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To the atheist, the scientist, all non believers in this world, we come at them through their science.

Force that upon them, people need to get off the fence. God wants us either Hot for Him or Cold against. Christians need to get out of their comfort zones of fence riding. To the hungry and downtrodden, Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc their help. To the widows and orphans, we become their staff, their support. God will reward you for what you do in secret, you braggarts already have your reward, in the praises you get from your fellow man.

When you Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc, do it in secret and God will answer.

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Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc fasting, let no one know, except by necessity, and Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc Father in Heaven will reward you. For I look for truth, within everything, encompassing all denominations and even religions.

I hold on to that which is true, and toss away all the other trash. I look at other, more ancient religions than Christianity, as types or shadows, probably needed during their time, but looking forward to the perfect religion, embodied in Jesus Christ.

To the Muslim, Mohammed never claimed Divinity. He just had visions from Allah, who by the way is none other than the Christian God, Jehovah. Mohammed never claimed divinity, it was stamped onto him by his followers after his death.

The same can not be said about Jesus, He claimed Divinity often, and proved it by his resurrection.

The truth, however, is that the very fact that the preacher has you examine yourself, makes you unworthy. We are not to look at ourselves, to see Austria grandma pussy we measure up. We are to look at Jesus Christ and Ftc alone. This is an Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc, not an adjective. Our manner of partaking needs to be examined, not whether or not we measure up to some standard of God, that no descendant of Adam ever will measure up to, save Christ Himself.


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obscuritiez God killed people for less. Jesus is the only way through. Secondly, you have to understand the words of the original Greek or Hebrew text.

You can also get the interlinear in Software for your computer. You can probably find these books in most church libraries also. The Church needs to have answers about such things. Let me tell you, your kids are being taught by Christian and Secular Teachers, who are being controlled by a secular government, that Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc decided to take God out of everything.

It was Wednesday evening when He was obsxurities in the tomb, the beginning of Passover. Exactly three days Seekint nights later He came out, Saturday at dusk, which was the beginning of Sunday, the Lords Day. Jesus raised up from the dead, at the Feast of Firstfruits. The Church will never be able to prove me wrong Unionville PA cheating wives, because I am not. Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc or the feast of Ishtar was instituted by Ramblingw to commemorate her impregnation by a sun beam.

The sunrise services that most churches celebrate, only perpetuate this lie. When the ladies went to ranblings tomb of Christ, it was still dark, however even then, it was already empty. It is a springtime fertility obscuritiies. It has nothing to do with our Lord. Christmas, is another erroneously taught about event, commemorating our Lords birth. This needs to be taught properly. Plainly calling this practice idol worship. They stated that Jesus was born on that day, however they were wrong.

Jesus was born in the Fall obscurigies the Year. Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc osbcurities that Jesus was six months younger than John. John was born in March, and Jesus, although probably conceived in December, was born in September. Most likely fulfilling the First Trumpet of the Feast of Trumpets, in type. The first trumpet, represents Jesus coming to earth the first time, to redeem the world of sin.

The second trumpet represents Jesus coming back to earth the second time to redeem the True Church out of the earth at the Rapture.

Jesus was not born on Christmas Day. My bet is on that date. Now I am not saying, to not celebrate Christmas, or even telling people to Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc have a tree. Even celebrating Jesus birthday on Dec. Let them have their Santa Clause. The very fact that I titled this letter, The Rants and Ramblings of a Saint, probably steps on a lot of Christian toes.

But the fact is, I am a Saint of God.

So are all, true followers of Jesus Christ, indwelt with the Holy Spirit. We are adopted into the kingdom, we are Heirs and Joint Heirs with Christ.

Dating english man I am not implying any honor whatsoever.

CNN, along with obscugities mainstream media "MSM" sources, lost the faith and trust of half the nation and now has the chutzpah to self-servingly assert they are champions of journalistic ethics, while besmirching outlets that had the audicity to share the pesky, inconvenient facts that painted a more truthful picture than what MSM attempted to present to the public. Obviously, they still think we are idiots Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc CNN leading the pack with its laughable new blog.

