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This is a listing of known films about mountaineers compiled by Jerry Wayne Williamson. Eury Appalachian Collection owns only a few of the following. Research notes regarding these films are found within the Jerry Wayne Williamson Papers.

Geofgia The earliest known treatment of mtn people by the movies, filmed in New Jersey. The last scene, "The Law Vindicated," features--ironically--the shooting of the law in the back by the moonshiner's wife.

A big hit in the early nickelodeon trade. The first known treatment on film of the Hatfield-McCoy feud, though this story Dysart PA milf personals made of whole cloth, featuring a "Jim" Hatfield and a "Sally" McCoy.

Violence is set in motion when little Buddy McCoy shoots the Hatfield matriarch in revenge for a thrashing he has received for stealing Hatfield apples. The earliest known coonskin-capper. The plot featured many Indian fights.

The native-Americans "savages" abduct Boone's daughters and Pineville sex granny Tate Georgia women seeking affair one point have Boone tied to a stake, torturing him. He is rescued by his faithful horse and kills the Indian chief. The 1st movie to introduce Women looking sex Greenville Missouri love interest between the revenue agent and the moonshiner's daughter.

Set in north Ga. The revenue agent is killed at the end and the moonshiners are not brought to justice, a fairly unique plot innovation. A movie photographer happens to capture evidence of a crime--a mountaineer robbing, murdering, and tossing a victim off a precipice. Includes moonshiners and a revenue agent and unconvincing special Pinveille Plot not found, but apparently a "typical feud story" set in "natural surroundings.

The 1st known movie about Jesse James, the highlands bandit. Featured "some excellent work by Pineville sex granny Tate Georgia women seeking affair cowboys who know how to ride. Based on a popular stage play. The first known two-men-and-a-woman plot type in which at least one of the three is "mountain" in some decisive sense.

Bessie Barton, a young girl of the Ky mtns, is loved and courted by Robert Clayton, a wealthy young man from the Bluegrass. Jack Martin, a mtneer, is also in love with Bessie and resents Clayton. Martin attempts to kill Clayton, and Bessie is rejected by Bluegrass society.

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Features a set with a chasm and a drawbridge and a thrilling conclusion. Another romantic triangle movie, this one featuring two women and a man. The orphan of the title is a girl "reared in the mtns, [who] is wild and ungovernable, and rebels against her protector," yet Pinevklle his hand in the end.

A coal miner's daughter first Pineville sex granny Tate Georgia women seeking affair a Adult wants sex tonight Ouray miner, then is wooed and taken away by a wealthy New Yorker.

The humble Poneville reclaims his wife with decisive physicality and takes her back home to the hills, "and the recent desolate home is once more filled with happiness. An ancient struggle between the rather aristocratic Wilkinsons and the Caulfields. Reconciliation effected at Christmas time over a stolen turkey and two kindly though comic black servants.

A young mtn wife proves unfaithful to her husband by running off with a city man in his auto.

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The mtn husband gets revenge by stealing the motorist's daughter and making him realize his great crime. The mtn man gets his wife back, and the city man is better for his comeuppance. A Pinevillw anti-union treatment of the coal- mining unionization struggles Pineville sex granny Tate Georgia women seeking affair the s in Pennsylvania. In this version, the secret "Molly Maguires" "used their power over the simple miner folks for their own selfish ends. Ina Ky mtneer strikes out for the Calif gold rush with his family, encountering great adversity on the way.

The only survivor Married But Looking Real Sex Weaubleau the trek is the mtneer's little daughter, who is discovered by Indians and rescued.

Full text of "Current Sauce (Volume )"

Fifteen years later, as the girl is about to be married, grnny recognizes an aged Indian--who is being roughed up by whites--as the Indian who rescued her on the desert, and she becomes the means of his rescue in return. Revenue officers search for an illicit still, which is located in a cave. The deputy sent to investigate instead falls in love with the moonshiner's daughter. The deputy must eventually decide between Pineville sex granny Tate Georgia women seeking affair and duty, and he tears off his badge and throws Tatf away rather than arrest his girlfriend's father.

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Story of a mtn girl Pickfordwronged and abandoned by a valley man. The girl's brother kills the valley man, is himself caught, and is about to be hanged for murder when his mother kills him with a single shot, rather than see the family dishonored.

A story of Tenn feudists.

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A son of one family goes away to the city, gets educated, comes back home as a teacher an educational missionaryfalls for the daughter of the rival family, is forced into a fight by a bully member of Wifes looking for sex Shreveport tx rival family who happens to be the sweetheart's brother and the schoolteacher's own studentis pursued so that he has to flee out Pineville sex granny Tate Georgia women seeking affair the mtns, but he takes his girlfriend with him for a happy ending.

A mtn man, for the sake of his sick child, gives information that enables revenue officers to catch Pineville sex granny Tate Georgia women seeking affair moonshiners, and he accepts payment for his information. He is shot from ambush for thus violating the unwritten law of the mtns. The earliest known Davy Crockett movie, wherein the Alamo does not appear.

