How to Set an Empty About in Whatsapp


If you enjoy privacy and would like to keep your WhatsApp about empty or blank then you’re on the right page.

One thing that most people using WhatsApp don’t know is that you can leave your about section on your profile empty if you wish. Although it might sound strange and peculiar; you can actually set an empty about for your WhatsApp profile

If you had tried editing your WhatsApp “about” section, you would have noticed that you cannot change the current status to an empty status.

But I’ll show you a quick trick on setting an empty WhatsApp about on your profile.

How to Set Empty About on Whatsapp

  1. Now, copy the symbols in the brackets to your clipboard [⇨ ຸ ]
  2. Launch whatsapp > navigate to Settings
  3. select Profile > then About 
  4. Tap on the write up to edit it
  5. Next, PASTE the text you copied earlier into the box
  6. Now, Remove the (⇨) symbol leaving only the ( ຸ ) in the field.
  7. Lastly, click on the SAVE button and you’ll see a blank space on your profile.
That’s all on setting blank about on your profile.
I hope you should now be able to set an empty about in whatsapp with the above steps.
You can also drop a comment below if you need help with any step.
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