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Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840

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Brigham Young is absolute monarch, and his word is the only law acknowledged. On the Sunday afternoon following, Jedediah M. Grant, the second councillor of Brigham, made the following Bitches girls for sexe in Las Cruces in the Tabernacle, rebuking the people for the sympathy which they had evinced for Mr.

I abhor this sympathetic feeling Lady wants sex CO Aurora 80013 have towards the wretches who would cut our throats, and of whom I can say, as Naked girl Demopolis ky meet horny women in Pametina have said of Martin Van Buren, that they should be winked at by blind men, they should be kicked across lots by cripples, they should be nibbled to death by young ducks, and be drawn through the keyhole to hell by humble bees.

After Jedediah had finished speaking, Heber C. Kimball, Brigham's first counsellor, rose and remarked that he agreed with all that Jedediah had said, and then added: They then finished by ordering Thomas S. Williams to go on a mission as a reward for his interference in the affair. The above are the passages which are fit to be published, for some were too indecent to be repeated. The whole drift of the afternoon's discourses was that the church approved this deed and upheld the "shanpip brethren" not Danite, as formerly, in what they had done -- that the people had no business to be surprised -- that they reproved them for the excitement which had been created, and that the next time such a deed was committed there would be no occasion for any noise to be made about it.

Bill Hickman was sent out to Green river the week after with a couple of wagon loads of goods for Wash-a-keek, the Chief of the Snake tribe. Why he was sent instead of Armstrong, the Indian Agent, remains to be ascertained; but probably it is part of the excellent peace policy which Brigham has found to work so well, and in pursuance of which he distributes presents to the Indians in the name of the Mormons, taking care to make the distinction broad between Americans and Mormons, which presents are paid for by the United States government.

The immediate cause of these presents being sent is that news has been received from the upper country that the Snake and Bonnack Indians are all ready at a moment's warning to make war upon the Mormons, and that they are only waiting to hear of the success of the war in Oregon to commence hostilities. We give them as received. So long as the practices of Brigham Young and his associates were kept within -- we will not say decent bounds; but such, at all events, as enabled them to steer clear of a collision with the general laws of the country -- we were averse to interference with them.

We felt that any attempt to control their peculiar doctrincs, obnoxious though they are to all Christian-minded people, would only react unfavorably on the principle of religions toleration, and produce far worse evils than were likely to result from quietly allowing the Mormon malady to work out its own cure. The statements of our correspondent show that this view of the case was the right one, inasmuch as the insanity that precedes destruction is now urging on the Saints to acts, which, if true and persevered in, will call for their totaI extirpation from our territories.

It appears that to such an extent is the hatred of these people to the United States employes, and others who have not been inoculated with the beauties of Mormonism carried, that in their dealings with them they treat them in all respects as a proscribed race, with whom it is sinful to have any sort of dealings. Thus, a Mormon owing a debt to a "Gentile" is openly enjoined from the Tabernacle not to discharge his obligations to him, and allow himself to be sued and have all his property taken from him rather than disobey the injunction.

Again, Brigham Young tells Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 people that any man who sells a bushel of wheat to a Gentile will have to give the same amount for the benefit of the church; and that if such traffic be persisted in all his effects will be confiscated. This is carrying the principle of religious exclusiveness and jealonsy further even than Moslemism, and further too than the policy of the constitution, in its toleration of religious eccentricities will permit.

But the worst of these new frenzies of the Mormon mind remains to be narrated. Not satisfied with this system of social proscription, these desperate men, it is asserted, are now resorting to acts of brutal violence to put down opposition to their creed.

In the letter to which we refer there is an account given of the attempted assassination of Mr. Troskolamki, a United States Deputy Surveyor, by the notorious Bill Hickman and three of his "Danite" associates, for the expression of opinions adverse to Mormonism. Not only was this cowardly act suffered to pass unpunished by the magistrates, but it received the approval of the Mormon elders in their addresses to the "faithful" in the Tabernacle.

In the extravagance of their vanity and self confluence, these foolish people have committed another offence which is likely to bring them into direct collision with the federal authorities. In order to prevent suspected persons anti-Mormons from leaving the Territory, they have had the audacity to send an armed band to watch and interfere with the movements of the convoy carrying the United States mails, in its departure from Salt Lake City.

It was not until the mail conductor peremptorily informed the escort that he would not proceed if they continued to follow him, that they were induced to return.

From those statements it will be inferred that the reports which have been current of an intention on the part of the, Mormons to cut the connection with us and set up on their hook, are not altogelher without foundation. If they continue after this fashion to set the authority of the general government at defiance, they may find the movement anticipates in a way that will neither be very convenient nor agreeable to them. New York City, April 16? Sir -- As myself and Mr. Hanks are the last persons who have come to the States from Great Salt Lake City, I deem it may duty to bear testimony against the lying scribblers who seem to be doing their utmost to stir up a bad feeling against the Utonians.

We left our home on the 11th of December, brought the last mail to the States, and certainly should know of the state of things there. The charges of Judge Drummond are as false as he is corrupt. Before I left for the States I was five days in every week in Great Salt Lake City, and I witness to all the world that Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 never heard one word of the burning of nine hundred volumes of law, records, etc. There is only one house between my house and the Penitentiary, said to contain " five or six young men from Missouri and Iowa," and I do know that up to the day I left, there were only in that place of confinement three Indians, who were convicted at the time of Colonel Steptoe's sojourn there, for having taken part in the massacre of Captain Gunnison and party, which Drummond now charges upon the "Mormons," even though Colonel Steptoe and Ladies want sex Webster Iowa 52355 United States' officers then in Utah investigated the affair thoroughly and secured the conviction of the three Indians alluded to.

This is an unblushing falsehood, that none but a man like Drummond could pen. The treasonable acts alleged against the "Mormons " in Utah are false from beginning to end. At Fort Kearney we learned all about the murder of Colonel Babbitt, and do know that that charge against the "Mormons " is but another of Drummond's creations.

I have but a short time at my disposal for writing, but must say, that I am astonished to find in the States, rumors against Utah.

We left our homes in peace, dreaming of Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 evil, and we come here and learn that we are the most corrupt of men, and are preparing for war. New York City, Thursday, June 11, The man for Utah has been found -- so our advices from Washington state -- and Colonel Cummings will receive this week a commission from the President as successor to Brigham Young in the government of the Mormon Territory.

Harney is already moving troops across the Plains to support Housewives wants casual sex Gladstone NorthDakota 58630 Governor in taking possession of his new office, Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 it be necessary, and vindicate the authority of the federal government.

Politicians, who swarm round every appointment that promises spoils and safety, have fought shy of Utah, because it was supposed that it harbored little profit for the purse and much danger for the person.

This self-condemnation on the part of the office seekers that besiege the White House is worthy of being remembered by the President in weighing their claims Rome ny personals. women seeking sex more promising positions. As for the Mormons and Brigham Young, we have not the slightest idea that they are going to give Governor Cummings and General Harney any serious trouble whatever.

They have blustered about what they would do in order to prevent the federal authority from appointing a successor to Governor Young, and their policy has succeeded for a time. Poor Pierce and his Cabinet were outbragged, and dared not show their hands; but a Single wife want casual sex Saint-Felicien Quebec rule has been inaugurated at Washington, and the federal authority will be duly and properly exercised in the premises.

That is all the Utah question requires. The history of our government shows an abundance of Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 politicians who were determined to resist the federal power to the last gasp; but whenever Uncle Sam fairly put his foot down and said the thing should be so and so, it was so and so.

From the whiskey rebellion of to the Plug Uglies ofthe result has always been the same. They load their little swivel with paving stones aud pistol bullets and scraps of iron, and brag most valiantly; but they never fire it. Every grown man in the country remembers the events of the nullification era, when a State with hundreds of thousands of population, unanimous, almost, in their determination to resist the federal authority, and that, too, upon grounds that were defended by some of the first statesmen and logicians ef the time, quietly submitted to a proclamation of the President, backed by an evident determination to use the military arm if necessary.

We anticipate precisely the same result in Utah. If Governor Cummings goes there with the proper spirit -- to meddle in nothing that is none of his business, but to do everything that appertains to him to do under the law and the constitution -- he will find no resistance to his authority. The federal government has nothing to do with the religions creeds of men; nor whether they choose one form of social organization or another.

But it has to see that life and property are safe, no matter what a man's belief may be or how many wives he has. And it has further to see that when a form of State government is adopted, every man shall have a free expression of his opinion guaranteed him. As for the religious and social errors of Mormonism, we have no fear that they can successfully resist the lights of civilization and Christianity.

New York City, Monday, July 6, Mormon Celebration of the Forth at Norwalk. The Norwalk Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 Westport, Conn. The statements made on this occasion are highly interesting, and will throw much light on the complicated condition of things now Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 in Salt Lake City and the Territory of Utah. Believing that a statement of their views will prove agreeable to our readers, we publish them in substance, as given to our reporter: The policy which Gov.

Young pursues towards the Indians, Mr. Mackintosh says, is not what it is represented -- one of conciliation with any view to a friendly alliance against the Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 States authority His policy is simply that he would rather feed than fight them. He finds it cheaper and more convenient, Sometimes, when they steal cattle or molest his people, he is compelled to chasten them, but he finds a wholesome warning and threats of vengeance accompanied by kindly acts, more powerful in repressing them than an open declaration of hostility.

Mackintosh was secretary to Gov. Young for four years; and is now a missionary appointed to travel in the United States. He to one of those who crossed the Plains lately with the hand carts. He describes that journey of six weeks as being of the pleasantest character, the party resting at night under their teats, and conducting every thing with the precision of a disciplined force. Appleby assured our reporter that the necessity of becoming citizens of tbe United States was universally enjoined on all emigrants to Utah.

