How to find out who Reported Me on Facebook


Facebook has provided a report button so that users can report any content or page that they find appropriate.

Facebook also confirms that the fact that you find content inappropriate doesn’t mean that it goes against their community standards.

Can you find out who Reported you on Facebook? The answer is YES and NO. Yes, if the report is based on a case of intellectual copyright infringements, and No if the report falls under any other category.

The final decision is left with the Facebook review team who would review any information provided by you but won’t for any reason disclose it to the next person.

We have got an article that discussed extensively the anonymity of a report on Facebook.

Without wasting much time, let’s dig more into this topic.

Who Reported Me On Facebook App?

If you suspect that you have been reported on Facebook, it can be time-consuming trying to find out who reported you.

Sadly, Facebook doesn’t reveal the identity of the person who reports another user account. However, you can embark on a few steps to get more information on why you’ve been reported.

1. From your Notification

Facebook often send you a notification if they’ve finally decided to take down your post for a review.

The link will contain information such as the content that was flagged and additional reports Facebook has about the report.

You can now get a clue as to who is responsible for the report and appeal if applicable.

2. Review Facebook community standards

Oftentimes, it could be that your account wasn’t reported but was automatically flagged for going against the community standards.

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You can fix this by permanently deleting the post or appealing appropriately to the report.

3. Consider the context

If you have received a notification about a report, it can be helpful to consider the context in which the report was made.

Was the content that was reported related to a specific comment, event, or conversation? Understanding this will help you find out who’s responsible.

4. Use the Appeal Option

If you believe your content was taken down falsely then you can use the appeal button. To do this, you might need to provide additional information about the report and explain why you believe it was made in error.

5. Contact Facebook Support

If all of the above steps prove abortive then you can try reaching out to Facebook directly for further information.

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While they will not disclose personal information about the reporters’ accounts or reasons, Facebook will be able to provide additional information regarding the case.

That’s all.

In conclusion, it is not possible to find out who reported you on Facebook unless it’s a case of intellectual copyright infringement.

However, by following the steps outlined above, you can try to get a better understanding of why you might have been reported and what you can do to address any issues that might have led to the report.

Remember to always follow Facebook’s Community Standards to avoid future reports and ensure that your account stays in good standing.


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