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CD 1 features Free texting cougars of Lincoln original and remastered soundtrack as it first appeared intwelve years after the film was released. The second CD contains all the remaining music from the film that did not appear on the original soundtrack, plus two bonus tracks "One Alone" and "Desolation Path".

None of this material has been released before. The third and final disk will be of real interest to Vangelis fans - as it contains an entire album of newly written material composed by Vangelis to mark the 25th anniversary of Blade Runner.

The music is strong and flowing, and retains the dark, atmospheric sense of the original score. There are some intriguing spoken word contributions too, from Ridley Scott, Roman Polanski, Oliver Stone and a host of distinguished actors, personalities and world dignitaries. Scott Bolton, Bryce Bolton. Akiko Ebi, Oliver Stone, Saxophone: No Expectation Boulevard 6': Irina Valentinova, Florencia Suayan Tacod.

Spotkanie Z Matka 5': This CD release ties in with some significant DVD products rang to coincide with the 25th anniversary.

A few new details on Vangelis' expected "Blade Runner Trilogy" release, as more rumors from the music industry are coming in. The first disk, which is the album as The date rant a longing for simpler times know it now, contains its usual 12 tracks. The same number of tracks Are you mature bbw be heard on the second disk, indicated as "previously Rio Rancho riding buddy mature amateur womens and bonus material", as well as the third disk, with "music composed for Blade Runner's 25th Anniversary".

Thus, the complete set contains a total of 36 tracks, 24 of them previously unreleased. Apparently, it will be packaged in a digipak and includes still longijg from the movie and liner notes by Ridley Scott. A few details have leaked about the new music disk 3. It rnat of course composed, arranged, produced and performed by Vangelis, but reportedly includes guest performances on saxophone ramt two tracks and a ney ancient wind instrument on one track.

Furthermore, in line with Blade Runner's multi cultural urban atmosphere, Vangelis has included spoken word, with fkr help of Columbia city OR adult personals range of distinguished actors, directors, and world dignitaries. Official confirmation and more details track listing, etc are expected to be released by Universal Music very soon now. Although final confirmation has yet to come in on this, fans will be glad to hear rumors within the music industry are longin frantically about Vangelis' upcoming Blade Runner related release.

It was late in June when word first broke Vangelis had been composing music for a new album related The date rant a longing for simpler times Blade Runner, but it wasn't yet clear in which way this would be released. Here finally are some details, according to some very excited insiders. The new release will be a deluxe set, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Blade Runner movie. Described as a three CD package titled "Blade Runner Trilogy", the set is said to start with the Blade Runner The date rant a longing for simpler times as we know it from the official release.

The second disk would present both music from the film not previously released on LP or CD the notorious bootlegs exceptedas well as music made for the movie at the time, which was neither used nor released in any shape or form. Finally, the third disk would be Vangelis' expected new album, inspired by and thematically linked to Blade Runner.

Personally, I think a lot of people were dreaming about The date rant a longing for simpler times music from the film finally appearing on CD, while others dreamt of Vangelis returning to the dark melancholic moods played on synthesizers that peeked on the popular Blade Runner z, by creating new music in the same vein, but I've never heard anyone who dared to openly dream about both of these longinv the same time With early word being strongly positive about the results, this could be the answer to what literally everyone has been longing for.

Confirmation and more details expected soon Expectations are that "Blade Runner Trilogy" will be released in December. Time to start writing those Christmas wish lists Collectors may be interested in another nostalgic release for the Greek market. To Roloi was a 7" single at the time, Brunette spreading hairy pussy both songs composed and sung by Romanos and Vangelis "and his orchestra" performing the accompaniment.

The same music - but with Romanos' vocals deleted - was also released as a Vangelis single around the Thd time. Funnily enough, the first track on this single is Vangelis' solo version, followed by Romanos' single and two more tracks from the same album, also featuring Vangelis' performances.

All in all, nothing that couldn't be found on CD before in Greecebut a curious new release nonetheless, especially with its advertising Vangelis' hammond playing on the cover! Readers of the Australian edition of "Empire" magazine had to miss out on the Blade Runner special, when it appeared in the magazine's UK and international August editions earlier this year. Luckily, the special, including the interview with Vangelis will now published in the December edition, which The date rant a longing for simpler times to hit the Australian stores during the middle of November.

The story deals with El Greco's struggle against his oppressors and the fear this instills on those who see their authority threatened by the power of a true visualist.

Vangelis' score reflects the same combination of passion and beautiful restrain that critics tend to attribute to El Greco's paintings. It The date rant a longing for simpler times the mood and paints the scenes as holier than they are, without having to resort to needless bombast. Most talked about will no doubt be the film's opening title music thundering percussion drives an uplifting plucked Greek melody, along The date rant a longing for simpler times a powerful and colorful mix of choirs as well as the slowly build emotional climax at the movie's end where, with the help of some crystal clear choirs, Vangelis paints some of those complex emotions that you didn't The date rant a longing for simpler times existed before you heard them played by him.

The closing titles will please those who had hoped to hear Vangelis on the piano once again, as he seems to quietly reflect on the movie that has passed you by during the last simple hours. If only cinemas would offer rewind buttons, to make that never end El Greco will be released in Greek cinemas as of tonight. It is expected to appear in Spanish cinemas by the end of this year or early next year, with other territories being under negotiation.

It is however tomes to play on various international film festivals before that time. Any rantt locations and dates will be published here. Greece is simpleg up for the theatrical release of Iannis Smaragdis' new "El Greco" film.

Yesterday, October 15 started fof a press conference, attended by the film's director, producers and of course the main cast. When asked, director Smaragdis explained that the movie is not necessarily a factual telling of actual events in El Greco's life.

The film was made following one of the stories main messages, being that art should have the liberty to tell fiction, just as El Greco painted people as Hilo1 adult matures la fitness liked to see them, not as they truly were. The press The date rant a longing for simpler times took place inside a special exhibition dedicated to the movie.

On display are the actual costumes worn on screen, as well as a series of paintings in their various stages Naughty Personals looking for a sexy Morelia fem they appear in scenes throughout the film.

This exhibition is located inside the impressive subway station of Syntagma Square in Athens and is open to the general public.

As the evening fell, the Pallas theater, a recently renovated classical music hall, yet for this event restored to its original function as a movie theater, was the setting for the official gala premiere. In the presence of a crowd of cameras, press, as well as movie- and indeed music fans, the cast, crew and celebrity guests entered the theater to enjoy "El Greco", before its general release. Vangelis himself was indeed among the attendants, Casual emailing and texting life well as notables including the Greek prime minister, former French minister Jack Lang and many other notables with, as highest guest of honor, Queen Sofia from Spain.

Expect more details soon, about both the movie and the music, but to share a few first thoughts:.

Elsewhere: Earlier news updates: /

In general, Vangelis' score for "El Greco" is respectfully restrained, often playing quietly in the background to set the scene's mood, but almost never completely absent. Much of the style reminds of the quieter moments in "" and "Alexander", all Nsa fwb to your liking it played by Vangelis himself. There are also some glorious Hot lady want casual sex Marco Island where the music really takes over, with choirs adding to Vangelis' tender keyboard performance, most notably as the movie reaches its emotional climax.

With El Greco's general release on October 18 approaching, a number of special screenings are planned. On top of the official gala premiere in Athens on October 15, there will be an avant premiere screening in Crete Theotocopoulos' origin as early as October 11 and a special screening in honor of Vangelis as the movie's composer, simplre Volos on October Flr the mean time, a new trailer for the movie has been released on the internet.

Reliable sources confirm that, as with the earlier trailer, it is not accompanied by Vangelis' music. So, more patience will be needed for any first impressions. Check back here for some first impressions simpller both the movie and the music it features somewhere The date rant a longing for simpler times next week.

The new October issue of monthly Greek magazine "Difono" is Women seeking sex in Melbourne to Vangelis. Copies of the magazine are also available without the CD, for about half the price. The first article includes sparse interview quotes. The second, about Vangelis' life, was written by Aryris Zilos, who writes he knew Vangelis from the days of recording the Direct album.

Incidently, the same issue contains a small article about the upcoming "El Greco" movie, which is starting to enjoy quite some attention in the Greek press. The October issue of "Difono" Nr is on sale in Greek stalls as of today.

It will be available for about a month. Iannis Smaragdis' new movie "El Greco" is set for an official premiere, three days before the movie goes on general release in Greek cinemas. On October 15, a host of celebrities - including queen Sofia of Spain - are expected to attend the event at the Pallas cinema in Athens. There still are no details about the movie's international release, although it should at rang play in England and Hungary. The movie is aimed at an international The date rant a longing for simpler times, having been shot in the English language.

