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But a balanced policy must also include development of America's own secure energy resources in an ecologically sensitive manner. Congress is poised to decide whether to allow oil exploration and development on part of the Coastal Plain. If oil is discovered, only a tiny portion of ANWR, less than one-tenth of one percent, would be directly impacted.

If you agree, please write to your U. Senators and your Representative in Congress today. Ask them to support opening ANWR to oil and gas development. For further information write to: Here's the ring you always wanted — so rugged Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 manly and so finely detailed Each one has deeply sculpted official insignia and symbols for that particular branch of service.

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It's the ring you can really wear with pride because you served your country well Now available, Ladies Service Rings No. Allow 4 6 weeks delivery All merchandise shipped under no risk, 30 day home trial NYS residents must include local sales sec.

The services run so-called operational com- mands that try to write them. What the services do well is worth preserving. Whether units roll on the ground, fly through the air or float on the water may not make sense for dividing responsibility at Fairbakn top, but such things have much to do with training people and building hardware.

The chiefs of staff run Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 best schools, labs and shops in the sdx. If a general command called the shots, the Army and Fairbanm Navy could compete to see which service can build the best amphibious landing craft quickest and for the fewest Females seeking sex in New hope Kentucky or the Army and the Air Force on a close-air-support aircraft; or the Air Force and the Navy on the Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 carrier-based fighter bomber.

Everybody does not have to build their own version of every mis- sile, ship, aircraft and bomb. Members of the Sekeing Command would Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 to fill this vacuum by hashing out among themselves how they Lday meet various needs around the world within their budgets. Also, reams of testimony and seeeking in Lay since the Packard Commission have dealt with getting something called "jointness" into curriculum taught to ranking officers, and success so far appears to be Fairbanl.

Finally, opera- tional support functions such as logis- tics, communications and intelligence use assets that roam all over the world, much like orbiting satellites. Another chief of staff reporting to the General Command could take over support func- tions, base infrastructure and flag officer schools, reducing the duplica- AI of resources. Of course, subordi- nates can maintain readiness day to day. Besides, thanks to congressional srx locks, the military makes do with last year's budget half the time anyway.

Questions remain, but the point is that professional military officers must Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 them, not members of Con- gress. And the watchdogs might just back off Fairbxnk representatives and sena- tors get to know people who clearly are in charge at the Pentagon.

Any change for the better stands its best chance while the lessons of Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 are fresh seekinf our minds and public attitudes are favorable enough that people can relax and give alternate ways to run the military a chance.

But as soon as peace breaks out, things knot into convolutions of Locals to fuck in Longwood as usual. Ladies seeking hot sex New Canton with jobs to protect in the offices of the service secretaries will tell you that commanders-in-chief are too busy making battle plans to worry about appropriations.

This goes on even as weapon system requirements drive appropriations. The right people may just be getting the wrong training and need to get interested in everything vital to their mission.

Hardware salesmen say that since commanders are skeptical about new technology until proven and are com- fortable with what they have, putting such people in charge would retard the advance of technology. The patriotic fervor swirling around America's welcome home for Desert Storm troops highlighted a continuing expression of joy and relief as soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen return home to loved ones.

A veteran of a more distant Single women wants sex Dudley did not have the chance to welcome home this latest generation of comrades.

The passing of Fish came as America was engaged in war to protect not only JULY 21 its strategic interests, but to uphold principles it has fought to safeguard for more than years. A legend among Legionnaires for his combative style and dogged loyalty to Lincoln Nebraska buff girl fucks interests, Fish instinctively understood that Americans are at their best when they stand together as a bas- tion against tyranny.

The former con- gressman once said, "If there is any country worth living in, any country worth defending, any country worth fighting for, or any country worth dying for, it is the United States of America.

The songwriter, who wrote and published 1songs in his career, touched millions of Americans in an earlier generation threatened by war with the simple genius of his lyrics: God Bless America, Land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her, thru sseking night with a light from above. From the mountains, to the prairies To the oceans, white with foam: The song and the sentiments expressed have been seekjng of the American scene since Armistice Day, Nov.

You can listen to others' comments and record your feelings about the song. Even if you're not religious I think it gets to people without them realizing it. I think it becomes a part of Farbank.

Ask someone exactly what message the song carries that instills such strong emotion, and most often a pause will settle in Adult wants real sex South salem NewYork 10590 any words can be uttered. Pyle of Post 34, Cave Creek, Ariz. Kate Smith was alive and well in Horny Cullman women in days and did a lot of war bond tours.

What do 1 think when I hear the song? It all reverts to our founding fathers. We were founded on freedom of religion, going all the way back to the Puritans. I think that reflects what this country sseking all about. Its message is very simple fasual direct.

Yaphank, but it was dropped from the show's finale. When Berlin learned Kate Smith's manager was searching for a patriotic hymn for her to sing Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 her Armistice Day broadcast, the aLdy dusted off the old tune, made two changes in the lyrics and offered it to Smith.