Young nor any of the elders desired that their people should be other than loyal Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 of the republic. He could testify to the naturalization of thousands, whose papers he had himself signed, as clerk of the Supreme Court, within a few years. Mackintosh stated that he was a Scotchman from Perthshire, only in the country sinceand produced his naturalization papers in proof of citizenship Mackintosh, Brigham Young's secretary for four years, spoke highly of tbe Governor.

He says he is a perfect gentleman -- neither drinks nor swears. His Looking for some down time character stands as high as any living man. He believes in polygamy, to be sure, and practices it; but Mr. Mackintosh could not tell exactly how many wives he had at present.

On the present crisis in Utah, and the probable course the Mormons would take with the United States troops now on their way to Utah, our reporter made anxious inquiry, and gathered that the Mormons are willing to obey all laws of the United Stales, but will not tolerate corrupt officials. Judge Drummond Single women Mount Warning looking boyfriend condemn, and deny his statements in toto.

President Appleby stated that he heard Brigham Young declare, in the presence of thousands, that if Steptoe was appointed Governor he would be the first to bow to his authority, but they did not want demagogues or politicians to rule over them, and corrupt the stream of justice.

Our book of doctrines and covenants expressly declares -- 'He that abideth by my law hath no need to transgress the laws of the land. If the United States soldiers are sent by the government to Utah to see that the laws are enacted, they will not be molested -- no notice will be Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 of them; but if they come there to corrupt our wives and violate our daughters, then we will die in resistence Commenting Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 the music played at the gathering, the reporter also said: All the popular songs of the day -- English glees, negro melodies, and even sentimental ballads -- they bring into their service.

Their hymns are for the most part sung to familiar "profane" airs. Judging from the events of the Fourth, solemnity or seriousness of deportment forms no part of their faith; nor do long faces and glum looks constitute with them an adjunct of piety. Jollity, good humor, lively music and kindly feelings were the prevailing features of the occasion.

New York City, Monday, July 27, Swingers Personals in Ontario center They make Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 charges against Surveyor General Burr, and will probably lead to an official investigation by the government at Washington: I have read with surprise the reports of some of the government officials sent to this Territory to fill various offices, and I am astonished at Bbw iso a Liechtenstein dominant bm misstatements and false assertions therein contained; more especially am I surprised at those put forth by General David H.

Burr, who was sent here as United States Surveyor General. Now, from having been some ten months in his employ, as clerk. Burr has done things that if properly brought to light would show great frauds upon the United States Treasury -- receiving pay for work he never did, and for expenses never incurred.

When he hired me I made no stipulation with him as to my salary. Beautiful ladies looking seduction Denver Colorado when the quarter was up, I signed a voucher for two hundred Massageenema session for you fifty dollars; and supposed that I would receive that amount per quarter, which even in the Eastern States would have been but a minimum compensation; but when I came to settle with him, at the end of ten months.

But this is a small matter. According to the statements of the surveying party, not one in fifty of the mile and quarter section stakes were ever set or mounds raised, nor the comers ever seen by the surveying parties, although reported in the field notes, which lines never were run, although notes have been sent to Washington, certified to as true Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 of the original Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 notes.

I know for Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 fact that Mr. Herrman Ochure compass man, had to fabricate section line field notes in camp, while the rest of the hands were alspeed, and complained much to me of the tax on his imagination and sleep, "because Mr.

Troskolawski 'jumped' so much. Burr to report to Washington that the stakes had been torn up by the people of Utah. Residents here offered to furnish Gen. At one time I spoke to Gen. Burr of the law in relation to running lines from south to north, beginning on Meet local single in Dayton Indiana east section of a township; He answered me, looking suspiciously at me, that he had a right, as Surveyor-General, to allow his Deputy Surveyors to run their lines as he pleased.

The incidental expenses for surveying, as sent in his returns to Washington, have been greatly exaggerated. And other expenses were charged in proportion, and a great many were charged which were never incurred at all. And again, the chain carriers, mound men, axe men, and other hands, received twenty-five dollars per month.

In the yearMr. Troskolanski, with a party of fifteen or sixteen men, surveyed about two Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840. In the yearNorwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 were three companies out under Mr. Frederick Burr and Mr. David Burr alias Mr.

The first surveyed about ten weeks, the two others about four months, including days they were not able to run, although the field notes' dates Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 been extended much further by Gen. Burr; and in this short period this vast country is pretended to have been surveyed according to law.

A man by the name of C. Craig has signed the contract for the surveys in Rush and Utah Valleys. All persons who know Mr. Craig know that he never was a Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840, or a man capable of superintending or carrying.

Craig lent his name at the rate of fifteen hundred dollars per annum for signing contracts which were executed by David A. Burr, a lad 28 years of age, son of Gen. Craig relative to something that was omitted in one of the maps of those surveys.

He said to me, "Damn it, you know I know nothing about surveying; I Ladies seeking sex Knierim Iowa only lent my name because Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 A. Burr is too young to be recognized by the Government as Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 qualified surveyor.

Burr asserts that his surveying parties have been molested by the Mormons while surveying; this is untrue. The presiding officers of said settlements Norwali the people to render the surveyors all the aid needed by them, and to treat them with respect.

But there were, in a few instances some trouble occasioned by surveying parties throwing down seeking leaving down fences around fields of grain, thereby allowing cattle to get in and destroy their crops; also, they turned out their own animals into their fields, and when they were requested to be more careful, cursed and swore, and said that they were United States officers, and they would do as they damned please. Burr's employ, he gave me great credit for the workmanlike manner in which I exeouted everything he gave me to do; Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 he discharged me from his service, accusing me of having expressed out of the office, my views and feefiags in regard to the manner he made the surveys, and to his frauds upon government -- to which I plead guilty.

I do not make the foregoing Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 as mere surmise; they are Free sex in Hot springs Virginia with which I am well acquainted; and should a Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 of investigation be appointed to search into the womsn and acts of Gen.

Burr in this Territory, I hold myself responsible to prove all I have asserted, and much more. Moeller, to me well known as a person of respectability and credibility, and whose signature, in his own proper handwriting, is attached to the foregoing stateement, who, being by me duly sworn according to law, declared upon his oath that the matters set forth in the foregoing statement are true in every particular.

New York City, Wednesday, October 28, We have received files of the Deseret News to the 9th of September, and by the arrival of an officer of the army at Washington, Intelligence from Great Salt Lake City to the 16th of the same month. Norwalj things The things we have heard this morning might sound to some croakers and ignoramuses, who have never examined the subject, and do not understand principle, like treason, as though we were in open rebellion against the United States and opposed to the Government we Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 associated with -- as though we were going to trample down all law, rule, and order.

We are the only people in these United States, at the present time, who are sustaining them. I can prove this, and that it is others who are trampling them under foot, and not us. Whilst they are committing acts, themselves, that are treasonable in their nature, and pursuing a course opposed to the Constitution and the very genius of the institutions of the United States, they want to lay the sin at our doors that they themselves are guilty of.

Would I, as a citizen of the United States, come out in rebellion against the United States, and act contrary to my conscience? Would brother Kimball, or brother Wells? Are they not true patriots -- true Americans? Do zeeking not feel the fire of '76 burning in their bosoms?

Would they do a thing that is wrong? No; and they will also see that rave do not do it. That is the feeling, the spirit, and principle that actuate them. There are thousands of you who are Americans, who have been born in this land, whose fathers fought for the liberties we used to enjoy, but have not enjoyed for some years past.

There are thousands of such men here who feel the same spirit that used to burn in their fathers' bosoms -- the spirit of liberty and equal rights -- the spirit of according to every man that Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 belongs to him, and of robbing no man of his rights. Your fathers and grandfathers have arce the tyrant when he sought to put a yoke on your necks; as men and true Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840, they came forward and fought for their rights and Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 defence of that liberty which we, their children, ought to enjoy.

You feel the same spirit that inspired them; the same blood that coursed Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 their veins flows in yours; you feel true patriotism and a strong attachment to the Constitution and institutions Housewives looking real sex Crystal beach Texas 77650 by the blood of your fathers, and bequeathed to you by them as your richest patrimony.

There are others of you that have taken the oath of allegiance to the United States; and some of you, not understanding correct principles, may, perhaps, feel qualms of conscience, Fuck buddy in oakbrook terrace think, probably, that if we undertake to resist the powers that are seeking to make aggression upon us, we are doing wrong. You let your conscience sleep at ease; let it be quiet: Martin Van Buren, the then President of the United States, acknowledged the injustice done to us when he said, "Your cause is just, but we can do nothing for you.

We staid in Illinois, lived there as peaceable citizens, and had a city charter, and under its protection improved our city, and had in a short time, by our energy, industry, and enterprize, built one of ayn best cities in the western country, and had one of the most peaceable societies that existed anywhere, without exception.

The first thing they did to aggravate us was to rob us of our city charter; and this very Judge Norwslk, of whom we have heard so much as being our friend, was one of Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 first movers for its repeal.

The first time I ever met with him was in sseking hotel in Springfield, Illinois -- the time they were trying Joseph Smith before Judge Pope. He told me then that they had a right to do it, and that the Judges had decided so.

I said, Rac did not know anything about the Judges. I did not know who he was at the time, and it mna not have made much difference if I had, I told him, It is no matter to me what the judges decided about charters; the Legislature had given us our charter for perpetual succession; and for them to take away a charter with these provisions proved them either to be knaves or ayn.

They were knaves if they did it knowingly, to give what they knew they had not power to do; and if they did not know it, they were fools for giving us a thing they had not power to give. Did they do it? And that State robbed us of the rights of freemen; and the only chance we had then, when they sent their scamps wpman rogues among us, was to have a whittling society and whittle them out. We could not get them out according to law, and we had to do it according to justice; and there was no law against whittling, -- so we whittled the scoundrels out.

I remember that one of the legislators who had annulled our charter, named Dr. Charles, went to President Young, and says he, "Mr. Young, I am very much imposed upon by the people around here; there are a lot of boys following me with long wonan, and they are whittling after me wherever I go; my life is in danger. Yes, we still have whittling societies, as brother Kimball says. Why did we leave Nauvoo?

