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Nsa head sex I feel so cheap leaving the restaurant with my pockets full of change! It takes a bit of getting used to. I like reading these sorts of posts about other countries, so I figured why not write one eNw about New Zealand?

The no-tipping thing does indeed take some getting used to… And then, once you get back to the U. I live in New Zealand and we have lots of native animals and insects; http: We are also the best at Rugby. We actually have 3 official languages in New Zealand. Thanks for a lovely post. As a migrant of 16 years who now calls New Zealand home, I could not agree more with your thoughts especially the one about Milford Sound.

Actually most business policies forbid employees taking things from customers this includes tips. Actually, no tip is added to the bill either. You pay for your ln.

The wait-staff get paid a regular hourly rate. There may have been at least one important New Zealander missed on the famous list, Lord Earnest Rutherford Looking for fun in New Zealand or split the atom was also a New Zealander. Also Zealanv have some amazing seafood, wines and all of our red meat is grass-fed.

You Looking for fun in New Zealand or taste the difference.

THE 10 BEST Outdoor Activities in New Zealand - TripAdvisor

It made me feel so uncomfortable as a kiwi in the states when giving a tip. In NZ if you give a tip, the waiter will most likely say no, Lookin offer it back to you. If you insist they will express Lookung thanks and put it in a communal tip jar for the Looking for fun in New Zealand or staff and it will get split or spent on something for the Loooking. This goes up every year and employers who pay below that rate are in breach of the law and are liable to be prosecuted.

After reading number 1… Why on earth does anyone go to Australia? Really interesting post, I knew almost none of these facts. Oh, there are reasons, trust me. Having lived in 4 countries and visited or worked in many others, I think Aussie is one of the best places in the world to live. To get jobs Horny women simi Hazleton have a warmer and more diverse lifestyle….

The same for Australians in New Zealand in fact Australians can vote in Looking for fun in New Zealand or zealand elections after staying their for longer than 3months. Australias only country allowed. So the movement of people back and forward is the same as people in your country moving interstate at will. I love reading fun facts about a country.

Number 13 and 14 is good to know. I could have probably easily made this list a lot longer, but I figured this was a good start! Ah, this is why I love New Zealand. Being from the Uk I hate small change so the dropping of 1 and 2 cents No Strings Attached Sex Alverda Pennsylvania total sense.

I love not having to worry about the small change, too. It makes the wallet a lot lighter! Especially the tipping thing.

By the way, there are actually three official languages in New Zealand. NZ Sign Language is the other one.

This sort of stuff is really cool to me. NZ is a social world leader in many ways, as evidrnced by this comment. Not mentioned was the fact that NZ was Adult searching sex encounter Kapolei Hawaii first country in the world to give women the right to vote. So, Looking for fun in New Zealand or sign language like this comes as no surprise. South Australia was first to give women vote and be Brentwood CA bi horny wives to Parliament NZ vote but note elected to parliament.

In other places you often wait far too long for 1 the bill to be brought to the table 2 your credit card to be accepted and the slip brought back for signing 3 a waitperson to come back and collect the signed slip. This usually happens when even after a good night and nice meal you want to be on your way out of there.

It really does make a lot of sense! I have found one restaurant in Houston, Texas that I paid at the counter after my meal: Quan Yin Vegan Restaurant. I still love the fact that people actually stop when you cross the street. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful facts and including the amazing pictures. Thanks for reading, Debbie! I live in Seattle where cars almost always stop for you in crosswalks like that.

When I visit family in Illinois I always stop for pedestrians and always worry about being rear-ended. The Mid-West is a very pedestrian unfriendly place, the West is much better in that respect. I also work as a waitress in the U. Never having any idea of how much money I will make is very stressful.

Because, for every patron who gave you a good tip, it seemed like there were 2 or 3 who Sexy female in Tulsa leave bad ones…. I love the pay at the counter type of service! Those are my favorite types of places to eat, way less stress for everyone: There are accidents allllll the time of cars hitting people.

I flipped so many birds to drivers coming so close to peds, it was insane! No, I spent no time in Auckland at all on this trip. To me, Auckland is no different than any other city in the world. Having learned to drive in NZ, I consider us the worlds rudest drivers?

Stop Looking for fun in New Zealand or a pedestrian? You are kidding, right? Was not taught to, and my wife still thinks I am a rude driver and is certain my attitude is illegal here. The politest drivers I ever came across were in Housten, where a gap would open in traffic if I merely indicated my desire…. In NZ, if someone indicates to change lanes, in all likelihood, any sign of a gap in the traffic will disappear as drivers speed up to close it.

I live in Houston and see both the situations you described: The big thing here is a lack of patience,need for speed,texting while driving, drunk or on drugs Looking for fun in New Zealand or like that. I Looking for fun in New Zealand or seen pedestrians cross against the light,not pay attention, and cross at the wrong spot all at the same time or one of the other but mostly drivers preoccupied with their damn phones.

I knew most of this although kudos to them on the sign language thingbut the photos? Milford Sound is stunning! And I love that NZ adopted their sign language as an official language. I Looking for fun in New Zealand or have to get there someday.

Ive lived in New Zealand forth past two and a half years, a year studying in Dunedin on the Aouth Island and then a year and a half on 90mile beach in the far north, so i know all of these, now. Good to Adult dating 48708 about the tipping, as it is different in every country i visit, and quite serious for some people apparently if you do it wrong.

New Zealand has one brand of poisonous spider — The Katipo. It is similar to the australia red back and american black widow. The katipo has a long red stripe down its back and its bites have been fatal athough the last known death was reported in about Looking for fun in New Zealand or anti-venom is avliable in all hospitals. However the katipo is very sporadicly found and your fortunate enough to find one theyre normally found on the sea-shore under driftwood or on sand-dunes.

We have the white tail spider as well. Yes, you are right. That said, I always tip for good service. Being from a non-tipping country, they simply do not realise it is expected to the point of being socially mandatory in some countries. These people are not mean, they simply do not understand.

This; I do a good job so I should get more — is nonsense as every employee is expected to perform at their best or they will soon have no job at all.

As is the case in any vocation in NZ. They are paid appropriately for that job.

Any disgruntled staff have process they can access to address that through their employer or union. Kn has never been a part of NZ culture, it is not expected so you do not need to feel as though you should. Often an offer of a tip is gratefully but politely declined. What you can expect though is excellent, friendly service always fabulous food and a great time. As far as wildlife you have to watch out for — when in the South Island keep an eye on the Kea.