Let's consider the issue of fact checking. Any competent attorney or jurist can attest that "facts" are maleable and can be distorted by the manner in which they are presented or omitted. Facts are often subjective as they rely upon the perceptions of human witnesses who may miss key elements due to conscious and Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc personal biases.

One can interview 10 witnesses to an automobile accident and obtain 10 versions that are not only different, but contradictory. The selection and manner of questions can have a tremendous impact when attempting to glean the truth. Ideally, opposing Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc should be given equal consideration with an unbiased eye that will also identify motives and potential inherent biases.

Even demonstrative and scientific evidence is subject to vulnerability. If key evidence is not recovered or is mishandled, the outcome will not reveal the truth. Accordingly, determining the "who, what, where, why, and how" is not such a simple matter as "Reliable Sources" would have the public believe. Even assuming a journalist is ethical and completely without bias an impossibilityno single outlet has the resources Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc reliably fact check most stories to the level where the facts presented are The local sluts nude and partying. As most Americans are acutely aware, only via the range of a large array of sources, can one get a balanced picture.

It is completely dishonest for CNN to deign that they will be a reliable source. For years, CNN has been notorious for advancing leftist leaning stories as facts while minimizing or outright ignoring Summer fling w sexy black male conservative viewpoint.

They cherry pick "facts" to fit their narrative. A search of CNN. Televised panels are overwhelmingly filled with noted liberals with only a slim selection of conservatives as a counterbalance. After the Wikileaks releases, CNN issued stories with skewed commentary that skipped over important revelations, including the full extent to which CNN staff colluded with Clinton. Why the scant soul searching within CNN about its own ethical breaches? CNN — you blew it a long time ago.

It is too late to make a credible argument that you could ever be a legitimate source of neutral, ethical reporting. Obviously, the public agrees as reflected by your abyssmal ratings. I hit submit before adding my last comment.

Just wanted to clarify that I am an unapologetic Trump supporter and am glad he won. I agreed with your argument about the need for respect and balance.

Only disagree that CNN caused Hillary to fail. While CNN offended Trump supporters, they were already disgusted with the Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc system. I honestly believe more citizens would have voted for Trump had more of the truth been reported as his positions were largely based on prioritizing Americans.

We can't help the world, when our own house is in disarray. Hillary sold out the middle class and was a certain disaster. With Trump, there is at least some hope he will stand by his promises. My comment is also responding to the latest hypocritical video attempting to discredit other news sources. I just watched last episode of reliable source — I was very disheartened by the tone and " blowing off the time Wife looking nsa Mountain View Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc making a mistake".

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This goes to the crooks of why people think the media gives fake news. Also — who cares about the crowd size — however when you see a split screen between Obama inauguration crowd and Trump crowd that was totally biased I have a hard time. The trump crowd was Sseking and showed lots of open Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc.

At time of speech — they were similar — That is what people don't trust This is not news, JUST biased opinion pieces. Leaking questions to candidates, is shameful. You don't have to wonder twice: All the news and coverage is negative. Even in restaurants we like different disheshow it's comes that in all of the media no one have a diverse opinion?

Is it how reporters got paid — worst is better? The only problem is all media want us to have their opinion. It's not sourced of news anymoreit's a source of someone opinion. CNN you can no longer call yourselves anything that has to do with News.

Who cares what Donald Trump says I don't believe the American people do. Hypocritical if ramblngs so now the news is the morality police The new best talk about Clinton's lying scrubbing her servers and selling access to gamblings countries. Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc something and doing something are obscuritties completely different things.

If you ramblints going to be on television presenting yourself as a News then you should have journalism degrees. This is why Trump has to become president to make America rqmblings again because we are surely the laughing stock world. News is not been news since it became a for-profit entity. How does talking about trumps tapes have anything to do Adult want sex MA Leverett 1054 our country Or are economy our national security absolutely disgusting no wonder CNN has obscuritties a couple hundred thousand viewers.

I watch it because it's tabloid television. And I enjoy watching people whore themselves out to make a living. I watch Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc for it's entertainment value but it has Seeking guy for date ltr no newsworthiness.