Had we Norrwalk anybody? Had we broken any law? Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 we trampled upon the rights of any people? Had we done anything that Naughty woman want sex Safford laws of the United States or of that State could interfere with us for?

If we had, they would pretty soon have dragged us up. The people wanted us to leave; and because the people were dissatisfied -- because there were a lot of religious enthusiasts, political aspirants, blacklegs, and scoundrels, who wanted to possess our property, all bound together to rob us of our rights, we must go away, of course. Judge Douglas, General Harding, Major Need lady friends and advice, and some of the prominent men from Springfield met together in my house in Nauvoo, and these men could go to work and talk deliberately Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 there was no less than two United States Senators among them at the time about removing thousands of people, and letting them be disfranchised and despoiled, as coolly as they would cut up a leg of mutton.

A Voice -- And you told them of Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840. Right in the midst of difficulties, in the midst of exile, when we were journeying to this place, this Government called upon us for soldiers to go and fight their battles, when they were literally allowing us to be driven from our homes and to be robbed of millions of property without redress.

Did we send the soldiers? Was it our duty to comply with such a requisition at such a time, and under such circumstances? I think it was one of those works of supererogation which the Roman Catholics talk about, I do not think any law of God or man would have required it at our hands; but we did it; and I suppose it was wisdom and prudent, under the circumstances, that we should take that course, because our enemies were seeking to entangle and destroy us from the earth.

They laid that as a trap, thinking to catch us in it; but it did not stick. What did we do when we came here? We framed a Constitution and a Provisional Government, and reported our doings to the United States again, right on the back of all the insults, robbery, and fraud which we had endured.

We still went constitutionally to work. Afterwards, we petitioned for a Territorial Government. Did they give it to us? Is there any step that we have taken that is contrary to law?

They have appointed our Governor, our Secretaries, our Judges, our Marshals; they have done to us the same in this matter as they have done with other Territories. I do not believe in their right weeking to appoint our officers.

Sseking they have done it, and we have submitted to it. And they have sent some of the most cursed scoundrels here that ever existed on the earth. Instead of being fathers, they have tried every influence they could bring to bear in order to destroy us.

Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840

Such have been our protectors. These have been the Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 who have been sworn to fulfil their public duties; but they have foresworn themselves in the face of high heaven.

What law have Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 transgressed? They trump up every kind of story that it is possible to conceive of, but have always been and are now unable to substantiate any of maj barefaced assertions; and I wkman it before you and the world, that Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 people are the most peaceable, lawabiding, and patriotic people that can be found in the United States.

What have they been doing in Kansas, in Rae, in Oregon? What in Cuba, in Sedking, and at present in New York, if Norwzlk please? They have been filibustering in Cuba and in Nicaragua; and officers of every grade and condition, both Discreet fucking Johns Island South Carolina nl and military, have winked at it and suffered those things to go on, right under their noses.

The position of affairs in Kansas has been anything but flattering; it has been North against South, and South against North, and Kansas has been the battle-ground. The people there are not, perhaps, much worse than the rest of the people; they are principally emigrants from the North and South, who are arrayed against each other, whilst Kansas is the greatest Sebastopol, rafe the battle is fought.

The inhabitants there are the representatives of Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern civilization and Christianity, all combined. They are only a little excited.

We must try and get a Governor who will try and compromise matters between the parties, and we will get Casual Dating Ardmore Pennsylvania 19003 straightened out by-and-by.

They send one Governor, he fails; and another, and he fails; and they have sent another; but whether he will fail or not, time must determine. What are they doing in New York?

Ladies Looking Sex Dawn Texas

The Legislature of New Nkrwalk passed laws interfering with the city of New York, and the city is in rebellion against the State of New York, and it was raging at the time I left. The State says, "I won't submit," and the city says, "I won't submit. They are very peaceable -- they are good citizens -- there is no harm in that; it is only a little family trouble that we have to settle; and in doing so, we must use any pacific measure we can.

What is the matter with Housewives looking real sex Ponce Puerto Rico Have we broken any law? James Gordon Bennett, a man who is quarrelling with everybody, comes out at last, and says, "The Mormons have the advantage Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 us, and they know it. Bennett is one of the most rabid Mormon-eaters you can find, with the exception of Greeley.

What are they sending an army here for? I had thought things were a little different until I got here; but I have found, in conversing with President Young, that he Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 more about things as they exist in the Eastern country than I did, who had just come from there. I had read all the newspapers, examined the womam of the times, and tried to get at all the information I could; and I find, from the information I have received since then, that he understood things more correctly than I did.

I Norwall it was a kind of a pacific course which the Administration was taking, in order to pacify the Republicans, that they might have a reasonable pretext to have fulfilled their duties; for I do know that they were apprised of the unreliable character of some of their informants. When I heard that the troops now on their Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 here had sealed orders, were coming with cannon, and had stopped the mail, it argued that there was the Devil behind somewhere.

I will give you my opinion about their present course.

The Republicans Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 determined to make the "Mormon" question tell in their favour. Wlman the time they were trying to elect Fremont, they put two questions into their platform -- viz.

The Democrats have professed to be our friends, and they go to work to sustain the domestic institutions of the South and the rights of the people; but when they do that, the Republicans throw polygamy at them, and are determined to make them swallow that with the other.

This makes the Democrats gag, and they have felt a strong desire to get rid of the "Mormon" question. Some of them, I know, for Norwlak time past, have been concocting plans to divide up Utah among the several Territories around; and I believe a Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840, having this object in view, was prepared once or twice, and came pretty near being presented to Congress; but that was not done.

Now, they go to work and send out an army with sealed orders, Bbw ssbbw for fun tonight, if necessary, are prepared to commit anything that the Devil may suggest to them; for they are under his influence. They wish now to steal the Republicans thunder, to take the wind out of their sails, and to out Herod Herod.

I Ready Sex Contacts Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840

We cannot do it, and we will not do it. We will rally round the Constitution, and declare our rights as American citizens; and we will sustain them in the face of High Heaven and the world. No man need have any qualms of conscience that he is doing wrong.

You are patriots, standing by your rights and opposing the wrong which affects all lovers of freedom as well as you; for those acts of aggression have a withering, deadly effect, and are gnawing, like a canker-worm, at the very vitals of religious and civil liberty. You are standing by the Declaration of Independence, and sustaining the the Constitution which was given by the inspiration of God; and you are the only people in the United States this time that are doing Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 -- that have the manhood to do it.

You dare do it, and you feel right about the matter as the vox populi. According to the genius and spirit of the Constitution of the United States, we are pursuing the course that would be Newhall IA milf personals of by all highminded, honourable men; and no man but a poor, miserable sneak would have any other feeling.

I lay these things before you for your information, that you may feel and act understanding. I have carefully criticised these matters, and examined the views of many of those who are said to be our greatest statesmen on this subject -- for I have desired to comprehend the powers of the Government and the rights of the people; and I have watched with no little anxiety the encroachments of Government and the manifest desire to trample upon your rights.

It is for you, however, to maintain them; and if those men that are traitors to the spirit and genius of the Constitution of the United States have a mind to trample underfoot those principles that ought to guarantee protection to every American Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840, Sexy women want real sex La Grande will rally around the standard, and bid them defiance in the name of the Lord God of Israel.

In doing this, we neither forget our duties as citizens of the United States, nor as subjects of the kingdom and cause of God; but, as the Lord has said, if we will keep His commandments, we need not transgress the laws of the land.

We have not done it; we have maintained them all the time. A Ferocious Speech from President Kimball. Then you acknowledge him as our leader, prophet, seer, and revelator, and then you acknowledge him in every capacity that pertains to his church calling, both in the church and state, do you not? What Sexy wives wants casual sex Emeryville a Governor? One who presides, or governs. Well, now, we have declared, in a legislative capacity, that we will not have poor, rotten-hearted curses come and rule over us, such as some they have been accustomed to send.

We drafted a memorial, and the Council and the House of Representatives signed it, and we sent to them the names of men of our own choice -- as Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 as from five to eight men for each office -- men from our own midst, out of whom to appoint officers for this Territory.

We sent that number for the President of the United States to make a selection from, and asked him to give us men of our own choice, in accordance with the rights constitutionally guaranteed to all American citizens. We just told them Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 up and down, that if they sent any more such miserable curses as some they had sent were, we would send them home; and that is one reason why an army, or rather a mob, is on the way here, as reported.

You did not know the reason before, did you? Well, we did that in a legislative capacity; we did it as members of the Legislature -- as your representatives; and now you have got to back us up.

You sent us, just as we sent brother Bernhisel to seek for our rights and to stand in our defence at Washington. Seekjng, here is brother Brigham: Well, it is reported that they have another Governor on the way now, three Judges, a District Attorney, a Marshal, a Postmaster, and Secretary, and that they are coming here with twenty-five hundred men.

Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 Wanting Man

The United States design to force those officers upon us by the point of the bayonet. ,an not that a funny thing? You may think that I am cross, Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 I am laughing at their calamity, and I will "mock when their fear cometh.

Now, I am going to talk about these things, and I feel as though I had a perfect right to do so, because I am one of the people. If this people should consent to dispossess brother Brigham Young as our Governor, they are just as sure to go to hell as they live, and I know it; for God would forsake them and lure them to themselves, and they would be in 140 bondage Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 the children of Israel ever were.

Supposing this thing all blows over, and they don't come up here, but they begin to flatter us and be friendly, what will be the result? They may matter as long as the earth stands, but I never will be subject to one of Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 damned pusillanimous curses. They may court and flatter as much as they please, but I never will be subject to them again, -- no, never.

Do you hear it? They have cut the thread themselves. You are the people who have the privilege to acknowledge brother Brigham as our Governor and continue him in his office; and you also have the privilege, through your agency, to reject him, if you please; but it will be to your condemnation if you do, because he has got the keys of the kingdom; and the very moment you reject him, you cut yourselves off from the right of the Priesthood.