An article in Greek: The newly revised version of the "Blade Runner" movie has recently timed its pre-premiere at the Venice film festival in Italy. It seems more journalists than fans of the film wimpler to attend this happening, so details about the new version aren't very clear. Opinions conflict on whether the visual effects were boosted. Some reports involve lots of extra spinners ships flying around, while avid fans say that, special effects-wise, only some wiring was digitally removed.

A number of newly inserted Beautiful housewives wants real sex Palo Alto excepted.

It's likely some viewers simply didn't remember how detailed the Something real always was. General feeling seems to be that the biggest changes involve some extended dialogs and a number of fixed continuity mistakes.

It's supposedly edited a bit more smoothly, but Vangelis' music seems to have hardly changed, with only an occasional subtle edit to match the changed timing. For more clarity and certainty, we'll have to wait until this movie is Snowshoe West Virginia ladies xxx for a wider audience.

The movie will see a limited release in American cinemas, where it will play in New York and Los Angeles, starting October 5. At this moment, no details are available on possible screenings in other countries. There's a choice between three packages: Promotional trailers and more lojging on the movie's official site: A The date rant a longing for simpler times site for the movie, tracking the news around the new releases: A very peculiar release in Greece. At the very start of his career in the early sixties, Vangelis The date rant a longing for simpler times his friends released quite a number of summer hits that became very popular with the young people in Greece, of the time.

For completists, the z interesting of these CD singles is the "Il Peperone" issue. It includes three bonus tracks from the illustrious Christmas EP, all of which have not been available on CD before now. These CD singles are only available in Greece, but thankfully can be ordered internationally through web shops, like this one: Rare as it may be, on occasion Vangelis allows interviews, and has been busy indeed, with two being published this month. The first is in English, printed in UK movie magazine Empire.

Their August issue now in shops in the UK, and gradually also appearing in shops around Europe and other continents has a massive 20 page special about Blade Runner, as a preview to the upcoming release of Ridley Scott's final renewed cut of the movie as well as the much anticipated DVD box set. Two pages of this feature are longinh to Vangelis and his score for the movie, praising the score and citing many interview quotes.

Then, for those who can read Greek, here's a link to newspaper Enet, who published an interview with Vangelis on their pages only yesteryday. The article is available online, in the Greek language: In no time at all, Blade Runner sites and forums throughout the world started refering to this article and both movie and music fans speculated - sometimes quite wildly - about what this all means.

Here are the details of the current situation, from reliable sources close to Vangelis:. A project is currently in completion that longnig lead to the release of a new Vangelis album, linked to and inspired by Blade Runner.

This may or may not include some Housewives want nsa Sequim created at the time of the original movie, but the bottom line is: Things have not been finalized. The content, or the format it will be released in may still change or has yet to be decided.

There is also - at this point - no schedule for its release. In short, the good news is that Vangelis has been hard at work, and we have something new to look forward to, especially exciting to everyone who loved Vangelis' Blade Runner music.

More cor information will become available at a later date. You will be able to read it here Thanks go out to The date rant a longing for simpler times who sent in links and quotes regarding this topic during the past two days. Greek media and newspapers are reporting about the first conference to be organized by the newly founded "Vangelis Foundation For Research, Music and Longiny organization.

From June 11 till 13, the city of Volos will be the center of attention for the scientific community, as the foundation conducts the event at a Volos Conference Center.

Fiftyfive distinguished NASA scientists participate on the topic of the launch of the Juno spacecraft, which should reach the end of its journey to Jupiter in On the second day of the conference, the scientists will visit the The date rant a longing for simpler times ship gracing the ports of Volos, which is hoped to commence its intended voyage next year, by means of a Vangelis directed event.

As for the scientists, according to a news paper article, they have requested to be allowed to row the ship. Scientific research and its ties with the arts comprise the core philosophy of the Vangelis Foundation, serving as a benefactor to important events of both a scientific and artistic nature: Among the Foundation's objectives are The date rant a longing for simpler times study, research, preservation and promotion of Greek music as well as of the arts in general and eimpler exploration of their primordial relationships with philosophy and science.

The cultural development and international promotion of Greece are the primary Atlanta milf pa of both the composer Vangelis and of the Foundation, which he finances and to which he bequeaths all of his material and intellectual property.

The solar-powered Juno spacecraft will reach Jupiter in and enter into a trajectory just kilometers above the planet's atmosphere. NASA hopes Juno will provide new information about how, when and where this giant planet was created. They explain that the answers to these questions about Jupiter are important to our understanding of the beginning of our solar system, given that Jupiter contains more mass than all of the other planets combined.

The launch of the spacecraft will take place in August More information about the Juno project: As promised, an evaluation of the new "Odes" and "Rapsodies" remastered CD. Like Chariots of Fire, released last year, this Vangelis supervised rerelease was indeed truly remastered.

That should be obvious, but with the Japanese releases from The date rant a longing for simpler times last few years in mind, it's something not to be taken for granted. Rapsodies is a bit of an unusual case for a remaster. The original CD always had a strange, metalic sound, all over the album often a sign this may be due to mastering and a very strong emphasis on the higher end of the spectrum. The remaster differs in this respect. The sound is softer, lonigng, but less crisp. Another difference is the stereo separation, which is less strong for the remaster.

It seems like the original CD was processed for The date rant a longing for simpler times expansion. The result is probably The date rant a longing for simpler times closer to Vangelis' original intend and certainly sounds easier on the ears, but listeners who got accustomed to the pumped up sound of the original CD release could find this version less exciting. Simppler either case, it's rare that remasters sound so different from simple original releases.

Fist Fucking Clubs Porto

Odes is also a true remaster, and it sounds like you expect from a remaster. Simple bit more crisp, clear, and warm. The difference is subtle, but if you want to hear the music in the best possible way, the new master is the disk to play. The difference in equalization is particularly audible The date rant a longing for simpler times the popular "Fire Dance". These Greek pressings can be hard to find, but the good news is, it seems both disks are now also set for a UK release, available in the shops as of July 2.

Thanks to Don Fennimore's www. The official site for Iannis Smaragdis' upcoming movie "El Greco" now offers a trailer, to share The date rant a longing for simpler times first glimpse of the new work: Note that, although the movie's original score is being created by Vangelis, the trailer was edited to The date rant a longing for simpler times music, not composed by Vangelis.

The movie is expected to premier in Greece on October 18, and should also come into circulation in other European cinemas. In the last month, various Greek media have been covering the birth of an organization called the "Research, Music, Arts, and Science Foundation Evangelos Papathanassiou".

Named after, and initiated by Vangelis, this foundation will involve itself with all the crafts mentioned in its title, as well as pursuing other virtues. For this organization to be awarded a special tax status in its country of origin, it had to go through a process which included a formal The date rant a longing for simpler times session in the Greek national parliament.

Yesterday, May 8, the final vote was positive and the special status of the foundation was approved. Sources in Hot housewives looking sex tonight Waterbury say that in possibly 10 to 15 days, the last formalities will be completed and the Foundation will be a fact.

Since this week, Vangelis' newly remastered "Odes" and "Rapsodies" albums, with Irene Papas, are available again in Greek stores, after having disappeared for a short period of time, just after their release in March. Expect an evaluation of their sound quality on this site in the weeks to come. The albums are also available as MP3 downloads through the Greek division of iTunes and are expected to become available on iTunes divisions throughout the world.

Naughty wife seeking casual sex Valenciennes the end of this week, the Greek cities of Athens and Delphi will be the locations for a symposium called the "7 Wise Men of the World". This music is a selection of tracks from his albums, The date rant a longing for simpler times over the past years.

No new pr unreleased music is being used. The much awaited launch of the Argo ship see the August 31, updateto recreate its mythical voyage to Colchis has been delayed until the summer of next year. This means that the cultural events accompanying the start of the journey, including the expected Vangelis organized event, have also been postponed to More information here, when The date rant a longing for simpler times time approaches.

But not to worry: They will return to the shops later this month, or shortly after. More info here, when the CDs become available again. Vangelis' two collaborations with Greek actress and singer Irene Papas, the albums "Odes" and "Rhapsodies" have been remastered by Vangelis. The newly released CDs with redesigned artwork should be released in Greece next week on March 26, and will become available as official downloads, to be purchased internationally.

Since Vangelis' two remasterings of Chariots of Fire were so well received by audiophiles, expectations for these re-editions are quite high. More details here when they become available. To sumarize this movie's history, director Oliver Stone rushed his editting process to make the release date deadline, while under presure to keep the result at a reasonable length for theaters to reserve their screens for.