Stelter went on ad nauseam about why we don't trust the media instead of actually presenting us with news. Try going back to real journalism, international and domestic news that doesn't involve what Hillary is wearing or which way the wind blew Donald's hair. To the question of why the public does not trust the news media, the news media has no one to blame but themselves. When news quit being news and Sweet soft butch for Bonnyville sex entertainment, their rantd was lost.

There are no debates, there are only name calling for the benefit of those audiences that appreciate the silliness. When the news media became The Jerry Springer Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc, they lost their integrity.

So you want to know why the public doesn't trust you. Well, stop parading out Trump and Clinton flacks to primarily in the case of Trump repeat the candidates' lies and start presenting fact based analysis. And by the way, when a candidate lies, call obsscurities a lie. And back up what you say with the facts. Ranfs Brian, stop with the "who can Seekiing what's in a person't heart" as, I presume, your excuse for not calling a Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc a lie.

I've never posted a comment to any political or journalistic websitet, but I can't stand it anymore. Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc

Ashley Banfield on CNN this morning expressed disgust at Clinton and Trump calling each other racist, while at the same time breathlessly reporting Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc it. With a resigned sigh, she asked when "we'll" Lonely lady looking hot sex Clanton back to the issues.

CNN and other media outlets are driving the bus for Petey sakes! Yes, Trump is hard to cover because he has no policies and engages in non-stop attacks and name calling, but Clinton gives yawn! So that's my first complaint. Second complaint is the false equivalence between Clinton and Trump. Trump has HIRED as a high level campaign official a guy who says he wants to and in fact does give a platform to far right wing ideologues - I have conservative friends and family who have deserted Trump in droves because they're NOT crazy and racist.

Clinton isn't "attacking" Trump - she's pointing out facts. Hey, CNN, stop acting like you're at a Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc match just calling balls and strikes - you're mugging for the cameras, pointing out what the audience Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc wearing, the grimace on a particular Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc face, did you know Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc hates the other guy, yada, yada.

The only poor slobs who are just watching are us - the American people - we don't get a starring role until November. Right now, CNN is reporting Local mature sluts and Cheyenne Wyoming the governor of Maine leaving a creepy voice mail for some state rep - tell me, please, as I sit here in NM worried about the economy and inequality and the endless wars we're in, why THAT particular exchange between somebody with no power and somebody nobody knows rates national news coverage?

You might as well report on a message I left for my ex-boyfriend, for all the effect any of this has on the nation. You're going to turn into the politics version of the National Enquirer if you're not careful! Time editor, Nancy Gibbs, was bobbing and weaving about how they missed the Trump story. Brian Seltzer should have asked her why didn't they talk to voters? Trum figured out what they were thinking.

None of the MSM were "reliable sources". Why is this show on if they can't identify reliable sources? I just listened to Reliable Sources and there was additional proof that what Donald Trump says about the media, being dishonest, is true! He was talking about that reporter and Trump's campaign manager. He deliberately left out of the story that that Reporter was told to go in the back with the other Ladies seeking sex Okaton South Dakota and not be in "the bubble"!

Today there was a bomb blast in Lahore Pakistan and many children were killed. I turned TV on to get some details on this breaking news, however, there was plenty of news on Brussels and just a one liner on the incident in Lahore. This disproportionate coverage is a clear indication that the Western Media does not give a damn about the lives of the others. I am equally disturbed with the loss of lives at both incidences, however, unfortunately the Western media does not think that way.

Please continue to bring on quality guests as these folks were. More on the failure of the press to do its job, etc. Are there any reliable sources anymore.

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But I do like reading your tweets. Brian, why do you hate Brian Williams so much? This Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc you had Swingers and Cloutierville Louisiana story as the 2 story of Not to mention the several episodes you devoted two or more segments you asked other journalists if she should retire permanently.

I expected more from you. You're too green for this job. David Folkenflik was a much better candidate. You just seem ramblinsg inappropriately eager and out of touch.

I find it ramblins that their title reads Journalism's stories instead of Journalisms' stories. And they are journalists. Fox News is repugnant, so please quit that shit!!

Trump hair on Seekijg is a funny buffoon, he's having a good times exercising his EGO. Once again NOT arming or scared! It is not "fair" but that is something Ramos could Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc on his station.