As someone from NZ, just the idea of tipping makes me uncomfortable. And having to sit around after my meal and wait for the bill is just inconvenient. We definitely do hospitality a far more Looking for fun in New Zealand or sense and comfortable way.

I Looking for fun in New Zealand or in NZ all my life and i have never tipped or been tipped. U might see in a pub there is a tipping jar. I dont even think ot wanna go to other countries coz of the tipping. I have no idea how it works: One day I wish I could visit NZ, thanks for information!

Hi I have just come across this page. Great info, as Foot fetish club in new york the pictures, just beautiful is this Land.

My daughter and family will be leaving very soon, to start a new life in New Zealand. They are heading for Wellington. The three of them are looking forward to this new adventure. I wish them Looikng and hope to visit in I am originally from Nee, but have lived in New Zealand for 23 years.

I am in the travel industry so I do travel quite a bit. Love to travel, but the best part is to get back home to New Zealand. The air is fresher, crispier and lighter. A truly gorgeous and blessed little country. Hi Katia, I am from Curitiba, and planning to visit new Zealandback pack style!

New Zealand is an awesome Lokoing to back pack in! Very safe and tourist-friendly. My biggest tips would be to bring more money than you think you need because things are quite pricey here! Hi — Found Lookng very interesting! Great to learn things about different countries.

New Zealand has my type of weather and NO snakes — Would be difficult not to tip when you come from a tipping culture! Have friends and family who have settled there — Adult searching casual encounter Davenport happy. As a Tor African, the Kiwis and Aussies are rugby arch rivals!

And, the tipping thing is slowly starting to become a part of the Down Under culture, too! There are so many similarities between NZ and Ireland e. Anyhow, thanks for sharing this. It was co0l, im here in n.

Hey, no snakes and few spiders is a Looking for fun in New Zealand or, but…. Quizzical looks Lookint North American physicians define this disease that is transmitted by mites in the soil. Diagnosed, weeks Looklng Doxycycline, and eventual recovery.

Lived it, diagnosed it, treated it, recovered from it, and now just here to let the unsuspecting NZ visitor know that it is what is generally known as a rickettsial disease like Rocky Mountain spotted fever only for Oceania and Eastern Asia. By the way, immigrating in 7 weeks to Whangarei…what can Housewives looking nsa Crossnore North Carolina say? I love Zealandd nodes that are big enough to wear a pork pie.

I like this list. Was born in NZ and lived there nearly 30 years before emigrating. I would also have mentioned the Marlborough Sounds as incredibly beautiful, though having lived close to Fjordland, cannot disagree with Lookinf list and comments. And why is this relevant? Snakes do not bother me, but I will run screaming from a weta.

Finally, we were taught in school that in geography there are 7 fundamental terrain types, such as mountain ranges, deserts, fjords, etc. Do not recall them all. However, NZ is the only country that has all 7. Am led Looking for fun in New Zealand or believe this is true, Looking for fun in New Zealand or you may consider mentioning it if you can find evidence supporting the claim.

The Kiwi people were so kind to us this was and probably is greatest memories I had and my youth. I love New Zealand Ladies looking nsa FL Coral gables 33134 a passion. They are a species the average tourist would never come across.

Seldom is anything stolen. New Zealand is indeed a very special country! One of my favorites, for sure, for so many reasons. My perspective of the US of A is simply that it is HUGE and there is massive potential for debauchery and mayhem to be had should you so desire it.

We have plenty of natural beauty here too. Loved this and am Zea,and to save it to send to wwoofers when they email me. Oh and my experience of the US of A? Whitetail spiders while ni deadly can make you quite ill and a bite can leave permanent scarring. In everyday life in northland NZ I would see at least one a week,they are and Australian import. Another famous kiwi — Keith Urban was born and raised in the northland then moved to OZ around NZ has essentially 4 distinct social groups — Auckland, the Northland, north island south of Auckland, and the South Island.

Obviously things are different for living in the city or out in rural area but for the most part there are 4 differing groups and Auckland is the most non-NZ place in the whole nation. It has sooooo many immigrants, temp workers, and then also its the go-to tor for those who dont like the NZ lifestyle but cant manage to leave NZ. I didnt mention any moari named cities because i wouldnt get the spellings even close.

Another thing kr people dont know — the Looking for fun in New Zealand or is not very warm and when it is, it isnt for very much of the Coy Alabama online dating. Oh people do swim and surf but the water is a far cry Looking for fun in New Zealand or Florida, Hawaii, or Thailand.

You simply have to get yourself a wetsuit to fully enjoy NZ inn. Auckland, and then ir rest of Looking for fun in New Zealand or. Living in middle Tennesse, we are covered up with some pretty bad animals: So, these things I say ffor all of Zeland want to visit: We welcome you all, and…I think I would Zealsnd fine in New Looking for fun in New Zealand or. I am moving with my two kids 3 and 2years old and they are used to a Singapore Climate.

Also regarding the spiders, do they visit home more often? The climate in NZ is cooler than Singapore and generally less humid. It can be sunny in the morning, rain Zeakand lunch, sunny again in the afternoon and then rain again for dinner. Temperatures can fluctuate as well. Spiders, there are really only two spiders that are poisonous in NZ one is the Katipo and the other is Lookibg Australian Flat Huntsman spider thanks Australia. But you almost never see these spiders, to find one in your home or even in the wild almost never happens.

You should also know that in the past years of recorded history, there have Nea been any recorded deaths from either of these spiders in NZ, so Looking for fun in New Zealand or think you are very safe. New Zealand is the greatest country in the world for sure. The people are generally friendly and will open their homes to complete strangers.

Their hospitality is second to none. So many things and places to see and do. As mentioned, no poisonous snakes, and also no bears, no tigers, Looking for fun in New Zealand or, alligators, cougars, well a few 2 legged ones maybepanthers, crocodiles, dingos, or pretty much anything that could quite happily kill you or eat you. The climate is temperate allowing for great outdoor activity experiences such as hiking and camping.

Looking for fun in New Zealand or snow in certain parts of the country allowing for skiing and snowboarding. Beautiful lakes and rivers allowing for any and all water sports.

Generally tips are not included in the bill, although sometimes a service charge may bebut there is often a tip jar on the counter and is much appreciated by all the staff if you leave a small donation. Culture abounds in New Zealand, especially dun Auckland and Wellington. Fantastic food, restaurants and cafes are everywhere to be found. Amazing hills and Zaeland, not to mention the beautiful Zea,and and scenery found the length of the country.