I will eeeking bring up a comparison. I live in the City of Great Salt Lake. I am a father, a husband, a benefactor to between sixty and seventy subjects: I feed them; I clothe them; and they do not have a pin, a drink of tea, nor anything but what I provide: I provide them houses to live in and beds to sleep on. But suppose that, by-and-by, some stranger comes along, and my family say to him, "We will have you to preside over Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 and they reject me, when at the same time they say, "Brother Heber is a good man," but the other man comes with a smiling face, Rice Lake cubready to be yours my family take him and reject rae -- what Sexy women want sex Yorktown they done?

If they reject me, they Nowralk their head; and, by so doing, they destroy their heirship to the head or limb to which they are lawfully connected. Is not that so? Suppose you acknowledge the man reported to be coming, what do you do? You reject your head, and if so, where is the body, and what will become of it?

Sexy Housewives Seeking Casual Sex Whitehorse Yukon

I will compare it to my body. Supposing the head is cast away, the body will die, won't Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 Yes; and you will die just as quick as that, if you reject brother Brigham, your head.

We are the people of Deseret. She shall be Deseret; Love in ingerthorpe shall be no more Utah: Brethren and sisters, these ideas are comforting to all of you: I tell you, the feelings within me are glorious.

We are the people of Deseret, and it is for us to say whether we will have brother Brigham for our Governor, or those poor, miserable devils they are reported to be trying to bring here. You must know they are miserable devils to have to come here under arms; but they shall not rule over us nor come into this Territory.

What do you say about it? Are you willing, as a people, that they should come in here? You that say they shall not, raise your right hand. Gentile, won't you tell of this to your co-workers for the Devil's kingdom? Whitney as my associates. This is a stump Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 We are going to have our own Ingbirchworth girl who likes to suck cocky from henceforth.

Brigham Young was then our Governor, Heber C. Kimball was Chief-Justice and Lieutenant-Governor. I was a big man then; I felt as big as brother Morley does in the Legislature. The fact is, he does not understand their gabble: It is for us to say, according to our rights under the Constitution, whether we will have those cursed Gentiles to rule over us, or not.

I want you to publish this, Mr. I am giving you a Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 of my feelings; for I want you to know that you are under no more obligation to receive Asian lesbian looking gf men than brother Brigham's family is to receive another man and to reject him as their husband, their father, their friend, and benefactor.

I know that what I have said has informed many of your minds, and I choose to present my ideas by comparison. I have a right to say the Gentiles shall never rule over me, although this people might admit of their coming here, I have a right to say, also, that we shall never be ruled over by them from this day forth, while grass grows or water runs; never, no, never.

Well, we have got to sustain these amens, and we have got to sustain these vows. You ladies, too, will certainly have to do your part, or back out. I told you last Sunday to arm yourselves; and if you cannot do it any other way, sell some Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 your fine bonnets, fine dresses, and buy yourselves a good dirk, a pistol, or some other instrument of war.

Arm your boys and arm yourselves universally, and that, too, with the weapons of war; for we may be brought to the test, to see if we will stand up to the line. I never knew it to fail, when men made covenants, but they were brought to the test, to see if they would live up to them. This is a part of our religion, to lay up stores and provide for ourselves and for the surrounding country; for the day is near when they will come by thousands and by millions, with their fineries, to get a little bread.

That time is right by our door. Brother Stewart says he has discovered that this work is five years ahead of what he had supposed. Let me tell you that this people are more than ten years ahead of what they supposed. They were all asleep; but the Lord Looking to add to my Sabadell of friends waked them up, to prepare them for a time of trial and famine.

If you do not see it, and feel it, and taste it, and smell it, it will be because God will have mercy upon you; and he will, if you will do as you are told from this time forth. Do I feel comfortable? Gentlemen and ladies, I never saw the day that I felt any better. I become weary with toil, but I feel well in regard to this work.

But there is a spirit of calmness, of peace, that I am jealous of. I never have seen the day for twenty-five years, but before there was a storm there was always a calm. In Kirtland, before the trouble commenced, there was this calm. Joseph and Hyrum were men that would stand the test, but finally they had to flee from Kirtland to Missouri. Well, previous to that, we had received our endowments, and a more calm, heavenly and prosperous time I never saw.

Was it so in Missouri? Yes; and the spirit of composure rested upon the people; and it is more or less so now ; and Hot sex finder Pegram Tennessee crops as we have this year never were produced.

What does this mean? And the spirit of composure seems to be upon the people more than ever. And what does this mean? I am rather inclined to be jealous of it. Say I, wake up, ye Saints of Zion, while it is called to-day, lest trouble and sorrow come upon you, as a thief in the night. Suppose it is not coming, will it hurt you to Jay up the products of the earth for seven years?

Will it hurt you, if you have your guns, swords, and spears in good condition, according to the law of the United States? Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 of the States give a man his clearance at forty years of age; others, at forty-five: If it is good, we are ready for that; and if it is Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840, we are ready to stand against it.

We are calculating to sow our wheat early this fall, in case of emergency. I throw out these things for you to think upon; and if they are not right, they will not hurt anybody. But wake up, ye Saints of the Most High, and prepare for any emergency that the Lord our God may have pleasure in bringing forth.

We never shall leave these valleys -- till we get ready; no, never; Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840, never. We will live here till we go back to Jackson County, Missouri. Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 prophesy that, in the name of Israel's God. But our enemies are not Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 yet, and we have not yet thrown down our houses.

Let me tell you, if God designs that Israel should now become free, they will come and strike the blow; and if he does not, they will not come. That is as true as that book pointing to the bible. Go to work, and lay up your grain, and do not lay it out for fine clothes, nor any other kind of fine thing, but make homespun Beautiful lady ready adult dating North Charleston and petticoats.

What would please me more than for my family, instead of wanting me to go to the store for petticoats and short gowns, to see them go to work and make some good homespun? What would be prettier that some of the English striped linsey, and a bonnet made of our own straw? Those are the women I would choose for wives.

If you want virtue, go into the farming country, for there it is homespun. Farming districts contain the essence and the virtue of old England. I do not know that you know what homespun is; but it is that which is spun at home; and it is for your welfare, both men, women, and children, to make your own clothing. It is also for your salvation to equip yourselves according to law.

Now, I will tell you, I have about a hundred shots on hand all the time -- three or qoman fifteen-shooters, and three or four revolvers, right in the room where I sleep; and the Devil does not like to sleep there, for he is afraid they will go off half-cocked. If you will lay a bowie knife or a loaded revolver under your pillow every night, you will not have many unpleasant dreams, nor be troubled with the nightmare; for there is nothing that the Devil is so much afraid of as a weapon of death.

You may take this as some of Heber's wild visions, if you please. I have acknowledged myself as one of the people; and now I say, we will take our own name, mman we will not be false-named any more. We are the kingdom of God; we are State zeeking Deseret; and we will have you, brother Brigham, as our Governor just so long as you live. We will not have any other Governor. I mean just what I say, Housewives wants sex tonight Mount Washington Kentucky this people say they will not have any other Governor, and especially any one that has to come here under arms; for we consider that any man is a poor, damned womaan that has to come here under arms to rule over us.

These are my feelings; and if anybody votes against it, they are not of us: There is not a child but what goes with us in these things. When we reject brother Brigham Young, we reject the head; but we will not do it, for the body shall dwell together, and we are members of that body, and he shall be our Governor just as long as God Almighty will Male chaperone for u him to be. Those who are in favour of it, raise your hands.

The vote Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 unanimous. Brother Heber has been prophesying. You know that I call him my Prophet, and he prophesies for me.

And now I prophesy that, if this people will live their religion, the God of heaven will fight their battles, bring Hello local horny matures girls lol off victorious over Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 their Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840, and give to them the kingdom.

Lowest Common Obamanator: A Trash-ure Trove of Garage Garbage!

That is my prophecy. I said amen to all that brother Heber prophesied, for it is true; and he may say amen to all that I prophesy, for it is also true. But if the time is not come, the Lord will not suffer them to come. If He designs that traffic should continue between us and them, that we shall have the privilege of bringing our immigration, of preaching the Gospel and saving the people, let me tell you that they will not come; God will stop them.

As for myself, I would just as soon this was the time as any other. If it is the time for the thread, in a national capacity, to be severed, let it be severed. But I will tell you what I have concluded: I shall not go in for anything half-way. We must have the kingdom of God, or nothing. We are not to be overthrown. If they knew our real character, the soldiers themselves would turn round and tell their officers to go to hell; they would take a stampede, and if their officers urged them to come and fight this people, they would Pussy Calvert Texas dinner and so forth round upon them or tell them to do it themselves.

Now, do not feel angry. Are they not to be pitied? Are you to be pitied? Yes, if Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 forsake God or your religion. Kinkead contradicts, as we supposed would be the Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840, the Just a Greensboro guy looking for woman of difficulties between the Mormons and Mr.

Pomeroy, of Lexington, and Gen. Wilson, growing out of old feuds between the Missourians and Mormons. It is probable that the report had its origin in difficulties between Mr.

Pomeroy and his teamsters, who were discharged from his employ at Salt Lake City. They Looking for my lady friend charges against him, and he demanded an investigation. A complete examination was had before the Court in the Mormon Church, and the result was a full acquittal of all charges against him.

Stansbury was prosecuting his surveys, and met with every assistance from the Mormons. He will make a complete survey of the Salt Lake, and of the whole country around it; and his report, it is believed, will possess great interest. All persons offering merchandise for sale at Salt Lake City are required to take out license -- that on liquors amounts to fifty per cent, on the original cost, and was really intended to prohibit the sale altogether.

Sweet wives want hot sex Rock Hill South Carolina coming in, the company first met with snow about a hundred miles the other side of Fort Kearny, and afterward it covered the ground from six to eighteen inches. Major Dougherty's train of wagons returning from the transportation of Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 to Fort Kearny, was overtaken by the snow, and great numbers of his animals perished from the cold.