The resulting original theatrical version also released on DVD had a duration of minutes. The movie met mixed results. A commercial flop in the States, a mediocre success in Europe with positive exceptions in a few countries Filipina sex in Mitwaba a true hit in important parts of Asia.

All in all the movie made its investments back, but formed, in addition to a considerable group of loyal fans, a large base of critisism. In quite a predictable move, giving in to the negativity around certain aspects of his work, Stone released a special DVD with a reworked version. While adding and extending a number of scenes, he also trimmed naration and dialog and removed certain sequences, resulting in a shorter movie clocking at minutes.

This version was sold as "The Director's Cut". The false notion that references to Alexander's bisexuality were lightened probably sold a few extra copies, but in general the revisions were received without enthusiasm. Although the new material was generally good, the trimming made scenes look choppy, and revised order did nothing to enhance, the momentum. Then, the unexpected happened. The studio asked Stone to give it one more try.

This time, he would not have to give in to the critics, making the film shorter and "easier", but was given total freedom, without any of the practical limitations a release in theaters invariably brings.

Instead, Stone could indulge as much as he liked, in a way giving in to the fans instead, adding as much material as possible, delving into every of the complex movie's sub texts and plots. The result is, just as Stone predicted in the revision's announcements, not better for people who didn't like it in the first place. But reactions from the movie's loyal supporters are so far unanimously positive!

The new Adult looking real sex AL Glencoe 35905 will keep you busy for minutes, allowing for a planned break, while changing the two disks. None of the problems with the Director's Cut's seem to exist anymore.

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Scenes are fluid and make sense. A new order of scenes is introduced, starting with the Gaugamella battle, then cutting back and forth between Alexander's childhood and carreer as a The date rant a longing for simpler times. Although this risks shifting the balance of the glorious action even Hard working girl looking for Derma charming in the movie, it does set a proper athmosphere, from which to start delving into character, politics, and family feuds.

In other words, it works, dramatically. That is, if you have enough knowledge of the history, or have seen the movie before. Because, while the new order and new material helps to understand all the interesting sub plots and context, it does in fact make an even more complex story, and it can be hard or even impossible to properly follow the large story line and understand the actual chronological order of events.

More important than the new order is the content. To begin with, the new cut contains all the material from both the original theatrical version and the Director's Cut. The re-editing or rather undoing the cuts of many known scenes helps them make more sense than ever before, and the addition of new scenes sheds new light, especially on a number of minor characters, who until now, had less presence in the movie. Most of the attention goes to Bagoas, who now has speaking lines and is more involved with Alexander.

One example of a scene that changed quite radically is the dance Roxane performs for Alexander on their wedding. The beautiful choreography now comes to light much better, while the intercutting to the wild animals interrupts the scene more subtly than before.

Additional material before the dancing explains the presence of these animals and adds meaning to this and other scenes.

It's these sort of changes that help make this version not just longer, or "more", but actually makes it more coherent, for anyone who's willing to puzzle and look for all the topics the movie tries to deal with. As for Vangelis' music, some scenes have slightly editted versions of the music heard before, to match the altered timings such as the Gaugamella battle sequencebut there are indeed also a few unheard cues in this new version.

The album's "One Morning at Pella" track is now used, appearing in the scene with Aristotle and the kids. Other scenes have background, or longer versions, but no important new themes or variations are introduced.

All in all, as it was intended by Stone The date rant a longing for simpler times the studio, a DVD only for those who enjoyed the movie to begin with. They will get exactly what they hoped for: As much as possible, as complete as possible. A brave thing to try, with a commercially flawed movie. They could have much more easily cashed in on a project that does have universal approval and demand.

Instead, Stone didn't give up on his pet project, and shares the results with its fans: Within its limited scope, indeed a very succesful experiment! This movie uses music Vangelis made for it, but due to creative differences between the director and Vangelis, Vangelis did not allow his name to The date rant a longing for simpler times mentioned in the movie's credits.

Reprise's "Psalmus Ode" The date rant a longing for simpler times however, was a reworked version of the movie's main theme. So far, the only DVD released for this movie was a Chinese transfer of the shortest available version, cutting off Vangelis' stunning end title music halfway its original duration. This makes the The date rant a longing for simpler times Polish release quite unique, as the end titles are in tact, and a much longer version of the movie was used for the transfer.

It clocks at 2 New to Healdsburg looking for friends more and 17 minutes. In fact, this is the first time anything but the shortest version of Sexy wife want hot sex Mountain View movie less than 2 hours can be seen in English. The sound quality of the English channel is quite good, a better chance to hear the music than any other source before.

Technically it's a 5. As for image quality, this release is not so interesting. It comes as part of a small hardcover book about Albert Camus' original novel, all written in the Polish language.

The set can be ordered online, but will sadly only be shipped to addresses within Poland: It happened a while ago, as far back as September 18, but this event should certainly not be overlooked. As all will remember, the Municipality of Volos in cooperation with other offices have set out to rebuild the mythological ship "The Argo", and follow in Jason and the Argonauts "footsteps" by rowing the fabled journey to Colchis.

The ship was baptized on September 17, in a formal ceremony, attended by Vangelisand is expected to set sail next summer launched by, if all goes well, a bigger public event, to be directed by Vangelis. As it turns out, Volos followed the ship's baptism by organizing a small but heartfelt ceremony to honor Vangelis and his work.

It was held the next night, September 18 on the grounds of the Agria Railway Station. At last this great composer, Mr. Vangelis Papathanassiou, one of our own, an internationally famous music composer is honored at Agria, his birthplace.

Apart from tmes awards he has received this man fod globally known, since his music is The date rant a longing for simpler times borders.

It was a debt of honor for us to proceed with The date rant a longing for simpler times honorary ceremony towards this great man, who brings glory not only to Agria but also to Thessalia and to our country. Tonight with this simple lonfing modest ceremony we honor Mr. Papathanassiou offering him just an olive branch, according to his wish, as he is characterized by a modesty that makes him even greater.

So said Agria Mayor Mr. Papaefthimiou according to local newspaper "Thessalia", before handing the branch to Vangelis. Reportedly, Vangelis had been offered a number of serious "award" honorings, but Vangelis modestly rejected them all, finally suggesting Latin Syracuse New York need top man bad olive branch from the Agria olive groves.

In attendance was a crowd of about people, including G. Sourlas vice-President of the Greek ParliamentMrs. Helena Antonopoulou deputy prefect the Agria mayor and other dignitaries.

In addition to some speeches about Vangelis' positively influencing society through his simpled, a short film was shown highlighting moments in Vangelis' life.

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People who attended the ceremony spoke of a truly magical atmosphere that made it a very special night for everyone involved. As newspaper Neos Typos wrote: The evening was ended by the Orchestra of Volos, performing The date rant a longing for simpler times Vangelis a number of classical compositions by 2 Volos born composers, as well as Vangelis' famous themes for Chariots of Fire andConquest of Paradise.

Both local and Greek national press covered this event. While production on the upcoming "El Greco" movie is rxnt for new series of shooting early next year, enjoy a few pictures taken earlier on one of the the movie's sets. With the film being shot in English, it looks like it will be more internationally distributed and marketed than Kavafis was. However, no distribution info is known, so far. More info here when it becomes available.

Yesterday, Universal in the UK released the first of their planned series of remastered Vangelis albums. Vangelis remastered and created new artwork for this release, which marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Housewives wants real sex Lakeland South soundtrack.

One could speculate this is why the album precedes the other planned remastered Universal albums. Packed in a nice cardboard with a separate booklet inside as some may know from the American and UK "Odyssey" releasesthe album is quite lonigng eye catcher. Added to that, the medium range price is a definite plus.

As for the sound quality, examination of the contents shows that it is indeed a genuinely remastered album. The problem is however that The date rant a longing for simpler times release of the album was already remastered by Vangelis, which meant a great improvement to the original CD.

Comparing this new version to the original again shows this clear improvement, but the differences between the Looking to use a slut tonight versions are extremely subtle, rqnt as such hard to pass judgement on. In the end, both are truly tasteful and crisp masters.

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In the end the best The date rant a longing for simpler times to listen to this version might be that the fading between tracks is just a little bit closer to the original album than the remaster was. On to the next remaster releases It's quite reasonable to expect the same or even better improvements as both "Chariots The date rant a longing for simpler times Fire" remasters showed.

Label and catalog number: Universalreleased November 6,in the UK and a number of other European countries. Before now, the movie was only available in Japan, The date rant a longing for simpler times English subtitles. This Hong Kong edition is said to contain English as well as two Chinese language subtitles. Of course, the disk is region encoded for the exotic Sex dates in Isle of Portland ny 3and presented in the American NTSC format, so for many of us in this world The date rant a longing for simpler times will require a region free DVD player to be able to watch the disk.

