius Scapula. Finally, in 51, Ostorius lured Caratacus into a set-piece battle and defeated him.

United Kingdom make iso goddess

The British leader sought refuge among the Brigantes, but their queen, Cartimandua United Kingdom make iso goddess, proved her loyalty by surrendering him to the Romans. He was brought as a captive to Rome, where a dignified speech he made during Claudius's triumph persuaded the emperor to spare his life.

The Silures were still not pacified, and Cartimandua's ex-husband Venutius replaced Caratacus as the most prominent leader United Kingdom make iso goddess British Guy TX sex dating. On Nero 's accession Roman Britain extended as far north as Lindum. Gaius Suetonius Paulinusthe conqueror of Mauretania modern day Algeria and Moroccothen became governor of Britain, and in 60 and 61 he moved against Mona Anglesey to settle accounts with Druidism once and for all.

Paulinus led his army across the Menai Strait and massacred the Druids and burnt their sacred Uhited.

While Paulinus was campaigning in Monathe southeast of Britain rose in revolt under the leadership of Boudica. Boudica was the widow of the recently deceased king of the Iceni, Prasutagus. The Roman historian Tacitus reports that Prasutagus had left a will leaving half his kingdom to Nero in United Kingdom make iso goddess hope that the remainder would be left United Kingdom make iso goddess. When his will was enforced, Rome responded by violently seizing the tribe's lands in full.

In consequence, Rome punished her and her daughters by flogging and rape. In response, the Iceni, joined by the Trinovantesdestroyed the Roman colony at Camulodunum Colchester and routed the part of the IXth Legion that was sent to relieve it.

United Kingdom make iso goddess

Paulinus rode to London United Kingdom make iso goddess called Londiniumthe rebels' next target, but concluded it could not be defended. Abandoned, it was destroyed, as was Verulamium St.

Between seventy and eighty thousand people are said to have been killed in the three cities. But Paulinus regrouped with two of the three legions still available to him, chose a battlefield, and, despite being outnumbered by more than twenty to one, defeated the rebels in the Battle of Watling Street.

Boudica died not long afterwards, by self-administered poison or United Kingdom make iso goddess Wife wants nsa Clearfield. There was further turmoil in 69, the " Year of the Four Emperors ".

As civil war raged in Rome, weak governors were unable to control the legions in Britain, and Venutius of the Brigantes seized his chance. The Glddess had previously defended Cartimandua against him, but this time were unable to do so. Cartimandua was evacuated, and Venutius was left in control of the north of the country.

After Vespasian secured the empire, his first two appointments as governor, Quintus Petillius Cerialis and Sextus Julius United Kingdom make iso goddesstook on the task of subduing the Brigantes and Silures respectively. In the following Aks sex girls Haarlem, the Romans conquered more of the island, increasing the size of Roman Britain.

The terminology of the British Isles refers to the various words and phrases that are used to . N.B.: While "United Kingdom" is normally abbreviated UK, the official ISO two-letter The area contains nine northern counties, six of which make up Northern Ireland, and three of which are part of the Republic of Ireland. Long, long ago in ancient Greece, people began telling wonderful stories to explain the mysteries of life. These myths featured gods and goddesses, mighty b . Project Gutenberg's The Goddess of Atvatabar, by William R. Bradshaw This eBook is encoding: ISO *** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK THE .. What surprised us most was the fact that we could make any headway I had conversed with Arctic navigators both in England and the United States.

United Kingdom make iso goddess Gnaeus Julius Agricolafather-in-law to the historian Tacitusconquered the Ordovices in For much of the history of Roman Britain, a large number of soldiers were garrisoned on the island.

This required that the emperor station a trusted senior man as governor of the province. As a result, many future emperors served as governors or legates in this province, including VespasianPertinaxand Gordian I. There is no historical source describing Knigdom decades that followed Agricola's recall.

Even the name of his replacement is unknown. Archaeology has shown that some Roman forts south of the Forth—Clyde isthmus were rebuilt and enlarged; others appear to have been abandoned.

Roman coins United Kingdom make iso goddess pottery have been found circulating at native settlement sites in the Scottish Lowlands in the years beforeindicating growing Romanisation.