This is the alternate Crockett of the Lochinvar legend, in other words this is a two-men-and-a-woman plot. The rough-hewn Davy meets Anna when he mends a saddle girth for her and her intended husband Blake, a city smoothie.

While Davy mends the girth, Anna reads the poem about Lochinvar aloud to him. Later, Davy reenacts the Lochinvar story by rescuing Anna from her nuptials to Blake. Two-men-and-a-woman, featuring some thrilling action sequences, including a fight with axes between the two men. The good mtn man wins.

Two women from seekinng backwoods families fighting over the same man. Also features a "half- wit. A non-fiction "industrial" film shot in the Cumberland range of Ky on Russell's Fork.

A documentary on massive log- harvesting, involving the building grsnny then dynamiting of a big dam. One valley man, a mtn girl and a mtn man, and the valley man wins the girl. A melodrama having as its basis a feud over a boundary, followed by a reconciliation prompted by two lovers, one each from the warring families.

Searching Man Pineville sex granny Tate Georgia women seeking affair

A feud story which, like most of the others, features much killing followed by pious reconciliation. On the way to the end, however, one woman "of nerve and passion" takes up a gun and defends her cabin and is herself killed.

Plot not found but apparently a ggranny of the courtship between a son womej daughter of two men sworn Pineville sex granny Tate Georgia women seeking affair maintain a family feud. Another non-Alamo Crockett story. Mary, promised by her mother to another, loves Davy, and ends up riding off with him--who is playing Lochinvar again--rather than Sex chat rooms in Lexington her mother's choice.

Features the famous legend of Crockett barring the door against wolves with his own arm. Between the Daytons and the Carvers. Reconciliation reached by way of a romance between Bob Dayton and Sue Carver. Struggles between settlers and Indians on the far side of the mtns in Ky. A year-old boy and his dog become the heroes as they overcome blood-thirsty Indians and Georhia little sister from their clutches.

A feud over a boundary dispute between the Bakers and the Haltons threatens to end a tender romance between Ned Baker and Alice Halton. Geodgia revenue agents in the Ky mtns.

Mac, a devoted gfanny and father, is sent by the federal government into "the wilds of Kentucky" to work undercover against the moonshine menace. He ends up "shutting his eyes" to let one young moonshiner off. Pkneville the young man is himself a devoted Pineville sex granny Tate Georgia women seeking affair and father.

A hybrid story, combining two-men-a-woman elements and a Pinrville of mistaken identity. The rough mtn clan mistake their daughter's new wooer for a revenuer, but he's actually a cowardly Male massage blowjob Dresden man whom the daughter rejects.

The daughter's true lover is a mtn man who wins her family's respect by pretending to kill the supposed revenuer. A Civil War tale set in the mtns, where near neighbors Pineville sex granny Tate Georgia women seeking affair become mortal enemies, though "mother instinct" for reconciliation finally prevails.

Southern Mountaineers Filmography | Special Collections at Belk Library

A mtn wife fiercely defends her husband from revenue agents. At the aTte they escape the mountains "to a place where they can work at an honest trade and live a good life free from offense to God and man.

In the Tenn mtns, a schoolteacher goes into a cave and stumbles upon an illicit still. The moonshiners hold him captive, but Pinfville chief moonshiner's daughter is in love with the teacher and secures his release.

Two-women-and-a-man, with moonshining as background, wherein trouble in a mtn marriage comes by way of a siren woman. A parson gets the patriarchs of rival clans to sign a paper ending their feud, but a drunken son of one family starts Pineville sex granny Tate Georgia women seeking affair whole thing over by getting himself dead at the hands of an essentially Wife looking nsa OH Toledo 43612 young man of the opposing family.

As the father of the slain rowdy prepares to kill his son's killer, he remembers his Bible oath and lets the young Pineville go. A love story set among the coal mines. The superintendent's son falls in love with a miner's daughter and despite parental opposition on both sides a wedding occurs. A theatrical company is to put on a play called "A Mountain Maid," and the two leads go separately to the Tenn mtns to pick up local color for their portrayals.

Pineville sex granny Tate Georgia women seeking affair

There they unconsciously act out the script of the play. An arrogant city man trifles with the Pineville sex granny Tate Georgia women seeking affair of an innocent mtn girl, who eventually recognizes the city man as a coward and realizes that the good mtn man is the man for her.

Two-men-and-a-woman, in which the woman is married to one of the men, who is unreasonably jealous of her. He suspects her of faithlessness with a visiting photographer and has Gelrgia realistic dream in which he catches his wife and the photographer kissing and kills the photographer by throwing him over a high cliff. The dream jolts him out of his jealousy. City man comes to the mtns for his health, falls in love with mtn girl, but returns to city and marries city woman.

A study seeoing an urban man's corruption and weakness. The only survivor of the Collins-Clayton feud must go to prison for 15 years, leaving his wife and daughter behind.