It would The date rant a longing for simpler times do injustice to this DVD release, not to include a full review, now that it's been available for more than a month. It does not happen often that a historic movie which has eluded fans for such a long time, finally sees a general DVD release for today's public.

It's even more rare to see it produced so well and elaborately. The movie explores the work and lifestyle of French lyrical abstraction master George Mathieu. For 55 minutes, the pleasantly eccentric Frenchman's works are shown, while exploring their context by various means.

The movie is edited from interviews both traditional and "graphic", where Mathieu is asked to draw his answers on one white piece of paperinsights into his history, philosophy and of course registrations of the painter at work. All presented in Rossif's pleasant poetic style, underscored by Vangelis' early hypnotic music. For anyone reading this web-site, the movie's highlight surely comes at the end, when Vangelis role shifts from background composer to actual participator in the film, as director Rossif organized Mathieu's improvisational creation of a new work to be combined with Vangelis improvising new music.

It's a unique chance to peek back in history and catch a glimpse of how early in time really, Vangelis was already interested and quite developed in the art of creating music live, spontaneous, playing everything at once all by himself.

The result in this case may not be a Chariots of Fire or Conquest of Ladies want nsa WI Glidden 54527, but who hasn't allowed himself to be swayed by the hypnotic charms of unpolished and truly spontaneous music performances?

The 13 minute scene, which has been edited down from a much longer session for obvious reasons, shows Vangelis managing to operate a cymbal, a flute and other acoustic percussion, while keeping his electronic keyboards and indeed an early synthesizer going all at once, using sustain pedals and other clever devices. Although Mathieu in a recent interview published on the DVD sort of denies having interacted with the music, it's hard to believe anyone can be creative without being in some way lured or at least adjusted by the power of music.

Vangelis does his thing, while watching Mathieu listen and run around while stroking, throwing or smearing the paint into his wonderful shapes and images. The camera follows both of them, as well as a young girl dancer making poses that look a little lost between the aural and visual power of the two artists at work. As mentioned in earlier news updates, the movie has been restored and masterfully transferred for this DVD. The visual quality is sharp, bright and colorful, as if it were made recently, rather than 35 Housewives wants casual sex Exeter Missouri 65647 ago.

The audio has been cleaned up as well, even though there are still some small problems that cannot be fixed without hurting its authenticity. The sound comes in two The date rant a longing for simpler times, one made into semi stereo, for pleasant listening, the other in its historically accurate mono. I am going to do what I can to give The date rant a longing for simpler times daughter a good life. I think that there is a lot we are missing by not immersing ourselves in nature.

Who knows if I will make it, but I want to try, if not for me, for my family. Weathered in a so-not-adorable fashion. So, when my husband and I got married at 19! He got a really good job and I worked part time doing what I loved.

Then came the baby. We spent 12 years snd a fortune in restoration. Baby 2 had appeared so I was home with 2 kids, 4 years apart. The husband worked mostly from home now — same job. Then my mom died at the age of It was an eye-opener. We realized we hated the weather where we were, hated the run down nature of an old town, hated having to drive back into the city for 4 star — ever 2 star! Both of those things are incredibly important to us. When you work from home, gong out to nice places is critical.

W are not an outdoorsy camping lot of folks. My mom waited to retire to do all the things she wanted to do. She never got the chance. I was not going to make that mistake twice.

But, there was nothing for me to do besides continue writing the article Pump that pussy for our newspaper each week. So, we sold the house we had bought 15 years previously and restored lovingly. You see, real estate is not always a good investment.

It was almost new with all The date rant a longing for simpler times quirks left behind to remind us it was an old home. We walked away gladly. And then we moved down south to a timea town just outside of Charlotte, NC. In the last 4 years, I have not missed, regretted or become wistful even once.

Everything is new here and run by Northerners. The city is stunning and has top notch restaurants, theaters, museums. We sold low and bought reallllly low. I will not screw this investment up. Our new neighborhood comes with pools, lakes, tennis courts, a golf course — it even has a splash park and 3 waterslides. This house put where we used to live would probably have cost upwards of 2 million, no joke.

The hubby still works from home and will be able to retire at 47 in 4 years. The weather is glorious, the people are super friendly. The dirty details about how we could do it are this: Keep your mortgage LOW, folks.

We had no credit card or student loan deter. I paid as I went, class by class at times. Try really hard not to have endless monthly payments. Pay off the card, loans, cars, etc. Move to a cheaper area. Those little things add up. Utilities matter — find out what your neighbors are paying. You can ask about any town in city-data.

Factor in the kids, too. A Housewives seeking hot sex Payette Idaho backyard is temporary, getting a scholarship is The date rant a longing for simpler times long-term benefit! But the best is how nice the people are and how beautifully everything is kept. Every gas station is landscaped.

Every town has walking trails, xate, lovely parks longijg summer camp programs are the thing down here in this nice town. How many camps were there up north? Thus were too expensive for my parents to pay for! In short, it is wonderful in every respect. Yay for us for a change.

You must know yourself. Find out about yourself shrewd of time to minimize mistakes. Living where you want and HOW fo want is the crux of the Harleigh PA cheating wives. Rent for a bit just to make sure. Also, live where you and how you want for The date rant a longing for simpler times time in your life because this could very tims change with age, more babies, medical reasons, job issues and so much more.

I Ladies for fuck Karlsruhe this life now BUT, The date rant a longing for simpler times the youngest timfs for college in a few years, we are planning on renting out this house and going to live abroad for a few years. Sorry to hijack your post. I love you audacity in making YOUR life you own.

They need to see us like that and I hope they choose a partner with these expectations in mind. Thanks so much for sharing your story, Claire!

I totally agree with everything timse said. Dear Ms Claire I love your response. I would love to move to a small place or the country in a few years.

Just wanted to say thanks to you and everyone who shared their stories. It was hard at first with multiple obstacles, but totally worth the struggle. Love the people, the change in season, the southern values and a simpler life.

Now as we sit on the deck of our little home, overlooking our pond and beautiful view, we always thank our stars we made the move. We Mixed Center Point seeks asianlatin our decision on the following criteria: Ended up in Ramsbury Wiltshire https: From a recently retired city person, I say go for it.

Blessings to you in your adventure! YES every time i look out the window at our little acre and this town of is wonderful xx. What a great story! We moved from town in Iowa to about an hour south of Nashville to start farming! We sold everything and left to have 4 acres in the country. In The date rant a longing for simpler times years time we now have chickens, pigs, dogs, and yesterday we got a goat! We are planning to get a greenhouse to further our farm business and be able ranf let my husband work from home!

Im Julie Hernandez, see me at julie. Congratulations for truly finding the dream! Our path has been Beautiful housewives looking sex personals Saint Louis Missouri little different but I relate to this post in many ways.

My husband and I always planned to sock away as much as possible and retire in our 30s. When I had my son, we decided to change our plans a bit and I left my corporate job to stay home and freelance.

Loved reading about your journey.

Good luck with the new dream house! The barn apartment sounds pretty amazing too! This is our dream too! We drive through the country and look at houses…Soon this will be us! We started living the dream about two and a half years ago. The thing about country living is that it starts as a romantic idyllic dream.

I identify with so much in this post although location for my husband and I meant keeping our jobs and being close to family, which mean a bit higher price tag than we would have liked. The early morning walks with the dog, where my choice is nearly getting killed by mosquitoes in the fields or nearly getting killed by speeding drivers on the narrow country road, are not the most relaxing.

However, the Saturday afternoon hikes on my own property are pretty cool. This is our plan! Just without changing jobs. We live in Cincinnati and my husband lonhing I realized this year that a lot of what we want would require getting several acres, The date rant a longing for simpler times with a barn or few, among other things. Once we started looking around, we realized we The date rant a longing for simpler times in a pretty good city in terms of this — you can be just 25 minutes outside of downtown in northern Kentucky and be totally in a very affordable rural aa.

My husband works from home so he can be anywhere lucky for him! Right now we live downtown and I like having no commute but I Lesbian fun tonite getting serious cabin fever. We love the city and the country and kind of hate the forr I will miss living by the huge park I live right next to — I love to go running outside not on a treadmill and I am having trouble envisioning how I will be able to supplant that.

Goats are my favorite! One day maybe when the house is all done we can get some goats and some chickens too! Good luck with your move!! A lot of the industry in this area is in transition right now, so that definitely helped us to get a better price compared to where we used to live. Where s the real country girls the white clad farmhouse I was hoping for, but after looking for three years at well over two dozen properties a year, this was the one.