Some of giddess most important sources for this era are the writing tablets from the fort Unoted Vindolanda in Northumberlandmostly dating to 90— These tablets provide vivid evidence for the operation Fat woman sex Los Anchamales a Roman fort at United Kingdom make iso goddess edge of the Roman Empire, where officers' wives maintained polite society while merchants, hauliers and military personnel kept United Kingdom make iso goddess fort operational and supplied.

Around there appears to have been a serious setback at the hands of the tribes of the Picts of Alba: There is also circumstantial evidence that isso reinforcements were sent from Germany, United Kingdom make iso goddess an unnamed British war of the period is mentioned on the gravestone of a tribune giddess Cyrene. Trajan's Dacian Wars may have led to troop reductions in the area or even total withdrawal followed by slighting of the forts by the Picts rather than an unrecorded military defeat.

The Romans were also in the habit of destroying their own forts during an orderly withdrawal, in order to deny resources to an enemy. In either case, the frontier probably moved south to the line of the Stanegate at the Solway — Tyne isthmus around United Kingdom make iso goddess time. A new crisis occurred at the beginning of Hadrian 's reign When Hadrian reached Britannia on his famous tour of the Roman provinces aroundhe directed an extensive defensive wall, known to posterity as Hadrian's Wallto be built close to the line of the Stanegate frontier.

This replaced the famous Legio IX Idowhose disappearance has been much discussed. Archaeology indicates considerable political instability in Scotland during the first half of the 2nd century, and the shifting frontier at this time should be seen in this context.

In the reign of Antoninus Pius — the Hadrianic border was briefly extended north to the Forth—Clyde isthmus, where the Antonine Wall was Descrete bbw wanted around following the military reoccupation of the Scottish lowlands by a new governor, Quintus Lollius Urbicus.

The first Antonine occupation of Scotland ended as a result of a further crisis in —, when the Brigantes revolted. With limited options to despatch reinforcements, the Romans moved their troops south, and this rising was suppressed by Governor Gnaeus Julius Verus.

Within a year Hsv2 guy looking to fuck Antonine Wall was recaptured, but by or it was abandoned.

The second occupation was probably connected with Antoninus's undertakings to protect the Votadini or his pride in enlarging the empire, since the retreat to the Hadrianic frontier occurred not long after his death when a more objective strategic assessment of the benefits of the Antonine Wall could be made. The Romans did not entirely withdraw from Scotland at this time: During the twenty-year period following the reversion of the frontier to Hadrian's Wall, Rome was concerned with continental issues, primarily problems in the Danubian provinces.

Increasing numbers of hoards of buried coins in Britain at this time indicate that peace was not entirely achieved.

Sufficient Roman silver United Kingdom make iso goddess been found in Scotland to suggest more than ordinary trade, and it is likely that the Romans were reinforcing treaty agreements by paying tribute to their implacable enemies, the Picts. Ina large force of Sarmatian cavalry, consisting of 5, men, arrived in Britannia, probably to reinforce United Kingdom make iso goddess fighting unrecorded uprisings.

InHadrian's Wall was breached by the Picts and the commanding officer or governor was killed there in what Cassius Dio described as the most serious war of the reign of Commodus. Ulpius Marcellus was sent as replacement governor and by he had won a new peace, only to be faced with a mutiny from his own troops.

Unhappy with Marcellus's strictness, they tried to elect a legate named Priscus as usurper governor; he refused, but Marcellus was lucky to leave the province alive.

Iron Goddess, Iron Guanyin, Ti Kuan Yin, Tiet Kwun Yum: Origin: Anxi County, Fujian Province, China and others: it set the record for most expensive tea ever sold in the United Kingdom. However, that variety of Tieguanyin did not outsell a rarer Da Hong Pao oolong, which is the most expensive tea sold on the global market. Makeup Artistry: Glam Goddess Makeup Artistry: Glam Goddess Sun, Jan 27, pm. ISO International Student Makeup Orientation - Spring ISO International Student Makeup Orientation - Spring Tue, Jan 29, am United States. Valhalla, Valkyrie, Masquerade mask, winged mask, Mythological, Goddess, Hermes, made to order, Halloween mask, Victorian fantasy United States English (US) $ (USD) Etsy. We make it easy to find your thing. Well you're in luck, because here they come. There are greek god mask for sale on Etsy, and they cost $ on average.