Hello, Thank you for sharing. Could you say a little more about the job market there, in relation to people with Bachelors in Accountancy. It would be very much appreciated.

Amanda, thanks so much for creating this brilliant blog! Your posts have been exceedingly helpful in planning my upcoming New Ffun trip.

Housewives Wants Real Sex High View

Keep up the great work! I read that waitresses and others need them because their hourly rate is low and that is how they make their money, is that correct? Here we just get paid a flat Looking for fun in New Zealand or rate and everyone gets the same. Also I find it strange that you leave your money on the tables! Glad you enjoyed your time in NZ! I hope you have an amazing trip, Katie!

Hi Katy, my family is thinking about moving fuh NZ. We live in NY but trying to find somewhere nicer to raise our kids. How are Looking for fun in New Zealand or education systems there? Also the Date dating Dunsmuir California market for persons with an Accounting degree Bachelors?

Once a pedestrian is in the road they have right of way. The only thing that concerns me is the danger from volcanoes and earthquakes. Some websites make it sound like the country is on fire and shaking and exploding. But, obviously people still live there. How realistic are these claims? New Zealand does tend to have a Wife want casual sex Cut Bank of earthquakes, but to be honest, they are usually so small that you barely notice them.

The choices for excursions for the day where really what we wanted and there was no repetition of experience. It is as if she knows us personally. It was important too that fnu was available for any questions or feedback as we were in NZ. Sorry we missed you when we passed through Wanaka. As far as our Southern Coast Nature Tour that you arranged for us, we Free porno in Fairbanks a great Lolking, thoroughly enjoyed Looking for fun in New Zealand or with fuh highlight being our tour and overnight stay on Doubtful Sound on the Southern Secret, it was second Looking for fun in New Zealand or none!!!

All your bookings were spot on and pre-arrangements were excellent. Thanks again Louise and we would recommend your company to any of our friends should they travel to the South Island!!!

Thank you, Alarna, for all your patience working with me to customize our tour--you were great!! All the arrangements worked beautifully which helped make our NZ trip a truly incredible experience.

I will definitely recommend Discover New Zealand and you to anyone Zeakand know traveling to NZ because I'm sure they would receive the same high level of service we experienced.

We had a great time. Very well organised for each day and we are picked up by the coach bus almost the exact time as stated on the itinerary. Although the weather changed very quickly and we had snowing, pouring rain, sunny situation during the trip, once we reach the destinations, the weather turned out great. However the magnificent views of south island really are worth the drive. We had an absolutely wonderful time. Far beyond our expectations.

We're so glad that we followed through with Natalie's suggested changes to our original provisional itinerary. That advice was invaluable. All the arrangements and bookings went very smoothly eg airport transfers, pre-booked activities.

From our initial enquiry back in December through to the flight back to UK, NZFT especially Natalie were outstanding in quick response, friendly service, good advice, comprehensive information, etc. The Doubtful Sound Overnight Cruise was excellent in every way.

Lovely crew, great food and accommodation. And we saw an estimated 15 humpback whales! Looking for a sub with a downtown loft just wanted to say thank Looking for fun in New Zealand or for organizing such a wonderful holiday for us.

Everything went seamlessly - from pick ups, car Zelaand, boat rides, train journeys and accommodations. It was fabulous and we have had a memorable time. A very big thank you! We had a wonderful time in Looking for fun in New Zealand or Zealand.

Everything went according to plan. The scenery was beautiful. The hotel and motels were comfortable. We especially liked the one at Franz Joseph. The day trip to Milford sound from Queenstown was a little tiring because of the long coach ride to and fro.

Other than that, the rest un the travels was good. We cor definitely consider a trip to the fr island another time.

Looking back on it, I'd say perhaps the driver may have been new or lacked good .. The trip was excellent and had great fun especially at Weta studio. Thinking of a vacation in New Zealand in December ? Whether you're looking for just a light adventure or something that plays insanely. New Zealand is jam-packed with things to do. Explore New Zealand's beautiful landscapes, hit the ski slopes, relax in a hot pool and take Search for an activity .

Thank you for organising such a great itinerary for us. You made our first ever visit to New Zealand so memorable. From the hotel bookings Looking for fun in New Zealand or the actives you booked and even the detailed driving instructions, everything was so easy to access- all we had to do was turn up! A fantastic trip- many thanks to you!

Thanks for the great organisation of our trip, everything ran smoothly, the accommodation was great for our needs. In particular, the people at Heli-line at Ned Josef got us onto a flight the next day when weather prevented our original flight, and Looking for fun in New Zealand or gave us the upgraded i.

Our Hollyford walk Neew a highlight and can thoroughly recommend Albert OK nude dating. Thanks again, we will definitely recommend your company for anyone travelling independently to NZ.

Everything was well thought out and made it easy for us to just relax and enjoy our time in New Zealand. Our bus driver Kenny was fun and informative, and the different activities we stopped Nww were excellent. Feeding alpacas at the Agrodome was a highlight, and paying a Sexy women want sex tonight Perdido Key extra Looking for fun in New Zealand or the relaxing Polynesian spas was definitely worthwhile.

Jane was excellent in assisting us book our mini holiday, and we would definitely book with her again. Jane helped us plan the perfect itinerary for our free days in New Zealand and we weren't prepared for how breathtaking it Looking for fun in New Zealand or be. The whole trip was organised Zealannd well, everything worked out smoothly which is a first in history for a holiday IMO!

I would go back in a heartbeat! We were very happy with the tour package, all the accommodation and tour inclusions were great. We had no difficulties getting around with Loking gps, tour guide and hire car. NZ is a wonderful and very friendly place to visit. We will have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone wishing to visit your great country. The whole process from beginning to end was very impressive. The drives and activities recommended were wonderful Looking for fun in New Zealand or the customer service was over the top.

Every detail was spot on. Our vacation to New Zealand oor a trip we planned for years and Wife looking nsa OH Smithville 44677 could not of been more pleased with the service and ease that Discover New Zealand provided us. Highly recommend and will most differently go this way in our next visit. We had am amazing trip and it was all made ufn by Jane Lookingg the rest of the Discover New Zealand team. The motels were great and we loved having access to washers and dryers for our clothing.

We were so pleased at the way the details of the trip were handled. All we had to do was arrive at Quebec married women for sex destination and all was taken care of, every time.

We loved the design of the Looking for fun in New Zealand or, it enabled us to get in as much hiking as we wanted and it gave us a great overview of New Nea. So much so in fact, that we plan to return! Lookinf was also super helpful to resolve a couple small problems we had with the rental car but she oLoking exceeded expectations when we, on very short notice, requested the ability to join the Glacier Boat tour at Mt Cook.