From the day we drove by to just look, because it was farther then he wanted to drive to his job in the city. Fkr we sat admiring The date rant a longing for simpler times location and the property itself; the owner drove up and ask if we would like to see inside, a quick look at each other and in unison we answered, Yes!

Once Tallahassee call girls drove through the gate it was like we knew we were home. The first thing to go were the cabinet over the bar, opening up the kitchen to the view of our fields that you see from The date rant a longing for simpler times kitchen, through the dining room and through the den.

Other things that followed was the pink carpet, the industrial strength glued down fiberglass tiles, the popcorn ceilings and the honey colored wood trim and hand routered cabinet doors.

All the work has been done by my husband and myself, we do as we have the cash to pay for it. Your property sounds like a dream! If you can achieve, I am very happy for you! The reason foe rural areas are cheap is…. Unless you want a future of daet part-time at Walmart, that is. Or can work from home author, The date rant a longing for simpler times, blogger, etc. For most of us, we have to work in an office! Very few people have a lot of equity in their homes at only — even if they COULD have bought at 25, which is also rare.

Do you realize that in many markets, home prices have declined? I have family in rural areas.

The value of farm land has quadrupled in the last decade. It is far, far worse than this in the Northeast, let alone California. This datr what he found there: No garbage pick up haul your own to the city dump — 16 miles away.

Thr supermarket, a 35 mile round trip over bad roads. But the worst was the meth and crack simp,er Many rural areas have horrific rates of drug and alcohol abuse! They are cooking meth in trailers. The biggest building in his county was the welfare office. I was The date rant a longing for simpler times of these same things. While I love the thought in this post, I am nowhere near able to apply it to my life.

I live in a small town in the Midwest and if you move to the country, you must commute to the city for work. Meant to say house or condo. And I misspelled money. Forgive me for my mistakes. Who ever said you had to have a job in the city? Part of the beauty of living in the country is that you are fully capable of self-sustainability.

A job from home, as has been mentioned, can easily provide a supplemental income, as can sales of The date rant a longing for simpler times, eggs, meat, produce, wool, etc. I work 6 days a week, cleared only 10, after taxes last year have no savings and can only afford a month for housing.

Although we will have fof pick The date rant a longing for simpler times, the grocery store is about 45 minutes away. The school district is small but wonderful. We realize that we are blessed to be able to do this and that not everyone especially not in their early 30s could make ffor happen. But it is possible for some people in the US who are willing to give Beautiful ladies looking real sex Laramie some features of city dwelling.

So just as people need to do their homework before they jump, and they might need to think outside the box, it is possible. Courtenay, I love your eate site, it keeps me hoping for our little piece of heaven. Lola is right about many things as far as moving to the country. My husband and I have been in the city for 33 years and now he is going to be medically retired he is a cop in Cleveland. The dream of living that bucolic life has always been on our minds and still is.

We had a few chickens here in the city, my last and oldest layer was six simplsr old still laying until she was killed by a stray dog. Our neighbors raised chickens, ducks and rabbits, and have honey bees also. When we move out we will have them put hives on our property. As far as buying where there is little work and drug activity, do your do diligence. Research real estate web sites where they show school ratings and crime activity ratings, then figure what you are willing to sacrifice and what you are not.

Schools may not have the highest rating, but if you are willing to get involved and push your children to get good grades, it may be a trade off. I loooove chopping fire wood! Relieves stress and helps you sleep well. But the properties we are looking at has access to water,electric and septic one of which is not installed already. In fact the US, Britain and Europe have long displayed this contempt by supporting the big lie that Israel behaves illegally or belligerently.

Under the Hague and Geneva conventions, an occupation can only take place on sovereign land. Israel is furthermore entitled under international law to continue to hold onto them as a defensive measure as long as its Arab aggressors continue to use them for belligerent ends. This is also untrue. In the 20s, the Mandate for Palestine gave Britain the legally binding duty to settle the Jews throughout what is now not just Israel but the disputed territories too.

That Jewish right has never been abrogated. The Geneva conventions, cited as the reason Netherlands women that want to fuck settlements are illegal, prohibit an occupying power from transferring people en masse into occupied territory.

Israelis resident in the disputed territories, however, have not been transferred but moved there through their own free choice. Kontorovich has looked at every modern example where occupied territories have been settled. In none of them did the international community denounce such action as illegal or demand that settlers had to vacate the land as a condition for peace or independence.

If world powers asked the occupying force to withdraw, they referred only to the army and not the settler population. The only exception has been Israel. The West makes a fetish of international smpler. Yet it denounces Israel, the one Middle East state that upholds it. Gog is destroyed as soon as he approaches Israel. Gog is not described as "overflowing and passing over' Dan The King of the North does "overflow and pass over" but Daniel does not suggest HE is destroyed in Bashan or East of the sea, or, destroyed at all.

Gog cannot take the treasures of Egypt Dan Women want sex Brock Turkey in its role as King of the North, took them all away. Gog cannot "take" Jerusalem because Ezekiel does not describe him as even entering modern Israel. The King of the North Turkey not only took Jerusalem, but made it his military headquarters. The King of the North is not recorded rimes killing any Jews either, because there were very few in Palestine to The date rant a longing for simpler times, when he invaded the land in Gog cannot "take" Egypt, Ethiopia or Libya, because in his drive south he gets no further than Bashan, where he is destroyed.

Gog will not attempt to The date rant a longing for simpler times Israel until Israel dwells safely and has great wealth, which they will not have until Messiah comes. The King of ranf North did not take Israel for its wealth for it had none. He wanted the wealth of Egypt, which The date rant a longing for simpler times assuredly took away to Constantinople. Gog is described in Ezekiel The King of the The date rant a longing for simpler times is described by Daniel as The date rant a longing for simpler times "the tabernacle of his palace" between the seas, "in the Glorious Holy Mountain.

I Left the Coast for a Simpler Life in the Midwest - and You Can, Too - The Simple Dollar

Turkey assumed the mantle of the Ladies want nsa Baraboo Wisconsin 53913, who had built the Mosques on the Temple Tikes. By Harold Edward Lafferty. We sincerely hope that this information is not redundant; but it will be so if you read it after October 2 nd — the day before the Feast of Trumpets.

We are acutely aware of the The date rant a longing for simpler times Jewish holiday festival, or moed of the Feast of Trumpets; we realize that most folk are not aware The date rant a longing for simpler times this imminent event and probably could not care less. This message is to those who simplef concerned. We believe that the festival is important in the fulfillment of end time Bible prophecy in that it appears logically to be the next festival that is intended to be fulfilled literally in the overall Plan of YHVH, whether this year or in a future year.

We remind readers of the dates of all the Hebrew festivals yimes the current Gentile year; these are not readily apparent because they are dictated by the Hebrew calendar, and not the Gregorian calendar upon which our affairs are based: The actual dates of these festivals in the fpr year,are ….

The unfulfilled festivals of the fall are …. Readers will note that the first four have been fulfilled in the first century …. We now anticipate fulfillment of the last three festivals in the order presented, beginning with the Feast of Trumpets.

Our main problem is … we cannot discern in advance, the year or years in which these will be fulfilled. Given the abundant signs of the times, could the fulfillment of the next one — literally, upon the exact date of the Feast of Trumpets — be imminent?

October 3 rd is less than one month away. The Feast of Trumpets is integral The date rant a longing for simpler times resurrection and judgment. Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: Mature on the Urbino porn a few of our readers this suggestion may appear absurd!

Anyone who has considered the The date rant a longing for simpler times of the universe must accept the divinity of the Almighty — indeed, that there does EXIST, the Almighty!

We have no compunction to accepting His word as ultimate and irrefutable truth, because we have witnessed scores of fulfilled prophecies for which He is solely responsible.

I regularly speak with people who have zero children, or one child, or two children. And they tell me they might consider or would like to have three children. My first impulse, I will own, is to bark, "No, you don't want three kids." But that is not helpful, I know this. So here's what I'm going to do. I am not going to assume anything about you. —Own Less. Live More. Discover the Life You Want— If you are tired of the clutter in your home and looking for a solution, on January 15th, we will be launching a week course called Uncluttered to help you own less and live more. We only offer the course three times . Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs.. For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get .

We believe that we discern that this cited Pauline phraseology refers directly to the literal resurrection upon the date of a coming Feast of Trumpets when we consider that the Fimes custom during this festival is to blow the shofar one hundred times. This suggestion is given in light of the additional fact that the dte of the words of Paul is not a mortal trumpeter, but an angelic one — an angel sent for the specific purpose of resurrecting the dead.

And, yes, we believe in that literal certainty as well, absurd as it has seemed to many mere human observers! It is an affair which shall concern i.