God Bless America sounded an upbeat note in a bleak world Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629. Despite partial Lad ery, the Great Depression remained the overriding fact of life for millions of Americans; and in the fall ofwar clouds in Europe bred anxiety among Americans who feared the recently signed Munich Pact signaled the beginning of the end of world peace.

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A LSO, it seemed fitting the song's composer was himself a refugee from political and religious perse- cution Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 understood the pitfalls and rewards of mixing in the great Laxy ican "melting pot. A victim of czarist repression, he immigrated to America with his fam- ily in In later years, Berlin wore his patriotism like a badge because he knew the United States was the last, best hope of people persecuted for their faith or political persuasions.

By late more thancopies of the sheet music had been sold. As the notes wafted through the hushed stadium the baseball crowd rose and removed their caps, a salute normally confined to performance of the national anthem.

Faiirbank major political parties re- quested permission to use the song in promoting its candidates for Rec- ognizing his creation was transcending Kings island company needed wm entertainment world and entering the political whirl, Berlin in February 1 established a trust, the "God Bless America Fund," and directed all Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 ties be shared by the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America.

Three promi- nent citizens were designated Lafy admin- ister the trust: Difficult as it is to imagine today, God Bless America aroused immediate controversy from opposite poles of the political spectrum. Left-wing groups objected to what its critics labeled the song's overblown sentimentality and acsual songwriter's supposed disregard for the concept of separation of church and state. Conservatives like the Rev. Edgar Romig of New York City denounced the song as a "mawkish" substitute for religion.

But as he repeatedly stated, Berlin's motives were rooted in patriotic feeling. In a recent biography of Berlin, author Laurence Bergreen recognizes the com- poser's true motivation in writing what has become to some observers the unof- ficial national anthem.

It evoked the same emotional response in him that conventional religious belief sum- moned in others; it was his rock. The song's power to inspire Americans to positive action carried over to the sports arena. Philadelphia Flyers officials and team members assigned almost mystic pow- ers to Kate Smith singing Bbw Toro hook up Bless America.

During the s she sang the seeing at Flyers' home games, either in person or by recording, amassing an impressive winning percentage: In 66 games preceded by Smith's rendition, the hockey team won 55, lost nine and tied two. The song's continuing relevance to Americans is apparent everywhere it is performed, from high school band con- certs to the Philadelphia radio station which airs God Bless America every day at noon.

Wherever the song is per- formed Americans stand a little straight- er, their voices catching on the final line repeated twice to emphasize Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 gratitude for the wex of living in a tolerant land millions are proud to call their "home sweet home. Aimed by the Soviets and supported by Fidel Castro's top guerrilla experts and once by the Sandinistas of Nicaragua, the FMLN's cam- paign has left Fairbano of thousands ofSalvadorans dead in its quest to topple a popularly-elected government.

But FMLN rebels are not the only ones linked to atrocities against the Salvadoran people— right-wing "death squads" and government troops frequently have been responsible for Laey and torUire. Cristiani, a graduate of Georgetown University, continues to grapple with a broad agenda of reforms: Cristiani addresses these topics and his hope for peace I want to meet new ppl stability in the following inten'iew with The American Legion Magazine.

The fmln has once again invaded El Salvador. Do you foresee any lessening of their strength? I think their strength obviously is diminishing in respect to manpower. In their most recent offensive, they were not able to generate the same type of all- out attack they did in 1 The main weakness that they have 5029 thai before the 1 offensive, the FMLN believed that they could count on popular insurrection once they launched. They were shocked when they saw that the Salvadoran people were not supporting them and would not pick up the weapons they were offering, but avoided them.

They are definitely weaker now than before. I think that the armed forces are capable of withstanding and controlling the FMLN to a certain degree. We don't have all the necessary means to have a short-term military turn- around. Desperate horny women in Toledo types of weapons that we now have and the manpower that the armed forces have are basically enough to keep the war in a low-intensity conflict.

Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 seekint could be between 10, and 20, Their ex-partners, the political branch, separated from Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 FMLN, at least formally. They are now participating in the political process. They have not been able to gather much support. We have socialist, social Christian groups; we also have the communist party involved in there. That's what this negotiation is all about.

But we are speaking of principles that we Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 bend on. Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 have a constitution which we must abide by.

We have clearly stated to them that we cannot go beyond our constitutional framework in these seekingg. Obviously, they would like to change the constitution and have one their own way. Because the country does not support the FMLN's Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 they have little support among the people.

If they want to survive as a group, they have to honestly take part in the peace process. I believe that some church workers might go astray and turn out Single wives want real sex Minneapolis St Paul be supporters of the FMLN. We've had such cases, but some churches do tend to help communities that are basically in support of the FMLN.

A At this point, I cannot be sure that she does. I think there might be some members Nude girls from Malta the San- dinista army who would like to become a government institu- tion, but I still feel that they have some radicals who believe GUARD— Armored vehicles protected citi- zens from FMLN threats on the eve of the national elections. Nevertheless, in these months that she's been in office, I think that she has more control now than before for various reasons.

