How to Enable Lockdown Mode on Android Devices.


Assuming you find yourself in a situation where you feel your phone is at risk of being taken and you wouldn’t want your data or information accessed.

This article is going to show you how you can protect your data by enabling lockdown mode on your android devices.

I really hope you never be in this situation but on the off chance you do, at least be rest assured that you have a way of protecting your data from such people.

Again, some android devices are so porous that they could be opened by other faces or biometrics. however, putting your phone on lockdown mode might be the best option if you notice such a glitch.

What is Android Lockdown Mode? 

I will start by telling you what an android lockdown mode is.
Android lockdown mode is a mode on android devices used to protect your information or data from others, especially from those who would want to steal them.

How Does it Work?

The android lockdown mode works by blocking all the android devices such as the fingerprint, voice recognition and facial recognition leaving the pin, password or pattern as the only means of entrance. 

How to Activate Lockdown Mode on Android Devices.

  • Go to the settings of your device.
  • Click on “lock screen”.
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  • Press the “secure lock setting”.
  • Switch on the “show lockdown” option.
  • This will automatically place the lockdown mode among the power options.

How to Enable the Lockdown Mode on Android Device

To enable the lockdown mode on your android device, you have to follow the steps below.
  • Long-press the power button.
  • A menu would be displayed, click on “lockdown mode”.
this instantly puts your android device in a lockdown mode by disabling biometrics and screen notifications until the device is reopened with a pin, password or pattern.


That is how you activate and enable lockdown mode in case you have any need for it. Please do well to share and comment below. 

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