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Franz Anton Rhinheart — began Rhindhart patients with what he believed was the result of animal magnetism's effect on a kind of "universal fluid" that flowed between the stars, the human body, Need my tool adjusted everything on the planet, but which today would likely to be attributed to light trance states and the power of suggestion.

With Davis's childhood experiences of hearing spirit voices, it is not surprising that he was found to be a good subject by a local tailor named William Levingston, who Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana decided to experiment with mesmerism on his own.

Once Davis had entered an altered state of consciousness, he seemed to have the ability to see through the human body and to diagnose the cause of Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana and medical disorders. On the evening Airport hotel fun on a rainy day March 6,Davis experienced a life-altering event that would direct the course of his personal destiny.

All he claimed to remember was being overcome by some power that made him feel as though he were literally flying through the air. When he regained consciousness the next morning, he found himself in the Catskill Mountains40 miles away from Poughkeepsie. Had the spirits transported him through the air and deposited him there in the mountains? Or had he walked 40 miles in one evening while in a trance? And why did he suddenly awaken to find himself in this particular spot?

While Davis claimed never to learn the answer Housewived to how he got to that particular setting in the Catskills, he soon learned the reason why. He said that first the spirit of the Greek philosopher Galen c. Sitemap

From that day onward, Andrew Jackson Davis ,ooking forth on an extensive Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana schedule, proclaiming the advent of spirit communication for humans everywhere. He claimed a great cosmic doorway was being opened, and ministers from the spirit world would soon be making themselves available for contact with those individuals who wished to gain from their wisdom and inspiration.

While on tour, Davis Fuck dates hawaii Dr. Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana Lyons, an experienced mesmerist, who was able to induce a deep trance state in Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana Poughkeepsie seer.

In November ofwith Lyons as the mesmerist, Davis as the prophetic voice, and Reverend William Fishbough as the stenographer, dictation was begun on The Principles of Nature: Her Divine Revelations and a Voice to Mankind.

The process lasted for Housewivws months, and often small crowds of enthusiastic men and Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana, including such luminaries as American writer Edgar Allan Poe —bore witness to the words as they poured forth from the entranced Davis. Inthe book was published and was received eagerly by a public seeking new revelations Rhinehqrt a modern prophet. Although some Rhinwhart pointed out many similarities to the writings of Swedenborg concerning creation, philosophy, and religion, Davis' champions replied that the seer was a man of modest education who had never read the works of the great Swedish mystic.

Davis had, in fact, only five months of formal schooling. However, there should be little mystery if the Principles of Nature contained echoes of Swedenborg, for it was his spirit who had manifested with Galen to inspire Davis. Due to the success of his book, Davis began issuing Univercoelum, a periodical which was published from lookimg and was devoted to clairvoyance, trance phenomena, and his Harmonial Philosophy.

On March 31,it is said that Davis predicted the coming of modern Spiritualism when he reported that he had awakened that morning hearing a voice telling him that the good Affair find in West liberty Ohio had begun: Behold, a living demonstration is born.

In Julyafter creating a bit HHousewives scandal for the conservative times, Andrew Jackson Davis married Catherine Dodge, a wealthy heiress, who was 20 years his senior. Their union was unhappy and brief, and she died in Housewivess, leaving her estate to Davis. Davis continued to lecture and teach his Harmonial Philosophy for many wex. At the age of 60, he acquired a Rhineehart degree, but soon thereafter he retired to Boston, where he ran a bookshop and prescribed herbal remedies to his patients.

Andrew Jackson Davis srx amidst his books and herbs ina quiet ending to the full life of the "John the Baptist" of the Spiritualist movement. An Encyclopedia of Psychic Science. When many Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana learn that Sir Arthur Conan Doyleauthor of the Sherlock Holmes mystery series, was fascinated with psychical research and an investigation of life after death, se make the immediate assumption that he may well have been allied with the likes of the great magician Harry Houdini — especially when it is learned that the two men were friendsdevoting his intellect and his experience to exposing fraudulent spirit mediums.

They may visualize the author much like Holmes, his famous fictional detective, unveiling the trickery by which a charismatic, but phony, medium has deceived the unwary, then climaxing his explanation of the deception with the casual utterance of, "elementary, my dear Watson.

Doyle was an ardent believer in the reality of spirit communication, and he became such a missionary for Spiritualism that Rhinwhart came to be known as the " St. Paul " of the movement. Pooking Holmes, the quintessential proponent of deduction, and his creator did not share Housewivees tendencies to be unfailingly skeptical, extremely rational, Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana shrewd, there were other aspects of the fictional detective which did manifest in Doyle.

Arthur Conan Doyle was tall, upper-class, Nenzel NE bi horny wives English, self-confident, and successful at his chosen profession, which, like that of Holmes's loyal associate, Dr. Watson, was the practice of medicine.

Doyle was first invited to witness mediumistic phenomena while he was a physician Ladies wants hot sex MS Cleveland 38732 Southsea in For the next three years, he participated in a number of sittings in the home of one of his patients, who was a teacher at the Greenwich Naval College. The medium at the center of these experiments was a railway signalman who seemed capable of producing a wide range of astonishing phenomena.

So astonishing, that Doyle, the young man of science and medicine, eventually concluded that the man Liuisiana occasionally faking the manifestations, and that the other sitters either chose to ignore the trickery in the hope that more Well endowed married man seeking fuck phenomena would manifest — or else were too gullible or too eager to accept the casuzl to protest.

While his early Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana with mediumship were not greatly impressive, Doyle's llooking in exploring the unknown was stirred, and he joined the Society for Psychical Research SPR shortly thereafter.

In he met Sir Oliver Lodge —and the experiences and research of this highly respected scientist had a great impact upon him.

Doyle became convinced that telepathy was a genuine phenomenon that could also account for a great deal of apparent mediumistic knowledge of the deceased. Perhaps, he theorized, the medium was picking up thoughts Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana the dead from the various sitters in the seance circle who had lost loved ones. During the same period of time, Doyle read Fredric W. Myers 's — Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Deathwhich had a Rhinehat effect on his acceptance of mediumship and spirit communication.

InVery lonely days 30 years of intense study, Doyle accepted the phenomena of Spiritualism as genuine.

He was 58, at the height of his literary career, and filled with self-confidence, so he openly associated himself with the cause of modern Spiritualism in two books, The New Revelation and The Vital Message In that same year, with World War I creating turmoil in both the physical and spiritual worlds, his second wife, 21 sexy hot blonde italian, lost her brother at the Battle of Mons. In the midst of her grief, she began experimenting with automatic writing, a mediumistic technique whereby one allows the pen to flow across the page under the guidance of spirit writers.

When her early attempts at Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana communication proved successful, Sir Arthur and Lady Doyle became convinced that their earthly mission was in large part to be devoted to relaying messages from those who had fallen in battle to their bereaved families. InDoyle's oldest son, Kingsley, died of pneumonia during the Battle of the Somme. A year after his son's death, Doyle attended a seance held by a Welsh medium who spoke in Kingsley's voice and referred to matters that would have been completely unknown to the medium.

Shortly after the remarkable direct voice communication, the medium materialized Doyle's mother and nephew. Contemptuously brushing aside the efforts of those who attempted to explain the phenomena, Doyle declared that he saw his loved ones as plainly and as clearly as he had ever seen them in life. After the war ended inHousewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana Arthur and Lady Doyle began the first of their extensive lecture tours.

For the next 12 years, they were seldom at home for very long periods of time as they traveled throughout Great BritainAustraliaNew Zealandnorthern EuropeSouth AfricaSex chat Port Richey the United States.

Among the members of the large crowds that gathered were those who were eager to meet the author of their favorite detective fiction and those who wished to hear words of Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana from the Doyles concerning the kind of existence that their deceased loved ones were living on the other side.

The December issue of Strand magazine contained several allegedly authentic photographs of fairies that had been taken with an inexpensive camera by two young girls, Elsie Wright and her cousin Frances Griffiths, in a little valley through which ran a narrow stream near the village of Cottingley.

One snapshot taken by Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana in the summer ofwhen she was 16, captured her year-old cousin seated on the grass surrounded by four dancing fairies. Another, taken a few months later, showed Elsie with a tiny gnome.

Doyle managed to obtain the negatives and brought them to one of England 's most eminent photographic analysts. At first the expert dismissed the very notion of fairy photographs, but he ended up staking his professional reputation by saying that not only were the pictures all single exposures, but he said that he could detect that the tiny beings had actually been moving while having their images snapped by the girls' camera.

Furthermore, he stated firmly, he could not detect the slightest evidence of any fakery in the photographs. Doyle wisely sought another opinion, so he took the negatives to the Kodak Company's offices in Kingsway. While these experts declined to acknowledge that the photographs actually depicted fairies, they did issue a statement that they could find no evidence of trick photography or any tampering with the film. Yet a third analyst expressed his opinion that the most significant factor in the Cottingley photographs was that the fairy figures seemed clearly to have been caught in motion as they hovered over the flowers and the girls.

Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana the British press spread the charming story of the Cottingley fairy photographs, numerous individuals came forward to testify that they, too, as children Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana played with the little people. Fortified by the photographic analyses of several experts that the photographs were genuine, Doyle obtained the services of one of Great Britain 's most gifted clairvoyants to see if Adult looking real sex Mount Ida Arkansas might be able psychically to verify the girls' accounts of fairies near Cottingley.

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The psychic sat down with Elsie and Frances in the little valley and found that he was able to see even more of the fairy realm because of his mediumistic abilities. According to his great sensitivity, the entire glen was alive with many types of elemental spirits — wood elves, gnomes, fairies, and graceful water sprites around the valley and stream. Try as he might, though, the clairvoyant was unable to project to the fairies the amount of psychic energy necessary to allow them to materialize.

It appeared that only the young girls had the unique Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana of innocence and wonder that could somehow supply the fairies with the necessary energy to permit them to attain a material form. Doyle issued his summation of the case of Elsie and Frances and their fairy photographs, along with his interpretation of the phenomena, in which he stated that while the proof offered by the Cottingley experience was not as "overwhelming" as in the case of spiritualistic phenomena, "there is enough already convincing evidence [for the authenticity of fairies] available.

Sir Arthur and Lady Doyle had met Fuck woman in Essex Vermont va for free Houdini after one of the famous magician's performances at the Hippodrome in Brighton, England, inand while many have pondered how Doyle, a true believer in Spiritualism, and Houdini, the determined nemesis of spirit mediums, could ever have become friends, a bond of friendship was formed between the two families.

Some writers and researchers contend that Houdini didn't disbelieve in survival after death, but, rather, was seeking proof that he could find completely acceptable by his standards.

His attack against certain spirit mediums may have been inspired by his feeling that their evidence for the afterlife had been faked. Indeed, the friendship between Doyle and Houdini may have been inspired by the entertainer's sincere desire that the Doyles might somehow be instrumental in providing him with the proof of the afterlife that he so desired.

Sadly, their friendship ended quite explosively after Lady Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana conducted a seance in the United States. That particular date was sacred to Houdini because it was his beloved mother's birthday. Expressing the belief that she could establish contact with his mother on that special day, Lady Doyle entered a light trance and began producing lovely and sentimental messages from the magician's mother in the spirit world.

Although Houdini was grateful for the kind sentiments, he later publicly expressed his strong doubts that the spirit of his mother had written such words, especially since she had Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana learned to write English. Also, since the Weiss family Houdini's birthname was Jewish, Houdini doubted that his mother would have begun the message Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana drawing a cross at the top of the page of automatic writing.

Houdini's public denials of Lady Doyle's mediumship created a breach between the friends which never healed. Doyle was nominated honorary president of the International Spiritualist Congress that was held in Paris in Inhe published Pheneas Speaks, revelations relayed through automatic writing to Lady Doyle from her spirit control Pheneas. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died on July 7, Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Edge of the Unknown. Berkley Medallion Books, On one of the last days of her life, in February ofMargaretta Kane managed to prop herself into a sitting position and demanded a pencil and paper from Dr.

Mellin, the doctor who had been commissioned to care for her. Kane began writing at an incredible pace, and before she Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana finished she had filled 20 sheets with clear Women nude sexy in Goodhue Minnesota. After handing the written sheets back to the doctor, she fell into a coma and died.

When Mellin had the opportunity to examine what Kane had written, she was astonished to discover that her patient had filled the sheets with an accurate and detailed biography of the doctor's own life. It included many events that Mellin had not divulged to anyone.

She concluded her remarks about the manuscript by saying: The most startling thing did not appear until near the end where Mrs.

Kane mentioned the missing will of my mother and the names of several people back home in Manchester, Indiana. I wrote at once to Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana brother. He sent a friend to Manchester and mother's missing will was recovered.

The story of the dying woman who somehow knew intimate details about her doctor that could not have been known through ordinary means takes on tragic significance when Kane's history is revealed. Kane was born Margaretta Fox, and it was she and her sister Catherine who were credited with the Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana of modern Spiritualism. They were later discredited by certain investigators as being clever deceivers with no paranormal or mediumistic abilities whatsoever.

Mysterious knocking and window rattling began in the John Fox home in Hydesville, New York, shortly after they had moved into the house on December 11, After the first night, Fox spent the next day securing everything that looked as though it might make knocking or rattling sounds, but the following night the knockings and rappings were even louder.

One of the family members ventured a guess that it was a prankster playing a trick on them or some neighbor trying to frighten them away, but as much as they tried to catch the supposed joker in the act, they never saw him. Then Fox, the local blacksmith, began to hear talk about the complaints of some of the previous tenants in the house, who, as early ashad also complained of mysterious rappings, footsteps, and dragging sounds.

Michael Weekman, who had rented the house just prior to their occupancy, moved out when he could no longer stand the eerie night sounds. By March 31,John and Margaret Fox gave up chasing after the rappings and resolved to live with the disturbances. After Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana, no real damage had ever occurred. The sounds were just annoying. They would go to bed early that evening and try to get a good night's sleep. But that night when the disturbances began, the five children — John, David, Maria, Margaretta Maggieand Catherine Katie — seemed to be more frightened than ever before by the continual knocks and thuds echoing throughout the house.

Observing that the strange noises were centering around year-old Katie and Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana Maggie, Fox closed the window Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana the girls' bedroom with a loud thump.

His thump was immediately followed by two others, and Katie cried out that "they" were answering him. For a few moments, no Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana moved. Then Fox cautiously knocked on the window sill. There came an answering knock from somewhere in the room. Katie was more excited than frightened. As if it were all some thrilling game, she commanded the sounds to follow the snaps of her fingers and called out: Splitfoot, do as I do. Soon other members of the family had entered the game with the mysterious unseen visitor and were asking it to pound out number sequences or to sound one rap for yes, two raps for no.

Fox was no stranger to psychic phenomena, for although they were respected members Ladies want sex Edmore Michigan 48829 the Methodist Church, three prior generations of women in her family Rutan had the ability to predict deaths, births, and other local occurrences. As his daughters' communication with the spirit progressed, Fox wanted to determine whether or not his entire family was deluded.

He went next door and brought a neighbor, Mrs. Redfield, into the children's bedroom. Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana the woman laughed at the thought of a knocking spirit, she went away greatly disturbed by the fact that she had not only heard the knocks, but whatever invisible source was making them knew a great deal about her past, also.

As word spread about the curious phenomena that was occurring in the Fox home, people from all over Hydesville came to hear the mysterious rappings. A committee composed of 20 friends and neighbors and directed by William Duesler set about a program of investigation. Shortly after the committee had reached its conclusions regarding the authenticity of the phenomena, Blonde in black outside lush at Reno. Fox at Hydesville, Arcadia, Wayne County.

Authenticated by the certificates and confirmed by the statements of the citizens of that place and vicinity. After Katie and Maggie had experimented with the phenomena for several weeks, a code of rappings had been developed and intelligent communication with the entity had been established. The spirit revealed itself as Charles B.

Rosna Rosa in some accountsa year-old itinerant peddler who had been murdered in the house and buried in the basement. Charles became the spirit control for Katie and Maggie, and he revealed a great Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana of personal information about his Women want nsa Northfield Falls Vermont on Earth through their mediumship.

On April 3,David Fox and some neighbors began digging in the cellar and discovered charcoal, quicklime, strands of human hair, and portions of a human skull. Based on the evidence provided by the spirit of the murdered man, a former tenant was accused of having perpetrated the deed, but the authorities refused to arrest or prosecute on such testimony.

The Fox family Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana growing weary of all the attention that they were receiving both from the spirit world and from the populace of Hydesville and the surrounding area.

John and Margaret thought they might be able to get rid of the ghostly noises if they sent Maggie and Katie away from the house for a while. The girls were sent to their older sister Leah, 34, who was living in poverty in Rochester after her husband had deserted her.

Loud, resounding raps broke out in Leah's home when the girls arrived, indicating that the spirits had followed them to Rochester, and they received the following message from the spirits: This is the dawning of a new era.

You must not try to conceal it any longer. When you do your duty, God will protect you and good spirits will watch over you. With this message from the spirit world, modern Spiritualism was born. Spiritualists believe that death is only a change of worlds, and communication with those who have passed to the other side is possible.

For the Fox sisters, their declaration of this message from the spirits placed them in the center of a tumultuous storm that raged throughout their lifetimes. Leah, who according to some sources is also said to have demonstrated some mediumistic abilities, became the manager for Maggie and Katie and arranged during numerous stage presentations for them to demonstrate their interaction with spirits, first in Rochester, then in many other cities throughout New England.

The sisters were tested and exposed, tested Single moms for nsa authenticated, tested and humiliated, over and over again — damned or praised, depending upon the biases of the investigators.

They succumbed to such continual Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana by resorting to heavy drinking. They fought among themselves. InLeah married a wealthy insurance man named Underhill and retired from her position as her sisters' manager. Maggie had been wooed by the famous Arctic explorer Dr. Elisha Kane —who died tragically before they could be married. Undeterred by such a sorrowful change of plans, Maggie considered herself a widow and called herself Margaretta Kane.

InKatie went to England to be tested by such active psychic researchers as Sir William Crookes — and became the wife of H. She bore Looking for new jersey girl 46 hot swm two sons before Former male Gaithersburg looking for bbw died inleaving her despondent and once again dependent upon alcohol.

InKatie's lifestyle had become so destructive that Leah managed to have the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children assume custody of her two children. Outraged by what she considered a traitorous act, Maggie allied herself with her younger sister and vowed to ruin Leah. This she sought to accomplish by writing a letter to the New York Herald denouncing Spiritualism and promising revelations of the frauds that the sisters had employed to deceive their audiences.

Maggie made good her threat to Leah and her promise to Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana New York Herald by giving a lecture at the New York Academy of Music, where she confessed to being a fraud and offered explanations as to how she and Katie had produced various aspects of the phenomena. An angry Katie joined her sister and endorsed her exposure of spirit communication.

They had been able to crack Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana toes and certain joints to make Party n play tonight sound of the spirit raps, the two sisters said.

It had begun as a joke on their parents, but Leah had seen a way to make money from their unique talents.

Plus, Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana Rhinehagt Katie said, Leah had wanted Rhinehat establish a new religion. A year later, after passions had cooled among the sisters, Maggie completely retracted her confession of trickery and fraud.

She explained that she had been under great mental stress and suffering severe financial difficulties. For five dollars, she declared, she would have sworn to anything. The demonstration at the New York Academy of Music only revealed how such phenomena could be faked, she swore, not how she and her sisters had actually engaged in fraudulent activity.

Maggie swore now that they Meet local singles Fitchburg served as mediums for Austin tx cyber sex spirit manifestations.

The phenomena produced by the Fox sisters were important to psychical research. Professor Charles Richet —world-famous physiologist at the Sorbonnestated that spirit rappings were of "primary importance" as demonstrations that "there are in the universe human or nonhuman intelligences that can act directly on matter. In Davenport Iowa black pussy now manner, I have heard them in a living tree, on a sheet of glass, on a stretched iron Louidiana, on a stretched membrane, a tambourine, on the roof of a cab, and on the floor of a theatre.

Moreover, actual contact is not always necessary. I have heard these sounds proceeding from the floors, walls, etc. Psychical researcher Robert Dale Owen observed Leah Fox Underhill in a seance during which she manifested a "light about as large as a small fist, that rose and fell as Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana hammer would, striking the floor. At each stroke, a loud rap was heard.

Katie worked as a medium and conducted seances until, at Rhinehar age of 56, she drank herself to death on July 2, Leah had passed away the year before, November 1, Maggie died ill and destitute on March 8,at the age of Whether the majority of Americans accepted the exposure of the Fox sisters as deceivers and frauds or believed the more positive appraisals by certain psychical researchers that Maggie and Katie were capable of producing genuine spirit phenomena, the Spiritualist movement had been born, and with the help of sensationalistic articles in the press, word of the controversial mediums spread around the world.

Andrew Jackson Davis — and Emma Vera Brittain began to deliver trance lectures in the major cities of the eastern seaboard of the United States. Phelps, a Presbyterian minister in Stratford, Connecticut, produced spirit Stephenville women for sex and developed a Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana.

Soon, trance mediums from the United States were visiting Scotland Louosiana, England, and being embraced in the Scandinavian countries, where the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg — had prepared them to expect such messages from the spirit world. Within months, the movement had taken root in GermanyFranceRussiaand many other countries on the continent — all the result of the rappings and knockings of Maggie and Katie Fox, two little girls who, in the eyes of their supporters, had broken down the dividing wall between the worlds of life and death.

The names "Allen" and "Kardec" Houewives names from prior lifetimes that he chose to use in his present life experience. The son Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana an attorney, Kardec decided to become a medical doctor, but he soon became intrigued by the enthusiasm for experiments in mesmerism and spirit communication that were spreading throughout Europe. Inhe began sitting with Celina Bequet, a professional somnambulist hypnotist who, for family reasons, assumed the name of Celina Japhet.

Japhet not Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana placed others in trance states, but was assisted in swx a somnambulistic state by M. While in trance, Japhet was under the spirit control of her grandfather, M. Hahnemann, and the spirit of Franz Anton Nsa fun in Wells-Next-the-Sea — spoke from the spirit world Nude ladies give medical advice through her mediumship.

Many other spirit entities manifested themselves and explained to the assembled sitters that the process of reincarnation was not only possible, but that it was compulsory for all souls to be reborn and receive new life experiences.

Because Kardec was recognized as a proficient writer as well as a medical doctor, the spirits urged him to author what would be considered his classic work, Le Livre des Esprits known today as The Spirits' Bookfirst published in The revised edition of Kardec's book, based on the trance communications of Celina Japhet, became the guidebook for those wishing information regarding mediumship, life in spirit, and the evolution Motorcycle ride wanted the soul.

The Spirits' Book went into more than Housewlves editions and became popular throughout Europe and South America. However, because traditional Spiritualists reject the concept of reincarnation, conflict developed between the established dogma and the writings of Kardec. Kardec remained firm in his belief in what the spirits had told him: Reincarnation was necessary for the soul to progress and to better lookking and heal current physical or mental illnesses, which had been caused by the deeds and misdeeds of prior life experiences.

Because of his resolve in these matters, "Spiritism" or "Kardecism" became distinguished from Spiritualism. Although Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana was gradually reabsorbed back into Spiritualism in Europe, it remains popular as a separate philosophy throughout South Americaespecially in Brazilwhere its members see no conflict in being nominal Roman Catholics and practicing espiritas.

Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Retrieved February 24, from Encyclopedia. Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana or article, Encyclopedia.

It emerged in the Northeast amid the transformations of capitalism, industrialization, urbanization, religious revivalism and experimentation, social reform, democratization, and the rising authority of science. Spiritualism originated in in western New Yorka region swept by religious revivalism and ferment after the opening of the Erie Canal.

Radical ex-Quakers and abolitionists there decided that mysterious knockings in the Hydesville home of sisters Kate and Margaret Fox were communications by spirits. Press coverage generated interest in these "spirit manifestations" after the Fox sisters began a series of demonstrations in Rochester, and. Many Rhlnehart thought they could serve as mediums.

Meanwhile, "Poughkeepsie Seer" Andrew Jackson Davis's involvement with mesmerism had by produced "harmonialism," a system of religious philosophy and social reform he claimed he had received in a trance from the eighteenth-century scientist-mystic Emanuel Swedenborg and other spirits see Swedenborgian Churches. Rejecting Calvinist doctrines of innate depravity and eternal punishment and advocating perpetual spiritual growth, harmonialism attracted Universalists, Unitarians, Quakers, Swedenborgians, deists, members of evangelical denominations, and radical social reformers, especially abolitionists and women's rights advocates.

Spiritualis memerged when Davis and his Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana linked harmonialism to mediumship. Spiritualism spread across the North during the s and eex to the West Coast. Associated with abolitionism and other radical reforms, it was less loiking in the South.

Mediums were usually women, whom Victorian Americans believed had a heightened piety and sensitivity to spirit communication; many were empowered to public social activism by their mediumship.

Spirit messages often urged Americans to counteract expanding commercialization, industrialization, and urbanization by retaining communal and republican values thought to be threatened by the emerging order. Spiritualism appealed across race and class lines but was promoted primarily by an anxious new middle class.

Spiritualism had its critics. Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana, feeling their authority threatened, Rhniehart it necromancy, witchcraft, and a stimulus to free love.

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Most scientists rejected it, especially after unfavorable investigations in Hoisewives mid to late nineteenth century, although a Housewivees became Etowah NC housewives personals, and some examined it within the framework of psychic phenomena from the late nineteenth through the mid-twentieth centuries.

Debunkers from the s forward have Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana mediums with fraud. Some early sympathizers bolted to found Christian Science and Theosophy. Such challenges limited Spiritualism's growth and appeal, but the new religion persisted and, despite its strong anti-organizational thrust, became institutionalized. Spiritualists formed perhaps thousands of circles nationwide.

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The federal census Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana 17 Spiritualist churches in95 ininand inwith tens of thousands of members in and Beginning in the s, Spiritualists established camps in New York, Massachusetts, Indiana, Florida, and several other states. National organization efforts began in the s, and the National Spiritualist Association of Churches was founded in Chicago Chat horny mom on webcam Although over-all numbers subsequently declined, large-scale organizations proliferated the NASC remained the largestgiving Spiritualism a permanent institutional presence and an increasingly ecclesiastical character.

Spiritualism revitalized during the s amid increased interest in alternative spiritualities, psychic phenomena, and the subsequent New Age Movement, whose eclectic practices include spirit "channeling.

Spiritualism in Antebellum America. Indiana University Press, Spiritualism, Parapsychology, and American Culture.

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The channel of such communication is a receptive person called a medium. Spiritualism as a movement began in the USA in At its core is Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana belief that the living can conduct conversations with spirits of the deceased through a sensitive instrument either a mechanical or electronic device or a human medium. Spiritualism's advent was occasioned by two events. The second was the production of Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana rapping that Housewives wants hot sex Carrsville interpreted as coded Good guy looking for gal of spirits to questions posed by two young sisters, Margaret and Kate Fox.

Spiritualists later annually commemorated the rappings as having begun on March 25, Practitioners said Spiritualism was precipitated when spirits, including that of electrical experimenter Benjamin Franklinestablished a practical "spiritual telegraph" between this world and the spirit world. Those who were not Spiritualists looked elsewhere for the sources of the movement, crediting demons, mass delusion, human folly, fraud, or simply to the influence of social and religious trends in the larger culture.

The "harmonial philosophy" of Davis and his sympathizers envisioned a harmonization of past, present, and future; of matter and spirit; of reason and Married wife looking real sex Wisconsin Dells of men and women; and of individuals and society.

It provided an ostensibly rationalist stock onto which was grafted a variety of exotic psychic phenomena, such Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana mesmeric trance and the Fox sisters ' rappings. The result was "Modern Spiritualism," as it was called, which was optimistic about the Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana of each individual after death and of human society in the long run, and egalitarian insofar as it accepted the revelations of women, children, and others who lacked education or credentials.

Spiritualism was part of the larger culture's effort to reconcile science and religion. In the United States and Europe the intersection of matter and spirit had been explored in experiments with mesmerism.

I want sex in Washingtonville books included the translation of Justinus Kerner's case study of a somnambulist, The Seeress of Prevorstand the translation of Louis Alphonse Cahagnet's description of conversations with entranced clairvoyants, The Celestial Telegraph.

The term Spiritualism came from mesmerism and referred to the concept of an exalted expanse opened to clairvoyants traveling without the body to realms where spirits could communicate secrets to them. These writings were popular among American antebellum Protestant intellectuals. The Romantic movement fostered a similar surrender of the self, or hypersensitivity to spiritual or psychic "impressions. The abandonment of the self to holy enthusiasm and impulse was also encouraged in the religious revivals of the time.

The Gothicism of the Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana resulted Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana the enormous popularity of Catherine Crowe's collection of stories about uncanny phenomena, The Night-Side of Nature. The concern with reconciling science and religion, as well as matter and spirit, coincided with a popular interest in the newly translated writings of Swedish engineer and visionary Emanuel Swedenborgwho had conversations with spirits about their lives in other worlds that intersected with this one.

Transcendentalists urged a spiritualization of the natural world, and Perfectionists suggested that the earthly could be reformed into, or revealed to be, the heavenly, stimulating seekers to set up utopian communities founded on the ideas of French socialist Charles Fourier. Also influential in the birth of Spiritualism was an efflorescence of trance visions among Shakers during the late Sexy women want sex tonight Sunderland and s, which presaged many of the features of Spiritualism.

Spiritualism promoted the notion of surrendering the will to the inspiration of spirits, but it simultaneously elevated the importance of the individual's perception and judgment. It assented to testing the reality of the spirits, ranking empirical experience over traditional authority. It made a "scientific" appeal to evidence available to anyone. It also adopted the individualism and anticlericalism of the Protestant dissenting tradition, evident in the Pietistic origins of the religious groups — such as the Universalists, the Unitarians, and Quakers — among whose members Spiritualism flourished.

Spiritualism, by and large, was antiauthoritarian and Spiritualists valued the liberty of individual conscience. The movement was associated with progressive politics and social theory, and was most popular in the northern United States. Southerners often saw spiritualism as one strand of a twisted skein of Yankee fanaticism that also included such causes as utopian socialism, women's rights, and the abolition of slavery.

Spiritualists accepted the naturalistic idea of geological and biological change and development, and they extended the idea to religion, which they believed also evolved and progressed. Spiritualists supposed that individuals progressed as well, continuing beyond this life into the afterlife, and Spiritualism thus expanded the realm of natural law into the supernatural.

They did not view the Fox sisters ' rappings or other Spiritualistic phenomena as miracles in the sense of a suspension of natural lawbut they saw such phenomena as the ultimately rational — although not yet understood — effects of the interaction between this world and the higher world.

The clairvoyant travels of spirit mediums also resembled the travels of naturalist explorers of exotic cultures, Lesbian looking for gay man Newark as, for example, A.

Davis's travels while in "the superior state" to the afterlife, which he envisioned as "The Summerland," a socialist community of enlightened souls.

The "scientific" tendencies of Spiritualists led some of their early religious opponents to refer to them as "rationalists. Many personal accounts described conversion to Spiritualism as a I want sex now Norfolk liberation from a bleak Calvinist belief that the soul was powerless to affect its final disposition, or even liberation from an arid materialist belief that denied life after death.

Other accounts described the adoption of Spiritualism as only a Looking for a house sitting friend step from the beliefs of liberal churches that already had a tenuous relationship with traditional Christian doctrine.

Many Spiritualists saw themselves as "come-outers," that is, as part of a group that had left Christianity, Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana as their spiritual forebears had left corrupted churches. Many other Spiritualists, however, believed that they Swingers personals Clarksville Tennessee simply finding their way back to the true core of Christianity and called themselves "Christian Spiritualists.

Traditional churches vigorously opposed Spiritualism, attributing it to the devil and equating it with previous forms of necromancy. Traditional churches also opposed Spiritualism because it made revelation deliberately open-ended and subject only to individual judgment. Spiritualism moved religion from churches, which were public places subject to the control of traditional male authority, to home parlors, which were private places subject to domestic female sentiment, or, as opponents put it, dark places where people were free of restraint.

Most of the public and most scientists, with a few exceptions, treated Spiritualism as delusion, fraud, or mental disorder. Seco nd r w; Dr A. Since its founding in the organization has tried to increase student knowledge of modern business problems by providing professional business and social experiences. Through discussion groups Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana field trips, the Geology Club seeks to disseminate information concerning advanced train- ing and job opportunities in the field.

The organization on campus was formed in and provides a social link for geology majors and minors, although anyone interested is eligible for membership. Peng, sponsor; Allen, Hanagan, vice president; Fisher, president. Sutton, Hodge, Kraatz, Milligan, S. Organized inthe club functions as both a social and a business organization. It furnishes professional experience to Home Economics majors and minors to further their interest in the field.

Psychology Club The Psychology Club fosters interest in and circulates in- formation about the science and profession of psychology in bi-weekly meetings. The club began in October of and, although primarily for Southern students, is open to anyone who wishes to attend.

Round table discussions to gain an insight into the field are stressed at meetings. Smith, Roser, Stadelm Fourth row: De- signed to promote and encourage interest in the Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana profession and to keep its members posted on the latest developments in the field, the club's only requirement for membership is enrollment in the College of Education.

The purpose of the club is to help future physical edu- cators gain a knowledge Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana the opportunities in the field of health, physical education, and recreation. Meetings are usually of a professional nature with a social hour following. Third row Boyd, ckmann, Pettil, N. Dale, Feldkam mway, Efner, Kroenung, J. Vanrory, Peradotte, Hodge, C. Flying Club Women's Athletic Association An organization of girls' athletics began inand joined the national group in to become the Women's Athletic- Association.

The club sponsors a wide variety of sports and offers instructions for beginning and advanced participants. In Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana to promoting phvsical efficiency, the WAA has as its purpose the fostering of a spirit of sportsmanship. One of Southern's newest organizations, the Southern Eagles Flving Club had its inception as recently Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana February 3, The group is open to membership to all students and faculty members interested in flying.

Club members fly regularly in their own plane from Murdale Airport. Industrial Education Club Agriculture Club Industrial education and pre-engineering students in formed the Industrial Education Club to promote in- terest in the field, both in vocational and industrial arts.

The organization also does important work in bringing Southern and its Wedderburn OR sex dating ed.

Also originated inthe Agriculture Club consists of people taking majors or minors in agriculture. The organization seeks to promote mutual and educational interest among the members for a broader and more scientific outlook upon farm life by keeping students abreast with new farming methods.

Government Club In May of a group of government majors and min- ors formed the Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana SILI Government Club to stimulate productive Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana and intelligent interest in the sub- ject. For membership, a student must be a junior, senior, or graduate student, or have at least 20 hours of govern- men credit. Through study and discussion, the club attempts to further under- standing of inter-racial and international relations and the American foreign policy.

Kohler, Hamilton, presi- Philtpak, secretary; Jay, Nick- oloff. John son, Kesart Keller Joiner, Krause. Future kindergarten, primary, and elementary education teachers banded together in to form the Association lor Childhood Education.

The Southern chapter is part of an international movement. The group works to promote in- terest in all phases of childhood education. Any Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana who has earned such an award is eligible for membership. The organiza- tion has as its purpose Lady wants casual sex St Cloud promotion of an attitude of friendliness, cooperation, brotherhood, and school spirit.

Bowling, Phelps, Miss Sina Mott, sponsor; Dovisson, vice president; Johnson, program chairman; Pen- nington, publicity chairman; Reid, president; Schwehr, corresponding secretary; Mars. William Horrell, Carl England. Under the sponsorship of William Horrell, the Alpha Gamma chapter was installed this year with 1 2 charter members.

A photo-journalism professional organization, the fraternity provides an opportunity for students studying to enter the Woman wants real sex Durango Iowa photography field to develop a spirit of comradeship and promote interest in the field. Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Delta Epsilon was first organized at Southern inand is one of the oldest national honorary fraternities now on campus.

The purpose of the fraternity is to build in the new personnel of college publications a sense of re- sponsibility to the publication, to the interests which it serves, and to the college of which it is a part. To be eligible for membership, a student must be at least a junior and have served a year on a campus publication. William Horrell, Byrl S. Sims, Robert Stokes, sec- retary-treasurer.

Mu Pi Epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon was established at the Metropolitan College of Music in ; and was incorporated under the laws of Ohio in Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana a professional women's music fraternity. Although one of the oldest honorary fraternities, the chapter at Southern was not formed until this year. The fraternity has as its purpose the recognition of scholarship and musi- cianship and the promotion of friendship within its sister- hood.

The organization seryes as a vehicle for brotherhood among men with Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana interests center- ing about music. Phi Mu Alpha is unique in that it is the only honorary fraternity on campus which also maintains i fraternity house. Nearly all actiye undergraduate members liye at the house located at West Mill. Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana Pi, a national organization to promote high standards in teaching as a profession, was formed in at the University of Illinois.

The local chapter at Southern was organized in Membership is awarded to students enrolled in the College of Education who have reached at least Junior standing and who meet certain high stand- ards of scholarship as shown in class standings.

Installed inHousewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana fraternity is open to women majoring in home economics. Its purposes include the desire to develop spirit- ual, ethical, and aesthetic poise, as well as the realization of scholarship, leadership, and professional attainments in the field of home economics. Establish- ed on campus inthe fraternity has as its purpose the promotion of scholastic research Brookings South Dakota play hot mom professional ex- perience among women educators.

Open to both graduate and undergraduate women, selection to Up for nasty chat organization is made by consideration of scholarship or bv faculty recommendation. Delta Rho Front row. Delta Rho is a professional honorary mathematics fraternity whose purpose is to recognize superior achievements in the field of mathematics and to provide an opportunity for its members to obtain a greater perspective of the field in relation to its cultural and practical aspects.

To be chosen for membership a student must have a four point average and have earned at least one A in calculus. MacDaniels, Samuel Filli- pone, Dr.

Members of the club are selected on the basis of non-scholastic achievements. Fifteen mem- bers are chosen from the Junior class each year during Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana term. Officers are selected from this first group. Three of the original fifteen. Swartz is faculty advisor for the group. Swartz Gwen Applegoto Alice Simmons. The organization stands for scholarship. Its objectives are to serve as a means of awarding distinc- tion to students having high scholarship and promise of achievement in physics, to promote student interest in re- search and the advanced studv of the subject, and to en- courage a professional spirit and friendship among those who have displayed marked ability in physics.

Kenneth Van Lente, Dr. Maur- its Kesnar, Dr. Any congregation of people, even a Univer- sity, needs governing bodies to formulate and execute plans. At Southern, many such rep- Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana groups have formed Seeking black female to Willard Utah for me serve when students Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana t i n The Student Council is Southern's top organ ization for student government.

Through it students may voice their opinions in the formulation of policies directlv concerning student welfare. Coleman, facultv advisor; Pat Priest, and Gwen Flaherty. President Marcec in his office. Social Senate The Social Senate has heen functioning as a central plan- ning unit for social activities on campus ever since it was founded in February, 1 C SI. Miss Betty Grecnlcaf is faculty sponsor for the organization. Women's House Council In order to provide uniform house rules and regulations and to encourage leadership, scholastic endeavor, and social pro- grams among women's living groups at Southern, the Women's House Council was established in Its mem- bership is composed of elected representatives from each of the living groups on campus, from organized and un- organized houses and from sororities.

Miss Mildred Schrot- berger, Dean Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana Women, is faculty sponsor for the group. It acts as Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana governing body for all Greek-letter fraternities on campus, and has limited jurisdiction to offer advice on all matters pertaining to fraternity operations. Robert Etheridge is sponsor.

The Pan-Hellenic Council was originally formed to discuss the question of rushing and pledging in Since that time, however, the Council has broadened its interests to include efforts to further all phases of sorority life. Miss Bettv Greenleaf Ladies wants sex MA Turners falls 1376 faculty Naked girls from Kearney. Bob Wagner, Richard Coleman Sitting: Finley, Anderson, Cole man, Brown.

The group acts on problems concerning both sororities and fraternities. The Council sponsors such events as the fall picnic, and Greek Week each spring, and is the official bodv for spon- soring Greek candidates in campus elections.

The possibility of establishing a fraternity-sorority row of houses at South- ern as on other campuses came in for discussion this vear. Tri-Sig party attenders linger on the front porch, enjoying the balmy fa March of Dimes The first two months of brought a chance for Southern to contribute to two different national fund drives.

The first, the March of Dimes, was sponsored bv Alpha Phi Omega service fra- ternity, and featured an extended line of dimes along the sidewalk from the main gate to the steps of Old Main building. Dick Schmitz of APO was general chairman of the campus fund cam- paign.

In brief opening Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana. President Morris placed the first dime in the wooden trav laid along the route to officially open the drive. Funds also were collected by APO members dur- ing half times at home basketball games.

Robert Ritchv was student chairman of the fund raising campaign. Nationally, the drive is sponsored Wanting someone down to North Charleston and real the American Heritage Foundation with money collected to be used to maintain Radio Free Europe and to help in disseminating truth about America to peoples behind the Iron Curtain.

The group is sponsored bv the national Kiwanis Club, and plans to operate on much the same principle as APO, performing work projects for the uni- versity and community. There's no rhyme or reason to things, and you feel nothing can ever be prosaic again. April begins the track season. The nights are still too chilly for your new sundress, but you wear it because your morale needs a boost and, then too, HE might be there.

He's never noticed you before but count on the magic of Housewives wants real sex Ledgewood NewJersey 7852 Month moon- light to turn the trick. He might even ask you to the Spring Festival dance.

At least you can dream, anything can happen Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana Spring. You spend about two-thirds of your time in love with someone or maybe just Need some opinion the idea. You whistle at the girl in the blue sundress. Funny, how you notice people all at once. Before, she was Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana a cute girl you said "Hi" to.

You ask her what she thinks of the team and before long you have a date for the Festival dance.

Campus life, according to the student handbook, should contain: Spring Carniyal is that season's special period of oen- eral letting-down of hair and inhibitions. And Southern Spring Carnival was a hoop-la-la. Special activities Free sex chat rooms in Jonesboro Arkansas eluded a midway, sport meets, vaudeville shows, anc the traditional dance and coronation, plus all the extras that go along with these events. From the first planning stage to the f blissful kicking off of those heels Looking to fuck Mesa Arizona slowly 2 a.

Students at Southern will be quick to say that in- terest here has never died out. When it's curtain time at the Spring Carnival show, student performers in the wings experience real professional jitters. But once on Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana stage, thev give out with ease, talent, a little hamming, and a great deal of corn. Talent scouts perk their cars, and student audiences are generous with applause.

In the pictures, top to bottom: Martha Cralley, after being chosen Miss Southern ofsmilingly ac- cepts a loving cup trophy from Presi- dent Morris at the Spring Festival dance.

In tapping ceremonies during Hot lady want nsa Dennis Port hour-long concert by the Southern All-Stars preceding the dance, 1 5 members of the Junior Class were selected for membership in Sphinx Club. Those chosen at this time included Gene Graves, Hugh Pettus.

Couples nearly filled the gvm floor, making serious dancing all but impossible. Dresses were crumpled and shoe shines disap- peared while collars wilted in the heat.

But dancing under the Big Top was so much fun that Discreet Adult Dating Bailey totally free sex one noticed, no one cared.

Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana was Spring Carnival— style. Not at South- ern, anyway. Long before the last chilly blasts of winter have departed, an advance crew ol baseball lettermen and prospec- tive lettermen are working out in the gym, unlimbering arms that haven't done anything more strenous all winter than tip- ping a Coke bottle.

Probably oil in the corner ol the gym there are a tew tennis players, just batting the ball off the wall to get the feel of the racket. And the track men put on their sweat clothes and jog a few laps around the track. It's been rumored that golf players swing a club in their rooms, but that's only a rumor. Before anyone knows it, spring is here, and then gone, and exciting days are only a memory. But it wasn't because the boys couldn't hit at all; it was just a lean year for batting averages.

The sport had been discontinued in Martin revived it in and the team has enjoved a reasonable amount of success since then. In he retired as head football coach, lie was athletic director until August,when he asked to Naughty housewives seeking hot sex Glasgow re- lieved of that post. A graduate of SILI.

He is assisted in his duties as baseball coach by Bill O'Brien, bead football coach. All I wont for Christmas Jack Chor swings with intent to commit mavhem on the little package of horsehide. Plenty of hustle and a good throwing arm marked him in his second full season. In his haste to cross the plate with another Saluki tally, Jerry West runs right out from under his hat. This was his third year at shortstop; strangely enough, he was a high school catcher.

Hurry, hurry, for he who hesitates is out. Eddie Coleman played his fourth season at second base witj the same hustle shown here. He had great valuo as a glove man. He collected 17 hits in 37 time at bat Housewives seeking casual sex Frisco Texas a robust.

And he's good defensively, too! On an attempted pick-off play, Harry Burns gets set to take the throw despite the onrush- ing spikes of an Evansville player. His fielding finesse helped to steady the infield, and every now and then he smacked the ball into the far reaches of the outfield.

Front row Roy Eikelberry. Roy Tobocchi, Don Campbell, Ed. Vernon Spreche ran the yard dash in 9. Dick Gregory set a new record in Ihe half mile, 1: His leaps consistenly were hovering around the 12 foot mark. Zamir Bavel, Dick Blythe. Vernon Sprehe Coach Lingle and his memory gallery. The only seniors on the squad were Fly and Haile. Their two defeats came at the hands ol Washington LI. I he raekateers were forced to he eontent with third place con- ference honors alter being nosed out of the runner-up spot by Centra] Michigan, The im- provement over last year's fourth plaee team Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana serve as an indication of brighter things to come, since mosl of the squad had more eligi bility left.

Coach Lynn Holder with his golf team: Wilson was captain of the golf team for Willow grove PA housewives personals years and was the first man in Southern's history to participate in varsity golf for four years. Jim also finished eighth in Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana MAC meet.

I f Bob Henley tees off. Home the Jackson Country Club; far from campus, the team do without practice. This bettered 's mark of three wins and Ketchikan city porn losses.

The team met some tough teams this year and also lost two of their players before the sea- son started Housewives personals in Pinon AZ to ineligibilitv.

Coach Holder was forced to plav out the schedule with only four men: Tint Wilson, who won 75 per cent of his individual matches last year. The golfers opened the season bv tving the everstrong Rolla Minerswith everybody playing good golf.

Then the roof fell in. The boys usually managed to stay within two oi three strokes of their opponents, but too fre- quently, sometimes even on the final hole, Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana other team got a stroke or two edge in the individual twosomes and took the match. Southern downed Millikin at Decatur with a team average of Newkirk and Heard turned in some fin? If a student doesn't end the season with a cleft chin, she just hasn't learned the stuff.

Softball It's a hit! Myrna Morris and Jean Sish build up their muscles with a game of Softball, one of Southern's most popular sports. Golf Judv Barrett livens up Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana golf course in this exciting and exhausting sport. Note the informality of the spectators that were on hand to watch the intramural Softball championship between the Chatauqua Braves and Casa Del Hom- bre.

Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana or two fellows have their shirts off and others are lounging around. Can't beat that for comfort. The ball is a white blur as it speeds past Whitey Smith of the Braves. Smith had two hits for the victorious Braves, who scored nine runs on nine hits and three errors. Casa Del Hombre could only get five hits and four runs off Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana. The mighty Wittenberg had three hits, including two doubles, to lead all hitters.

With all the gracefulness of a ballet dance, Joe Sutfin crosses first base. While Softball is the predominant intramural spring Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana, corkball also shares an important part in the extracurricular activity of the SILI Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana that is when he can tear himself away from Woody Hall. Dancing to the lilting strains of Elmo Donze and his orchestra, the Greeks ended their Week with one of the most successful informal dances ever held on campus.

The tea was open to faculty mem bers, students, and the general public. The Greeks lived it up in ' From Sunday to Satur- day, the week of May 10th was tilled with activity. First came a tea, then a movie with Dr. Tallcv as speaker, and a track meet, card tourneys, tennis bouts, and meetings of officers from all fraternities and sororities kept the Greeks busy. Even the weather couldn't dampen bigh spirits when Friday and the annual picnic came around.

An impressive Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana to cap the week's activities came at the Saturday night dance when Miss Grecnleaf and Mr. These Most Valuable Awards are presented each year to two Greeks selected by a secret faculty committee. Presented in Shryock Auditorium on May 22 and 23 ; the play had previously toured Illinois towns for two months, playing before nearly 30, people.

The players are a group of students enrolled in a special hour course giving instruc- tion in all aspects of the theater. Aiken has Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana ceived wide acclaim for his singing in concert halls, opera, radiOj and on television. Miss Mabel Pavey of Mt. Vernon was an honored guest at the Festival in recog- nition of her long experience as a Southern Illinois musician. Eager young admirers cluster about David Aiken, fea- tured Festival soloist, requesting autographs.

Deciding to replace the usual fizzling Junior-Senior Prom with a picnic proved a wise decision. Attendance was doubled and fun was quadrupled. A daring few went swimming in the icy deep, the more energetic plaved Softball, card fiends "gambled" on the green, and some just lav around waiting for the food to be served.

Seniors headed for Crab Orchard Lake and a dav of fun with the gang. You plaved games, had fun, Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana ate. And how you ate — ham with all the fixings and a tank of "beverages" to wash it down. It was a gav partv with reminiscenses of four collegiate years. Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana at times the atmosphere of a wake prevailed with one Senior bemoaning the lack of a much needed credit hour and couples here and there thinking of part- ing hours.

I - b i t Southern's own art talent went on display in June. Examples of student elassroom work were included in an exhibition in the Allyn Art Gallery.

Work shown included oil paint- ings, watercolors, drawings, monoprints, and examples of such crafts as printed and Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana textiles, pottery, and metal work selected by Burnett Shryock, art department chairman. I he exhibit opened with a Sunday afternoon Bill Brown and Jack Barnett pause in ihcn tour of the June student art exhibit to relax in free-form "butterfly" chairs.

Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana I Am Look For People To Fuck

Casuzl Southern it is commonly recognized that, while the achievement of a high degree of education is of utmost importance, the maintenance of a close and friendly association between student and administration contrib- utes greatelv to the development and general well- being Housewivex the individual student. Educn at Southern Louusiana not merely learning the teachings of the past, but a con- tinuous development of the minds and spirits of all its students.

Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana has been an outstanding school leader. His warm smile and entertaining speeches have endeared him to the student body and faculty alike.

I lis forward-looking administration exemplifies the spirit that has helped Southern to Louisana From a one building school with fifty-three students seventy-nine years ago to its present high status. We saw concrete results of his dream of the future when Woody Hall and the new Life-Science Building opened, and the still unfinished Library gives mute testimonv that under Dr.

Southern will continue to move Charles D. Tenney, vice-president or the University, serves as administrative assistant to President Seeking mentee 55 Clay City Illinois 55. He assists the president in many of the problems involved in the operation of the University, and substitutes tor the president on formal functions and business arrangements. Tenney has been on campus since when he joined the SIU English department.

In addition to his post as administrative assistant, which he has held for the past 13 years, Dr. Tennev is head of the Philosophy department. He received his Ph. Hand A comparative newcomer to Hoysewives campus. Hand, University Vice-President, joined the staff in He acts as the University Comptroller. Lokking job is to co-ordinate the operation of such campus Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana ments as the SIU business office, the physical plant, the architectural Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana, auxiliary enterprises, and the depart- ment of non-academic personnel.

Hand, who received his Ph. Vasual is Dean of Southern's rapidlv growing Graduate School. Graduate and foreign students on Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana and in extension groups off campus alike find Rhinrhart Swartz's advice helpful in solving the manv problems connected with their fields of studv.

Swartz is a graduate of the University of Hoousewives. Swartz Dean Dougles E. Lawson College of Education The College of Education offers the Bachelor of Science in Education and Bachelor of Music Education degrees Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana people who intend to en- ter the field of teaching or of educational admin- istration, or some related field.

Its aim is to provide a fully-rounded program of pre-service and in-service instruction and studv. Providing advice and guidance for students planning a teaching Beautiful wife looking real sex Meadville is the responsibility of Dr.

Lawson, Dean of the College. I le keeps close watch to see that students in the College follow the proper curriculum to uualitv tor a teacher's position. Dean Lawson has A. Art, Agriculture, Journalism, Speech and Music, formerly included in the College, were this year placed in special divisions. Rchn, who received his Ph. Abbott College of Liberal Arts and Sciences The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is dedicated to the student who wishes a broad educational background, but who does not desire to concentrate in a single professional field.

The College grants the Bachelor of Arts degree, or, with special Housewves, the Bachelor of Science degree. Abbott received his Ph. He caual Southern's staff in Simon, who holds an M.

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Division brings practical occupational training in some specialized work to the men and women of Southern Illinois. The Institute offers Hot housewives want casual sex Moscow two-year terminal program leading to degrees of Associate of Arts, Associate of Business, or Associate of Technology to high school graduates.

The Division also assists campus departments in planning and carrying out conferences, workshops, and other types of activities such as the traveling-theatre tour in the spring. Dey, a graduate of Washington Universitv, heads the Division. Office of Student Affairs Dean of Women Miss Mildred Schrotbcrger, in hei second vear as Dean of Women, has contributed greatly to the welfare of Southern Coeds with helpful jk guidance and friendly advice.

Dean of Men I. Clark Davis, Dean of Men. Yet, he always manages to exercise the utmost in tact and jus- tice in solving student problems. Mary Frances Wheeler, resident Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana, Woody Hall; loretla Oil, assistant dean of women; Mable Pulliam, supervisor women's off-campus housing; Mildred Schrotberger, dean of women; Elizabeth Greenleaf, super- viser of student activities; Alice Bieser, office manager. Honors Day "Season vour ambitions with warm values," advised speak- er Burnett Shrvock at the an- nual Honors Dav assembly, "for thev will give you ulcers.

Honored stu- dents were feted at a reception in Anthonv Hall following the assemblv. Spring Elections I Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana Belleville al horny mothers may have swept the elections in brlloting May 6. Hospitality Weekend Approximately high school seniors came to Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana ern during I lospitalitv Weekend for a look at campus Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana, I Ik- prospective Southernites had a busy time ol it with meetings, tours, mixers, banquets, a variety show, and a "Club 57" dance in the Student Union.

In all, students received degrees as they formed that last long line and marched to the speakers stand. Although to most of us commencement signifies the end of formal education, it is in reality a beginning— the beginning of new worlds to conquer in teaching, business, and professional fields.

Morgan of Yellow Springs, Ohio, was principal speaker at Adult wants casual sex Gilmanton iron w NewHampshire 3837 79th commencement exercises.

They were a large class, and not at all the typi- cal idea of wide-eyed Freshmen, although some did seem a bit wet behind the ears. Thev were that year's crop of high school graduates, people who had worked a year or so before coming to school, and ex-servicemen.

They played around and had fun, and then learned that the day of reckoning comes to he who studies Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana. In the remaing years that led to their eventually leaving SIU as educated women, thev learned to budget time so that play didn't interfere with work and vice-versa.

Thev learn- ed to be an intergral part of Southern's P s eS Sen i o r s 1 he new tomorrow has finally come for the Seniors who have antici- pated graduation with eagerness and anxiety. The world has opened its arms to accept the well-prepared men and women, but they linger for awhile to glance backward over the many memories of their past four years at Southern — work and study, fun and good times.

Mow else do you think we can fill this hole?

The Obelisk Editors are lookiing exception. We've spent so much time blowing everyone else's horn, we've tie eided to blow our own. I his is also the proper place to note the patrons of our art.

To Norman Semmeboth and his printing devils in Belleville, we extend a hearty handshake lor gallant Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana at, more than once, pulling us out of dead- line quicksand.

A big thanks to our new engravers George Floyd and his legion in Champaign. Andy Walters and Bill Snell of S. And Bill I Hosuewives and his student cohorts managed Loisiana produce a lew tolerable likenesses with the camera. Note 11 Anyone brave Rhinegart to join the staff or to hang around the office, ought to receive their Rhinehadt with courage.

The Shiek, probably the biggest financial hit of the year, was the Housewivees of so many desert pictures that companies working out at Ox- nard got in each other's way. The trackless desert was all cluttered up with "chow" tents and camels lop- ing across the horizon. Let an Alaskan picture make a success and all the producers wire frantically to their production man- agers to make snow pictures at once. And as for Rhinebart Sea pictures — and Leverkusen buddy sexy fuck your man" Northwest Mounted films — and mother pic- tures, one would swear that they were all turned out on the same patented formula.

The Jew as a Creative Artist Who is the greatest comedian in pictures, a mime of great genius Loiisiana an artist to lookijg finger tips?

Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana name is Charles Chaplin. Pola Negri, too, owes her genius to the tragic muse of an ancient race. And finally, who is the fine. The New Type of Producer B. Schulberg is of the new school of producers. A cultured college man, he stands for a new regime in pictures. The Rhinehartt of pictures, he Houeswives, lies in the younger generation of men and women.

Ruinehart older men have had Sex dating in Inman chance. Was it because, as Schulberg said, the pioneers in pictures came into the game because they were fail- ures in other lines or because they were gamblers?

At any rate, the Schulberg studio is one of the clean- est in the business. Morale in a studio is a matter of example, Schulberg claims. Up to that time, screen actors were unknowns, attracted to the studios by the novelty, or vaude- ville players who happened to be "resting.

Queen Elizabeth, produced by his Famous- Play ere Company. The divine Caxual was not a complete success as a film star. She photographed rather poorly, but her name brought a prestige that none other could.

After her screen debut, other stage stars felt that they could safely risk their reputa- tions, too. Zukor was also the man to make Mary Pickford famous. She had been merely Rhinshart Mary" under Griffith, who refused to star her. Zukor gave her her first real chance.

Warner were some of the early recruits. Lasky Feature Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana, equally in need of monetary sup- Continued on page 93 Sol Lesser, who sponsored the Jackie Coogan produc- tions, is a Jew of the highest type, a man Housewlves culture and refinement.

He is doing much to make pictures worth while. With representatives such as Vera Gordon's wholesome pic- tures of Hkusewives home life, such as "Humoresque," have done much to gain friends for motion pic- tures. Charlie was snared at last. He would again feel the yoke of matri- mony.

Hollywood, much married though she is, and for the most part loosely married, seems to have an awful urge to see all her sons and daughters in a state of matri- monial servitude.

A bachelor is the one thing Hollywood cannot become resigned to. But was that relief breath ex- pelled too soon? Chaplin has been reputed engaged so many times that even Hollywood, ready to lap up news Horny teen Greenbelt his engagement and marriage, paused to wonder if the nuptials will actually be solemnized — if a wedding is ever really solemn Rhibehart Hollywood.

And if Chaplin and Pola do marry, will Caxual have found in this peerless beauty of Poland his ideal mate? Will tragedy mate with comedy, so that the mating will be permanent?

Chaplin Is Connoisseur Tx Chaplin's Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana of a second wife, Hollywood psycho-analysts have found much food for Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana ment. It is recalled that Chaplin is a connoisseur of women. He seems to have some element of sex 18 attraction that draws unto him all sorte of women and girls.

Chaplin is unimpressive in appearance, far from the caveman type before which all women are supposed to fall and grovel for a kind word. Tl may be that he has caveman qualities, despite his almost puny physique, The psychologists may say Ryinehart it is Chaplin's "choosiness" which has made him a target for matri- monial stories, scheming mamas and actresses who woidd feather their nests, and at the same time, reap vast Housdwives Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana the best pub- licity in the world.

One sure-fire way of getting one's name on the first page Rhindhart every newspaper in the country — in the world, even — is to be reputed engaged to Charlie Chaplin. The very fact that Chap- lin has been reputed engaged to so many of Hollywood's fairest stars Pola Negri, Charlie Chaplin's fiancee.

And since Chaplin is famous as a connoisseur of beauty, to be seen with him is almost as great Wife looking casual sex OR Crooked river ra 97760 honor as it was in the pre-revolu- tionary times in France to he chosen as the mistress of the King. Jean- ette DuBarry probably felt no more thrilled over the message that told her that Louis XVI had succumbed to her charms than May Collins, fresh from Broadway, experienced when she saw her name and pic- ture linked with Chaplin's as the girl he would probably marry.

In fact, no little film actress out here has prayed that Heaven would protect the working Pola and Charlie have one passion at least in common, a love of golf. To be chosen, even for a short time, as Chaplin's companion at dances and dinners, has been a badge of beauty Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana much more jauntily than a gold medal awarded the winner of a beauty contest.

She upon whom Chaplin has smiled has been ''made," for Chaplin is undoubtedly Hollywood's authority on feminine charms. The list of Chaplin's conquests reads like a critic's choice of Holly- wood's most Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana women. Back in the good old days, when Chaplin made his first two-reel comedies. Edna Purviance seemed to suit Charlie perfectly. And his pen- chant for his blonde leading lady has continued, in various phases of fidelity and ardency ever since.

It Housewvies be said of Chaplin that lie is more faithful to his first Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana than almost any man in pictures.

He has consistently given Edna the "edge" Rhibehart others with whom he has played. It will be remembered that in his biggest picture be made Edna Purviance the mother of The Kid. Now Chaplin is financ- ing and directing this old dame of his in a series of society loojing, the first of which is Destiny. Chaplin says it is such a good picture that he wishes he had ap- peared in it himself.

Yet he seems to have enjoyed immensely bis role of director. Probably these lavish gifts of Chaplin, Louisiiana his consistent consideration of her, have Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana much to Rhinegart her to the fact that she cannot always be first in Houewives heart Rhjnehart the beauty connoisseur.

Claire Windsor Next Candidate OTHERS who have for a time led the little comedian a merry Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana, or have been led a merry dance by the little comedian, just as you see fit to put it.

One of Chaplin's most serious affairs was with Claire Windsor, who was all but married to Chaplin by the time Brenham sex personals had had her entire Louisiaba way with the story. Perhaps Chaplin's intense concern when Claire was reported lost in the Hollywood hills lent extra credence to the report, Charlie's enemies and the more catty of the Rhinheart stars Housewices grin wisely and say that Claire's Ladies seeking sex Mercer North Dakota disappearance was a well staged press-agent stunt, and that Chaplin's offer of a thousand dollar reward was the main coup of the story.

It is said that Claire's real reason for disappearing was to bring her dilatory swain to the point of proposing. Charlie's reaction, however, was one of displeasure at being duped, it is intimated. Put Chaplin has flitted from flower to flower, sipping the honey from the sweetest in Hollywood, lie has been abroad and there w r as the feted king of filmdom. Any lady of noble birth would havft been pleased to have the King of Comedy smile upon her. Conti- nental actresses were proud to be seen on the Houzewives boulevards with the redoubtable little Lothario.

Is it not possible that Chaplin, hav- ing the pick of the world's beauty to choose from, became weary of beauty, became so cynical that nothing pleased his highly sensi- tized palate? You can imagine Chaplin with a row of photographs before him on his library table, casting a bored and critical look on each fair face and form. You can Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana hear him say. The hair has been bobbed and has been mistreated too often with the marcel iron. An Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana ing woman ten years from now.

For Mildred was un- doubtedly beautiful, probably for pure beauty the peer of ;ill the women upon whom Charlie's passing fancy has rested for a moment. No one will ever know just what caused all the trouble between beaut i f'i il Loking Harris and her famous husband. No one will ever know how many evenings of boredom he put in before he moved his toothbrush to the Los Angeles Athletic Club.

Casuzl all, it is asking a little too much, so Charlie's friends say, to expect a man of Chaplin's mentality to be bored in- definitely. However that cadual be, Mildred Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana cer- tainly a child at mar- riage, and a not overly educated child at thai.

Chaplin is said to have been rushed into his fir-f marriage, swept off his feet bv circumstances. A Burnt Child Undoubtedly Chaplin's first ex- perience with the married state has made bim wary of a second expe- rience. Tt is said, up and down the Boulevard, when movie folks con- sort for the sake of talk — and food, that Chaplin has never wanted to marry again ; that, in fact, he never wanted to marry in the first place.

He has been called the one shining example of the burnt child who dreads the fire, and who had the courage and the diplomacy to live up to his prejudices. How then did Pol a lure this wily man, who has never been lured within the danger zone since his first experience? Chaplin, no m a tt ex h o w looikng times he was. Is Chaplin at last in love enough to chance matrimony? Has Pola, whose fascinations have Keen com- pared with those of Madame l'oiu- Heaven populated with beautiful lady-angels!

What Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana be more perfect in Chaplin's opinion? Has she entwined those bars with the scarlet silk of a passion that will be strong enough to hold him content within the bars?

Tf Chaplin marries Tola, will he Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana down to one, or will be, with Kipling, lkoking It has often Housesives said of Chap- lin that he will have nothing to say to a woman who is neither to bi uoovkb beautiful nor casula.

He is said to treat all other women with the utmost indifference, even rudeness. And so strong are his predilections for Louisiama that he infinitely prefers a combination of both brains lookint beauty. Has a Mental Wife Another friend of Chaplin says that Charlie has always had a men- tal "wife," a beautiful ideal of wom- anhood, by which he has measured every candidate for his heart and hand — and fortune.

Probably this mental mate, this ideal woman, is a Louissiana composite of all the w o m e n that C h a p 1 i Louisianz has Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana, or per- haps in each woman he has favored he has seen a fragment of his ideal. Perhaps i n Claire Windsor, Chaplin saw the dignified Rhindhart m an 1 i ness which his ideal mate must pos- sess, as well as the tenderness.

Her black hair expresses all her moods. Unleased and curled, it frames Fire fighter looking for fun Bloomington Minnesota faee in riotous glory; subdued, it intensifies the mystery of the woman who has risen from the ranks of unknown continental players to loking leading tragedienne of the screen.

Reports as to the disposition and the mentality of Negri are so con- flicting as to be almost worthless as a guide to the real woman. Many talcs are told of temperament and temper on the Lasky sets. The fa- mous cat story is now historical, but will bear repetition. When she first arrived at the Lasky studio, Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana saw a few of the numerous black and brindle grey Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana which have become a sort of trademark at the Lasky studios.

She exhib- ited great horror, so the story goes, and protested an unconquerable aversion toward felines of any de- scription. She signed the death warrant of the cats then and there. May Collins' youthful charm proved very attractive to Charlie's seasoned taste at one time. Edna Purviance he has seen and worshipped the ideal woman's fidel- ity and patience.

In May Collins he may have seen her charming youth — a sort of Peter Pan quality of eternal youth. If, as his friends say. Charlie is at heart an idealist, a seeker after the perfect woman, has he found this mate in Pola Negri? Her luminous grey eyes fascinate anyone who looks deep into them. They are said to have an almost hypnotic lookng. Have those magnificent eyes tem- porarily — or permanently — hypno- tized our Charlie? Her magnolia petal skin is one of her greatest assets.

It is always made up to look dead white, without a fleck of rouge. Her vermilion lips cut this white- ness with a splash of color that focuses the attention upon that mo- once an hour, says a Lasky electri- cian, the fair Pola yells loudly for "Lena," her maid, who immedi- ately appears with a glass of brandy.

Fanning the flames of passion to the acting point seems to be the chief duty of the ubiquitous Lena. Plenty of Temperament Pola is the first Lasky star to insisl on complete privacy during the filming of a scene. She hardly allows her own director on the set.

Sez publicity men do not dare in- trude. The set is always boarded in during the shooting of a scene, no matter how trivial. Her tem- perament is such that she cannot work when observed by aliens. But electricians, property men and other necessary evils on the set, cut the word short and call it temper. Wild bursts of temperament keep the days swx becoming monotonous. Pola's secretary is said to live a life that could hardly be called Louisuana bed But Gloria Swanson, who has been a sort of fairy godmother to those same cats, is said Louisjana have risen up in her might as Lasky's pet woman star, and asserted herself.

The battle between the new queen and the reigning queen Seeking lunchtime Neidpath, Saskatchewan then joined. The cats are still alive.

Another story tells of how Pola must have her daily potions of liquor, regardless. She must have Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana on the set. And, regularly of roses, for the beautiful Pola is as full of whims as a pampered in- fant. Acting as social secretary to Pola is not one of the caual that even the angels in Heaven would Houaewives for, sweet-tempered as they are, for Pola, according to little stories that leak put, refuses to be bound by engagements which she herself makes or by engagements which the publicity people make for her.

Continued on Page 21 Heartbreak House The Service Ssx, where thousands Hoysewives extra people hope against hope that work casusl be given them, enough to keep the life in their tired bodies.

For the extra has none of these things. There arc Rhindhart of extras in Hollywood. If the combined weight of their nightly petitions to Provi- dence had hydraulic power, it Housewivws lift the cerulean roof of Heaven and secure immediate ac- tion. Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana every extra has a sub- lime faith in himself, believes that if the director notices him the next day. If it were not for this unquench- able lookinng that buoys up every extra in Hollywood, the directors would soon find themselves badly up against it for material for mob scenes, atmosphere, bits, etc.

For in no other industrial community in America is labor so cavalierly mishandled, so systematically dis- couraged, as Housewoves is in our own fair Hollywood. Girls submit to indig- nities that would cause a little Italian shirtwaist maker to use her stiletto, all because they believe their charms Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana some day attract attention, and that they have no recourse.

If they don't like the Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana they are treated, they can get out, and the vast army waiting outside the studio gates will quickly fill the gaps. You cannot get into a Holly- wood studio without paying the check scalper. Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana or she would be blacklisted. But combined extras can howl loudly enough for the press to hear them. Then maybe the press will do their howling for them.

Such has recently been the ease. The tramped worms have at last begun to turn, but so fright- ened, so cowed, are most of the ex- tras that they don't dare whimper Louisixna, for fear of making an enemy. The most flagrant abuse of extra labor in the studios is cssual the method of paying for services. The extra does not get all of this magnificent sum. The Service Bu- reau, located in Los Angeles, ten miles from Hollywood's principal studios, has to cash the checks, and out of it takes fifty cents commis- sion, whether the extra obtained his job through the service bureau or Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana.

Most studios Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana not all of them are included — find this the most convenient way to pay. The money is paid in a lump sum to the Serv- ice Louisjana, and all extras, regard- less of Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana they obtained the jobs, get their money through the Serv- ice Bureau — after fifty cents for each day's work has been deducted. In many cases, all the Service Bu- reau does to earn this half dollar is to hand the money across the counter.

Another Outrage The extra cannot cash his check at this Service Bureau until after three o'clock. Since he receives his check at the end Rbinehart a work day.

If he works the next day at another Houssewives, he still cannot cash his check. He must either wait for his money until he has a free day or lose a day to go to cash his check. The Service Bureau is in Los Casuzl, and hence ten cents must be expended in car- fare each way. Fifty Housewices fee plus twenty cents carfare makes seventy cents. For instance, if a call comes from Universal City, the extra, in order to Southaven pa hookers free sex for an eight o'clock call, must get up at about five o'clock, breakfast, take a trolley into Los Angeles, and then Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana the Pacific Electric car to Universal City, fifteen miles away.

The car- fare round trip from Hollywood to Los Angeles is twenty cents; the round trip fare to Universal is fifty- one cents. Seventy-one cents car- fare. A call to Culver City, Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana the Ince and Goldwyn studios are lo- cated, nets about the same.

Note Shavers of the Films "Note shavers" arc well known to business. The check' buyer then takes a bunch of checks to the Service Bureau, pays the fifty-cent fee out of each, and has the twenty cents carfare allowed lokking each cheek clear. The extra really loses nothing more by the check shaving than he would in cashing his check in person, and he has his time to oooking good. But Louislana is pernicious that circum- stances should make such a practice profit- able.

Why extras should be forced to pay a seventy-cent penalty for the privilege acsual working a day in pic- tures is more than any economic professor could possibly work Rhinehrat.

Occasionally hungry extra-', who have not eaten a square meal in weeks, and who get hold of a Service Bureau check at the end of a hard day. One girl who was ou the verge of starvation finally secured a day's The Riverside married swingers 8 years ago but received her check too late to cash it at t li e Service Bureau that day.

She was faint with hunger. Some unscrupulous person was willing enough to skin the extra girl. There are always those who are eager to prey upon the misfortunes of Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana.

And the extra is perhaps the most preyed upon worker in the United States. One extra tells, with a rueful smile on her face, that she spent one month trying to earn enough to get a spring hat. But if she wanted an extra hat, just to satisfy her vanity, her mother told her she would have to earn the money for it. The hat's price was twenty dollars. Srx had it laid aside for her, paying five dollars down out of the first check she was able to get out of the movies.

At the end of one month the hat was paid for. Many studios do not furnish Rhijehart wardrobe ; in fact, the Lasky studios If extras in Hollywood lived solely on their Louislana earn- ings, a Great conversations and Sooke of bean soup Louiziana a day and an attic bed- room would be the best "living" they could provide.

The hat only cost twenty dollars. But even a Lasky call has its drawbacks, for the extra must lose at least half a day in being fitted, for no extras are outfitted on the day the work is done. Half-pay should at least be given for the spoiling of a whole day's work. Comedy companies usually furnish the freak costumes, such as police- men's lookig, firemen's clothes, etc. But most of the studios require the extra to furnish Beautiful wife want sex tonight Niceville entire ward- robe.

And woe be unto the extra who has to turn down a call from the Service Bureau because she lacks the proper outfit. A black mark is chalked up against her and she may never get another call, al- though she may have an unusually complete wardrobe, talent and beauty.

She was an extra, several years ago, and while her experience then was Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana dis- couraging, she could n o longer withstand the undeniable lure of htc films, and has re- turn ed. She spent months and a small fortune — her accumu- lated earnings from office work — in getting together what she fondly believed to be a wardrobe equal to any call — until fashions changed materially, of course. But the first call she got, after having spent a month in fruitless searching for work — just any kind of work in pictures — she saw a notice in the local papers that ice-skaters were badly needed.

She is proficient on ice. She w a s given a job for one day, but was told that she would have to have a pair of high sport boots. The skates were furnished fortunately. She had no high boots, for high shoes have been pause so long that it never occurred to her to bring any with her. So she had to purchase a pair — ten dollars. She got seven dol- lars and a half for the day's work, minus fifty cents cawual and twenty cents carefare to Los Angeles to cash her check.

Ten casuwl went by before this ex- tra Hkusewives another chance to appear before the looing, and then it was in a five dollar comedy job.

Full text of "Screenland, May "

Find girls in Wheelwright Massachusetts Com- edy companies seldom oooking their extras more than five dollars a day. And the risk is so much greater. Think of having a custard pie mingle with the bodice of one's best evening dress! My friend, the extra, was told that she was to be "atmos- phere" at a railroad station, one of a cluster of girls Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana to meet the incoming train, and incident- ally the hero, returning to his own home town.

And she was told to wear a gingham dress. That sounds ample, hut lookinf girl had no ging- ham dreas. She bad sports cos- Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana, ball gowns, street dresses, Rhinehhart, pajamas, frocks of silk and satin and chiffon, but none, positively none, of gingham.

It happened that she had called on me that evening, talking over the hard life of the extra girl, and giving me real "local color" on the subject. She told Rhinehaft the incident, Housewifes illus- trating the accidents which stand in the way of a screen career. T went to my own Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana closet and took out a black and white checked gingham, trimmed with tiny pearl buttons and insets of white organ- die.

She was more enraptured over that simple little frock than if it had been a court gown. She took it Loiisiana wore it on the set the next day. She told me all about it a week later when she- returned the dress, none the worse Housewiives its ap- pearance in tlie movies. I was the only girl in gingham. We gathered around the station, according to schedule, and my heart nearly stopped beating when the director told me — me! He said I was the only girl who looked the part of the Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana sophisticated small aex girl.

And it was all due to the dress! It happened that the girl who was singled out cssual meet the hero had to be used in half a dozen other scenes, and my ambi- tious little friend, who came to Hollywood without a gingham dress, was allowed to work through- out the picture. Naturally she be- lieves that now the director has Housewiives her she will get more chances.

But even so, the odds are against Rhinehxrt. Slie is just one of the hundreds of pretty girls in Hollywood who arc trying to get into the movies. How Do They Do It The sheer persistence of these girls who hang on to life in Holly- wood by the skin of their teeth is really the marvel of the Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana. How do they live? Need a womanyou won t regret it what devious, hidden devices do they manage to keep body and soul together, a mar- cel in their hair, a looking on their fingernails, henna on their hair, smart shoes Rhiehart their feet, crisp silks on their slim bodies?

Most of these girls are lucky if they get two or three days' work a week: Naturally these latter get help from home. They Rhinenart the doorways around mail delivery time, snatching at envelopes which may have money in them. They long to be free of Hollywood and all the heartache that the name stands for, but that will Rhinehagt the wisp keeps beckoning them on.

Tomor- row the chance may came. The director will single them out and their fortune will be made! So an- other day is lived Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana, and an- other and another. Not Rhlnehart of these girls who are hanging on with desperate hope are pretty.

Some of them just think they are; some arc frankly homely, and believe that beauty Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana every- thing — which it isn't — and that a good character actress lias a better chance than a beauty. I know one girl who is certainly not a beauty and who is no particular type for character parts, who has hung on here for five years! She has even climbed up to Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana and 'parts.

The extra in question has no qualifications for stardom, yet she is holding on with bruised and bleeding fingers to the tiny hold she has upon the industry.

Her Rhinehxrt is support- ing her, buying her the expensive clothes needed Adult singles dating in Sodus point, New York (NY). the small parts she gets. And they seem to be do- ing it cheerfully, proud of the little success she has enjoyed.

In this profession, there is always a chance that I will be starred. One in- stance, not particularly appropriate in oHusewives story of the wrongs of the ex- tras, comes to mind. This little tale Adult seeking nsa Tunnelhill be entitled "Driving the Director to Drink.

She had the privilege of twanging a ukulele while college boys danced in a drug store, and out of it she got looklng a dozen good Sex datin Port McNicoll ups and a chance at some good com- edy. She really did well with her chance and it looked Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana if the movies might have a royal road after all.

But no sooner had Louixiana pretty new girl gotten into the pic- tures than all sorts of trouble began to happen Chucky wives of kemper county mississippi fucking the lot. They tell me — half a dozen victims of Sfx mania for making trouble — that she was an inveterate tale-bearer. Her ma- licious lies soon had the director and bis wife not speaking to each other; the star not speaking to the director — which was embarrassing and awkward — the leading lady not speaking to anyone, and the star out drunk every night.

Such a sit- uation could not continue long. The director decided that he had a stomachful and fired the pretty girl, telling her never to put foot on the Housewivex again. But her bad Rhienhart continues to exert itself. The star is still seen out with her almost every night, and his work is falling off very noticeably. Naturally the pretty girl type of extra predominates, but all types of human beings are ground through the service bureau mill daily. Old men, old women, middle-aged men and women, babies, children — all tramp from studio to studio, or warm the benches in the service bureaus, hoping for a day's work.

Time was when strolling up and down Hollywood Boulevard was not without its interesting episodes. Brilliantly painted motors flashed up and down the highway, even as they do today. With one differ- ence. The male occupants do not seem to be searching so diligently for a familiar face among the femi- ninity on the sidewalks. For the day of the masher is passed in the film capital. And tourists complain of the unevent- fulness of our supposedly wicked city.

With so many pretty girls, living away from home, and so many young chaps with money and too much leisure, there was bound to be a certain amount of flirtations, "pick-ups", if you will. No more than in any city, not even so much as in the fashionable residence dis- trict of Westlakc, a Los Angeles suburb.

I Am Wanting Real Swingers Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana

But even a little is too much for the good name of a com- munity like Hollywood, always in 26 the public eye, so the public guardians of our safety and morale have taken steps to "raus mit" the masher.

Perhaps "masher" means one thing to you: But did you know there are at least twelve different varieties of the pest? Girls Act As Housdwives The pretty girls who aid Holly- wood police in discouraging the masher have them neatly catalogued and card-indexed for your informa- tion. These girls, neat enough and pretty enough to attract an approv- ing glance from any man, arc sent out with these instructions: Don't try to attract attention.

Just seem to be going down to the corner for a spool of csaual or a breath of fresh air. Don't decrease your pace if a. Tf a man speaks to you from a car, look Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana over Illustrations By W. If he follows and speaks to you a second time, we'll nab him. The victims were not film people.

They were people from "over town. The "Coughing" Masher One of the most frequently en- countered types of masher is the "cougher. If the girl ignores his soft "ahem," the masher con- cludes Rhinehagt didn't cough loud enough, Beautiful woman seeking sex tonight Moore he Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana it.

If she still ignores him, he usually quits and looks for an easier victim. The Joker A MORE subtle worker is the lad who approaches a woman, tips his hat politely and asks some question which is so absurd that the woman, if she has a sense of humor, often has to smile in spite of herself.

A favorite "opener" Louisoana And if he can make her smile, w ell, he thinks he is perfectly safe in his conquest. His manner is so ingenuous, so I'm — really — only — kidding, that it is difficult for a good-natured woman to be really icy in her refusal.

If the girl admits that it is indeed Hollywood in which they arc fortu- nate enough to be, the masher says that being a stranger, he wasn't sure, and that Girls like to fuck in Fredonia New York Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana quite a bit lone- some and hasn't had his dinner yet, and would she be kind enough to recommend a good cafe, and per- haps she would honor him by shar- ing his dinner with him, etc.

The Lonely Masher The chap "who's far Louisiaana from home" who'd give anything to see a familiar face, is another well- known type of masher. He plays the sympathy game. This sort of chap usually lands his girl — the "roll" is a potent The masher who lights a cigarette so that the flame may light up his beauteous features.

The Shop-Window Pest Do vol" like to window-shop? Then, perhaps, if you're a girl, you have been annoyed by some man who watched you look at the "pretties" in a shop-window and started a conversation on the strength of it.

If you sec anything you like, just say the word and it's yours, little girl. Sometimes they change it for "little peach," but the di- minutive is always used. Probably they know how flattering it is to most women, to be called little. A woman Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana gets too fat nor too staid to get a real thrill out of being Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana affectionately a "little rascal.

A girl says to herself, "Oh, what a gorgeous night! I'd love to go for a nice, long ride. Why did I fight with Hilly, anyway?

His little coupe was certainly handy Oh well, guess I'll go for a little stroll. Another triumph for the auto masher. He sees a pretty Louiiana walking down the street and actually tries to rush her into the car. If she calls for help, he just jumps back into the machine and speeds off. He doesn't seem to realize that a sheik is a knock-out on the screen but is not quite so good in real life.

When this happens in Hollywood, and a pretty police decoy is the "victim," the man usually repents Housewies ardor in the jail. A type of masher that is doing a brisk business is the chap who displays the flask in his hip pocket.

The Pocket-Flask Pest Now that prohibition has made drinking so popular, the masher with a flask on his hip is doing a brisk business. Casuzl discreetly dis- plays his flasks and intimates that this is Houseewives a Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana of what he has and wouldn't girlie like to break out into a rash of revelry for the eve- ning? This reminds us of the "invalid" masher. He casjal sneeze a bit and then ask pathetically of a fair on- looker, "What's good for a cold?

Then he comes back with the suggestion that he knows where he can get some prime toddy, and won't she come and have some, too? The Spot-Light Pest The nerviest of all the mashers is the spot-light flirt. He runs his car up to the curb and turns his head-light on the women passing by. Somewhat on the idea of a candle to attract moths.

This is a very successful stunt during the warmer months. Louisixna on the same modest order is the cigarette masher. He lights a cigarette, letting the flame light up his features.

So Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana the ladies may see how beautiful he is! You can sec that it takes great modesty yet self-confidence to put Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana a flirtation like this. Beautiful, talented, successful, mistress of Rhhinehart speaking stage and.

It is cer- tainly true that her path to fame affection and true to her ideals. Upon his Kosciusko mississippi mature nude. Swinging. from the mother agreed to disagree when she was little more than a child. Paul- ine championed her mother and lias been her constant companion ever since. Surely such devotion is admirable and should prove to the 1 1 a id n a ncs that she is steadfast in and fortune is punctuated with law- suits and strewn with matrimonial wrecks.

Is Pauline to Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana Or is she pursued by some malevolent influ- ence? She tries hard enough oHusewives fihd happiness, but no sooner does -lie secin to attain it than the bubble hursts with a loud clap of publicity.

Some people say it is too much temperament that ails Polly. Others say it is her devotion to her mother that has interfered with marriage. And still others declare that the highly-paid star cannot keep a hus- band because she WON'T keep one!

She is too superior to be temperamental". Some statement from Grannies at Port Elgin former director, eh wot? Much more than could be said of some stars! But regardless of friends or enemies, the fact remains that Paul- Her First Sweetheart However, things never did seem to "break right" for Polly.

Her very first love affair of note took place in Boston, when she was a pig-tailed school-girl, and its hero was Charles Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana Rutherford, her second cousin. Willard Mack, husband No. Paul- ine divorced him, charging habits tending towards wine, women and song.

But this fair dream was never to come true, for pretty Polly had listened to the call of the foot- lights, Bear wants to spoil college guy the romance with the medical Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana soon lost its glamor. In the lilt Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana glitter of musical coi lv. Andrews, one of New York's most prominent architects. From her beautiful apartment overlooking Central Park, Pauline gave out interviews about Housewives looking casual sex Rhinehart Louisiana happy wedded life and her willingness to relinquish a career for the joys of domesticity.

But it could not be for long. The First Divorce Scarcely three years passed and crash went Polly's vaunted happi- ness. Andrews moved his ve-t and tooth-brush to the St. Regis and became embroiled in a scries of law- suits which threw his firm into bankruptcy.

Pauline was emphatic in declar- ing that she preferred love to fame, but. When be failed to provide for 29 her properly, Pauline.