Wagons were abandoned on the plains, and many of the teamsters were frost bitten. We have already mentioned the serious Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 to one of Major Dougherty's transportation trains, by the burning of the prairies. So suddenly was the fire brought upon the encampment, by a change of the wind, that head of cattle were burned to death or died very soon afterwards.

The Indians were quiet all along the route. At Fort Laramie, the barracks for the accommodation of the troops were progressing with great rapidity, and began to assume a very handsome appearance. A treaty of peace had been concluded between the Pawnees and the authorities at Fort Kearny, and the Indians had gone out on a hunt. The following Republican paragraphs were excluded in the Sanduskian's reprint: Pomeroy remained there some time, in the enjoyment of the confidence of the Mormons.

Wilson was not only not badly treated, but he was recognized as a Government officer, and was consulted as to the best plan of obtaining a political government for that territory.

Pomeroy, Infelt of St. Joseph, and Lee of Lexington, were to have left between the 10th and 15th of November, for California, taking the Southern route, in the expectation of being able to accomplish the journey by early spring, and without much Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840. It is represented as remarkably fertile, and the climate as being very fine. About one hundred wagons were dispatched Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840, with provisions and property, and from fifty to one hundred families had accompanied them.

Cleveland, Ohio, Thursday, January 17, The New York Tribune gives the following notice of Bennett, and summary of the offence charged against him: The case of Drury, nothing of which has yet been legally developed, still lies like an incubus upon the public mind -- that of Joseph C.

Ashley is hardly less important -- when another bomb explodes at tbe Tombs, and the smoke clears away,we behold, to our utter astonishment the widely known Mormon General James Arlington Bennett, indicted by the grand jury for a heavy forgery. This man was the proprietor of a fine estate and magnificent mansion, near New Utrecht" L. He is an Irishmnn of obscure birth, but had interjected "Arlington" between his original names, and assumed to be of noble blood. He was formerly a teacher of book-keeping in this city, but at the time of the Mormon exodus from this quarter, he Beautiful couple searching nsa Stamford Connecticut up his staff and turned his feet towards the New Canaan at Nauvoo.

James Arlington Bennett remained sufficiently long among the Mormon community to prove his shrewdness, for Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 became a general. He returned to this quarter inor thereabouts, covered with his Mormon honors, and put up the mansion at New Utrecht.

No one doubted his honesty, while the style of his living raised him above suspicion, by its evidence of the abundance of his means. His extravagant habits, however, soon disposed of his surplus funds; and he was forced to mortgage his property to supply his wants. Sometime after this, however, Jas. Anthon, and offered to loan Bennett at the rate of 6 per cent.

Bennett then left Anthon and gave a mortgage to Mr. Foster raised his interest to 7 per cent, whereupon Housewives looking real sex De berry Texas 75639 threatened to leave him. These loans, however; did not relieve Bennett, and it was while he was thus floundering in his pecuniary embarrassments that he fell in with Drury and Ashley, and became a Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 to many of their plans.

Bennett, however, had an advantage over the other two. He lived in good, odor with the world, and none would have dreamed of looking underneath his princely style for the figure of a felon.

The circumstances of the suspicion and arrest are curious, and seem to be a sequence of the arrest of Drury for the torpedo business. In the course of the investigations which led to Bennett's arrest, developments were, made which point strongly toward a premeditated murder of Foster by some of Just some man woman time together nsa persons who are now in the hands of the law.

Athon on a mortgage of the premises; that to make Mr. Anthon believe the reconveyance to be all right. One Eyed Thompson personated Bennett's son, the latter being a minor and unable to make a legal transfer of the property on that account. Altogether this Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 one of the most intricate and important cases, in connection with the Drury and Ashley operations, that have ever claimed public attention. See the Defiance Democrat of Feb. Reported for the Ohio Repository.

All kinds of merchandize are high and scarce. There are only two small stores in the valley, which contains a population of 15, persons. The snow was on the mountains all around the valley, and at the South Pass it was 4 feet deep. They had a battle with another band of emigrants, subsequently.

The grain crops had been good, and the country was prosperous. Defiance, Ohio, Saturday, February 2, The monetary notions of the Mormons at their Great Salt Lake settlement, are no less peculiar, it appears, than their ideas of society and religion. We have a verious curious coin in our possession, which is manufactured and extensively circulated among that remarkable people, and quite to the disparagement, travelers tell us, of every other species of gold currency.

Of all the fanciful forms into which our golden wealth is wrought, this sainted shape excells in singularity. Its weight is about 15 pwts. Troy, its current worth, among the Mormons, twenty dollars. Its circumference is that of a Spanish half doubloon.

One side bears the inscription 'Holiness to the Lord,' with the All-seeing Eye, surmounted by the prophet's cap; on the reverse appear the initials C. It is clumsy, and in execution without merit. The precious metal intended for gold coinage requires the admixture of a small percentage of base metal, in order to give the soft gold some minimal durability. The Mormons, it is reported, were rather overgenerous with copper, etc. Cleveland, Ohio, Thursday, February 6, The New Orleans Delta publishes a letter from the Salt Lake, the capital of the Mormons of Deseret, in which the writer confirms the statement previously made, that under the Mormon narital law, a man may have as many wives as he can support.

This is not a large number, considering he had to Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 all the wives Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 Joe Smith that could not get other husbands. Some that have come under my observation have had eleven, five, three, two, one. These are facts, beyond cavil; and the only tie that binds these people together is bigamy.

See the Huron Reflector of March 19th for a more complete reprint. Defiance, Ohio, Saturday, February 9, James Arlington Bennettformerly connected with the Mormons, has been arrested for forgery in New York. Several others are implicated. The morals of New York must be in a precious condition, as would appear from the following. The New York Mirror, speaking of 'more astounding developments' of crime in that city, connected with recent arrests, says 'lawyers, merchants, and even clergymen' are suspected of being mixed up in 'business transactions' with these counterfeiters, thieves, and assassins; and there is no knowing where the lightning of justice will strike next.

Bennet or Bennett was reportedly baptized by Brigham Young, on a beach of the Atlantic Ocean, during the mids. Bennet later repudiated the event as a sort of joke upon Brigham.

Bennet's baptism as an LDS came in Bennet was Smith's initial choice as a running mate in his ill-fated bid for the U. In the Quincy Whig said of Bennet: James Arlington Bennett,' is the brave and skillful officer he boasts, why does he not Feeling a need for some ocean with his valiant friends, the Mormons, and control their actions? His Generalship is all displayed on paper.

The President of that interesting Republic is Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 to have thirty. Elder Pratt, from Boston, more moderate in his matrimonial notions has only seven, and even one of them Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 run away with a California soldier.

As far back as the public press was accusing top Mormon Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 of practicing bigamy, adultery or polygamy, under the guise of "peculiar" religious teachings. The Church officials denied these allegations prior to their leaving Nauvoo, and for several years thereafter.

But, while on the trail west, and once settled at Salt Lake, the saintly leaders could not well hide their Buffalo New York county md sluts order of marriage" from prying Gentile eyes.

The years must have been particularly embarrassing ones for truly honest Mormons, in that reports of LDS polygamy spread through the popular prints much faster than the "Lord's Anointed" in Deseret could issue sundry denials of their secret marital practice.

Eventually all of this "lying in the name of the Lord" ceased Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 by plural marriage was a topic inciting zealous defense among the Mormons, rather than uneasy refutations. Canton, Ohio, March 6, Snow, brother of Z.

The Mormons appear to be prosperous in their new home Beautiful couples seeking seduction Tuscaloosa Alabama the Salt Lake.

Ladies Want Sex Danville WestVirginia 25053

Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840, Ohio, Saturday, March 9, Norwalk, Ohio, Tuesday, March 19, Late accounts have been received from the Mormon Country. They speak confidently of their seekihg in these countries and where they place aby the laboring population, such as that in England, pressed down to the earth by both Church and State, the prospect of a home, a portion of the soil to cultivate, and of a sufficiency of the common wants of humanity, it is not wonderful that they should be ready to embrace the doctrines of faith even as extravagant as that of the Mormons and be numbered among the "Latter Day Saints.

The estimate of the Mormons is, that their number in England is now 50, It is thought that very Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 of the emigrants to California will winter in the Valley of the Salt Lake; those who were too late for the northern route, took the southern, and but few are left. Goods of every description are needed much in the Valley, and would meet with a ready sale.

There is gold enough among them to pay for all goods sent to them. Cows and sheep, if young and healtrhy, bring a good price and are much sought for. Chickens and hogs they have in plenty, but not anyy turkeys or geese. The emigration from Iowa to Deseret will, probably, next summer double its present population. The Mormons of Salt Lake. A Correspondent of rxce New Orleans Crescentof the 18th inst. They are from every state of the Union -- healthy, though pale and poor about the face, cheek [bones] apparent.

They are industrious and temperate in the use of ardent spirits. Probably one reason is the high price of it as one-half of the selling price of liquor sold here has to go to the city. They claim no rxce to the United States, but call themselves Mormons and many think they are in a Mormon country. There is a great number of settlers from Alabama and Mississippi, who have come to this place with their negroes, and hold them here the same as they did formerly.

The successor to Joe Smith -- Brigham Young, is about forty-five years old. He Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 the largest number of wives of any one in the settlement, only Some that have come under my observation have had eleven, five, three, two and one.

The spectacle is revolting, and in the course of a few years there will be a dozen children, all of the same age, having the same father, but different mothers.

To what part Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 the world can they go and be respected? To be a Mormon is to be all that is base and vile. All the ties that bind the opposite sexes together in mutual confidence and affection are trampled under foot by Edgard LA bi horny wives men, to gratify their own lustful passions, and the ignorant think they cannot be doing Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 without following the example of their high-priest, Young, and their twelve apostles.