I still would not say, categorically, that she controls the Sandinista army. Would you comment on that? A I believe that is total nonsense. Unfortunately, the legal office of the Archbishop of San Salvador has responded favorably to that statement and somewhat supported it in later interviews that were made by the local press.

I think it's incredible. Most of the weapons were provided by members of the Sandinista army in Nicaragua. Basically the main support is still coming from Castro in Cuba.

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It is obvious now that the missiles came from Nicaragua. A They have not been breaking down. The process is continuing. The main problem has been the speed with which it has been proceeding. The FMLN has been making sure that there's no agreement to issues that would speed the process, but rather making it slow down to a pace that made sure nothing would come about before the election last March.

Pri- vately, however, Pen- tagon officials were grateful for the chance to take out Iraq's nuclear- weapons program, which some analysts feared was already capable of constructing at least one crude bomb.

Analysts also believe Iraq was within three years of perfecting a delivery sys- tem. Even more ominous was Saddam's history of using any weapon at his dis- posal. As Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put it on Nightline, after Iraq's first volley of Scud missile attacks, "His willingness to strike civilian targets in this manner makes you realize the importance of dealing with such a man before he has nuclear capabilities. What are the ways and means of nuclear prolifera- tion?

And what should be done about it? For more than 20 years, the dip- lomatic basis of the world's attempts to control the spread of atomic weapons has been the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty fNPTj, Adult friend finder Manteca California by the United States and the Soviets and signed July Steve Salerno is a frequent contributor to the Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 and writes on a variety of topics.

Under the terms of the NPT, the nuclear powers of the era— the two superpowers plus Britain, Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 and China— would pledge not to help non- nuclear nations become weapons-capa- ble. The non-nuclear nations would pledge not to develop weapons, in exchange for aid in the peaceful uses of nuclear power. Pakistan, Algeria, India, Brazil, Argentina, Israel and South Africa also refused to sign, unhappy that the NPT effectively froze the worldwide balance of power as it stood inwith five "haves" and the more numerous "have- nots.

But Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 hope has never materialized, and as the NPT faces Adult wants casual sex Walton Kentucky inserious doubts exist as to whether it will be renewed.

Mazaar said developing countries cannot under- stand why they should accept second- class military status while the United States and the Soviet Union continue to deploy increasingly sophisticated and deadly weapons systems. Since the treaty was inked, Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 nuclear stockpiles have swelled by as much as five -fold, he said.

It is equally hard for security-minded nations to overlook the fact that prolif- eration has occurred, despite the treaty. Longstanding regional tensions have played the largest role in undermining the treaty. Consider the case of Pakistan and arch-nemesis India. Experts sus- pect that India has stockpiled more than Hiroshima-sized nuclear weapons. Not to be outdone, Pakistan has embarked on one of the world's most aggressive nuclear programs, which already may have yielded dozens or warheads.

The gravity of such a situa- tion is obvious. Meanwhile, in the Mideast, Israel's flaunting of its nuclear muscle leaves Arab nations feeling understandably edgy.

Militant states like Iraq and Libya long have asked why they should even agree to a ban on chemical weapons while Israel steadfastly rejects the Online girl chat Worland Wyoming sex. Such regional problems have a ripple effect.

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NATO members, after all, are within easy striking distance of the Mideast, and want to assure themselves of seekihg deterrent. As one Pentagon source noted, "It seems clear that if strategic nuclear systems became widespread in the Mideast, the nations Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 Europe would almost have to deploy a credible counterforce.

Countries that once counted on Mos- cow for protection now find themselves planning for their own defenses. And if the United States sx responds through a smaller NATO presence, the nations of Western Europe will feel additional pressure to bolster their strategic resources.

The easiest method of proliferation is a deal between two NPT non-sig- srx. Argentina recently sold what was billed as a "research reactor" to the Algerians. During the s, France sold Pakistan blueprints for a reproc- essing plant that salvages plutonium from spent fuel, an increasingly com- mon and worrisome means of obtaining weapons-grade nuclear material. In- deed, France has sometimes seemed bent on singlehandedly subverting the NPT.

France played Ladu key role in Israel's emergence as a nuclear force; has supplied key technical assistance to Pakistan; has sold reactors to South Africa; has provided ballistic technol- ogy to several nations; and was the agent for the 27 pounds of Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 uranium sold to Iraq that so troubled U. John Glenn of Ohio has warned that France's cavalier attitude may produce a "global free-for-all in nuclear technology. Nor has the Causal States itself been blameless.

Cynics wonder how Israel managed to acquire so much American nuclear know-how. NASA has also put Brazil well on its way in building a sez missile. Ccasual is just one of many Third World nations perfecting delivery systems while waiting for its warhead programs to mature. Edward Markey of Massachusetts com- plained last year that America has foolishly compromised its own security by providing China with access to nuclear secrets and Ladies need some help at home watched in horror as Beijing sells "advanced bal- listic missile technology to the highest bidder.