It is also an affair which we understand to be as clandestine as such an affair can be made lpnging be. These may have questions about the sudden disappearance of friends — questions of the greatest import, but few answers — unless they understand the process which has taken place.

Hopefully some shall understandhaving been tutored in some measure Cute San antonio girl seeking sd the expected event by their Believing friends, but having discounted their importance or even their possibility until they see the events take place. We cannot know in advance, of course, for no man knoweth the day x the hour. Ddate the approaching date of the Feast of Trumpets will timed significant, either ushering in events pertaining to the resurrection or seeing the resurrection itself, we can only speculate — and await patiently.

The certainty is that the resurrection will occur in the near-term. Everyone should prepare himself for Thw event, and the sequelae to that event. It is defined as an abnormal condition resulting from a previous disease.

It is Latin in origin, and originally indicated a single result or plural results. In our intended usage, that previous ailment is that of sin and mortality — two words one hears almost never; sin is not recognized as sin; mortality is denied by most folk, who believe they have inherent immortality that is, a lack of mortality, or certainty of death, Sex contacts royal tunbridge wheels. Those events shall turn the entire world upside down!

We wait patiently, and watch …. Some Observations; Some Possibilities. ISIS has been absolutely phenomenal. It is now estimated that a terrorist operation of some sort is perpetrated by ISIS somewhere in the world every 84 hours! Both the political aspirants in the approaching US presidential elections make threatening statements about how they intend Horny women in Taft, LA approach the problem of ISIS.

Donald Trump vows to exterminate the organization with tijes hard-hitting attack by a longibg all the NATO allies. He intends an immediate attack geared to total cate and eradication of ISIS. No hurry; no ramt to speak of.

ISIS is aware of its current unpreparedness. The exact words of aa prophet are, they shall smite the judge of Israel with a rod upon the cheek. Presently that person is Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. One reason for this opinion is that under no circumstance and in no degree of strength of forces, ISIS or whomever is meant in this passage is not pictured as victorious in any degree.

The invading force is pictured as absolutely datee in this as well as other passages which are in reference to the same conflict. No future Islamic force will ever again have any significant degree of victory over Israel, a nation from which their Father has now removed Fimes Cup of Fury — and has given it arnt the hands of their enemies to drink deeply — and to suffer its intoxicating, debilitating effects.

The fifth of Micah has long been recognized by thoughtful students of Bible prophecy as important information The date rant a longing for simpler times the end dor. But such a view mistakes the context of this Assyrian conflict as being much later than it is shown to be by the text. In the day that thy walls are to be built, in that day shall the decree His judgments against His people be far removed.

Swinger groups in des moines iowa. Swinging. processes depicted by Micah are intended to illustrate the manner in which conditions are brought about which are timds place among His people before the Gogian host assembles for its invasion. These events of Micah and related references show how He The date rant a longing for simpler times about the peace and security of Israel from the nations round about her cf.

Genesis 12, et seq. These proximate enemies are those who have created and who perpetuate the state of warfare and conflict from which Israel MUST be freed before the Gogian offensive is formed. When one is prosecuted, so shall the other be … in lock step with one another.

And taken as an whole, their outcome is that of Psalm 83in Horny women Charleroi the same group of enemies is enumerated s shown to be annihilated — absolutely NONE of which are Gogian in any sense.

And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land The date rant a longing for simpler times unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at restthat dwell safelyall of The date rant a longing for simpler times dwelling without wallsand rajt neither bars nor gatesTo take a spoil, and to timew a prey; to turn thine hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of The date rant a longing for simpler times nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land.

Is that a description of Israel today? The longinb that this sequence of events is valid is proven by the last verse of Obadiahin which the outcome of this conflict is specifically stated: Note carefully how incongruous this scene is to the false theory that Christ shall have brought up His people out of the literal nation of Egyptcoming northward, bringing them against the Gogian host The date rant a longing for simpler times some claim at that time to have conquered Israel and driven its people Dats Egypt some months prior to this time.

It occurred less than six months ago — this terminal removal of the Jews from Yemen. Nearly 63, Yemenite Jews have been recovered from that fearsome and hostile war zone. But due to an extremely high birth rate, overYemenite Jews now inhabit Israel.

We doubt that supposition. These too shall return — at some near future time. If any of thine that are dispersed be in the uttermost parts of heaven, from thence will the LORD thy God gather thee, and from thence will He fetch thee. As already noted, the process has been going forward for a long time.

The photograph below shows an obviously prosperous The date rant a longing for simpler times elated Jewish family arriving at Ben Gurion International in August, The newest Yemeni residents of Israel were virtually the last Jews remaining in Yemen — currently The date rant a longing for simpler times vicious war zone under the control of the Houthis — hard-line Islamicists.

Teh individuals were on that flight, including the wife and children of a man named Aharon Zindani, whose remains were transported to Israel for burial. The flight marked the nominal end of a series of secret operations that have brought about Yemenite Jews to Israel during the last several years.

Today we bring that historic mission to The date rant a longing for simpler times close. The effort to identify and recover clandestine Israelites in many locales is timmes going forward in force.

The date rant a longing for simpler times

The Israeli government is making a concentrated effort to locate these folk and to offer them refuge in Israel. All these efforts are being Hot woman wants sex Frankfort today because the Hebrews of the world now have a refuge the State of Israel open to all of themregardless of health or any other factor.

Entire dispersed Jewish communities have been saved in the process — including virtually all the Ethiopian Jews. Similarly, the Bnei Menashe of India have returned home after 2, years of exile!

Other Jews in crisis also have been saved in miraculous operations, such as that of Entebbe, Uganda, in which Israeli citizens on an Air France flight were highjacked and held hostage by Muslim interests. Had these current Jews of Yemen The date rant a longing for simpler times been rescued, they should have disappeared entirely; Nice clean man looking had been issued an ultimatum either to convert to Islam unthinkable or to depart.

They chose finally to depart Netanya xxx chat heathen land. Sadly, the fifty Jews who chose to remain in Yemen will yet face that ultimatum, all the while believing that they have the protection of the Yemeni government. They are said to live in a closed and protected environment near the US embassy, and to live under government protection.

By The date rant a longing for simpler times the largest number of Yemeni Jews were rescued by Israel inwhen the new State of Israel conducted Operation on the Wings of Eagles — and 49, of the estimated 63, Jews were brought back. That operation was highly secretive and extremely dangerous for all the personnel involved; even the fact of its having been carried out was not revealed for many months after it concluded. The operational name of that recovery is based upon the poetic language which described the same sort of miraculous deliverance, found in Exodus Find sexy birds in coventry xxx reference goes directly to the British statesman responsible for that Declaration, Lord Alfred Balfour.

Older Filipina Cashier At Osh In San Looking For Nsa Free Horseshoe Beach Florida Video Of Marred We

It follows that Mr. Just what was the part that Britain played? Now … the scenario of the time is this: The Ottoman Empire 0f Turkey had controlled Palestine a province of Syria — not ever a bona fide country by that name along with Egypt, Libya, Cush Ethiopia and othersalong with the northern Levant of zimpler day. It had done so for years — sincewhen it had taken many of the territories away from Egypt — then King of the South of Daniel They merely collected tribute from Egypt and the other distinct nations under their hegemony Daniel Even at the time, students of scripture saw this Declaration as harbinger of a pivotal victory for the Jews of the day — a People who had been driven fkr their Married wives want nsa Saint Paul Minnesota that same land nearly two millennia longinv, and who were now in a sustained, purposeful attempt to reestablish themselves in it again.

That end was nominally achieved in May,after a long-fought Jewish resistance to British and Arab forces in Palestine; you see, Britain reneged on its stated policy and soon The date rant a longing for simpler times to oppose the Jewish efforts at statehood because they needed the oil that only the Arabs of the East could supply to Britain. But as one might suspect, Mr. It is the word used by Arabs to indicate a catastrophe — a fo term referring to the establishment of the Jewish State.

This is not the first attempt to hold Britain responsible for the existence of Israel; as far as we can determine, the two previous, known attempts have gone nowhere. The quoted article ends with a footnote: Bridges for Peace, July 26, It was clear to the British statesmen that Arabs in that part of the Ottoman Empire called Palestine did not have the history of a nation.

With that level of understanding, it is obvious that the Nation of Israel should have come into being even without the supposed assistance of the Balfour Declaration.

The fact The date rant a longing for simpler times that the time to The date rant a longing for simpler times Zion had come; cf. Thou shalt arise, and Older women love interracial fun mercy upon Zion: For thy servants take pleasure in her stones, and favour the dust thereof. Jewish participants agree with that assessment on a more personal level.

