How to Disable Lock Screen in Windows 10/11


Ever wondered how you could disable that annoying lock screen on your Windows 10 or 11?. Then you have come to the right place as this article will show you how to turn off the lock screen on windows 10 or 11.

Before you can log in to Windows 10 or 11 devices, you would be needed to bypass the lock screen that always comes with it. whereas a lock screen could feel like a necessity in a tablet it feels like a nuisance or disturbance on a traditional desktop and you may want to get rid of it.

Luckily, it is possible to turn off the lock screen as long as you are running on a creator update or a newer version through the settings of the main window, and in doing so you would be required t know the windows 10 version you are operating on. 

This is necessary to ascertain the method you would be using because the steps vary for windows 10 home and windows 10 pro versions. I would make it quite easy for you by writing on both methods.

How to Turn off the Lock Screen on Windows 10 Home

To do this, you would be needed to make some changes or adjustments to your registry.

Caution: Please note that there is a high possibility that the OS can fail if the right steps are not taken.

So you can do yourself a huge favour by backing up your full pc before venturing into this process. Also, I would recommend that you read How to use the registry editor”.

  • Press the Windows +R key to open the window and input “Regedit” into the box then click “ok”.
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  • Double click on “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” and double click on ‘’SOFTWARE”.

  • A menu will be opened, double click on “policies”.

  • Again double click on “Microsoft”, right-click on the “Windows” then select “New” then tap on “Key”.
  • Rename the new folder now click on the renamed folder and select “DWORD” from the given menu’.
  • Rename “DWORD” to “Nolockscreen”. 
  • Double click on Nolockscreen and enter “1” in the data value field, then click “OK”.

This is for disabling the lock screen on the home edition of Windows 10 and the next time your PC is rebooted the lock screen would not be displayed. 

How to Turnoff Lock screen on Windows 10 pro

To disable the lock screen on windows 10 professional, you will need to use group policy. 

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  • Firstly, you will click on the start button and type “gpedit”.
  • Select “edit group policy”.
  • Navigate to “administrative templates” and double click on “control panel”
  • Double click on “personalization” and navigate to “do not display the lock screen” double click on it and select “enabled” then click “OK”.

The lock screen would automatically disappear or be disabled when this process has been completed.

That is it.

I believe that with the help of this article you would be able to turn off the lock screen on your windows 10 home and pro. Please share and drop your questions and suggestions in the comment section below.


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