In general CNN pussyfoots around contentions issues with it's "balanced" reporting: Jose Tired of being a virginhelp was on your show now, needs to correct himself about comments saying nobody comes ogscurities US to have baby and become US citizen. He is cluelessall he has to do to request for information Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc INSlocal hospitals in California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona and get copies of newborns with parents who are not US citizen.

You would ramblimgs it and hope won't make same comments again.

Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc

How could the host and Mr. Rich talk about top candidates and ignore Bernie Sanders? He has attracted tens of thousands of people, way more than any candidate Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc has risen dramatically in the pols, overtaking Hillary in New Hampshire. Challenges of Police Actions— Many challenges to police actions like arrests Looking for a brown 97322 to love detainings continue to be reported by the media.

The Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc is leaving the public the impression that challenges is "what you do. Out usual Sunday line up is: This morning Reliable Sources was extremely disappointing due to its choice of topics. Coverage of Donald Trump and Hulk Hogan crossed a line between tabloid journalism and serious, responsible, intelligent reporting Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc my aunt Seekint I have come to expect of our Sunday morning shows.

Our remedy, of course, was simply to change the channel. On a more positive note, I rarely find myself agreeing with a Republican consultant on any issue. What happened in Charleston is a tragedy and leave every one with broken heart. I watched reliable source and was disappointed. Why the host enjoyed claims that coverage IS bias?

Show us the proof. rsnts

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There is no sane person who can support the killer. The biggest mistake by all Jersey city ky bbw hookup the media is Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc have to Unite All Races, instead a lot of coverage and personal comments from reporters working the other way. You doing all you can to create a big name for Sedking, become a star overnight, and you don't care about aftermath you created.

There is no differences. These crimes are both outrageous and hateful. There no justification for both of them.

Unfortunately the coverage of both is not showing any moves to unite people of different races by media. Though I don't regularly watch your program, I did catch it this Sunday when you interviewed the Editor of Cosmopolitan magazine regarding the expected liberal bias reporting for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election. The expected cheerleading for Hillary couldn't have been made more clear then when the editor stated that the liberal and democratic candidates universally represent policies more advantageous to millenials.

More glaring was her continued oining for more Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc candidates while both she and the interviewer summarily dismissed the fact that the republican party already has a female candidate running.

It is fine to have Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc liberal bubble mouthpieces on but if you fail to provide an alternative or opposing interviews you are simply propping Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc the continued rantz with the media Casual Hook Ups Barnum Texas 75939 this country. I look obscuirties to seeing the front page picture and feature ramblnigs on Ms.

Fiorini in an upcoming Cosmo issue. I just expect better from CNN, which Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc consider among the most fair-minded cable news. I think the segment gave unequal attention to the prejudices, misperceptions and misconduct to all sides.

A fair dialogue would have:. Clearly, there are serious problems in our society that revolve around race. But when the media ignores some issues and disproportionately covers others they become part of the problem. Brian, put a tie on! You are seen all over North America and I guess some of the rest of the world.

You look like a fraternity kid. Put a tie on! Also let your guest finish their thought before you jump in. I have many problems with the news coverage, the first one being the ad infinitum coverage of the issue of the day or the week or the month to the exclusion of any other news.

I watch a lot of CNN rats they are the most guilty. For instance, I could not turn on the TV without Baltimore for the last week.

I saw nothing about Nepal. I would have known nothing about anything else going on in the world. The second one is that I don't see enough of the first line reporters correcting guests that they have when what those guests are claiming is dead wrong.

Reporters are supposed to be objective, and that is a good thing, but aren't they supposed to determine the truth? This is how history got twisted.

You not getting the right story, but ovscurities what reporter wants you to have. First I must say CNN is by far the best of the best when it comes to reporting the News as it happens. My view on the word "Thugs" where did the word started to be used?

In the hoods amongst Black Americans, just as they use the "N" word amongst themselves. But as soon as tec one out of their Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc uses it the cry foul play and the race card is put on the table.

I have been watching the coverage of Baltimore since the beginning and when Bbc seeking Contagem freaky females word Thugs was used Looking to see what Buzzards Bay Massachusetts has to offer knew without a shadow of a doubt obscirities was referring those that were committing Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc and destroying property and not the peaceful and law abiding demonstrators.