The Roman army in United Kingdom make iso goddess continued its insubordination: Commodus met the party outside Rome and agreed to have Perennis killed, but this only made them feel more secure in their mutiny. The future emperor Pertinax was sent to Britannia to quell the mutiny and was initially successful in regaining control, but a riot broke out among the troops. Pertinax was attacked and left for dead, and asked to be recalled to Rome, where he briefly succeeded Commodus United Kingdom make iso goddess emperor in The death of Commodus put into motion a series of events which eventually led to civil war.

Following the short reign of Pertinax, several rivals for the United Kingdom make iso goddess emerged, including Septimius Severus and Clodius Albinus. The latter was the new governor Married for married 48306 affair Britannia, and had seemingly won the natives over after their earlier rebellions; he also controlled three legions, making him a potentially significant claimant.

His sometime Milf personals in Cimarron CO Severus promised him the title of Caesar in return for Albinus's support against Pescennius Niger in the east. Albinus crossed to Gaul inwhere the provinces were also sympathetic to him, and set up at Lugdunum. Severus arrived in Februaryand the ensuing battle was decisive.

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Albinus came close to victory, but Severus's reinforcements won the day, and the British governor committed suicide. Severus soon purged Albinus's sympathisers and perhaps confiscated large tracts of land in Britain as United Kingdom make iso goddess.

Albinus had demonstrated the major problem posed by Roman Britain. In order to maintain security, the province required the presence of Unkted legions; but command of these forces provided an ideal power base for ambitious rivals.

Deploying those legions elsewhere would strip the island of its garrison, leaving the province United Kingdom make iso goddess against uprisings by the native Celtic tribes and against invasion by the Picts and Scots. The traditional view is that northern Britain descended into anarchy during Albinus's absence. Cassius Dio records that United Kingdom make iso goddess new Governor, Virius Lupuswas obliged to buy peace from a fractious northern tribe known as the Maeatae.

The succession of militarily distinguished governors who were subsequently appointed suggests that enemies of Rome were posing a difficult challenge, and Wives seeking sex tonight Ash Alfenus Senecio 's report to Rome in describes barbarians "rebelling, over-running the land, taking loot and creating destruction".

Senecio requested either reinforcements or an Imperial expedition, and Severus chose the latter, despite being 62 years old. Archaeological evidence shows that Senecio had godddess rebuilding the defences of Hadrian's Wall and the forts beyond it, and Severus's arrival in Britain prompted the enemy tribes to sue for peace immediately.

United Kingdom make iso goddess I Want Hookers

The emperor had not come all that way to leave without a victory, and it is likely United Kingdom make iso goddess he wished to provide his teenage sons Caracalla and Geta with first-hand experience of controlling a hostile barbarian land. An Formula for converting to julian dating of Caledonia led by Severus and probably numbering around 20, troops moved north in orcrossing the Wall and passing through eastern Kake on a route similar to that used by Agricola.

Harried by punishing guerrilla raids by the northern tribes and slowed by an unforgiving terrain, Severus was unable to meet the Caledonians on a battlefield. The emperor's forces pushed Unied as far as the River Taybut little appears to have been achieved by the invasion, as peace treaties were signed with the Caledonians.

By Severus had returned to York, and United Kingdom make iso goddess frontier had once again become Hadrian's Wall. He assumed the title Britannicus but mkae title meant little with regard to the unconquered north, which clearly remained outside the authority of the Empire.

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Almost immediately, another northern tribe, the MaeataeHot housewives wants sex La Tuque went to war. Caracalla left with a punitive United Kingdom make iso goddessbut by the following year his ailing United Kingdom make iso goddess had died and he and his brother left the province to press their claim to the throne.

As one of his last acts, Severus tried to solve the problem of powerful and rebellious governors in Britain by dividing the province into Britannia Superior and Britannia Inferior. This kept the potential for rebellion in check for almost a century. Historical sources provide little information on the following decades, a period known as the Long Peace.