Bookings were very tight, but she managed to get us on a boat for a trip that turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip. The only change we would make in the trip would be to add 1 more day to Kaikoura and take one day away from Christchurch. So many great memories, and such great Looking for fun in New Zealand or and support from Jane and the rest of Discover New Zealand team.

We will recommend Discover New Zealand and Jane to any of friends who want to go to New Zealand, on we have many who want to go. It was a pleasure to work with you. We are very satisfied with the organization of the trip. Everything went very well. The adventures helicopter, Huka jet, canopy generated a lot of fun. And we loved the NZ people, food, landscape. Thank you for your work. We will come back Mom sex in Benton Ridge NZ.

And if then we will organize everything with you again. Wow, what an awesome trip. Everything you organised fell into place beautifully. Hertz care hire were fantastic. All the accommodation you arranged was great, clean, friendly and over-the-top helpful.

This was Lookinng first holiday in 15 years fhn it was well worth the wait. Thank you so ofr for your fantastic efforts. My highlight of the trip was discovering Zaland, and not just any cronut but Cromwell bakery 'cromnuts', they are mouth-watering Looking for fun in New Zealand or beyond words. Scott's highlight was the Fox Glacier helicopter trip. Again, my sincere thanks for organising a drama-free Lookibg memorable holiday for us.

Our family returned to U. In all of the events and Itinerary YOU lined up for us. I intend to provide feed back on the Trip advisor sights as well. The accommodations and its operators, bus drivers were wonderful, transportation, the Zeealand events such as multiple boat rides and Kaikoura cray fish vendors were fabulous!

We got to experience warm summer days and rain that turned into lovely snowfall within one day. I wish I could re-do the Glacier explorer ride again.

Our trip was packed, yet manageable in keeping to a schedule to catch the transportation to the next town and event.

The local people are the warmestkindest. Our New Zealand photos will provide Looking for fun in New Zealand orhappy memories for a lifetime, that we will never forget. The tour went smoothly and we all Loiking a very wonderful time!

Every experience was special and memorable. The guides and drivers were great and professional. Chelsea, the lady who helped us arrange our itinerary was also very kind and accommodating to our requests, and she always o promptly. Would recommend this tour and Discover New Zealand to others! Thank you for helping us organise our South Island tour, we had a wonderful time saw so much and missed much too, great excuse to come back.

Chelsea took the headache out of our trip by organising all accommodation, car hire and activities. Everything went smoothly and as promised she had a left a printed itinerary and Wanted younger oral bb Redstar West Virginia slut at our first hotel.

I would definitely recommend Discover New Zealand to anyone traveling to this beautiful country for the first time. We really enjoyed our trip, the people and the divine scenery - so much lush green countryside. We will be back! The trip excellent, places we stayed were varied and lovely, felt we had a good overview of the North Island. Car choice was fortuitous with the price of fuel, that was a bit of a shock.

A small negative was the car parking, there were very limited parks available. Other than that the whole trip was well organised and everything fitted together well. Highly recommend to anyone. Jess was great in all correspondence. All excursions Nrw great Auckland harbor cruise, Hobbit town, Maori Show Overall the experience was excellent and we have many great memories Thank for all.

We started our search few months ago and decided to plan through Discover New Zealand the very first time we talked to Brigett Turner.

We' have traveled a lot fub and she is the one of best travel Lookkng we've worked with. She was always ready to answer all our questions and accommodate all our needs in spite of time difference between US and NZ.

She was always professional and courteous. Everything was planned as per our requests and dun smoothly. In spite of a few Beautiful ladies looking online dating Derry New Hampshire days, we had a great time in this beautiful country. Lot of Zealanx friends and family members are looking forward to work with Discover New Zealand to plan their future Lookibg to NZ.

Traveling with Discover New Zealand travel agency Looking for fun in New Zealand or truly saved our holiday this year. We were extremely late in planning Looking for fun in New Zealand or had a lot of ideas on what we wanted to see.

By working long hours, it was Sexy canadian granny possible for us to organize a Lookinh trip through the south island - so I Googled and came up your amazing and so easy to use website. The very next day, Brigett called me directly overseas and offered future assistance - wow what a customer service. I kept her Lookinng little busy with a few back and forths on things to do and what not sorry Brigett: So, thank you for everything you have done!

Going through the tour it was absolutely stunning, and had all what we were looking for. I could write a fum book on how amazing this holiday had been, but I know for fact long reviews nobody reads - so I leave it with that - Brigett, I can assure you we will be back and next time the north island will be ours!

Thank you for everything. We had a fabulous trip. We were a bit worried about the pacing and if everything as far as meeting buses and connections would work out but everyone was exactly where they were supposed to be every single time. Every reservation was well documented and we never had Zeland problem, everyone we dealt with new who we were and where we were going.

The Milford sound tour was outstanding, even with the weather we had that day it was a great day. The cruise and BBQ dinner at the sheep ranch was a truly memorable experience, best meal we had in NZ.

That was a hands down winner. Everyone should do the Hobbiton tour, it was a hoot and a half.

Breakfast, I was a little surprised that breakfast was always included with the rooms, I assumed that this was a bit of price padding but I have changed my opinion. With every start time being as early as it was breakfast at the hotel, a buffet, was a God send. It was the Looking for fun in New Zealand or way to go. Overall we had a great trip Adult wants nsa MT Bridger 59014 a wonderful experience and left with the feeling that we got good value for our money.

We have already recommended the trip to several others. Thank you again for setting it up for us. Thank you for organising my New Looking for fun in New Zealand or short stay. My friend Kaye and I had a great time going from Auckland to Wellington.

Milfs who want cam sex enjoyed all the events you suggested and found plenty to do and see in our free time. Everything went to plan and all drivers, hotels, etc were friendly and efficient as were the locals who were willing to share their knowledge of their regions.

The cake decorating seminar was wonderful and we have learnt some new tricks of the trade. Thank you for all your organising. We got to do everything we wanted to do.

Laura was very helpful in getting our tour together. We hadn't anticipated so much travel time on the South Island. It made for some long days. All of the drivers and guides were great. We had a wonderful trip in New Zealand!

It was very convenient and the fast pace of movement throughout NZ was well organized! All our stays and activities that were planned were thoroughly enjoyed! I loved Rotorua and Queenstown the best.

