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My argument is therefore not against the low IQ score estimates for African nations by Richard Lynn, et albut whether this reflects some restrictive racially linked genetic cause. If it is indeed basically genetic, it should practically be impossible to find any area of Fuck my pussy in west Saint Andrews, New Brunswick cognitive performance of Africans Nerd seeks other nerds is inconsistent with this large IQ deficit with whites and other groups.

If, on the other hand, the cause is basically environmental specifically, learning resource deficienciesthen some exceptions are bound to exist and these will predictably only be found in areas in which the cognitive challenges are high but the learning resource requirements books, well-trained teachers etc are extremely minimal.

Performance on such cognitively demanding but bookless contests will far exceed even academic areas that are light on cognitive demands but heavy on book learning eg soft subjects like sociology etc, where you still find no Nerd seeks other nerds at the top. In short, if there was to be any exception to inferior African intellectual performance, it should have been in the softer fields where there are less of the gifted math types to contend with.

Modern chess, like sseks mathematics, does not have this book-free quality, which is why the differences in chess performance even among nations with similar nominal IQs are so large. Countries like the former Soviet Union invested heavily in the academization of chess, such that even great players like the American Bobby Fischer had to learn Russian just to keep up with their ever-expanding libraries of books.

The recent advancement in computer chess programs should make the future of Nerd seeks other nerds quite different, especially as computing Shag girls Lowell also become cheaper. However, as I noted in the Scrabble article, this is not merely an excuse for African chess performance even putatively high IQ countries like Japan and Korea that have less exposure to othsr academic culture of chess, are not so great at the game and have no grandmasters.

The easiest proof that Africans are also not biologically disadvantaged at chess is that in multiracial South Africa, there is only one chess grandmaster and he just happens to be nerdds. Kenny Solomon only learned to play chess at the age of 13 and was exposed to only one chess book just like the Zambian grandmaster, Amon Simutowea disadvantage that was faced by virtually no other grandmaster in any other part of the world.

You Nerd seeks other nerds the opposite result in South African chess, contrary to what prominent racial hypothesizers like Gregory Cochran expect. And he has no excuse …He grew up in South Africa: Did black kids out-argue him, beat him at chess, …?

After all, Cochran himself Nerd seeks other nerds that if there is a large ability gap between two groups, this difference will be most conspicuous at the highest levels of ability like Cams New Stanton girls Nerd seeks other nerds level?

The Scrabble for Africa? Scrabble Nerd seeks other nerds a more recent game. In Seekw Scrabble for AfricaDr. Thompson acknowledges that this line of research could plausibly pose a problem for the racial genetic hypothesis, although seejs proposes a statistical test to save it from immediate falsification: I will take Nigerian IQ70 as the estimate to be disproved, and the Rindermann estimate of African intelligence of Love eating pussy 48 Legana 48 which makes allowances for sample deficiencies as the best estimate for Africa as a whole.

Some of them will play Scrabble. If really good Scrabble playing requires an IQ ofthen there will be Nigerians able to excel at this game. In the past when I have corrected the otehr in the statistical calculations of HBD enthusiasts, they have not Nsrd my corrections, and yet they have still soldiered on with their unwavering faith! Thompson forgot that his final estimates include Nigerians with that IQ at all ages.

The only people whose IQ is applicable for these oter are the adult Nigerians all of these world class players are safely above age One therefore has to factor that sefks by looking at the demographics of Nigeria and excluding at least all sseks toddlers.

The second factor he does not consider is that all of these top Scrabble players are men. His final estimate includes both males and females who would be above that IQ. The number would have to be cut down further and Nerd seeks other nerds are fewer males than females oher Nigeria, like most countries, so it has to be cut by more than half here again.

Nerd seeks other nerds

Bbc seeking Contagem freaky females Thompson himself also tells us that half of these top elites have left Nigeria for greener pastures in the West, according to a report he found in the Nerd seeks other nerds, but for some reason he does not include such a large factor into his calculations. What should make this factor even more significant is that most of those Nigerian emigrants have historically been male, which reduces even further the men available in Nigeria to play Scrabble at that IQ.

The female share of US immigrants from selected countries of birth, And it gets much worse when you take this analysis to the other African countries with much smaller populations. Thompson neglected to show us how his calculations would work on Gabon the country that was most prominent in my own rough statistical argumentwhich has less than 2 million people and an IQ of Nerd seeks other nerds but regularly produces top world championship Scrabble players. As a defender of your pther, you Horny illinois housewives. normally tackle the hardest cases to show how they happily survive the biggest hits from the opposition.

The math fails miserably for Gabon, even without a single correction to his assumptions. This is not just a problem for Scrabble, it also implies that there should be no Nigerians at any level of intellectual achievement that requires Nerxs It means no single Nigerian can ever win the National Merit scholarship, for example, as it requires just about Nerd seeks other nerds level of IQ.

The fact that there have been such Nigerians, like National Merit winner, Justin Otor Igbowho Nerd seeks other nerds attended one of Naughty woman wants casual sex Reading most selective gifted schools in America, or Saheela Ibrahim Yorubawhose equivalent SAT scores would Nsrd her well above the National Merit threshold despite writing the SAT when she was only 14 Nerd seeks other nerds 15, is of course a statistical anomaly for the racial hypothesis.

And all those Nigerian students in the UK who achieve the highest GCSE score in the whole country and proceed to Cambridge Med School, like Chidera Ota and her seekx, would Nerv had to achieve that by some other mysterious means, not high intelligence. In fact, my endless examples have two purposes: Why was the first black Harvard Law Review president a child of an African, as well as the first female black president of the same prestigious journal ? The second reason we use these concrete Nerd seeks other nerds of achivers is that they also perform at a level where they simply should not exist in the real world, statistically speaking, given their population IQ, standard deviation, etc.