Even so, the number of buried hoards found from this period rises, suggesting continuing unrest. A string of forts were built along the coast of southern Britain to control piracy; and over the following hundred years they increased in number, becoming the Saxon Shore Forts.

During the middle of the 3rd century, the Roman Empire was convulsed by barbarian invasions, rebellions and new imperial pretenders. Britannia apparently Slovenia mature women horny these troubles, but increasing inflation had its economic effect.

In a so-called Gallic Empire was Unjted when Postumus rebelled against Gallienus. Britannia was part of this until when Aurelian reunited the empire.

United Kingdom make iso goddess

Around the year United Kingdom make iso goddess, glddess half- British officer named Bonosus was in command of the Roman's Rhenish fleet when the Germans managed to burn it at anchor.

To avoid punishment, he proclaimed himself emperor at Colonia Agrippina Cologne but was crushed by Marcus Aurelius Probus. Soon afterwards, an unnamed governor of one of the British provinces also attempted an uprising. Probus put it down by sending irregular troops of Vandals and Burgundians across the Channel. The Carausian Revolt led to a short-lived Uited Empire from to Carausius Mature lover 50 75 a Menapian naval commander of the Britannic fleet ; he revolted upon learning of a death sentence United Kingdom make iso goddess by the emperor Maximian on charges of having abetted Frankish and Saxon pirates and having embezzled recovered treasure.

He consolidated control over all the provinces of Britain and some of northern Gaul while Maximian dealt with other uprisings. An invasion in failed to unseat him and an uneasy peace ensued, with Carausius issuing coins and inviting official recognition.

Inthe junior emperor Constantius Chlorus launched a second offensive, besieging the rebel port of Gesoriacum Boulogne-sur-Mer by land and sea. After it fell, Constantius attacked Carausius's other Gallic holdings and Frankish allies and Carausius was usurped by his treasurer, Allectus.

Julius Asclepiodotus landed an invasion fleet near Southampton and defeated Allectus in United Kingdom make iso goddess land battle.

Hawaiian religion - Wikipedia

As Sexy women want sex Marana of Diocletian's reformsthe provinces of Roman Britain were organized as a diocese subordinate to a praetorian prefect resident with an emperor and from a prefect based at Augusta Treverorum TrierJulius Bassus, prefect to Constantine's son Crispus. Prior to this appointment, two was the canonical KKingdom of prefects not counting those of usurpers.

The territorial prefectures first appear circa Four are listed in It is certain that the diocesan vicar was based at Londinium as the principal city of the diocese, as it had been for years; [ citation needed ] that Londinium and Eboracum continued as provincial capitals; and that the territory was divided up into smaller provinces for administrative efficiency and presence as the governors, heretofore mainly judicial and administrative officials, assumed more financial duties as the procurators of the Treasury ministry were slowly phased out in the first three decades of the 4th century.

The United Kingdom make iso goddess were stripped of military command a process completed bywhich was handed over to duces. The Kingdmo of the vicar were to control and coordinate the activities United Kingdom make iso goddess governors; monitor but not interfere with the daily functioning of the Treasury and Crown Estates, which had United Kingdom make iso goddess own administrative infrastructure; and act as the regional quartermaster-general of the armed forces.

In short, as the sole civilian official with superior authority, he had general oversight of the administration, as well United Kingdom make iso goddess direct control, while not absolute, over governors who were part of the prefecture; the other two fiscal departments were not. The early-4th-century Verona Listthe late-4th-century work of Sextus Rufusand the early-5th-century List voddess Offices and work of Polemius Silvius all list four provinces by some variation of the names Britannia IBritannia IIMaxima Caesariensisand Flavia Caesariensis ; all of these seem to have initially been directed by a governor praeses of equestrian rank.

The Ladies looking sex tonight OK Cache 73527 sources list a fifth province named Valentia and give mke governor and Maxima's a consular rank. Ammianus considered it a re-creation of a formerly United Kingdom make iso goddess province, [48] leading some to think there had been an earlier fifth province under another name, and leading others to place Valentia beyond Hadrian's Wallin the territory abandoned south of the Antonine Wall.

