If You Report a Post on Facebook is it Anonymous


Facebook has provided a button that its users can use to report posts or accounts on Facebook that violate their policy.

However, most users aren’t 100% certain that their data is kept anonymous as claimed by Facebook probably due to recent occurrences of spying and data leakage.

Nevertheless, we at unsullied believe that if you report a post on Facebook, your data is kept confidential from other Facebook users but there might be cases that’ll require them to share your information with law enforcement – violence or harassment.

Facebook will only disclose your personal details if you’re reporting on a claim of copyright Infringement.

In this article, I’ll further explain how Facebook keeps your data anonymous and how you can also report a post or page on Facebook.

if you Report a post on Facebook is it Anonymous?

If you report a post on Facebook, it is generally anonymous except in a case where you’re reporting an intellectual copyright Infringement.

Anonymous in this context means to the recipient or other Facebook users. However, Facebook will likely ask for additional information to help them understand the context of the report and to determine whether the post violates their Community Standards.

Facebook also uses review teams and advanced technology to critically scrutinize content, so your details will surely not be 100% anonymous.

Although you can report a Facebook anonymously without sending your details over, it’s limited to certain report options.

In summary, when you report a post or page on Facebook, your information is anonymous to the other Facebook user – except in a case of intellectual copyright Infringement – but it might be visible to Facebook review teams who will use it to determine if the post goes against their Community standard.

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It’s also important to note that Facebook doesn’t grant all removal reports as it might not go against their Community standards.

How to Report a Post on Facebook

Reporting a Post or Page on Facebook is quite as simple as ABC.

  1. Firstly, log in to your Facebook account
  2. Scroll through your timeline to find the post you don’t like or better still go directly to the user account
  3. You can now decide whether to report the post or the page as a whole
  4. To report a post on Facebook, tap on the three vertical lines on the left-hand side.
  5. Select “Report Post” from the option to proceed
  6. Select the problem on the next page and continue with the prompt to send your report.
  7. Now, to report a page on Facebook; Go to the Facebook profile page
  8. Click on the 3 vertical dots at the right-hand side of the page
  9. Select “Find Support or Report” from the options
  10. Choose the problem from the list on the next page and follow the prompt to finally issue the report.
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That’s all on reporting a Facebook page and account anonymously.


while it is not completely anonymous to report a post on Facebook, the company does take steps to protect the privacy of reporters and to ensure that their personal information is not disclosed unless necessary.

If you have concerns about your privacy when reporting a post on Facebook, you may want to consider contacting Facebook directly for more information.

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