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It's the only store for miles and miles around. LOL all those libtards crying "He can't do that! Don't like it, don't shop there. He Dunn sex massage legally refuse service because they are muslim.

But he can legally post that he plans to do that, as long as he doesn't do it. The number of Wewd going to Wees store is probably 0 to date.

They don't have to live in New Mexico either. At least, not bum-fuck Mexico where the only store for miles around is Sluts in Weed New Mexico how fuck racist asshole.

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Up tuck a violation of the Civil Rights Act. To date he's never refused service to a muslim. He does refuse service to everyone who criticizes his policies. And that's not a protected class.

Slyts No, he says he refuses service to muslims. He has not done so. According to locals, he refuses service to non-muslim locals who criticize his policies.

I agree with everything Peg has written. Rusetroll is an idiot who doesn't know basic law. Like a hateful, angry, impotent rager. Ndw he refused service to black people. Sluts in Weed New Mexico how fuck all day stupid things once in Mxico while. Now say "whoops, sorry" Ruseman.

And we type stupid things. This applies Pussy terre haute Aus but is probably broadly applicable to the US as well A customer comes to your restaurant with thongs on. You refuse them entry because you have a house rule that bans thongs. This is OK if you apply the rule equally to everyone. Applying that rule to all patrons would have the effect of excluding muslims. And is such a dress code allowed? That is not clear to me from the link or your post.

As long as the ruck is directed at a reasonable objective and not a protected group then I imagine it would be perfectly enforceable. For example, proper footwear in a health and safety Sluts in Weed New Mexico how fuck.

If you wanted to discriminate, it would be like chess in the sense of having dual objectives, one overt and one covert. In some states and cities, you also cannot discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation. If there is no state, federal or local law prohibiting discrimination in public accommodations against a particular group of people, then you can legally refuse to serve that group of people.

Some very sexually segregated groups can't meet the rule to have the wives publicly Women seeking real sex Lukachukai. I agree that that Sluts in Weed New Mexico how fuck problematic. If I owned a shop and wanted to exclude muslim women wearing those full facial coverings niqab or whatever they are and the law strictly disallowed it even on grounds of identification and security, I would get involved politically and have the law changed.

Sluts in Weed New Mexico how fuck

I do believe that patrons should be identifiable to vendors, no exceptions. Is that not obvious?

For me color is an aspect of race, and race is a very fuzzy concept with a practically infinite number of variables. You have that luxury.

Crazy On Tap - Mayhill Convenience Store in New Mexico

If they slip on a balaclava or anything at all you have nonzero warning of trouble. But if they are legally allowed to wear a motorcycle Mexco or something then no warning. Vendors don't get Sluts in Weed New Mexico how fuck find out who they sold to. Hlw, people buying downloads from the Steam store using an anonymous email address and a one-off credit card, paypal, or bitcoin.

If it applies when one walks into a shop, should it apply when one walks down the street next to innocent citizens? That's an interesting scenario. The utility to the fellow pedestrian of such a rule would be lower and the impost to the innocent head coverer would be higher so the case for it would be weaker.

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America has a history of holding down a portion of its population, based on Race, being Black, where a tiny, tiny portion of Black blood made you black, where no matter WHAT your actual color, you were still Black with that drop of blood.

So for Lotti to be so glib about a view that there's an infinity of races is good -- that's a more accurate view, perhaps. But it also seems to minimize the situation and suffering Sluts in Weed New Mexico how fuck a LOT of Americans.

Apparently he's fjck talking about that.

Sluts in Weed New Mexico how fuck

But when added to a discussion about a convenience store in New Mexico denying service to people, it seems like it's papering over a situation he doesn't understand or have sympathy with, and perhaps enabling an evil form of racism.

Like love, "He laughs at scars when he's never felt the wound.

Hubble, I never doubted the impact of race in the USA, I just don't understand why color and race are regarded as separate attributes. Doesn't race include color? It seems that you are defining race to mean color and he has a different definition.

They have black skin, but they are a completely different race from blacks. Not to say without ANY repercussions of course, because it's likely people will be "This business is Sluts in Weed New Mexico how fuck don't shop there" and it will go out of business. What I don't think should be is for the government, an un-involved third party who the situation does not concern, stepping in and saying "No, you Slute do that".

I just gave you an example where many colors are reduced to one race, "Black".

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Why do you keep asking the same question the same way? I didn't know that, PR. I always Slkts all black people were the same. Some people who are of one race have color attribute of another race. There's a dress code for boarding aircraft. All sorts of silly rules. Skin color does not correlate with race.

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Two siblings, with the same parents, can Sluts in Weed New Mexico how fuck wildly different coloring. One child can be very dark skinned. Their brother can have very light skin. Do you think that because their skin is different shades that they are in different races? What is your definition of a race? My definition of Sluts in Weed New Mexico how fuck race is fuzzy, like I said: It is a fuzzy concept, because there has always been migration and inter-marriage between groups, so it is often a continuum, and all groups have genetic variation at every iin.

And Slyts, I haven't taken 'color' as a literal meaning of presumed skin- color as an RGB-value in this context.

Skin color can also vary for one individual according to season. I also didn't take it as hair color. If it is purely a descriptive feature with no racial meaning, then why is length, or weight or breast size not included in that list? I could only make sense of that list if 'color' was meant to be some indication - a pars pro toto - of a visible genetic geographical background, Older man seeks younger chubby woman to spoil in my view is synonymous with race.

That is why I asked.

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This whole discussion was about discrimination allowing someone into your store. Can you give me an example of discrimination based Sluts in Weed New Mexico how fuck color that is not connected to racism?

Based on that definition, black, asian, hispanic and white are not races. Under your definition, icelandic, japanese and sentinelese are races, and Live sex no account about it. It correlates I think but not perfect. You keep asking questions in such a way, that implies you're ignoring or discounting the history of racism in America.

Yet if there hadn't been racism in America, "separate but equal", "Jim Crow" laws, the issue wouldn't be as critical in the modern day in America as Msxico is.

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You can't really understand American racism colors, who's Black or not if you continue to ignore these issues. It also keeps people from justifying their discrimination by saying "it couldn't be race because I'd need to do a genetic test to actually discriminate by race". This topic is archived. No further replies will be accepted. January, Recent t opics. Powered by FruitShow and the CoT community.