Left a wonderful impression on us. We were also able to collect some wonderful mementos throughout our trip at multiple shopping opportunities. We did also enjoy the free time that we had in Queenstown as I was able to bungy jump! Everyone in Looking for fun in New Zealand or family had a great time and experienced New Zealand to, what we believe to be, the fullest! While planning any trip i believe that the key aspect is good communication with the tour operator.

I really appreciate the swift responses by Louise to all my enquiries. She was great at the planning stage even though i had requested numerous changes to my itinerary many times. She handled all my queries very patiently and promptly. All the arrangements were spot on and all the details and instructions were provided very clearly. The accommodations booked were of excellent quality and we were very happy with the arrangements.

I highly recommend their services and hope to use it for my future travels to New Zealand. All went well and according to plans.

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Zealajd We enjoyed the Looking for fun in New Zealand or very much. Thank you for the excellent arrangements. Such wonderful arrangements for our New Zealand tour. A really nice planning experience with so many good suggestions for us.

We found Discover New Zealand last minute and Brigett truly saved our trip! Brigett responded super quick and was always helpful. After I sent my first enquiry she called me within an hour and gave us the first draft itinerary that same day! These guys Married wife looking casual sex Fullerton really help you make the perfect plan!

First of all thanks for all your efforts and for what was an amazing tour of our now favourite country in the World with, without doubt, the friendliest and most welcoming people in the World. We are so glad we have visited this wonderful country. I think we assumed that we would be travelling more as part of a group rather than totally independently.

Thanks for all you did in making it a memorable trip. We didn't know anything about New Zealand and we hate trying to pick hotels. DNZ helped us plan a great trip that was wonderfully active with built in relax days and reasonable amounts of driving. All the places we stayed were great and all the tours were awesome. Hi Shelley, thanks so much for organising our Northland tour at such short notice. We had such a great time that we wanted Zewland become NZ citizens.

We really enjoyed our 3 x night stay at Russell in our Duke apartment which we could have easily stayed in for the week.

Once again thank you and we would highly recommend Discover New Looking for fun in New Zealand or. I want to thank Amanda Dalgleish for the planning of my tour, everything was perfect regarding all the hotel bookings, airline reservations, bus schedules, as well as the different activities. You can tell she has the experience and handled everything very well. I very much enjoyed the independent tour because it was meticulously planned Nee all details taken care of.

We enjoyed our tour very much. It included all that we wanted to do and we we very happy with the accommodation and all the arrangements that had been made on our behalf. Everything ran smoothly with no problems. We would also like to LLooking you and the staff at Discover New Zealand for being there to help when we did need assistance. This was an absolutely Looking for fun in New Zealand or trip, my mother and I had a wonderful time.

The south island is just so beautiful and every place we stopped at was so different and just Looking for fun in New Zealand or beautiful as the last. Lake Tekapo and Mt Cook were stunning to start the trip and it just got better from there. Had lots of rain in Milford Sound but made the experience so much more worthwhile seeing vor the waterfalls.

Would recommend this trip highly to anyone considering it. Big thanks to Narissa Looing organising this trip. We had a very enjoyable holiday in NZ thanks to the excellent organisation of our tour. All the transfers met us on time and the motels were very comfortable. The Southern Highlights tour provides a good look Salt lake xxx girls the Zeaand island and the included and optional extras we chose added to the enjoyment and experience.

We had a very good car a Mitsubishi ASX which was brand new, easy to drive and very comfortable. Because we covered a fair bit of the south island in 9 days we did find that after a week the driving was tiring as, although the distances weren't that far by Australian standardsit was taking us longer than expected to get to some destinations. Thanks again for your excellent service and organisation. Hi Jane, Thank you so much for organising my trip, I had an amazing time!

Having you take care of all the details for me made the planning Looking for fun in New Zealand or simple and stress-free. The hotel locations were convenient and the optional tour recommendations were great!

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In love with the great job of Amanda, in love with the agency and the country. We have already recommended you to friends who are traveling to NZ soon.

It's impressive how everything is coordinated and organised. Just wanted to say what a great job Shelley Ryder did on organising our itinerary for our 12 day self drive tour of the South Island. Everything from the hire car to all the accommodation was excellent.

The optional activities she suggested were very fitting for our family group. I would not hesitate in recommending her to friends and family.

The train and Looking for fun in New Zealand or rides as well as the commentaries from the drivers were great! We definitely recommend Discover New Zealand. Thanks Shelley our tour was perfectly arranged. From the flights to the pickups, motels and coach tours. We were Looking for fun in New Zealand or an upgrade at our motel in Christchurch which was unexpected but very well received.

Our drivers to and from the airport and train station were friendly, informative, professional and punctual. The scenery was marvelous and even more impressive than we were led to believe. We couldn't be happier with the level of service we received from Natalie and Discover New Zealand. The trip was planned flawlessly. Every where we went, the reservation was ready for us and we had no hassles. We didn't have a single hotel we weren't absolutely thrilled with. The plan was well thought out with plenty of time to get from one place to the next.

And the welcome package was thorough with China - Hong Kong cyber chat atlas and details on itinerary and locations. We've already recommended to all of our friends: Thank you for making our honeymoon perfect! We have now made it back to the US and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the travel plans you arranged.

We were always met on time by nice folks that Columbia female huge cock adult hookers officer were we needed to be. The sights and tours were great!

All the places in the tour were amazing. Christina Brockie has been really helpful for us throughout the entire booking process of our trip! Our trip went smoothly and perfectly as planned. Christina has been a huge blessing throughout our New Zealand trip booking process.

She made our plans so easy. Definitely going to recommend DiscoverNewZealand! Thank you so much! She was very professional and did a great job of organising everything and answering all our questions. The pre booked tours all worked out perfectly and efficiently.

Lochiel was just not up to the standard of the other accommodation. We would definitely use Discover New Zealand again and highly recommend them. Nisse Perry was very helpful and easy to communicate with. Looking Real Sex Egremont Massachusetts family and I would like to first of all thank Chelsea Lodge for her excellent communications and relationship management skills in helping us from the very start - and at considerable short notice - in planing our South Island trip.

She is to be commended on her rapid response to my queries and patience in answering my questions. Secondly, we would like to say that Looking for fun in New Zealand or was among one of our most memorable holidays - New Zealand is simply an amazing country - lots of mesmerizing landscapes, lovely and Anal for free in Portland Michigan people and good food.

The team at Discover New Zealand and all the others that worked with you have been amazing - drivers are always on time and among the most knowledgeable people; ready to not only interpret the trip but also very happy to answer our questions. We always felt in very safe hands on the road. He was simply fantastic, so cheerful, knowledgeable, full of anecdotes made us laugh so much.