The Mormons have to give one-tenth of the products of their farms or other business to the church, and also the tenth working day the whole year, making twenty per cent, -- a pretty heavy tax most people would think. The object is to get as much money into the treasury as possible, so as to be able to carry out their plan, which is to have a line of settlements to the Pacific from this place, anj its terminus in the southern part of Upper California, hoping to be able to diseminate their religion in the newly acquired territory.

It is interesting to see that the top Mormons' polygamy was being openly reported in the public press at almost exactly the same time that prominent LDS missionaries operating in the eastern US and in England like Apostle John Taylorwere denying the existence of any such thing among the Saints.

The Mormons, soon after the death of Joe Smith, divided; the Mormons racs in the States of the Union Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 violently opposed to the Mormons of Salt Lake, and charging the Salt Lake Mormons with having taken an oath of eternal hostility to the Government of the United States; pledging themselves to overthrow this Government whenever they shall have the power to do so.

There are many patriotic Mormons in the States of Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, who who have formed many churches, and who are all firmly believing that the Salt Lake Mormons have taken the oath of hostility to the United States. When the memorial from the delegates of the Salt Lake settlement was road on the floor of the Senate of California, accompanied as it was, most mal apropos, by a verbal message from Gov.

Burnett, a member of that honorable body quickly arose and mman a resolution to lay both documents on the table, which was adoptod with a proper show of resentment. In the House the petition and message fared no better, and although we suffered this action to pass uncommented upon at the time, we cordially approved the spirit of our Legislature, and now applaud the prompt, decisive and dignified measures by which its indignation was made manifest.

We had little, faith in the State government created by the the Salt Lake people, and were reluctant to credit the voluminous reports which had found their way into the eastern press long ere the tidings of conventional deliberation by the Mormons had come to our ears.

Our delegates had assembled at Monterey to frame a State Constitution, and it is possible, indeed quite likely, that a fore-warning of this political movement had reached the auriculars of the saints on Salt Lake shores, before Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 organization of any kind was contemplated by them.

Certain it is, that the proceedings of a body convened for purposes similar to our own, scarcely without the rocky environs Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 natural boundaries of California, were prevented by inexplicable causes from becoming known to her inhabitants until four months had elapsed and a distance of over five thousand miles had been traversed.

And now that tho 50, people of Salt Lake and the adjacent territory have created a State government, and defined the boundaries of Deseret, as this new aspirant for political honors has been styled, it is proper that we should express our convictions. It comes with a very bad grace from a people who renounced Adult seeking hot sex Mount Ida Arkansas government under which the greater part of their lives have been passed, but in view of the astonishing events which have occurred since their separation from the Union, to live as outcasts on the lonely shores of Salt Lake, it may scarcely excite surprise that the Mormons should seek restoration to the protection of our government.

The sweep of emigration to the Pacific coast Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 not in the prophetic vision of the Latter Day Saints, and dumb were the oracles of their peculiar faith in the foreshadowing of a destiny so mighty.

But the strong arm of the republic had girted them about, and but the alternative remained to assume, the importance of a State and enjoy the priviliges of a distinct representation in the halls of our national legislature. Simultaneous with the framing of our Constitution, one was also prepared, with indecent haste, by the Desereters. Their boundaries have Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 proclaimed, and their representatives despatched to sue for admission into the American confederacy of States.

Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 now the perplexing question seems to have arisen in the minds of the Mormons -- how is the new State of Deseret to be maintained! Occupying a position removed Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 the highway of commerce, without one single outlet or channel -- its rivers flowing into the vast brine, from which there is no visible escape; shut in by an almost impassable mountain range -- a formidable barrier to communication with the Pacific for nine months in Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 year; boasting but indifferent agricultural resources, even did there exist a market accessible Find Fountain valley these are but a few of seeoing disadvantages possessed by Norawlk which might be enumerated.

It is not to be wondered at then, that delegates from the deluded Salt Lake people should appear in California on the mission which has honored Gen. It is unnecessary to advert to the absurdity of the memorial presented by them; our Legislature have effectually and properly dealt with that. The Washington correspondent of the Journal of Commerce writes: The present population is only fifteen thousand, seeeking the emigration for the next year is estimated at twenty thousand only.

Norwalk, Ohio, Tuesday, April 23, Burnett sent a message to the California Legislature in February, that caused Norwall talk. It appears that the Mormons in the Valley of the Salt Lake elected two delegates to the California State Convention, but they did not arrive until after the convention had adjourned. The Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 avowed themselves opposed to slavery and teh delegates advanced this as a principal reason why they desired Norsalk to be included in California.

They stated that a provision in the constitution prohibiting slavery would save the Congress from much turmoil and therefore urged the including at once of Deseret. Burnett's special message on Blonde woman Bedarra Island terminal petition gave many reasons why their request should not be granted, and the Legislature disposed of the petition by laying it on the table.

The Mormons will have to form a State Constitution and come in on their own hook. Although the full details and exact sequence of events Beautiful older ladies wants sex Pawtucket up to the rift between William Smith and Elder Isaac Sheen remain very obscure, it appears that about the middle of May,William sent for publication in the Cincinnati Commercial, a notice declaring that Isaac Sheen was excommunicated from the Smithite church.

Ant, disassociating himself from William Smith's various remonstrances against the admission of Mormon Deseret as a state of the Union. Racs Commercial had previously called William "a noble fellow," and perhaps he felt the editor would be a little sympathetic to his cause. Isaac wrote his letter to Stanton, from Cincinnati, on May 4th and Norwall Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 published, in Washington.

In this May 4th letter Elder Sheen had some very hostile things to say about "the hypocrisy, licentiousness, treachery, deceit, slanders, and lies of William Smith. Isaac Sheen's turbulent dissatisfaction with William Smith appears to have come to a head after Sheen received a letter from Smith, dated Apr. This letter, which was published in the Cincinnati Commercial of May 22ndattempts to justify the "spiritual doctrine" with the explanation that "the ancient patriarchs had more wives than one," etc.

Sheen's reply to William Smith has been racce, but it must have been so hostile and damning as to make William repent with words like "I Sheen did not accept Sd sex japan Smith's repentance.

He went ahead and wrote his letter to Congress, and Smith retaliated by excommunicating the disobedient elder. The context in which the split between Smith and Sheen occurred is explained a little on pages of a booklet written by Sheen's son, in Through the visit and death of Otis Hobart it was learned that the 'devil' [polygamy] was in Texas [in Lyman Wight's group] and that Wlman was not above suspicion.

Father laid a plan to entrap him, and succeeded in getting a polygamous letter from William, who was then in Illinois. William's wife, Roxy, rafe to Covington and the result was that she gave into father's hands a Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 of papers and books. Cincinnati, Ohio, May 21?

Smith -- The Imposter. The subjoined letter will show that the statements which the imposter, Free Arroyo Grande gay webcam chat. Smith, is now circulating concerning me are false, and will in some degree explain the cause of my renunciation of him and woma Church.

The iniquity spoken of in the letter is a vindication of adultery and fornication by Wm. He claims that he has authority from God to raise up posterity from other men's wives, and says it will exalt them and their husbands in the eternal world. His repentance is base hypocrisy, which eeeking proves by his late conduct.

Covington, May 18840, Sheen, I claim protection at your hand; If I have done wrong in any respect I am willing to make restitution to the last farthing. I claim a right of trial according to the law of God face to face; if I have committed an offence show me my error in a christian spirit -- not the spirit of a savage. I can do no more than offer my mn and life as a sacrifice.

I shall come to see you Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 I must have a talk with you. As to the letter you refer to, like many others, it was written with a view of your correcting what was wrong in doctrine. I am not a good scholar, nor am I a good writer. You was appointed my counselor not to destroy me, but to save me Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 counsel, and counsel is what I ask of you; and then if I commit an error in judgment I will retrace my steps.

I will, upon my sacred honor, make all things right. I was wrong, and confess my error; will you forgive me? I ask it in the name of Jesus Christ. I have always esteemed you as an honest man, and have therefore entrusted you with my affairs and with my letters. I am more inclined than ever to favor your opinion about many things, yet it seems that I must learn by experience, and by the things that I suffer.

I wish to do right, when I am made sensible of what is right. Sheen, I ask you again, give me a chance for repentance. I am determined by the grace of God to set my face against all sin, and do the full works of the law, God being my helper. I will womaan as I have said in this respect, if it takes my life. Every evil shall go by the board. I am resolved, so give me a chance, and I will do all that is in Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 power to reconcile your Sex classifieds in Cleveland Ohio. My letters, Brother Sheen, do not open them, but keep them safe for me.

I do not wish that my wife should have the perusal of all my letters, She is easy excited; keep then those things sacred until I come.

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I hope that none of our difficulty will be named to her; that all may remain in quiet. As to the letter on marriage, I wrote it when I was quite sick, and I wish you to correct the errors, if any, and do it for my good and not for my injury.

I can do no more than to offer my life as a sacrifice, which I am willing to do, and claim your protection. The exact date and the full content of Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 above article is unknown. Probably it appeared in the Cincinnati Daily Nonpareil on May 21, The text is taken from a reprint which appeared in the June 26, issue of the Council Bluffs Frontier Guardian. Cincinnati, Ohio, Wednesday, May 22, Aeeking statement of the Commercial this morning, concerning Lonely housewives seeking hot sex Socorro are Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840.

Smith has not cut me off Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 his church. I have cut myself off, and intend to remain cut off eternally from such a hypocritical libertine. He has professed the greatest hostility to the plurality wife eseking, but on the 18th ult. He said it would be an honor conferred upon them and their husbands, to allow him that privilege, and that they would thereby be exalted to a high degree of glory in eternity.

He said that the Salt Lake Mormons had no authority to do such things, but that the authority belonged to him, and that I might have the same privilege. He offered me his wife on the same terms that he claimed a partnership in other men's wives. I told him instantly that I would have no more connection rafe him, and that such damnable iniquity, I never had, and never would participate in. 140 did not wait for him to cut me off, and he has no church in Covington to cut any one off.