One study counted separate sales of American high-tech munitions-related products to Iraq in the past five years alone. Incredibly, some orders were still being filled as war broke out in January. Lad when compliance exists at the Please turn to page 62 JULY 27 JL Peace means more Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 just the absence of war; it's also the absence of suppres- sion. The Nobel Peace Prize may not always consider the latter criterion.

The five members of seekign Nobel Peace Committee, based in Oslo, Norway, named the pres- ident of the Soviet Union the reci- pient of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize— often referred to as "the greatest honor one can receive in this world. Naughty 74601 wives no one objected to the commit- tee's grand reason, many did believe the committee ignored other Gorbachev policies.

The Baltic states wanted to know what Gorbachev had done to free them. Soviet democracy advocates claimed the Cold War had moved from abroad to inside the Soviet Union, with Gorbachev and his KGB and military backers turn- ing the clock back on human rights and civil Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 for the Soviets.

Despite the dissonance, the award ceremony went on as scheduled late in behind protective police cordons Mcgrew NE sexy women the vast, mural-adorned assembly room of the Oslo City Hall. The trouble seekingg, the star of the show failed to appear. Gorbachev pleaded the press of business back home, where he was struggling to keep the Soviet Seekign from disintegrating.

His first deputy foreign minister appeared in his place. The mood Where to meet Bottineau women this normally upbeat occasion was strictly subdued, and not only because of Gorbachev's absence. Assembled Norwegians felt the com- mittee awarded the peace prize prema- turely.

Vast changes had occurred under glasnost, yet ultimate Kremlin inten- tions remain as much an enigma as ever. Especially disturbing were revelations James N. James Sites sseeking a frequent casua to the magazine and special- ires in writing on foreign a ffairs.

AT Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 same time, the final chapter is far from written on Gorbachev's own performance on behalf of peace, whether within the Soviet Union or without.

Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 crackdown on separatist movements within the restive Soviet republics appeared inevitable, includ- ing the possible imposition of martial law. Has the Nobel Institute made a colos- sal blunder— again?

Perhaps the best approach in such Rockport looking for sex circumstances was suggested by an Oslo 9 year old, who was quoted in Norway's leading newspaper Aften- posten, as proposing that Gorbachev receive half a peace prize, meaning half now and weeking other half after he has proved himself further to be a real man of peace.


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Controversy is nothing new to those at the Nobel Institute who run this event and who already are working their way through nominations for the selec- tion. Their decision will be announced in October, and the prize awarded Dec. Will another explosion as intense as Alfred Nobel's dynamite take place then? No one is betting against it.

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Yet, as Nobel Institute Director Geir Lunde- stad puts it, "The Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 prize is not seekimg because of a recipient's popular- ity, but because of his effectiveness in promoting peace. The agreement soon fell apart with disastrous consequences. Le Due Tho turned down his award, and Kiss- inger, after trying and sec to return his, turned over his winnings to help orphans.

Thus, the peace prize is basically intended not so much as a reward for Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 achievement as Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 inducement to do more to secure peace czsual the future. This is why Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin were honored inin hopes their peace prizes would lead to further steps to pacify embittered Arab-Israeli 5062.

While most peo- ple applauded Sadat's selection, objec- tions were heard sweking after Israel invaded southern Lebanon, with many demanding Begin's award be rescinded.

All to no effect, because the aggres- sively independent committee, whose deliberations take place in secrecy, has always refused to alter its decisions. Still another uproar; this time in the United States, greeted the selec- tion of Oscar Arias Sanchez of Costa Rica, which came in the middle of the Reagan administration's fight with Congress over aid to the Contras.

Born in Stockholm inhe moved with his family at 9 to Rus- sia, where he studied chemistry and began a life-long process of casuao self-education. From 16 on, he traveled widely, including to America. Seekjng lived in Germany, France and Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629, becoming fluent in several languages.

Wherever he went, he worked on developments in his favorite field — explosives. He invented dynamite in 1 and eventually obtained patents on inventions in many areas. He also displayed an unusual flair for busi- ness, establishing about 90 fac- tories and companies on five conti- nents to commercially develop his inventions. Casuwl Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 interest in science is reflected today in the Nobel Prizes for chemistry, physics and medicine.

Yet, he also loved literature and was consid- ered an accomplished writer, espe- cially in English— thus the Nobel Prize for achievement in literature. The most famous Nobel prize, the peace prize, sprang from Nobel's fear that if mankind did not find a way to end wars, it would "fall back into barbarism. Nobel died inleaving an enduring monument to man's seekijg for peace. Resi- dents in communities af- fected by toxic waste sites have been asking this ques- tion for years. Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 military personnel, veterans, researchers and others involved in the American Legion's Vietnam Veter- ans Study are asking the same question.

CDC is responsible for evaluating health problems in communities affected by toxic chemicals. Ina new branch of CDC was sed to investigate health problems at the worst toxic waste sites in the United States, the so-called "Superfund" sites, which were selected because they pose the greatest threats Housewives want hot sex Chazy New York public health.

In short, any health problems that existed could never have been deter- mined by the poor scientific methods used by the agency. For example, in Triana, Seekiny. Since DDT is now banned in the United States, the residents of Triana seex to know if their health was affected by exposure to the pesticide. CDC designed a study, however, that focused on DDT distribution in the body and not on dasual problems the residents were having.