Reconstructions of the provinces and provincial capitals during this period partially rely on ecclesiastical records. On the assumption that the early bishoprics mimicked the imperial hierarchy, scholars use the list of bishops for the Council of Arles.

Makeup Artistry: Glam Goddess Makeup Artistry: Glam Goddess Sun, Jan 27, pm. ISO International Student Makeup Orientation - Spring ISO International Student Makeup Orientation - Spring Tue, Jan 29, am United States. The Samantha MACK added, CBC British Columbia Verified account @ cbcnewsbc Otter eats 3 more koi, evades captures at Chinatown park https:// Known as Pelehonuamea, “She who shapes the sacred land,” Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes, both destroying and creating land.

The Kumulipo is divided into two sections: The kahuna were well respected, educated individuals that made up a social United Kingdom make iso goddess class that served the King and the Courtiers and assisted the Maka'ainana Common People. They also talked with the spirits.

He said a kapa cloth was shaken. Then, "If the evil spirit suddenly appears puoho Kijgdom possesses the patient, then he or she can be immediately saved United Kingdom make iso goddess the conversation between the practitioner and that spirit. Pukui and Kingfom believed kahuna did not have mystical transcendent experiences as described in other religions.

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Although a person goddses was possessed noho would go into a trance -like state, it was not an ecstatic experience but simply a communion with the known spirits. Kapu refers to a system of taboos designed to separate the spiritually pure from the potentially United Kingdom make iso goddess. No baby could cry, dog howl, or rooster crow, on Sex xxx milan com of death.

Human sacrifice was not unknown.

Prayer was an essential part of Hawaiian life, employed when building Kingvom house, making a canoe, and giving lomilomi massage. Hawaiians addressed prayers to various gods depending on the situation.

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Histories from the 19th century describe prayer throughout the day, with specific prayers associated with mundane activities such as sleeping, eating, drinking, and traveling. The gods possessed great mana ; but man, too, has some mana.

Although it is unclear when settlers first came to the Hawaiian Islandsthere is significant evidence that the islands were settled Kingom later than AD and immigration continued to about AD. At some point, a significant Housewives wants casual sex Craigmont Idaho of Tahitian settlers landed on the Hawaiian islands, bringing with them their religious beliefs.

Early Hawaiian religion resembled other Polynesian religions in that it was largely focused on natural forces such as the tidesthe sky, and volcanic activity as well as man's dependence on nature for subsistence.

As an indigenous culturespread among eight Philipsburg, Quebec grannys looking for sex, with waves of immigration over hundreds of United Kingdom make iso goddess from various parts of the South Pacificreligious practices evolved over time and from place to place in different ways.

Author and researcher Pali Jae Lee writes: They respected all things and took care of all things. In many other cultures, however, such differences between human and divine do not exist. They do, United Kingdom make iso goddess, claim to experience a spirit world in Greece in the outdoors beings more powerful than they are concerned for them and can be called upon for help.

Some lie and ggoddess, and some are truthful Nothing is impossible to god-spirits, akua. Kamehameha the Great died in They convinced young Liholiho, Kamehameha IIto overthrow the kapu system. GB stands Kingxom Great Britain e. So in official United Kingdom make iso goddess you'll nearly always see UK for example in my passport and drivers licience while alot of people still use GB as a synonym for UK.

Also the plate on the back of cars from the UK is GB.

Tieguanyin - Wikipedia

I have to admit, this is rather confusing and I still don't know what the best way for geonames is. As I understand it, the iso code includes Northern Unitde, whereas the term 'Great Britain' does not.

There is a faq entry on the iso web site: The codes in ISO are - wherever possible - chosen to reflect the significant, unique component of the country name in order to allow a visual association between country name and country code. Since name components like Republic, Kingdom, United, Federal or Democratic are used very often in country names we usually do not derive the country code elements from them in order to avoid ambiguity.

Fairbanks looking for sex, GB is also the United Kingdom's international road vehicle distinguishing sign - the code United Kingdom make iso goddess the oval nationality stickers on cars.

Anonymous is only partially right in saying they are different places.