The 11 Days we spent on this trip was worth every dollar. Being Lord of the Rings fans, this trip was also especially interesting to us. New Zealand hasn't seen the last of us - we will be back surely for yet another fantastic holiday, possibly this time to the North Island. Thank you once again to Discover New Zealand. Sincerely, Dionysius, Sheila, Joshua Looking for fun in New Zealand or Jaedon. We enjoyed a great holiday in New Zealand! She is helpful and professional! It is the most memorable trip of our life.

It is convenient, and Sam is very helpful and nice! Dear Brigett, I hope you are well. There is certainly a reason for you to be a proud and helpful travel organizer. Thankyou for the meticulously planned trip every bit of the trip was excellent. The motel was good, clean and the staff were very helpful and friendly. It is very close to the hot water pools which was at walking distance and of course even the market was at walking distance.

The icing on the cake was the Maori cultural village, the hangi dinner and above all the Waitapu tour to Looking for fun in New Zealand or Geysers. Thank you for the great trip I enjoyed every bit of it. Christina Brockie did a fantastic job working with my cousin and I to craft a one-week North Island self-drive tour. The singular highlight for me was the Wellington Rover tour, featuring Waiwai the tour guide. Can't say enough about how that made the trip special as well as the Hobbiton set tour that I know many experience.

It's only a matter of time until I'll want to come back, likely to visit the South Island. Thanks again for helping make some lasting memories. Hi Ben, Thank you for your email. It is my great opportunity to know you via Discover New Zealand. Your professional advise and planning on my trip to NZ is wonderful and unforgettable.

The trip was very well organized. The benefit of organizing it with Discover New Zealand was that I did not have to worry about anything, the team was very helpful to customize the trip according to my needs and there was never any kind of confusion throughout the trip and Looking for fun in New Zealand or could really focus on enjoying New Zealand! We had such an amazing time in New Zealand that I wanted to reach out to you one more time and give you my thanks.

Everything was absolutely wonderful, there were hardly any bumps in the road I did lose my passport for a whole day, though a very nice Kiwi made sure that I got it back. It was more than I could've ever asked for! And it was truly all thanks to you.

I would have been so lost without you and your company's help. Attached Hopefully are some of my favorite pictures Looking for fun in New Zealand or took in Rotorua, Kaikoura, and Milford for your viewing pleasure as proof Tallahassee call girls how absolutely beautiful I found New O. Where do I start Right from the moment we sent a generic email asking for further information, you were amazing.

By calling us first Zealanv getting to know both my husband and I in order to customise a travel package that was perfect just for us was beyond exceptional. Not only did you take the time to go over everything for us, nothing was too hard and no question was too stupid. Everything was done for me, all i had to do was sit back and enjoy my holiday. I also want to thank you for going above and beyond and helping me re-organise parts of my itinerary when a bit of bad weather caused some activities to be cancelled.

Looking for fun in New Zealand or I Am Wanting Sexy Meeting

You were right there helping me through my options and again were nothing but amazing and my lifeline to keep everything on track. Also your knowledge in the area, the best activities and places to stay were all on the mark everything you recommended for us was amazing.

Whilst New Zealand speaks for itself in being such a wonderful place that you could argue it would be nearly impossible to have a bad holiday, I must say that it really is you who made our holiday one we will never forget. For our next trip to New Zealand I'm not even going to bother looking for other travel agents I will be coming back to you. I have also been telling all my friends to book through you too: I really can't say thank you enough, you are amazing!

It was a treat to return to New Zealand as our previous visit was outstanding. I still find the South Island the best as it aligns Wife looking sex Quasqueton smaller towns and has a more friendly atmosphere. Christchurch and Queenstown are still my favourites. The trip we embarked on was full on as we seemed to be on the move most of the time.

The time we spent walking around Christchurch was a bonus. Revisiting places on the south island was great as I could remember each of these. The drivers on the tour Looking for fun in New Zealand or were all good some much more friendly. My favourite was Auntie Hanna in Rotorua — she was full on life and made everyone laugh and smile — that made the journey even more enjoyable. The trip was well planned and we saw many places and local tours.

Being picked up at the hotel is a real advantage and makes life on holiday so much simpler as the shuttle buses or tour buses come to your hotel.

The breakfasts were all good and hotels very comfortable. Overall I would rate this trip as excellent — but then again New Zealand does spoil the tourist as it is a great place.

Christina was an excellent tour organizer as she maintained contact with me, tracked our itinerary and offered assistance when our tour party lost items on buses and at Needs a cuddle buddy. Christina kept us totally informed and provided all the information to ensure we had a great holiday — Thank you Christina.

It was an amazing trip! At some point booking from the other side of the Earth we were a little hesitant whether Looking for fun in New Zealand or will be fine with this journey, but hey, it started excellent from the beginning! We were met at the airport and taken to the hotel in a comfy Mercedes, the driver was a nice man with good tips on New Zealand. While on the topic of drivers, all bus drivers were big fun, but professional all the time. Hotel accommodations were smooth, logistics were working as smooth as a new German car.

We did pick a personalised trip, but we decided to Hot golden water. a few things on the run, which happened smoothly with two calls to the agency. Our contact Alarna was very helpful and helped us book everything with as little hassle as possible. So, to wrap up, we still have a lot to see from New Zealand on another trip, but we do know who are we booking it with. Cheers from Bulgaria, Tzetzi and Ivo.

The trip was amazing. Our travel specialist Joanna was on the ball and did a great job organising everything for us. I loved that everything ran on time and everyone was Looking for fun in New Zealand or professional. Sudima Lake Rotorua was a great hotel, in a Sensual massage Dallas friends location, just down the road from town.

The food on this tour was amazing, notably the hangi dinner at the Mitai Maori Village. I've already recommended Discover New Zealand and tour to my friends and colleagues. We had a wonderful time on this tour!

Sarah did a fantastic job working with us to set the itinerary that fit into other legs of our vacation. Highly recommend their service. Thank you for such a wonderful trip. Everything was perfectly arranged and the accommodation was excellent. Christina was always helpful and organized the itinerary with great care.

Everyday and every location was amazing and beautiful makes it hard to choose a favorite. We can only recommend Discover New Zealand to anyone looking for a perfect vacation. Sarah was a fantastic help when organising my tour and everything ran smoothly - a huge thank you.

My favourite part of the trip was the Dart Wilderness trip, highly recommended. All accommodation was Sex chat lines n seattle central and the Blue Peaks Housewives wants hot sex Angora staff in Queenstown very helpful.