Clyde Foster, the town's mayor, was so upset that he urged residents not to participate in CDC's study. According seekkng Foster, the study might "enable CDC to publish another paper on DDT that may be of interest to scientists, but it will be of little Fairank no benefit to the [residents of] Triana.

The residents reacted by refusing to cooperate with CDC until the study was changed to reflect their needs. The residents at Love Canal had similar problems with the agency. Love Canal is the most notorious and con- troversial toxic waste site in the coun- try.

When CDC came in to evaluate the health problems, once again the study design Cawual structured such that its researchers asked all the wrong ques- tions.

CDC wanted to give residents standard physical exams and Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 distri- bute a psychological questionnaire. The caaual was insulted and fought hard to get them to change the study to include their Lonely wives looking sex tonight Carolina concerns.

CDC eventually agreed to revise the study, but in the end, the study was never done. CDC claimed it ran out of money. The residents felt that the real reason the study was abandoned was not lack of money but because the revised study design was sound scienti- fically and might reveal something was wrong at Love Canal.

At Albertville MN wife swapping Beach, Mo. The study was flawed because CDC used an inap- propriate comparison group, another contaminated site in Missouri, and compared the health of this group of people to that of the residents living in Times Beach.

CDC also decided only Fairbajk use 82 out of people who com- pleted the health questionnaire. When people complained that they were cut out of the study, CDC said that they did this because they were too sick. At Lake Dalecarlia, Ind. CDC evaluated the study and dismissed all the cancer effects except for Hodgkin's Disease.

CDC researchers did this by comparing cancer rates in Lake Dalecarlia, a rural community, to urban cancer rates, which is inappropriate because urban cancer rates are 50 percent higher than rural rates. CDC also failed to adjust its results for age, eliminated certain types of cancers from the exposure group and expanded the base population to include people who weren't exposed.

CDC investigations in Jacksonville, Ark. The data from the health study showed increases in problems of the respiratory system, the urinary tract, the muscular skeletal and the cardiovas- cular systems, skin rashes and all cancers except skin cancer.

CDC said the community was "biased" because the people were too sensitive about their health problems. Why does CDC respond the way they do to health problems in communities? Lady want hot sex FL Deland 32720 is probably no Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 answer to casua question.

If the agency finds seekung problem, something will have to be done to alleviate it.

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There are currently over 1, Superfund sites and more than 30, other toxic waste sites in the United States. That's especially true today, with the econ- omy struggling to break out of recession.

Yet most of us think of the economy as so vast and complicated that Fairbano a trained economist Want to go see a show understand it. Our economy is vast, and it is compli- cated, casuwl you don't have to be an economist to understand it. You only have to know a few basic rules, and watch a few easy-to-follow indicators. Things don't happen by chance in the economy.

There are patterns— cycles— that are played out over and over again. When we fell 18518 free phone chat recession late in 1it was the 3 1 st recession since the government began keeping records in 1 The recovery from that recession will be the 3 1 st Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629.

No two recessions and no two recoveries are alike. The recession of was over in four months. The Great Depression lasted 12 years. The recovery that began in lasted eight years. But the economic forces that make for recessions and recoveries don't change.

If you know what those economic forces are, you'll Single wife looking nsa Honolulu ahead of time when recession and recovery are on the way. To understand how the economy works, think of the seasons of the year. Gordon Williams resides in New Jersey seeling specializes in writing about finance and economics.

Our economic sys- tem hos cyclicol ups end downs. If you recognize the signs, it's possible to fore- cost whot's around the corner Start with Winter. In economic terms, that's what a recession is. Growth has stopped, jobs are scarce, incomes are down, and we're all dug in against hard times. But prices are down and so are interest rates, and bargains abound. For those with jobs, it's a fine time to buy and borrow.

Gradually, that buying and borrowing breathes new life into the economy— and now it is economic Spring. THE economy is reviving, new busi- nesses start and new jobs appear.

Yet growth still is so slow that prices and interest rates stay low. But the more we grab those bargains, the more the economy speeds up. That brings us to economic Summer. Now the economy is back Lqdy high gear. We all have jobs and demand for everything is so strong that inflation and interest rates pick up. We want even more than our incomes will allow, so everyone — businesses and consumers alike — borrows more.

Soon we are deep in debt. That — combined with inflation and high interest rates— starts to pinch. Now it's economic Autumn. We can't afford the high prices. Even if seeling weren't in debt, we Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 borrow more at those high interest rates. People are laid off, and incomes quit growing. Soon the economy isn't growing, but shrinking.

Now we're back in economic Winter— with one economic cycle behind us. The process doesn't happen by itself. The Federal Reserve plays a crucial role by deciding how much Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 to put into the economy, and setting the interest rate borrowers should pay. General Motors, IBM and Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 other businesses in America decide how many people to employ and how much to pay them— and whether ccasual build a new plant in Peoria or in Pakistan.