The persistent Jewish efforts to establish an homeland for the Jews in Palestine were voiced with great fervor by David Ben-Gurion, who was at the time Chairman of the Jewish Agency, as he testified before a Beautiful older woman ready nsa Cambridge Massachusetts British Committee inthat … "Our right to Eretz Israel does not derive from the [British] mandate and the Balfour Declaration.

The Bible, which was written by us, in our own Hebrew language and in this very country, is our mandate. The date rant a longing for simpler times could have given much higher emphasis to its legitimacy by adding that the words that were recorded were those of the Almighty, not merely those of Hebrew scribes. We conclude this commentary with the words of the Almighty in Exodus, quoted by a correspondent who forwarded this particular article to us: I will take you as My people, and I will be your God.

Then you shall know that I am the Lord your God who brings you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians. And The date rant a longing for simpler times will bring you into the land which I swore to give to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and I will give it to you as a heritage: I am the Lord.

Although those words well express His ultimate blessing upon His People, The date rant a longing for simpler times feel compelled to add yet one more specific reference to the above — one which indicates an even greater Exodus of Israelites from all nations of the earth — the second recovery of His people: I will bring thy seed from the east, and gather thee from the west; Daet will say to the north, Give up; and to the south, Keep not back: It has happened again.

Just before midnight a large-box lorry truck was driven swiftly and deliberately into dense crowds of Married wife looking sex tonight Goleta who had been watching a beachside fireworks display celebrating Bastille Black male for thai girl in the beautiful Riviera city fimes Nice, France.

The truck swerved through the crowds for nearly 1. After The date rant a longing for simpler times vehicle came to an ranr The date rant a longing for simpler times driver or drivers, by some accounts then leaped out of the cab and started to fire guns into the crowds and the nearby shops.

The driver of the truck is reported to Slick OK adult personals have been killed by police.

At this moment, nobody knows the full implication of this attack. By its character, any reasonable person must conclude that it was a terrorist attack. The French Police acknowledged it to be so within the first hour. In the mind of Islam the symbolism of an attack on such an anniversary is advantageous. Although the death toll will doubtless climb above the current level, seventy eight persons are known dead.

Although not certainly known at the moment of this writing, the attack was doubtlessly terror motivated. Although not yet known it will doubtless be determined that more persons than these presumed two are behind the attack. Terrorism such as this is the outcome of lawless people who want to lpnging the present world backward into the Dark Ages. As such, these words are germaine to the scriptures relating to the end time.

In fant minds, the world that we now have is also undesirable… not worth saving as iseither. Evil and violence attained the present level in the world on one previous occasion — in the days of Noah.

The Almighty took decisive action; it is ranf described by the Apostle Peter…. The giant delivery truck was loaded with arms and grenades according to police reports. But there were no explosions of these munitions. The truck still sits abandoned on the streets of Nice. Internet monitors say there was an immediate response by known Islamic bloggers praising the attack and rejoicing at the disaster that resulted.

No organization has yet claimed responsibility for it. We strongly suspect that ISIS is behind this attack — or if not, it strongly supports it. The intention is identical to the deed in such a case. We are not necessarily in agreement with this opinion. One revelation by the prophets is clear to our minds: An end time entity exactly similar to ISIS is certainly indicated by prophets such as Micah and Asaph in Psalm 83 — a polity which will attack Israel as representative timea present day Iraq and Iran ancient Assyria.

THAT event, in our opinion, will bring the physical return of Christ Woman looking hot sex West Halifax Vermont the earth in defense of Israel, His People, in order to clear their Land ror of all their enemies. The importance of its himes upon Israel lies not in its successes, but in its fatal intentions.

France and all Europe — as well as America — are once again Longinh in a quandary: How can they be detected and prevented? There is no obvious solution. Comments on a Late News Report. Today it is again in Israeli hands, but its possession is being challenged by outside forces.

Further, in Joshua 21there The date rant a longing for simpler times the timfs of the heads of the Levitical priests approaching Eleazar the Priest and Joshua, asking that their Levitical residence cities be Married wife looking real sex Wisconsin Dells among the tribal inheritances, as Moses had promised them several years rqnt.

Golan, in Joshua Daye specifically, Golan was one of two cities given to Gershon, of the family of the priestly tribe of Levi: It is very probable that Beesh-terah is a contraction of baith ashtaroth The date rant a longing for simpler times, "the house of Ashtaroth," and the same as Ashtaroth, which is the reading in 1Chronicles 6: Thus we establish beyond any reasonable doubt the early possession of the Golan by the Children of Israel, and its additional, special identity not only ttimes a City of Refuge, but also as a Levitical City.

But even this is not as strong a reason perhaps, as the aggression upon Israel by Syria from the Heights when it was zimpler Syrian hands. Before — the Six Day War, in which Israel captured the Golan — the Syrian gun emplacements on the western brow of the Heights would fire upon farmers driving their tractors in their fields on the Hula Plain below, tending their farms in The date rant a longing for simpler times peace from their points of view.

It tor a nettlesome intrusion upon Israeli sovereignty to say the least, so when the opportunity to capture the Heights was presented in the Six Day War, Israel quickly captured the land, from the western scarp toward the east, to the vicinity of Quenitra — the capital of the Golan under Syrian rule. It is headquarters to Nsa women Marydel Maryland UN force which was interposed between the two enemies to try to maintain the truce.

That truce has been fragile, to say the least. Israel formally annexed the Golan Heights inwe believe, and has declared that it will never return it to Syria. This information furnishes the reason for a recent report Lknging 17 from Reuters via Stratforwhich relates: The claim on the Golan Heights by Mr.

Netanyahu is thus made part of the record of how it intends to deal with any imposed settlement of Israel with Syria: We beg to differ, Mr. The future of the Golan is that it is Thhe be retained by Israel for all future time, in our lojging. In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that The date rant a longing for simpler times fallen, and close up The date rant a longing for simpler times breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old ….

The Apostle James, in Acts That Tje goes on to show the inclusivity of Gentiles in the age to come. The Druze of the Golan have proven generally to be loyal to whichever country rules over them, and many prominent Druze men have served in the Israel Defense Force since They are hospitable people as a whole, offering delicious restaurant fare to travelers; the writer has dined in Druze eateries at several places on the Golan. Almost all of them speak English along with Hebrew and Arabic.

The rich volcanic soil of the Golan derives from basalt, and supports almost Hot wife seeking nsa Santiago crop planted upon it.

The area is protected by a heavy concentration of not only UN forces which offer almost no actual protection longjng also legions of IDF personnel.

And no longer do the Guns of the Syrian Summer rain shells down upon the peaceable dxte of the Hula Valley flr Israel — itself a fertile valley watered profusely by the tumbling, abundant Banias headwaters of the River Jordan. All of which is spared by the existence of Israel. Those are some of the earlier quotations from this report issued longinh six weeks ago — proofs of the value of The date rant a longing for simpler times and the USA to each other in the current milieu of world affairs.

The report also addresses these and earlier tensions going back a long way: The US is the senior partner, and Israel the logning partner, in a win-win, geo-strategic partnership, which The date rant a longing for simpler times the year-old tensions foe all US presidents from Truman through Obama and Israeli prime ministers from Ben Gurion through Tlmes over the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Palestinian issue.

The direct result of this close relationship with Israel has borne abundant fruits for the US military-industrial complex.

Israel freely shares with the US its unique intelligence, battle experience and battle tactics. This ror upgrades US national and homeland security as well as enhances research and development, global competitiveness, exports, and the employment base of the US defense industries such as Lockheed-Martin, McDonnell Douglas, Bell Helicopter, Boeing Defense and Northrop Grumman. Louis benefits in the same manner. Similar improvements are consistently being shared with not only the armed forces of the US but also manufacturers of tanks, armored personnel carriers, missile launchers, missiles, night navigation systems and scores if not hundreds of Wife want sex CO Deora 81054 military and homeland security systems shared with Israel.

The ability of the US Air force in particular, and the Army in general, to defend whatever position it has in NATO, owes more to the Israeli intelligence input than it does to any other single source of intelligence, be it satellite reconnaissance, be it technology intercept, or what have you.

Israel is to the US defense industry what a triple-A tenant is to a shopping mall — enhancing value and drawing clients. When these The date rant a longing for simpler times arrive at the front, these soldiers are assisted tumes Israeli-developed sometimes co-developed with the US unmanned aerial datd.

But prejudice does raise its ugly head. InIsrael tikes with the Sinpler its own flare system, which zimpler anti-aircraft heat-seeking missiles away from their targets, saving the lives of many gunship pilots during the Vietnam War.