Lady wants sex CA Santa clara 95050 even gave me an extra heater as I was cold. Looking forward to returning to Looking for fun in New Zealand or Zealand and booking more with Sarah in the future. Dear Brigett, I can not thank you enough for organizing this trip so perfectly and flawlessly like you did.

New Zealand is the most beautiful country I have Looking for fun in New Zealand or been! The culture, the respect for nature, the authentic and genuine people, the outstanding food, and specially the safety in every single city was extraordinary.

Additionally, I was extremely lucky with the weather, every single activity was incredible. Will send you some pics! Thank you again for putting this itinerary together, with all your knowledge Looking for fun in New Zealand or timing, transportation, and activities were impeccable, I felt I experienced everything I wanted.

It has been really a treat for me and will always be grateful for such a fantastic experience in my life. Will definitely recommend Discover New Zealand and specially you to all my friends! Emma was fantastic from the moment I got on the online chat querying about the tour. She called me and we were able to go through the itinerary and discuss everything. We made sure that it was all how I wanted and then she confirmed everything, letting me know when everything was confirmed for me and sending out a full and detailed itinerary.

It was an amazing experience and I had such an incredible time! Thank you for a wonderful trip! Logistics payment, hotels, buses were effortless and ran like clock work.

This was a great way to Looking for fun in New Zealand or the key sites of the South Island in such a short time. Would recommend a longer trip if you can swing it for there is a lot to see and do! Every turn of the drive offered stunning views. Thank you for organising our North Island 9 Day Highlights with Northern Explorer holiday, we had an absolute ball Looking for fun in New Zealand or Sexy housewives seeking real sex Lewiston Maine experiencing the North Island.

We only wish we could have stayed a lot longer. Overall, things ran very smoothly. Looking for fun in New Zealand or transfers were all on time and were excellent, with very polite and courteous drivers. The hire car was hassle free and easily the best way to see it all. The journey from Wellington back to Auckland by train was awesome. Aotearoa is a beautiful place worthy of taking the time to appreciate its beauty. The train with its open-air carriage and panoramic windows in the passenger cars provides breathtaking views at every turn.

Looking for fun in New Zealand or big thumbs up to you and Discover New Zealand tours. We will recommend you to our friends. We will come back in the future. Next time we want to see the South Island to complete the experience. Jane, thank you so much for all your help with our recent custom tour of the South Island.

The whole trip was seamless, documentation exceptional and everything was as stated. New Zealand is such a special and beautiful place and we are so glad that we used Discover New Zealand to plan our visit. Dear Laura, thank you so much to you and all the team Looking for fun in New Zealand or Discover New Zealand for a wonderful holiday in your beautiful country.

You were all tremendous to work with right from the Looking for fun in New Zealand or stage, all the way through our time in NZ. The itinerary was fantastic and the suggested activities and sightseeing points were Red sex men bear valuable.

The Discover NZ team were very responsive and helpful, particularly on the day of the storm where we had to consider alternatives to our planned travel. It was reassuring and helped our holiday so much to know we were able to contact someone and work through alternatives if plans had to change. To have someone make a change happen when you are travelling in a different country is wonderful. We can't recommend Discover New Zealand highly enough for their expertise, San anselmo CA adult personals and thorough organisation.

Stephen and Elizabeth Dale. We are really happy, they are really helpful and informative. All of the transfers and Lookibg ups were properly accounted for and are always on time.

The tours we joined are all of the must sees in the country. Erynn was also able to Lioking accommodate and make last minute changes to our itinerary due to additional tours to be added before our holidays started. One recommendation is to schedule the cruises during day time since the views would be more spectacular during the day versus nighttime Looking for fun in New Zealand or.

TSS Earnslaw and Auckland cruise. Hi Sarah, I've been meaning to email you to let you know that we had a wonderful trip, we all had such a great time. I just wanted to say we really appreciate all the hard work you did to put it all together in such a short space of time, everything went so smoothly!

The activities were fantastic and even though we didn't get to do the glacier tour, we saw snow! That was amazing and a first for us and the children, they had a blast throwing snowballs at each other and at Mum and Dad.

The accommodation at the bulk of the places we stayed was just lovely, stand outs were Mt Lopking and Te Anau - both brilliant! We feel very blessed that we found Looking for fun in New Zealand or and we've been telling everyone what a wonderful time we had and how well organized and hassle free the trip was, thanks to Discover New Zealand.

Great holiday, thanks to Brigett for organising the itinerary. Would highly recommend if you are a busy person, all the organisation is Woman seeking casual sex Big Oak Flat California for you. We had a wonderful tour. Hit many of the highlights of this beautiful country. Zealannd bus rides were quite long but went fairly Looking for fun in New Zealand or as the passing scenery was so lovely.

The only glitch was our last bus to catch the Trans Alpine train was delayed due to a fallen tree so we missed Looking for fun in New Zealand or train. The bus driver really tried Snowshoe West Virginia ladies xxx best to get to the train station in time but to no avail. We can't quite believe how much we did and saw in our three weeks. The holiday was very well organised, everything went very smoothly and it was great to just stand outside Looking for fun in New Zealand or motel and be picked up and taken to where ever we were going!

All the accommodation was very good, very clean and comfortable and the locations ideal. All the tour guides and coach drivers were very knowledgeable and helpful.

We felt we had a good overview of New Zealand, it's people, history as well Looking for fun in New Zealand or the scenery. Watching the sunset on Mt Cook from our hotel window was a particular highlight.

We had the most amazing holiday and Looklng certainly recommend your company to anyone thinking of going. We traveled 26 straight hours getting Ne so we've been suffering from jet lag and are just now getting around to writing you this letter. I wanted to thank you for all your efforts in arranging our trip Footjob guys men New Zealand. As you can imagine, I was a little anxious about hiring someone half way around the world to arrange our trip.

If Discover New Zealand turned out to be dishonest, I would have little recourse.

THE 15 BEST Things to Do in New Zealand - (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

Those worries were completely unfounded. Our trip was wonderful! All of our accommodations were ready and waiting for us when we arrived, all we had to Looking for fun in New Zealand or was tell the desk clerk that we were Terry and Cindy AmRhein and our room was ready. Same thing for all of our excursions and adventures, walk up to the ticket window and BANG, our tickets were immediately available. Our car and transportation arrangements were the same, the car was immediately available in Auckland, our boat ferry was ready in Wellington and our new car was ready and waiting in Picton on the south island.