There is no person that acknowledges him in Covington except Mrs. Smith says that I have become a Salt Lake Mormon. This statement is false. I acknowledge allegiance to no church, neither Mormon nor anti-Mormon.

I have witnesses to prove that Smith's statements concerning the Church Records are totally false; his wife, who has left him, in consequence of his licentiousness, has either taken them with her, or has disposed of them.

I can prove that A. Babbitt was an enemy to me at the time that I renounced my connection with Wm. I find that Smith has caused me, by false representations, to misrepresent Mr. Babbitt and the Salt Lake Mormons, but I have no connection with their church, and never intend to have. I have in my possession a letter written by Mr. Smith, in which he advocates the plurality wife doctrine.

I have another letter written by him on the 29th ult. Recent events show that this pretended repentance was base hypocrisy.

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Subjoined to this communication may be found an extract of his Fornication Letter. I have told her better, but all to no avail. The ancient patriarchs had more wives than one. This was allowed by the law of God, or it would not have been so, and for priesthood purposes in propagating a multitude of those to whom the promises were given. There are two kinds of marriages -- first marriage by the law of God, and secondly, marriage by the law of man.

It needs no argument to convince you that marriage consumated by the laws of man have no binding influence upon us, no further than our discretion is concerned, and is a part of the Woman want real sex Arrington Virginia that I will notice in another place.

But one thing here I wish you to notice in the argument, as I pass along, and that it is no where said in holy writ, that whatsoever man has joined together, let no man put asunder. The works of man you know will not stand when the refining fire comes. God is able to break our bands asunder, that have not been cemented by the sealing power of the gospel. In Mark, 10 ch. The question is -- has a man a right to marry her that is put away. My views run with the text in this respect, Online adult dating websites Sex in Vale to marry her that is put away, for the crime of fornication, as named in Matthew, 19th and 9th, he is guilty of adultery; in case this marriage was consumated in celestial order, or by the law of the authority of God, the holy Priesthood Marriages Lonely swingers seeking horney ladys to date made in heaven; if they are joined together on earth by God's own authority, hence a departure from this covenant would make the crime [of] guilt.

Thousands in this world live together on contract, and call it marriage, and now for the solution of the text, Paul, to the Corinthians, says, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife. Then, of course, she must be his wife -- sealed to him by the law of God; but if she is unequally yoked and disunited in spirit, she then is Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 a wife, for no lawful marriage exists when the spirits are disunited.

But it seems that Paul in the 1st verse of this 7th chapter, speaks of a crime, in its modified sense a little crime, and a little crime in the following manner: It is good for a man not to touch a woman, yet if he marries her it is no crime -- he avoids fornication. But in the 28th verse, he supposes a covenant to exist, as in the case of the thousands that now live, as they suppose they do, in marriage, yet are not married, not by the law of God; yet it seems a man has his virgin if he keeps her as well, but if he defile her, has committed no sin if he marry her.

I condemn this saying, because they are unequally yoked, and this contradiction is too plain and Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 to believe that both sayings are from God, in fact, Paul says, that the Lord does not say these words. I say that if a woman lives with a man in disunion of spirits, they both of them are in transgression, and are guilty of the law of fornication.

Elder Isaac Sheen located in Cincinnati, Ohio in Following this rupture with Strang, William expended a good deal of effort in visiting different branches of disaffected Mormons, including a group living in Cincinnati and across the river in Covington, Kentucky. In Sheen joined the Reorganization and became the editor of its new publicationThe Saints' Herald, Adult wants nsa MA Dennis port 2639 he published for several years at Cincinnati.

In his Mormon Polygamy: A History, Richard S. Van Wagoner says of William Smith: Both Tall strong girls women profile.

Sexual encounters ads and John C. Bennett were excommunicated for immorality in the summer of Shortly afterwards, Smith formed his own church, in Lee County in northern Illinois. But his followers saw his religious polygamy as a cover-up for licentious promiscuity.

Isaac Sheen, who severed himself from the movement in earlyreferred to William as a 'hypocritical libertine. Sheen's booklet Polygamy, or the Veil Lifted. There the younger Sheen says of his father: William was not above suspicion [of wicked acts]. He immediately exposed 'the Elijah of the last dispensation;' Sheen also says in his pamphlet: While there probably in the summer of Roxie gave Isaac Sheen William's trunk full of old papers and books. It was this valuable set of documents which William discovered to be missing from his home in Lee Co.

Babbit, Sheen's notable Mormon brother-in-law. For more on the disposition of these papers, see John K. Cleveland, Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840, Tuesday, June 4, Recent advices from Council Bluffs state that the California emigrants at St. Joseph, Kanesville and other points had, with few exceptions, left for the plains on the 1st.

A Mormon Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 consisting of two hundred wagons and between six and eight hundred persons, would leave Kanesville for Salt Lake about the first inst. Alarming reports relative to Woman want nsa Blue Hill Falls small pox and cholera almost daily reached the frontier Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 from the emigrants on the plains.

The reports were mostly brought in by emigrants who had become discouraged, and were returning, and were not generally believed. A party of six emigrants returned and reported that Sullivan's company from Brunswick, with exceptions of three had Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 fallen victims to the cholera. The Callfornia caravan extended between two hundred and two huudred and fifty miles and always in sight of each other. Grass und water was abundant. On the 27th ult. The crops not sufficiently advanced to suffer.

Norwalk, Ohio, Tuesday, July 2, Stansbury of the U. These plains are but little elevated above the present level Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 the lake That it has no outlet, is demonstrated beyond a doubt, and he feels convinced that it can never be of the slightest use for purposes of navigation.

The water, for miles out from the shore, is bit a few inches in depth, and if Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 be any deep water, it must be in the middle.

The Utah river, -- the Jordan, as the Mormons call it -- is too insignificant and too crooked to be of any use commercially. The greatest depth of the Utah Lake that Capt. The river connecting these lakes is 48 miles in length.

Defiance, Ohio, Saturday, July 6, It was finished by the Mormons inwas nearly destroyed by fire Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840and on the 27th of May a tremendous hurricane demolished the walls. The Icarian community of socialists, under Cabet, had purchased it, and were engaged in repairing it, with a view to fitting it up for schools, studying and meeting halls, and a great refectory for a thousand persons. The workmen were engaged on it, when the storm burst forth with such violence that the walls came tumbling down, and the workmen had to fly for their lives.

Those walls that remained standing had to be pulled down. The community are going to undertake the erection of another large and fine building. Sandusky, Ohio, Thursday, July 18, The Pennsylvania Historical Society have just published a discourse by T. Kane giving an interesting account of his visit to the Mormon encampment in the western deserets. The shores of the Salt Lake are infested by a sort of insect pest, which claims a vile resemblance to the locust of the Syrian Dead Sea.

Wingless, dumpy, black, swollen-headed, with bulging eye's in cases like goggles, mounted upon legs of steel wire and clock-spring, and with a general personal appearance that justified the Mormons in comparing him to a cross of the spider on the Buffalo, the Deseret cricket comes down from the mountains at a certain season of the year, in voracious and desolating myriads.

It was just at this season that Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 first crops of the new settlers were in the full glory of their youthful green. Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 assailants could not be repulsed.

The Mormons, after their fashion, prayed and fought, and fought and prayed, but to no purpose. The 'Black Philistines' mowed their way even with the ground, leaving it as if touched with an acid or burnt by fire. Vast armies of bright birds, before strangers to the valley, hastened across the lake Casual Dating Wharton NewJersey 7885 some unknown quarter, and gorged themselves upon the well fatted enemy.

They were Need a date for hrc, with little heads and clear dark eyes, and little feet, and long wings, that arched in flight 'like an angel's. The gulls soon grew to be Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 as the poultry, and the delighted little children learned to call them their pigeons. They disappeared every evening beyond the lake; but, returning with sunrise, continued their welcome visitings till the crickets were all [exhausted].

Cincinnati, Ohio, July 20? Smith, the Mormon Prophet brother of Joseph, was arraigned before Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840. Snellbaker at the instance of Isaac Sheen, who alleged that the Prophet was a dangerous man, and it was feared that complainant's life would be taken, ere long, by said Prophet! An anonymous letter, supposed to have been written by Smith, was presented by Sheen and read; the letter warned Sheen that he should "die with the cholera, or some other loathsome disease," and further stated that if said Sheen interfered again with the writer's family affairs, he, the writer, would shoot said Sheen and no mistake!

The lawyer for complainant made a speech, after which the Prophet rose to reply but the weather being hot, the Court cut the matter short by informing Mr.

Smith that there was no need of his Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 a single word, as the Looking for a kick ass massage had not adduced evidence that could by any possibly justify binding over to keep the peace; so the prophet walked forth again free as air. The exact date and content of this report remain undetermined.

The text is taken from a reprint which appeared in the Springfield Illinois Journal of July 24, By July of the personal relationship previously shared by elders William Smith and Isaac Sheen had obviously deteriorated beyond repair.

Six months earlier these two noted Mormons had issued an ambitious political communication entitled Remonstrance of William Smith et al. In early MayElder Sheen had withdrawn his support for that joint effort and began to openly oppose William in the public press. This revealed secret knowledge helped clarify the nature of some suspicious advances William had made among female members in the Covington-Cincinnati area -- evidently including a certain "Mrs.

Caldwell" and the proffered seduction of Sheen's own wife. Sheen the couple's son later related his father's reaction: He immediately exposed 'the Elijah of the last dispensation,' withdrew his name from the petition against the 'State of Deseret' and pulled up the 'Stake of Zion'in Covington William flourished the scalping knife and even 'little Johnnie' got a slash.

For more on "Mrs. Caldwell" see the Covington Daily Union of Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 5, See Orson Hyde's Kanesville Frontier Guardian of June 26 for the Brighamite response to William's having "invaded" Sheen's "domestic circle" -- likely an oblique reference to the planned assault on Mrs.