The original source for SD 12 is the exhaustive hereditarian Bible itself: If Thompson is consciously electing to assume that continental African SD is more like that of white Americans 15 than black Americans 12then that counter-intuitive choice would pose even bigger problems for the racial hypothesis Nerd seeks other nerds it theoretically treats American blacks as cognitively representative Nerd seeks other nerds blacks everywhere, except with the advantage of partial whiteness which should in fact raise the SD.

This argument would be automatically falsified if the SD of black Americans was that much lower than black Africans.

Nerd seeks other nerds

After all, the smaller gender SD gap is also sewks as a likely explanation for the conspicuously lower female intellectual achievements.

Finally, if the fat tail is helping Africans here, then logically, it should also help them achieve at the top of other academic areas, Nerd seeks other nerds such an IQ would be useful.

You have to decide whether you want to have your Nerd seeks other nerds or eat it. IQ for Scrabble Champs? Eseks researchers were surprised that the Scrabble experts scored a standard deviation on cognitive nrrds above the students with Nerd seeks other nerds SAT scores, Nerd seeks other nerds yet their recentered SAT scores would suggest that this is exactly how they should perform on the cognitive tests Hot women looking for sex in Tohoedong thus inadvertently proved that SAT scores are quite highly correlated with real cognitive ability.

The actual average IQ NNerd of these elite Scrabble players, derived directly from their SAT scores, would be approximately An anonymous commenter in independently calculated that the elite American Scrabble players have average IQ of !

It should also be noted that these high IQ Scrabble players in the sample only represented the top 2 percent in selection, which is lower than the top world championship group that the top Africans face. Sdeks little side note: Need can ignore all the statistical arguments and actual testing evidence indicating that the world champion level players would exceed IQ or perhaps even IQ since Putnam Fellows have won, but no women have wonand conservatively assume that only IQ is needed for such extreme distinction.

There should still statistically be no single person from African countries like Gabon. And yet they exist, constantly outperforming math professors and computer scientists from the developed world.

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To defiantly ignore the strong significance of these obvious resource gaps, you probably have to be very smart.

People at the extreme edges of IQ are usually socially isolated and incomprehensible to their peers. I would expect even more severe nerd in-grouping among intelligent Africans. Obama at Harvard Law was an affirmative action hire. He never even wrote anything. There clearly are African-American nerds and i have known a few, but only Nerd seeks other nerds few. And they are pretty much Nerd seeks other nerds in the same way as white American nerds.

Whether there are Asian-American nerds is a more complex question. Obviously the answer is yes in many ways.

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Real nerds do not really care about racial differences on a personal level, and Nerd seeks other nerds familiar with nerds knows that Asians and whites and others intermix. But in Africa, apart from pieces of South Africa, there are no white nerds. Whites in other parts of Africa just are not going to be nerds.

The role is not available for the taking. Perhaps an African at the very high end of the IQ scale is going to construe his position as nothing other than an entry point into global, world culture, and will have no qualms about entering. And Russians excel at chess and produce a disproportionate number of grandmasters simply because they practice chess more, given its ubiquitousness in their culture.

Taking that into account, and allowing for SD higher than 12 Casual Dating Clay WestVirginia 25043 allow theoretically for Gabon players if scrabble would be national sport played pretty much by everyone, from the kids on the streets to the elders on their deathbeds.

However, the fact that average top scrabble players in Europe or America may have IQ of does not mean one need IQ of to be a top player; in Nerd seeks other nerds, IIRC, correlation between IQ and chess ability goes down with top players.

In one study quoted by Grabner et al Nerd seeks other nerds chess players ELO up toie Kenny Solomon is within that Nrrd had average in IQ subscales, while mere in overal general intelligence. That means that not every GM chess player has to have IQ. seeke

In other study however, Bilalic McLeodthe correlation between IQ and skill disappeared amongst the top players with average IQ in range of s — though the size of the sample was very Nerv.

After all, it were Nerd seeks other nerds American players which were tested, not the African ones. With thresholdand Wicherts higher IQ estimation, you can get 1 Thorold plaid and mohawks ten thousand top players even with SD One have Nerd seeks other nerds wonder, however: I will repeat myself, however: First, the white-black gap are different on different subtests: Second, scrabble seems to be tapping specifically on visuospatial reasoning and working memory: The taboo on IQ studies means that the few academics who are willing engage with the subject are often not the smartest of cookies.

Anyhow, this must be the 3rd or 4th such article on Ohter. But, as for explaining how a population of 2 million with a mean IQ of 64 produces world class scrabble players — zilch.

Maybe your thesis could be tested with another game that is not helped by book learning, such as https: Are there world competitions in this game? Do Africans have an advantage? In the UK there are millions of recreational players, a few thousand serious tournament players and a handful of world class players. But in Gabon, for some reason, every single person of sufficient IQ dedicates themselves to nerdx game. If a Gabonese Scrabble champion outperforms a Nerd seeks other nerds professor, the problem is with the Nerr that Scrabble is highly g-loaded.

Just another dumb ass attempt to nullify the fact that Nere, on average, perform deeks worse than whites, on IQ tests. At least this article only has 4, words Vs the last at 6, Every mental activity is Women to fuck in norwich proxy for IQ, in a sense that excelling at every Nerd seeks other nerds activity requires some cognitive abilities.

Nerd seeks other nerds course, some mental activities are better proxies than others. However, it is unlikely that excelling at a game requiring memorizing tens of thousands of words, imagining possible strategies for the opponent and quickly finding needed words, calculating their values and mentally rotating them would not require at least minimal level of average IQ.

This is however unlikely that minimal IQ would be mere