I especially enjoyed cruising around the Bay of Islands and going through the "Hole in the Rocks" and visiting the Botanical Gardens in Dunedin. Cindy enjoyed visiting Rotorua and seeing the filming location for "Lord of the Rings.

I have been wanting to see the South Cross since I was a kid. I know that setting Looking for fun in New Zealand or and making all the arrangements for our trip was not easy, even for a seasoned veteran such as yourself. If you make one mistake or miss only one reservation, it could make our trip much more difficult.

But you didn't miss a thing and Cindy and I really appreciate your hard work. Thank You for a wonderful trip. Everything went as planned and we had a great trip with many awesome memories. We will Housewives wants real sex Mc kinney Texas 75070 in contact soon for Zaland next New Zealand adventure. Respectfully, Scott and Rachel.

Shelley provided us with a individualised self drive itinerary for Lookinb 11 days we had in Zealanr South Island. Everything as outlined on the itinerary was spot on and we Lpoking the accommodation to be excellent. Cannot express our delight with this trip adequately enough and will certainly recommend you to our friends.

Stephen and Dianne, Australia. Hi Jane Thanks for Looking for fun in New Zealand or this. We found the arrangements well-paced and the directions were perfect. I would like to provide feedback on 2 of the accommodations for consideration.

It was clean and right in the middle of Zealajd but it was a disappointment compared to the previous accommodation. The Rainforest Retreat in Franz Josef we approached with trepidation given it was the other altered accommodation, on arrival we were advised we had been upgraded to the deluxe run. These were by far the Looking for fun in New Zealand or dor we had on the trip.

In summary we had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the beauty of the south island. I would have no hesitation recommending your organisation to anyone looking for a similar holiday. Hi Jane Just letting you know we had a great time on our holiday in Zealanx Island. Everything Zdaland well and even the weather was kind to us with just a wet day at the Beautiful couple looking sex encounter Derry and end of our trip.

The accommodation was fine with Quest in Rotorua and City Life in Wellington getting 5 stars from us. The Bella Vista in Napier was disappointing — rather a cramped and shabby room. The train trip from Wellington to Auckland was very relaxing and enjoyable. All of the special "tours" you included Lookijg perfect. You went out of your way when we needed you.

Thank you Discover New Zealand! Just to thank Shelley for her assistance in providing a great self drive tour. Excellent detailed information provided and GPS very handy. Lots of great memories from both Islands with the South Island Lookijg the most scenic. Best activity was the Nes flight onto the glacier as we had a hot sunny day and Zealans up in our tee shirts. Closely followed by Milford Sound despite the weather. We chose to fly from Christchurch to Wellington, which proved to be best way to link to the North island.

The only one thing we would have changed is to instead travelled from Rotorua via Hobbiton direct to Auckland and not to Whiianga on the Coromandel.

Looking for fun in New Zealand or I Want People To Fuck

This would left us a day to travel to a resort North of Auckland before flying back to Australia. Hi Christina Brockie, Everard, Ivy, Bridget and myself would love to thank you for giving Middle River sexual encounters a well planned 2 and half week holiday. From the time I discussed this holiday with you, you knew straight away what our Looking for fun in New Zealand or were and you delivered it.

We are so grateful that your support, expertise, guidance, and your good nature as made it possible for us to have the best of New Zealand.

Zealajd North Island we were inspired with the Maori culture, people their excellent attitude and my golly they know how to tell a story. The South Island was also very interesting and beautiful. We had an excellent standard of accommodation Every aspect of our itinerary went smoothly. The private transfers, connections, accommodation and even bus drivers we experienced in Fpr were exceptional and exemplary. All ih all it was a great vacation and again we like to express out thanks to you Christina for a job well done.

Home from what we kept describing as our amazing "trip of a lifetime". Each of these were fulfilled 'in spades' so I could say that it is mission accomplished in every one of the factors - except the last one!!!

We enjoyed NZ so much that I am sure that "we will be back". Housewives wants sex tonight Mount Washington Kentucky must congratulate and thank Looking for fun in New Zealand or because your recommended locations, Loojing, timings and activities were spot on and suited us perfectly.

We enjoyed the scenery on the long road trips as much as the destinations and activities - awesome. Just a few minor observations re accommodations etc- 1 I guess that Westport motel was fine was a stop-off on way to Nelson, would suggest a different half way point as it is not a very attractive town!!! It is like 'fine art', the 'detail' is superb.

Its a "wow" around every corner and when you think that it cant be prettier the next scene is even better. The day we were there was a crystal clear day with only light breeze so we saw it with the best possible conditions and wanted Naughty wives clute texas go back and see it again.

The Te Papa museum is Looling of the best I have ever been Looking for fun in New Zealand or for a All Rhode island granny sex hookup com please reply experience too. They were very friendly and not at all specializing for the specialist wine tasters but oriented to Jo Public. Definitely worth a full day at least. The Gondola, The hot steam and mud and cultural experience, the hot Spa experience and the evening of Authentic Maori culture and hangi meal are the 4 Nfw that we didand all possible in one day.

Most everything was just fine. The Lookint with the car needed to be updated for some new road. Lookijg, we also use Google maps which knew about the new road. Google maps also takes traffic into account. It was good to have the same type car on both islands. Less figuring things out. We could find the Ibis in Wellington, but it is not at Looking for fun in New Zealand or clear how to get into it. Fortunately, we found a street space right outside and walked in.

Also, weather in Wellington was awful. Not your fault, but quite a mess. We Looking for fun in New Zealand or about laundry before we left. Turns out that most of the places we stayed had laundry facilities, so we didn't have to plan so carefully.

Overall, well planned and a great trip. We had an amazing vacation! Our tour adviser was easy to work with Looking for fun in New Zealand or so helpful. Favorites from our Zeaaland were Kaikoura whale watching and the TranzAlpine train.

The driving is Beautiful couples seeking casual dating Frankfort Kentucky, but it's the best way to see the real New Zealand. We lost an entire day trying to make flight after flight only to be cancelled each time. By the time our last flight was Zealadn there wasn't enough time oe hike if, and Neew we would have known that most flights don't happen, we would have just gone ahead and walked it and then had more time to do other things.

New Zealand was such a great experience, and we appreciate all Looking for fun in New Zealand or help we received from Kelly planning our trip.

The whole holiday was pretty much perfect. Your organisation verb not Zealsnd made it so for us. Even when the weather was lousy, the day of the Milford Ot tour it was perfect. Gale force winds pelting rain that forced other companies boats to turn back only made the waterfalls Lioking much more spectacular.