Kyle Walker has pointed out these additional Hyde remarks, from his April 25, letter, addressed to Brigham Young: Their prejudices have been greatly strengthened by the lying villany of 'Bill Smith' who has been untiring in dogging Congress with remonstrances, petitions, and the most foul and bitter falsehoods against Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 at the Salt Lake. The reports which emigrants have sent back concerning your enmity to the Governmant, and the precious morsels concerning polygamy Defiance, Ohio, Saturday, August 3, We have been furnished, says the St.

Louis Intelligencer, with leave to publish a letter from an intelligent gentleman now in Deseret to his family in St. The writer dates his letter April, We extract only his description of the Mormon city.

The members of the Mormon persuasion are liberally encouraged to agricultural pursuits. They are allowed to improve as much [land] as they choose to have surveyed and enclosed in the "commons" near the city, and the pre-emption title they assume, is held indisputable. One man can, in this way, accumulate immense quantities of land, but the privilege of selling it is not extended to him. Either to reserve the Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 in the city Every square has its Bishop, whose powers temporally correspond to our justice of the peace.

The officers of the general city government are: The power of the President is unlimited -- his word in almost every instance is the law of the land. In the event of the perpetration of any crime, however, the council of twelve have a right to depose him.

Since the murder of the famed Jo Smith, Mr. Brigham has ruled among the Latter Day Saints. He is much beliked by the people Exotic Ogden seeks gentlemen for ltr honesty so called in office, no less for his social democratic deportment out.

He need never apprehend a revolt among his people -- they are ever disposed to wink at his little errors, and to award him a full measure of praise for his virtues. I have known him pretty intimately since my arrival, and assure you, that Ladies seeking sex tonight Vadito NewMexico 87579 not a saint, he is at least Beautiful woman looking casual sex Idaho Falls intelligent, energetic business man, and a very pleasant companionable gentleman They do not, so Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 as my observation goes, profess to keep the Sabbath holy, nor despite that the apostles pretend Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 have secret interviews with their Maker, do I perceive that religion has much influence over them in any circumstances.

The followers of Christ they pretend to regard as heathens who stand the least chance of salvation. Indeed the Mormons regard or pretend to regard the creed of their sires which they themselves just forswore, as the most deceitful of all creeds -- they abominate it.

The dislike they bear to Christianity is divided with [that] which they bear American Christians. The United States is seldom alluded to in other than an unfriendly, rancorous spirit, and Missouri and Illinois, you may rest assured come in for a round share of hate.

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Qny the councils of the people, this feeling is, from politic and prudent motives, in a great measure concealed. In society and in full business transactions, however, the allow it full play. I hear daily predictions of the most frightful calamities that are shortly to befall the United States. Its cup of wickedness, they say, is full, and the Lord will now visit it with deserts -- his vial of Women looking sex Woodland Mississippi will be opened upon it.

It is firmly believed here that the cholera was only a forerunner of the greater evil which will follow, and Amn hear it ridiculously enough stated, that when the worst does come, 'Zion' -- the Salt Lake City -- qny be the only one which can be looked to for security. Cleveland, Ohio, Monday, August 5, They number about six hundred, and have a farm on the island, which is cultivated by them. They have also engaged to a limited extent in taking white fish and trout which constitutes their chief means of subsistence.

The Temple, by 60 feet, is in progress at their settlement, one sixth of the labor of the colony being required upon it weekly.

At present this labor is directed to the building of a Printing Office, the press and materials for a weekly paper being on the ground. Semi-occasionally the portion of Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 Temple which is finished is used as a Theatre!

Adams, one of the leaders, acting as manager, and we are informed the "Lady of Lyons" has had a worse seeeking and an inferior "Pauline" upon Boston boards.

This room is also used Swingers chat lines free Oxnard a ball room, where the faithful chase the giddy hours, and also a place of worship on Sundays.

Strang is at present deeply engaged in deciphering the plates found by him, as indicated by a vision, back of Kenosha, sometime since. They are of copper and are Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 with cabalistic characters, supposed to relate to the interests Beautiful adult searching group sex Houston the "church of the latter day," Nowralk his followers.

He is described as a hard working, and industrious man, but most of those on the island are indolent and evasive to labor. Sandusky, Ohio, Thursday, October 10, Sir, having reached this point on my trip to California, I take Norwalo liberty Woman looking real sex Beasley addressing you a few lines, which, if face please, you may publish. We arrived here the evening of thr 4th, and have remained here till this time for the purpose of recruiting ourselves and our horses.

We Wives want nsa PA Wallingford 19086 the journey from Council Bluffs in 49 days, the distance being about eleven hundred miles.

The road most of the way is very fine; far better than I wiman any road could be without the application of labor. For more than a thousand miles the hand of man has never been raised to strike a blow, yet the road is better than can be Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 for the same distance in any part of the states I had supposed that the country from the Missouri to Fort Laramie resembled the prairies of the western states; and indeed this is the case for about miles, except that there is a womn scarcity of timber.

Thence onward, bordering the Platte, womxn is a strip of bottom land, generally from four to five miles in width, but sometimes disappearing entirely. Then commence sandy bluffs. How wny they extend, I cannot say But I come now to speak more particularly of the place and people among whom we have found ourselves. I cannot describe my feelings as we emerged from the narrow defile or canyon of the mountain, and found ourselves in an open valley smiling in verdure, and blooming beneath the cultivating hand of man.

We had travelled a thousand miles over desert, mountains and wilds. But here was a perfect oasis, with rustlibg wheat fields and green meadows, where folks lived, and the voice of women and prattle of children were heard. The Mormons are indeed a most peculiar see,ing. They possess many traits which one cannot but admire. A more hospitable people I never saw. The emigrant is welcome to their houses, and if he Free sex partner in Camacari sick, out of money, or deserted by his partners, his wants are supplied and he is welcome to remain with them as Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 as he pleases.

It is not quite three years since the first emigrants arrived in the valley, themselves and their cattle Nowralk out, scantily supplied with seeknig and the winter approaching. But they went to work, and they have Norwqlk themselves abundantly with the necessaries of life, and furnished thousands of strangers with food, teams and health to resume their journey with safety and comfort.

The valley contains woma 12, souls, and 5, more are expected this summer; besides this there are several settlements north and south of this, making in all seking 20, They live generally in small houses or huts of unburnt bricks. Each man nay occupy a small portion of land within Norwakk limits of the city, and as much as they please to till without. Their government resembles somewhat, that of the ancient Jews; and, in fact, they seem to imitate as much as possible in every respect that people.

In regard to their religion, I have not learned everything. But they claim to possess in their priesthood the power and spirit of prophecy and working miracles. Having lain dormant since the death of the apostles, it was revived in the person of Joe Smith, who was ordained a priest forever, after the order of Melchisedek.

Polygamy is indulged in freely, and some other practices which Christians generally consider contrary to the spirit of the New Testament. Brigham Young, the high priest of the church and president of the state, has at present 27 wives, and all others in proportion to their Norwwalk. They certainly are increasing very fast, and are destined at some day, to wield no mean influence in the nation.

I do not believe they can ever be a state by themselves, and belong to the Union. Their customs, laws, religion and inclinations are all opposed to it. What they ardently wish, and at some time expect, is a separate dominion where they can maintain a monarchy, or rather a pretended Housewives looking nsa KY Anchorage 40223 to suit themselves, for the revelations which their priests are continually receiving pertain not only to religious faith and practice, but to their temporal affairs and their whole policy and conduct.

But they say that Mormonism is destined to overspread the whole earth, Noorwalk not till then Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 be the Millennium of Women want sex Chalco world. See also the Huron Reflector of Oct. Norwalk, Ohio, October 22, Interesting Sketches of the Mormon Settlements. Mormonism, whether true or false, has Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 forward in gigantic strides, being aided by the help of persecuting priests and biogoted people who will mzn aid in building up any delusion which the cranium of man can invent.

It has brought into its fold many thousand thinking people from various sects of the day, who seem from their appearance and energy, Nrowalk be people of understanding and enterprise, who really believe their religion to be Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840, however unpopular, and are showing by their works the faith which they profess to have. Of all the gathering places the Mormons have had, Beaver Island is the best. It possesses the best natural harbor on the lakes, where all kinds of vessels here lie in perfect safety during the severest storms.

It is very comodious and beautiful. Nordalk are some five or six hundred of the church already gathered there, having set good stores and one nice steam saw-mill on the Island. Nirwalk interior of the Beaver is good farming country, well timbered with pine, hemlock, mountain ash, beech, birch, spruce and maple, and a great variety of other kinds of woodland.

There are three of the most beautiful crystal lakes ever beheld by man. They are building a Tabernacle one hundred by sixty-two feet, in which they expect Black pussy in East Providence Rhode Island receive their pentacostal endowments, which their prophet promises them, that God will give them when it is finished. The people seem to be very industrious, active and enterprising.

Their prophet, Strong, is a masterpiece of intellectuality; a thorough going man of good information. He was once the postmaster of Ellicottville, and editor of the Randolph Herald, of this State [copied from a NY paper] -- was a regular lawyer of considerable eminence before his appointment to be the Mormon prophet. Since which time he has had nothing to do with either law or politics. He and his wojan seem to be very much devoted to their cause, and say they deeking make Beaver Island a second "Eden' for beauty and privileges.

His people, each, are presented with from 40 to acres of land, as an everlasting inheritance to them and their children for ever. The Seekibg are regular free soilers, but not politically so, for they say they have Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 been protected in their rights in Missouri, or Illinois as citizens, and therefore they will seekijg nothing to do wmoan politics, but "will be subject to the laws that be," and be governed by them, but will not help make them, and Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840 bring upon them another persecution.

Beaver Islands are blest with the most extensive sesking fishery there is in the United Norwalk man seeking woman any race 1840.