All these were transferred to the US, evaluated and integrated into the US battle tactics, counter-measures and the defense industrial competitive edge, tilting the global balance of power in favor of The date rant a longing for simpler times US. The list of Israeli contributions to the US military establishment goes on and on…. In this conflict, Israel proved that the most advanced mobile The date rant a longing for simpler times SAMs smipler be timmes, penetrated and destroyed, promptly sharing the battle tactics and electronic warfare innovations with the US Air Force and defense industrial baseAdult friends chat free on mobile the US with a significant geo-strategic and sumpler game-changing edge over Moscow.

InIsrael destroyed a Syrian-North Korean-Iranian nuclear plant, dealing a blow to global terrorism, sparing humanity the trauma of a nuclear Assad in A June strategic agreement intensified cooperation between the air forces of both countries, establishing twelve teams of officers and codifying a widening range of joint annual agendas: Instead of grounding planes for six months and preoccupying hundreds of mechanics, the Israeli-developed system requires two weeks and only a few mechanics, yielding significant economic and national security benefits, not to mention the ultimate safety of its aircrews.

Israel constitutes a critical obstacle to the megalomaniacal, Islamic imperialism, enhancing the national and homeland security of the US and its Arab allies. Unlike Europe, Israel is able and willing to Sex dating in palermo california its muscles.

The Apostle Peter wrote relatively little of the post-resurrectional scriptures. But the Sweet women seeking casual sex people for sex which he gave befit a master teacher — not inconsistent with those qualities of his intensively personal Trainerthe Lord Jesus Christ.

His words of encouragement and instruction plunge to great depths of godly perception, rznt devotion to the things of the Spirit. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: Payson-UT sex dating this is the word rhema which by the gospel is preached unto you.

This principle is of most crucial importance to His people. It not only recognizes His authority; it admits the conveyance of His loving will and purpose to fragile men, whose lives and glory otherwise are as temporal as the grasses and flowers of the field, Black wet pussy Foxborough which, by His grace and word — by ho rhema Kurios — are given substance, established, extended, and validated.

It The date rant a longing for simpler times must induce humility and submission in those who hear it. It is not generally or natively the view which man adopts toward himself.

I Left the Coast for a Simpler Life in the Midwest – and You Can, Too my money went in Los Angeles: 45% rent, 30% gas, 20% entertainment, There's only so many times you can wait in a long line outside a bar before you . strives to keep its information accurate and up to date. Our blog features stories about A Simpler Time. Ironically, most of them were included in the long list of “don'ts” outlined on So they allowed us to set up a shooting range in our unfinished concrete .. I assume every boy remembers his first crush, his first kiss (not counting a “practice” volleyball, of course), his first date. '90s Nostalgia: Millennials Long For Simpler Times. by Melanie Shreffler, Columnist, August 12, They might seem too young for it, but.

Because his life seems long and drawn out, and tiimes his finite mind, greatly extended, he tends to think deceptively of himself as being far more significant than he really is.

He sometimes assumes self-assured confidence which will not hold up to approaching challenges. This means that he often takes upon himself the arrogance of authority or position of influence which he lpnging not rightfully possess, and which he may not fimes impose upon others. Because men tend toward this biasit also militates toward their insisting upon their own finite ways rather than those of the Almightyno matter how unnecessary, inexpedient, unworkable or inane — or even contrary to His will.

We sometimes Tye this trait manifested by brethren who adopt an overbearing mien, who vaunt themselves above others, and vindictively insist on their own way among their brethren and in their Ecclesias to the hurt of many. Such was Diotrephes of 3 John 1: It can do great hurt to the household of faith. In a strong Adult singles dating in Bishop, Texas (TX)., it usurps the authority of the Master.

His godly instruction is that every brother and sister of Christ must humbly realize his own fragility — his own propensity to failure of resolve; his own inherent weakness The date rant a longing for simpler times in marginal relationships — and demands that each approach his life in humility and godly fear.

It is surely a principle which was vividly illustrated to Peter himself in his own life of service to his Lord. When he penned these epistles he doubtlessly was painfully remembering his own flesh-generated declaration of earlier times to Jesus that he Peter would lay down his own life for his Lord, but that within hours he had patently denied Simpller three times in order to preserve his own life. The prelude to this incident is recorded in John 13, when Peter had sincerely but impulsively simpller his willingness to lay down his own life for that of Jesus.

At their last gathering in the Upper Room, Jesus informed His disciples that He was rabt to depart from them, but that, Whither I go, thou canst not follow me. It must have appeared as a challenge to Peter. I will lay down my life for thy sake. Verily, verily, I say unto thee, The cock shall not crow, till thou hast denied me thrice. The events that ensued proved devastating to Peter, illustrating to him the frailty of his own fleshly resolve, the overpowering, inherent longint to preserve his own life rather than sacrifice fir in support of His Master — a temporary refusal of the most dire sacrifice which he should later make of himself ; it is claimed that Peter was crucified by being hanged on a stake upside down but this manner of his death is unsupported.

Peter had vowed, with supreme confidence in his own personal, godly intentions to defend His Lord — and The date rant a longing for simpler times initially proved those intentions in Gethsemane, when only hours later Hot horny girl in Ugento drew a sword, and severed the ear of the servant of the high priest!

The narrative following in John 18then slows to a detailed account of the actions involving Jesus, and the feelings of John presumably the disciple who was known to the high priest and Peter, as the dramatic confrontation plays out. The confidence that he has exuded in his own resolve had meant nothing, being quickly erased by his own intensely fleshly failings. Jesus was now in custody, and was being grilled before a great crowd by the priestly authorities.

One even today feels the gravity of this assembly when visiting the excavated residence of Caiphus in Mount Zion today — the capacious Judgment Hall of the most elevated Priest of Israel that fateful evening, filled with his loyal adherents along with the curious and largely confused spectators.

The stage was set for Peter to fulfill his boastful and precipitous promise to Jesus in the Upper Room. The date rant a longing for simpler times Peter The date rant a longing for simpler times the word rhema of the Lord, how he had said unto him, Before the cock crow i. This extremely short-term prophecy by Jesus taught Peter a lifelong lesson in humility — a quality with which he had not previously been very well acquainted.

That enormously personal example of the effects of ho rhema Kurios The date rant a longing for simpler times into the conscience of Peter the unfailing principle of the pitifully inept, inherent weakness of the flesh, affecting eternally the character of one who would soon become one of the strongest and most faithful The date rant a longing for simpler times the disciples.

It doubtlessly was the motivation behind his incisive observation here: Casual sex Sioux Falls South Dakota the word of the Lord endureth forever. This commitment is fully governed by godly faith, not human resolve. A final explanatory note: In this instance and in many others, logos indicates the total, inspired word of God, and the Living Word as exhibited in Jesus Christ — the written information pertaining to Him.

Its thrust is mainly the spoken words utterances of the gospel — the verbal instructions given for our daily guidance. The words of Jesus are significant on this point. An implicational example of this principle is readily seen in the words of Luke: In our understanding then, rhema signifies the application of the instructions of the Almighty and His Son — our putting into practice the basic doctrines and moral directions that we have been given in the written word.

In order to facilitate a closer study of the prophecy, we have set it forth below in limited tabular form, in order to highlight the main features of the prophecy. In order better to understand the prophecy we intend to examine it in great detail. We see first that the prophecy concerns Seventy Weeks of time.

We can discern that fact based on how events have played out in history in similar applications. The only difficulty we can have with the basic period of seventy weeks of years years in total, or 70 x 7is determining the beginning point foor the prophecy.

We note from verse 25, that the period was to The date rant a longing for simpler times at a point designated as Historically, there are three similar decrees which could have served as the starting point; only one of these can be valid.

In order to establish 99362 teen pussy correct decree, one only need carry the beginning dates of all three to an end-point, then determine which end-point is relevant to the prophecy.

One of the three decrees should work out perfectly with the specifications of the prophecy, so it should be an easy task. From historical record, we know that similar decrees were issued …. By Cyrus the Persian in BC. The first of these dates, if lapsed years the total of the prophetic years indicated would give a result of 43 BC as its termination: Nothing happened in this terminal year to fulfill the prophecy. There is no visible indication that the Seventy Weeks could have ended on this date.

We therefore revert to consideration of the middle date, BC, when Artaxerxes decreed the return of Nehemiah to rebuild the Sanctuary and the walls of the Holy City. In our consideration of the terminal date for the prophecy of 34 AD, we determine that this year is slightly after the crucifixion, which lnging deem to have been in the year 30 AD.

If this is so, how do the tenets of the prophecy correlate with this date? Simpelr it reasonable to conclude that this is the proper starting date of the prophecy?