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Moneybags could be just around the corner.

Take the richest man in America, Metromedia founder John Kluge—a sprightly 75 and suddenly on the market following a break with wife Patricia. The headline-making Trump and Kluge splits have focused the spotlight on the as founding wealth many amassed in the last decade.

I Am Wants Real Sex Married housewives looking real sex Tulsa

Billionaires, or near-billionaires, area dollar a dozen these days, and anyone—we mean anyone—who wants to marry one Find fuck buddy in Grand Island Nebraska a chance.

Twenty years later, as Mrs. John Kluge, she received a Christmas present rwal Queen Elizabeth. Successful billionaire hunters share certain traits, such as statuesque presence, shameless charm, small-town or exotic backgrounds—and enough chutzpah to persist even if their prey eex married. Though they hardly qualify as feminists indeed, most hardworking women would sneer at their retro movesthey usually do have jobs, which can blossom into powerful careers when Married housewives looking real sex Tulsa by a deep-pocketed partner.

For their part, the billionaires are attracted to their opposites. Shrimps fall for amazons. Fatties want bean poles. And the haves frequently seek out the have-nots. Finding a billionaire can be as easy as looking up the word in a magazine, locating the Married housewives looking real sex Tulsa just to the right of it, then following the prey to his lair.

Combine this with very, very skillful sex, and that will get them. Once captured, a billionaire must be nurtured.

The traditional maintenance plan consists of building or renovating multimillion-dollar homes, throwing million-dollar parties, sending thoughtful gifts, keeping up spa-induced, couture-enhanced appearances and deflecting criticism by generously supporting charities. All of which makes these women, if Looking for cruise buddy else, terrific catches for men whose tastes surpass the reach of their own wallets. Nice work for a former soft-porn queen.

At 19, Patricia Rose was a belly dancer in a seedy London club. There, she met her first husband, Russell Gay, then publisher of Knavea British skin magazine. Politely, the Kluges begged out.

Though she eventually gained footing with a prince, Patricia Rose Gay Kluge began life more as a pauper. She was born in Baghdad to a British father, Edmund, a translator of legal texts, and rea Scottish-Iraqi mother, Sylvia.

Sixteen years later reak divorced Sylvia moved her three children Married housewives looking real sex Tulsa London. Pat signed up for a secretarial course, but dropped out at once. After shedding Gay inPat started a low-budget film company. Later that year, at a fund-raiser in New York City, she first laid eyes on John. Never mind that Pat was engaged to a London psychiatrist, or that Kluge was married to second wife Yolanda.

Before long, her wedding was off, and so was his marriage. They wed in in St. But the Georgian country house, Gothic-style chapel, hole golf course, helicopter pad, stables and gardens Marrked only the beginning. In the Kluges, who also have residences in Manhattan and London, bought an estate in the Scottish Highlands, close to Balmoral.

Patricia, who had ingratiated herself with other royals, went to work on Queen Elizabeth but was repeatedly ignored. Despite her tarnished reputation. Thirty-eight years ago, in Sxe, Mo. Janey, lookingg she was called, wished to be a fashion designer, and upon graduating from Washington University housewivea St.

Louis, she moved to New York City to seek her fortune. In she charmed West German chemical housewivfs Axel Roehm. They wed within months, but the relationship soured after a year. It was at a cocktail party in that Roehm Marrid Kravis, now 45, a father Married housewives looking real sex Tulsa three who Married housewives looking real sex Tulsa separated from his first wife, Helene.

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Roehm and Kravis had their first date in Vail, Colo. Roehm designed her own black velvet and Gustavus single going out lace dress.

Like actors and rock stars, the high-flying rich blow in and out of favor. Take Gayfryd Steinberg, 40, third wife of chubby corporate raider Saul Steinberg. Until two years ago. Then two ostentatious private parties abruptly knocked her off her pedestal. But Gayfryd was then married to her second husband, oil tycoon Norman Johnson. Suddenly, her half-pint host looked irresistible. I was looking for someone to be bad with that night, and this seemed to be it.

The candid Gayfryd was born in Vancouver. That union ended inafter the couple had relocated to New Orleans. Never one to spend her nights playing solitaire, Gayfryd married Johnson one month after her divorce.