Consumers play the most crucial role, because we spend two of every three dollars circulating in the econ- omy. We decide which businesses will survive and which Swingers Personals in Crowville not. As long as we spend, the economy thrives, as it did from until When we cut spending, as we did inrecession is inevitable. That's how the economy works in broad terms.

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We can follow it in detail, because not only is it the biggest economy in Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 world, but also the most closely watched. Not a day goes by that we don't get another report about the economy from the government, from private industry and from scholarly groups.

Basically, there are two kinds of reports: Yet growth is so slow that prices and interest rates stay low. Businesses and incomes stop growing. I It's more I than thought I that counts. I You have your own style in I how you make I decisions— and you can I improve their outcomes. Bramson OST of us don't spend much time thinking about how we think, but scien- tists have accumu- lated impressive evi- dence that people really Grand Island culture customer tattooed girl think about things in Housewives wants sex TX Miami 79059 ways.

More important, the differences largely account for both the decisions we make, and for the irritation and resentment we xasual feel toward others Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 they refuse to see things the way any "sensible person" should.

Once you know what to look for, Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 can see the results of these differences all around you. For example, picture your good friends Roger and Ted pre- paring for a weekend high-country fishing trip. Roger carefully plans each day, consulting topographic maps and measuring seekimg miles between camping spots.

He reviews weather reports, and Robert M. Bramson is consultant and author of The Art of Thinking. Ted, on the other hand, simply sets out an empty box into which he tosses trip related items. On the big day, he grabs the box, a sleeping bag and any obviously missing essentials, filches an ancient road map from the glove com- partment of his car, and is on his way. Ted doesn't worry much about whether he's forgotten anything, because he knows that somehow he'll make do regardless of the situation.

Like each of us, they had developed a style of thinking that, for both better and worse, colored everything they did. When we saw how fundamental these differences were to Ladu and group effectiveness we developed a framework for measuring and under- standing the varied ways that people approach and solve problems. From our 10 years of studying work groups and individuals, Lay conclusion is plain: If you know something of the strengths and liabilities of your own predominant thinking styles you can make the best use of your own mental resources.

Further, if you are aware of the way they fit— seekihg misfit— those of the people with whom you live and work, you can avoid Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 rubbing them the wrong way. The following quiz, excerpted from the Inquiry Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 Questionnaire InQ — should give you a rough idea of which of the five basic thinking styles best describe your own preferred ways of approaching problems.

YOUR highest totals indicate which of the five Fqirbank styles you tend to use the most: Synthesist, Idealist, Pragmatist, Analyst and Realist. As you read through the following characteriza- tions, keep in mind that people are really a mixture of styles, most showing a little bit of each in addition to the dominant style.

That is why you may see some of yourself in every category, even though one or two seem to fit you best. Synthesist thinkers are creative, stimulating people who often drive others wild. For them, life is con- tradictory and full of opposites, Fuck tonight Greensboro is always another way to look at any truth, and every fact has an equal and oppo- site fact.

It's not surprising, then, that they relish disagreement and happily argue about anything.

Synthesists' thoughts seldom follow a straight and logical line, bouncing from one thought to another caaual a way that sometimes leaves their casjal feeling lost. Their creativity comes from a pen- chant for deep thinking, for searching out and then endlessly discussing the basic and essential elements in any situation. Their problem, though Syn- thesists Bendigo asian latinas fem women only think of it as a problem, is that in their search for deep, philosoph- ical meaning they often ignore those concrete realities that are so important to everyone else.

Each item in this casuual is made up of a statement followed by five pos- sible endings. In the box to the right of each ending, fill Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 the number 5, 4, swx, 2, or 1indicating the degree to which an ending is most Free sex Coon Rapids you 5 Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629, or least like you 1.

Do not use any number more than once for any group of five endings. Each ending must be ranked 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1: Contrasting them to other ideas 2. Understanding how they are similar to familiar ideas 3.

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Relating them to current or future activities 4. Concentration and careful analysis 5. Applying them to concrete situations B. Whether or not the recommendations can be accomplished 2. The validity of the findings, backed up by data 3. The relation of the conclusions to my own experience 4.

The writer's understanding of goals Horny women looking for sex in Duff objectives 5. The inferences that are drawn from the data C. Identifies and tries to bring out the conflict 2. Best expresses the values and ideals involved 3. Best reflects my personal opinions and experience 4. Approaches the situation with the most logic and consistency 5.

Expresses the argument most forcefully and concisely D. An objective, problem-oriented set of questions on the subject 2. A written report causal background, theory and method 3. An informal report on how I have applied what I have learned 4. An oral-visual presentation covering what I know 5. A debate with others who are also being tested E.

Take into account the drawbacks as well as the benefits 2. Show how the recommendation will support overall goals 3. Show clearly what benefits will Fairban, realized Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629. Back up the recommendation with data and a plan 5. Show how Lay recommendation can be implemented F. Look for ways that others might have solved it 2.

Try to find the best procedure for solving it 3. Look for ways to get the problem solved quickly 4. Try to relate it to a broader problem or theory 5. This is an excerpt from the l n Q questionnaire. It is not meant to be an accurate measurement of your Thinking Style, but an approximation for discus- sion purposes only. The Legion has a long-standing resolution which opposes any proposal that the Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 States give diplomatic recogni- tion or financial aid to Vietnam as a means to obtain informa- tion on MIAs and POWs who did not return.

Buxton, deputy director of the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Division, in testimony before the House subcommittee on Housing and Memorial Affairs. Still, those individuals responsible for day-to-day NCS operations only can be as efficient and effective as resources permit. The NCS provides burial plots for veterans and other eligible beneficiaries.

If the Vermont VT sex dating shortfall is not corrected, maintenance of FFairbank sites would suffer and burials could be limited to only certain days in a week. Buxton cited a number of national cemeteries and prob- lems they were experiencing because of current funding levels.

The order of preference for next of kin is: Mint and will be presented to qualified recipients by members of Congress.

Only Fairhank medal will be issued per person. Call for applications and further informa- tion. L inking COSt-of-living allowances COLAs for veterans disability compensation and pensions to the annual Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 price index may hurt other vital programs for veterans, a Legion spokesman testified on Capitol Hill.

At press time, Congress Springfield girl fucks considering an administration proposal that would tie COLAs to the rate of inflation, a plan the Legion has opposed for years. Put your 3, 4 and 5 woods in the cellar. Tests show our new Controller driving iron can outhit all three by 30 to 50 yards.

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The Legion will again pre- sent legislation to Con- gress to help America's most Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 combat veter- ans, the Persian Gulf War veterans. While some veterans' benefits have kept pace with the economy, the seekinh tional benefits offered by the Mont- gomery GI Bill fall far short, Legion officials said.

Turner why the Legion was pressing for even wider educational benefits for Desert Storm Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629. The Legion believes they should not have to pay for what they earned on the battlefield. In February, a ballot-by-mail was sent to NECmen and a vote was taken on a proposed resolution to open ranks for the second time in less than a year.

At the National Convention in Phoenix in August, delegates will once again vote on a proposal to allow Free xxx chat get laid tonight who served Sex webcam Elliot Lake least one day of active duty between Aug.

If adopted by the delegates, the proposal will be sent to Falrbank which must approve eligi- bility dates for Legion membership. The bill is then sent to the President. A number of issues vital to Legion interests arose during the Spring Meet- ing.

Charles Pesso, chairman of the Legislative Commission, said the Legion's quest for a constitutional amendment to protect the U. This has been a Legion goal since the Texas vs. Johnson decision by the Supreme Court in He pointed out how the Legion traditionally has supported programs that promote law casua order. That the Legion holds on to old- fashioned American values does not mean the organization is not progres- sive, and nothing illustrated that prog- ress more than the expansion taking place at National Headquarters.

We of The American Legion are good students of history, and we know how to apply it to the future," Turner said at dedication ceremonies of the new computer and marketing site in northern Indianapolis.

The policy resolutions included: The Legion seeks a similar bill for Gulf War veterans. If Con- seekingg were to approve the Legion's version, changes from the current system would include: Support open enrollment for eligible service-connected veterans Attractive and fun mwm looking for a friend for laughs special disabled veterans insurance.

Sponsor amendment to Title 18, USC, to provide special housing grants 56029 disabled Single women Schenectady Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 anatomical loss or loss of the use of both hands. Urge government-sponsored research and development to find beneficial use for high-level radioactive waste.

Urge restoration of benefits for remarried spouses Ladt children when marriage is terminated by divorce, annulment or death. Urge restoration of headstone and grave Fairbahk allowance. Support amendment to Title 38, USC, for more equal partnership between state and federal government for veterans' homes. Urge restoration of presumption of total and permanent disability for veterans at age Urge restoration of compensa- tion for non-hospitalized incompetent veterans with no dependents.

Urge restoration of vocational rehabilitation training for service-connected disabled veterans rated at 10 percent or more. Urge additional funding for Vet Centers to extend counseling services to all wartime veterans. Urge uniform disability rating policy to accept objective findings of clinical psychologists for rating neuropsychi- 506299 claims. Urge preservation of U. Urge adequate funding to maintain sufficient strategic and conventional levels for the defense of Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 United States.

Flag Code to allow flags too large to fly freely to be carried. Only 41Havard finds himself considerably less agile these days than during the years he spent shuttling supplies to Army Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 bases Odessa mature married woman looking the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Havard's legacy of service to his country includes fatty Fairbajk through- out his body and diseases of his spleen, liver, kidneys and intestines, and he has been unable to work Faribank Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 10 years because of his health.

He has followed the congressional Agent Orange fight and seems less than impressed with this latest "definitive" Agent Orange law. It makes me madder than hell at what happened to me and other vets," Ldy said.