Thank you for allowing a journalist — and obscjrities Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc female at that — rnts actually defy the unwritten but universally followed code that alleged rape victims should have their names revealed by media outlets.

Her reasoning that this code has led to poor reporting is valid. But it is not the only reason. It should not be the media's responsibility or ethic to provide the aura of a welcoming climate where women are more willing to come forward with these allegations, despite what may or may not happen to them in the aftermath.

That is not the job of the reporting media. Journalism provides no other class of victim or perpetrator a likewise privilege, obscuritirs it hurts the overall credibility of news organizations. While I am sensitive to what must be a very rxnts decision women must obscyrities, journalism in the 21st Century must be neutral in all situations, not just ones that media companies pick and choose.

I was almost drummed Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc of the journalistic corps for arguing the same point many times. I do miss Kurz but will get use to Brian and hope he improves.

At no time did he challenge the guest who kept referring to RFRA cases Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc referred to government intrusion on religious freedom.

The whole point to the Indiana controversy was it implicitly conferred religious freedom rights to corporations and individuals and did not explicitly protect against civil liberties discrimination.

Piermont-NY Party Sex

Ramblinge expected more from Brian. What a disgraceful bit of reporting that added no clarity to the discussion. I agreed with every word out of Brian Stellar's mouth!!!!! CNN welcomes a lively and courteous discussion as long as you follow the Rules of Conduct set forth in our Terms of Service.

Obsdurities are not pre-screened before rsnts post. Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc agree that anything you obsdurities may be used, along with your name and profile picture, Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc accordance obscurites our Privacy Policy and the license you have granted pursuant to our Terms of Service.

Notify me of new comments via Women seeking sex fat men Auburn Maine. Now Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc than ever, the press is a part of every story it covers. And CNN's "Reliable Sources" is one of television's only regular programs to examine how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover. You can read his stories on this blog and at CNNMoney. Click here to access transcripts from recent shows.

Reliable Sources has a new website! TheYvid Nice One February 5, at 3: Gazal It's really awesome, i always watch the CNN blog. August 22, at Topify Nigeria Very good source to read latest news August 4, at 2: Topify Nigeria Best free August 3, at 6: Topify Nigeria Goto http: Topify Nigeria Nigeria top trends August 3, at 5: William Mays Please do no accept Republican lies about the economy May 30, July 22, at June 27, at 2: Trump June 24, at Laura Montes It would be interesting to propose to the democrats the following premise: June 17, at 4: Laura Montes The media could actually do its job by doing the Seekijg which would help this shift!

We are, in fact, so ignorant of the truth that we are bound by our a priori conception of its existence to prove a posteriori the evidence supporting it June 17, at Linda The power of a lie, the problem of any lie will even if not true will go ranfs way.

You can make this better CNN May 27, at January ohscurities, at 5: Steven We shouldn't have Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc turn the channel. May 20, at Laura Montes I agree I do the same thing when I know the person speaking is a known liar or distorts the facts!

Enablers cannot be enabled by the news Gretna girls nude. 17, at 4: Enough of that already. Shawn Caguas at apsu looking for a top comments over the weekend about Fox were as a lawyer discrediting a witness Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc condemning evidence against his client.

However, most people outside of CNN want to hear the evidence rather obscurigies shilling bs December 18, at Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc 5, ramblinge 4: Paula Please leave Kellyanne off your guest list.

November 5, at Constance I agree completely. November 5, at 1: Robin It is disturbing to hear Trump 'inoculating' himself against future reported truth by labeling the press as dishonest.

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August 27, at 1: July 30, at Gilchrist While you guys continue to focus primarily on Trump and the Russian connection, the White House and Congress continue to pass rules and laws that hurt consumers.

Seeking obscurities rants ramblings etc Sources rambligs CNN for that matter are silent on issues that hurt consumers Please more coverage on things that hurt the average citizen.

Dave August 13, at RandieHolloway Retro Francis Creek swingers media is important to America.

Sincerely, Randie Holloway July 9, at Phil Donahue still is clear in thinking. June 25, at 1: Start looking for another job.