How to Turn off Snapchat Camera Sound


By default, Snapchat makes a clicking sound when you take a picture with the camera and this can be disturbing especially when you’re trying to take unaware shots.

Asides from the Snapchat camera sound, this can also be associated with the main camera app but the only difference is that there’s an option for that.

Snapchat for some reason best known to them refused to integrate an option that’ll make the camera sound go off when you take pictures.

But in this article, I’ll work you through a detailed guide about how you can turn off Snapchat camera sound on your android and iPhone.

How to Turn Off the Camera Sound on Snapchat

As I said earlier, Snapchat doesn’t have the option to do this automatically from the App. So you’ve to go through other means.

The first method to off the camera sound is by doing that from the main camera settings, this will disable the shutter app by default for your Snapchat camera.

Other methods include going into do not disturb mode, lowering your phone volume, and keeping your phone on silent.

Let’s look at how to go about this method individually.

1. Turn off the camera sound from the settings

Most phone manufacturer provides an option for users to turn off shutter sounds whenever they take pictures.

In devices such as Samsung or Redmi this often takes effect in anything camera related (I don’t know about other devices)

To turn off the shutter sound on your device, follow the below guide.

  • Open the camera app
  • Tap on the settings icon on any corner of the camera
  • Find “shutter sound” and Toggle it off.
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You can now go back to Snapchat and try taking a shot and see if it works.

Although, some countries might not allow these features to prevent people from taking unauthorized shots of people.

But if you find the settings on your device, it should work.

2. Reduce your Volume

This involved decreasing your phone’s volume to a minimum. This often makes audio output to be very low or not heard.

3. Do not disturb mode

DND mode is not only made for times when you’ll need to concentrate but it can also help turn off Snapchat camera sound.

This feature can be mostly found in the navigation menu of android devices meanwhile iPhones have It in their settings App > focus.

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This will get sound off your phone while it’s active.

4. Put the phone on silent

This is the best way to get rid of Snapchat camera sound.

This feature basically turns off everything sound related on the device and leaves the phone on mute.

This can be activated from the top menu bar or from the settings App and should fix the issue.

That’s all.

In conclusion, while it’s necessary for you to turn off Snapchat camera sound, also have it in mind that it’s against some country laws and could get you into trouble.

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