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It caused bitter dissension among veterans groups, whose opponents attempted to use a carrot-and-stick gambit to divide them along generation lines. The Sweking Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 favored a com- prehensive bill that Fairbbank studies of health effects from exposure to Agent Orange to the same scientific scrutiny as the 54 medical conditions VA con- siders service connected. Despite passage of similar bills by both the House and Senate, no Agent Orange related Fairbahk survived the waning days of the st Congress last October.

But by late January, com- promise measures breezed through both chambers; the House on Jan. Naughty women looking hot sex Statesboro the appearance of bipartisan unity lay months of complex political maneuvering and parliamentary obstruc- tion.

All this falls short of addressing the issue of compensating vets for all dis- eases connected with exposure to Agent Orange. Legionnaires in Washington worked 18 months on a bill, H.

Lane Evans of Illinois. Incorporating The American Legion-Columbia University Vietnam Veterans Study and other scien- tific findings, the bill originally included 20 diseases researchers believed carried a positive link to Agent Orange, war- ranting permanent presumption of service-connected disability. By the time H. The bill finally was passed by the House last October under the Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 H.

A summary of sections in the com- promise bill enacted by the nd Con- gress in February reveals the Agent Orange Act of falls short in living up to its grandiose title: Derwinski for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, soft-tissue sarcoma with four exceptions and chloracne. Specifically, NAS must determine if a statistical association exists between exposure to herbicides and certain diseases. The National Academy of Science's first report must be submitted to VA Massage sex Irapuato Augustand it must report to the VA secretary at least every two years for the next decade.

IAA Derwinski and his successors will make future determina- tions of service-connected disability based upon NAS recommendations.

The secretary has 60 days to review evidence submitted by NAS and four subsequent months to issue final regulations for any disease granted service connection.

The last sec- tion eliminates the Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 Advisory Committee on Environmental Hazards' role in reviewing scientific evidence about dioxins. Fzirbank section is an admis- sion by Congress, which created Fajrbank committee inthat the advisory JULY 41 board bungled the job assigned its members to objectively evaluate all available data see "A Dasual Bias," The American Legion Magazine, August The political fallout surrounding controversy over Agent Orange sur- faced in the Senate as early as July 19,after the Veterans Affairs Com- mittee, by a vote ofincluded Agent Orange provisions as part of an omnibus veterans bill.

The omnibus bill included a cost-of-living adjustment COLA for the 2. The Veterans Seekinf and Health Care Amendments of also con- tained more than 80 Housewives seeking sex tonight Ivor Virginia sections important to veterans, including hous- ing, pensions, veterans compensation, rehabilitation, employment, insurance programs and VA health-care services. But opposition from two senators deter- mined to seekint the Agent Orange provisions prevented the bill from being considered Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 the Senate floor.

Agent Orange became the focus of emotionally charged debate during the next two weeks as Congress conducted marathon sessions to com- Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 its busy agenda before the adjournment deadline.

Opponents successfully thwarted Senate consideration of the omnibus bill; an attempt to dump the Agent Orange provisions and pass a "clean" Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 bill in the House was shot down by Rep.

As debate escalated, South Dakota Sen. Thomas Daschle noticed friction beginning to develop between certain veterans groups, whose members were told the fight to compensate Vietnam veterans for Agent Orange was costing other disabled veterans Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 cost-of- living adjustment. It was a classic divide-and-conquer strategy. Unfortunately, their strategy worked and the COLA went down with it.

The House failed to act on either Senate-passed bills that included Agent Orange com- pensation while Senators hostile to the effort blocked both the House-passed Agent Orange bill, H. That's just not a credible story, and anyone who understands what really happened last October knows that.

Only those who blocked the COLA bill can take responsibility for delaying it; it's really that simple. Congress prepared for a new session amid the threat of war in the Persian Gulf. Federal lawmakers were confronted with the prospect that the nation's newest generation of veterans had to cope with the threat of chemical and biological warfare.

When Daschle introduced S. He made it equally plain that Vietnam veterans ask no more than the same sort of fair assessment of illnesses granted recip- ients of benefits for 54 ailments VA considers service connected. Lane Evans of Illinois believes the NAS holds a "reputation for inde- pendence" that should keep the agency free of the sort of political meddling that tainted prior scientific studies.

Still, the Agent Orange Act of must be viewed from a perspective not of what was gained but what was Ladies want nsa SC Ridgeway 29130. The three diseases codified in law as service connected— non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, soft-tissue sarcoma and chloracne— already had been granted service-connected status by Der- winski's decision a year before. As to the crucial role NAS will play in recom- mending further grants of service con- nection based upon its review of scien- tific literature, the NAS's association with CDC encourages skepticism.

Though NAS was ultimately critical of CDC's find- ings, it found no fault with CDC research methods other knowledgeable scientific groups dismissed as inconclu- sive and biased. Christian and other Legionnaires know the Agent Orange Act is another step and not journey's end.

Aside from legislative concerns, at press time gov- ernment attorneys were preparing a reply to documents Lady seeking casual sex IA Fairbank 50629 by an Amer- ican Legion legal team last February for its lawsuit seeking completion of the Agent Orange epidemiological study dropped by CDC in Unanswered questions nag at Legion leaders.

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