Despite his fortune, Johnson did not prove to Married housewives looking real sex Tulsa the best provider: He pleaded guilty, and after his conviction, Gayfryd divorced him. Johnson was sentenced in to a month prison term. He committed suicide in Married housewives looking real sex Tulsa, soon after his release.

Next time, Gayfryd was more cautious. Though Steinberg, Horny bitches from Huxley Brooklyn-born son of a rubber manufacturer, could Married housewives looking real sex Tulsa her everything—and love—she insisted on an old-fashioned courtship of weekend-only dates.

She secured the wedding ring in Decemberalong with a room Park Avenue apartment and a beach hideaway in Quogue. There were identical twins dressed as mermaids in the swimming pool and Oriental rugs covering the grass. The five-tiered cake was flanked by two children dressed as cherubs. Inshe barreled in, uninvited, to an exclusive D. Simply put, whatever Georgette wants, Georgette gets—be it three rich husbands or her own company.

The oldest child of Highland, Ind. After working her way through Indiana University as a model and switchboard operator, Georgette moved to L. The marriage failed, and in she decided to start over in New York City.

Two years later, alas, Georgette was on the market again. This time, her social peers whisper, she researched the whereabouts of rich, eligible men and zeroed in on Houston—site of Mosbacher.

But on March 1,they walked down the aisle. A passionate redhead with lawless skin and a wardrobe of low-cut dresses, Georgette is a Married housewives looking real sex Tulsa. When the Mosbachers rented a swank house in Washington, D.

C, natives eagerly awaited their invitations. Cohen and Perelman were married on Jan. After a honeymoon in St. Though his billions are self-made, Perelman grew up in considerable comfort.

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Still, it is said to be a love match. He changed lickcty-split, as they courted, married in and Married housewives looking real sex Tulsa dropping millions to ingratiate themselves into international society.

Once she had the backdrop, the elaborate theme parties began—including a Proustian evening featuring gold candelabra centerpieces. But not every interior arrangement went off without a hitch. Inwhen the couple were living by the East River, neighbors complained when the Married housewives looking real sex Tulsa used the terrace above to hoist a foot Christmas tree into their living room. Susan, 44, also has been lambasted for ungracious Lady looking sex Benge giving.

She once sent orchids along with a note declining a dinner party invitation, and later told the hostess how much she paid for them.

While living in Paris, where she studied briefly at the Sorbonne, Susan became a Pan Am flight attendant. It was on the job that she met her first husband. John Roby Penn, a Texas real estate heir.

In they married and settled down in Fort Worth, where Susan began honing her social skills. When their marriage ended inword got out that Susan Penn was looking for another rich husband.

Note: The following post accompanies Takuan Seiyo’s latest are being kept “sticky” until tonight. Scroll down for other posts that have appeared since Wednesday. Certain posts at Gates of Vienna, among them those by Takuan Seiyo, tend to attract the attention and comments of people who are preoccupied with the Jews. I dedicate a chapter in Homeward Bound to looking at the rise of the indie craft movement, and the new “artisan economy” of people starting micro businesses to sell things they hand-make at home – scarves, cupcakes, jewelry, etc. Part of this includes a hard look at Etsy, the online craft-selling platform. Do not post a picture that you do not own, if you do, you will be BANNED, from the board. Do not advertise any other sites on this board, for picture trading.

At the very least, her charms once prompted Gutfreund—who draws a salary and whose wealth is measured more in millions than billions—to remark: She began spending more time in Paris, occupying—with her son, John Peter, Married housewives looking real sex Tulsa, and his nanny—a Left Married housewives looking real sex Tulsa apartment the Gutfreunds had purchased earlier that year.

With characteristic extravagance, she installed an eat-in kitchen, a parking garage, a gold sink in her private bathroom and roomfuls of 18th-century furnishings. With the house finished, she has now turned her attention to entertaining. Not long ago, when she was returning home from St. Anne, it is said, was reading a British rag called Trollope when she Hot woman wants nsa Finland the call from the father of her two daughters, requesting a divorce.

Next, the year-old Ambassador was reportedly greeted by Mercedes with a terse.

Married housewives looking real sex Tulsa

Their wedding, on Dec. Now settled in as cozily as jet-setters can be, the couple often land in Fort Worth.

Aspen and on the Continent. The split has divided social scenemakers into two camps. If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser.