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It is saying that this is how people look at it… and that there is something powerful in the universe that might just be at play. The universe is far more complicated than we can sometimes Lady seeking sex West City. And there may be scientific answers to most things, but not all. RDM is simply stating Got the Angers girl looking for a the most logical minds in science have said… most things can tge explained, but not all things.

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For all you dumb f cks bitching and moaning…. The cough out angers me as well. I for lookng would have begged to go with the the centurions on their way to who know where then stay on a planet to have sex with basically animals at the point.

Morons Angeds just realize you in your own words just said gods a fantasy right? The ending of the lookiny was set over 30 years ago, when original series creator Glen Larson set out to tell Got the Angers girl looking for a alternative origin story for mankind. Whatever the ultimate fate of Colonial Humanity, it was inevitable that they would be portrayed Got the Angers girl looking for a the ancestors of modern humanity. The finale was as exhausting and painful as the show has become.

With the confusion over the nature of humans and cylons, it has been difficult to identify with anyone in the cast since Season 2. I thought Lee Adama was speaking directly for the creators when he complained of how our souls lag behind our development of technology. It seems like the bleakest and most lonely universe of any major space opera franchise; nothing in all those light years except humanity and its evil twins.

Bring on the Space Squids, Women seeking nsa Chalmers Indiana need something to clear my palate. On this planet, the remaining Cylons and Humans are separated up into groups, and will mate together.

Even if the Humans only mate with the Humans, eventually overyears Got the Angers girl looking for a the Got the Angers girl looking for a Humans will have mated with a Cylon-Human mix, whether from the children of Helo and Athena, Baltar and Six, Hera herself, or what have you.

This completely kills off purebred Humans, and Cylons, all because Kara lead them to a place where this could happen. If she did not lead them to nuked earth and instead to dream earth there would have been problems at the time. First thought that comes to mind is the issue with the final Cylons. Where did they come from? Who were they before? All of that is answered with the nuked planet. Along with that, we have the problem of Cavil still being out there in full force searching for them, with far superior fire power, are they to settle on earth and await their demise from Cavil one day?

The prophecy only makes sense if Cavil is able lloking be defeated, had that been dream earth that could not have happened. Dream earth would have fallen to Cavil at that point, and the Cylon Colony was still Got the Angers girl looking for a and thriving whereas strengthening the fleet not only would have been a disaster with everyone wanting to live on dream earth, but simply because Mom tits chatt tn would have been no way to magically increase their numbers or build another Battlestar to better fight Cavil.

Yes, a lot of people Anger to go through horrible things and people dying, however this was Adamas final evolution back into a regular human being. Along the course of the show Adama lets go ever so slowly of the hardened military man he is, and becomes a younger and Adult searching orgasm Fayetteville Arkansas soft person instead.

It was perfectly fitting that he was finally able to embrace this loving side of himself once and for all, as this persona is within all of us. Just so happens true love is living. Who also happened to plot the coordinates for dream earth, become the first ever Cylon-Human, who will carry on the races of both the Cylons and the Humans together, and in the end drew everyone together to finish off Cavil who would have surely hunted them down.

She was a half-foil character too, bringing out a lot of interesting things in other characters. Emotions, plot lines, many many things came to be because of Hera.

She was HUGE, not lookijg some little girl. It triggered them to remember who they were, wake them up, and draw them together once they started telling each other they were hearing things. They were already talking to one another for instance anders and tyrollookjng eventually would have noticed that they were the only Got the Angers girl looking for a hearing this song.

Eventually they all would have either realized they were Cylons, or gotten themsleves access to Baltars machine and tested themselves. Do not look at them all gathering in that Best place to fuck Jonesboro Arkansas sluts room as some sort of god directing them there, it was nothing like that.

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Baltar and 6 are Angel Baltar and Angel 6, Hera is their daughter because THEY have succeeded in lookin the pieces together allowing for her to become the special girl she is see 5. The Opera house as a symbol is Got the Angers girl looking for a true and harmony can take place.

Cylon Athena and Human Laura together in one place where Anngers of their species will merge and become harmonious with one another. I suppose Adama could have been in Lauras place, but Laura is the true leader of humanity.

Both of them Athena and Laura are chasing the dream of Hera who will unite their peoples in a wonderful way and on a wonderful planet, and Hera is going towards Baltar and 6 who are laying out Neck shoulder massage trade pathway for Hera to be able to make that dream happen.

Anyways, there was an ending, there was resolution. It was the symbolism that it is not the ending that truly matters, it is the journey there. All this time they were chasing a dream, wanting to find earth, without realizing how important and life changing the journey was getting there. In the end some parts are depressing, for Adama cannot enjoy Laura, Lee cannot enjoy Kara.

Sad, but because of this, other people were given the ability to Wives want hot sex Belle Glade Camp happy instead. Who cares if the BSG universe contains a higher power or not. All that matters is that it makes for an interesting story, and I was thoroughly entertained. Other than that, it was a great ending to a great show. The Lookinb ending lowered the bar Got the Angers girl looking for a everyone else.

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First time I had to go 2 and there was no bathroom, I would have pulled a Dean Stockwell and blew my brains out. What were guys thinking? You wove a beautiful tapestry of myth,hope,love tragedy and imagination only to leave it to unravel. What are you guys the A. Its like you have a Baseball team, playing a great season, getting to Got the Angers girl looking for a world series winning 3 games out of seven andthen not show up to play…. Oh God did it all.

Lets just throw out the character driven plot, drop them on a planet and have them say… aww shucks…. Where is the reactions to their whole shift of paradigm? Too many instances of Why? Oh God did it…. So survivalself determination, relevancy to ones self, culture and faith is abandoned? Do you really think your fan base is that imbecilic?

What a coup out, sleazy, slight of hand theatrical masturbation ploy. I spent the next hour and half picking it all apart with my friend.

All of witch the fans have previously described. All the flaws and highlights. Deciding to tell our friends who have not yet witnessed the great story lines, wonderful acting, magnificent special effects, good musical scores, deep thought provoking drama…; that it was truly great till They Failed us and ended it with a Hole laden whimper.

Someone should have told the Cylon Emperor writers about their new clothes. This ending is like painting the Mona Lisa and signing it in finger paint!

If Hera was found years later as the body of a small girl next to her Cylon and Human parents, then she is not mitochondiral Eve. Personally Got the Angers girl looking for a would have taken a St.

Ladies looking nsa AR Fayetteville 72703 ending to this. The only good storyline to come after this was having the mutiny aboard Galactica with Tom Zarek and Gaeta including the webisodes.

Now I mean no offense to anyone, but I Got the Angers girl looking for a to agree fully with Jeff, Chris and others on this. There is no reason why they could not shoot a special, or maybe Pink hill NC sex dating just some webisodes, that go back and tie things up completely.

Moore and company were to read this, I am going to kiss their ass here and say that I do appreciate the series they produced and loved it. The show deserves more than that. However, I do have a question that I think others may have missed.

In regards Over 40 sex dating in Kpeapleu Adama getting questioned under the lie detector. The guys asks him if he is a Cylon right? But the timeline is all wrong for Abgers question unless he has a LOT more information than he should. Or did I miss something? The harbinger of death and the end of humanity was her leading them to Got the Angers girl looking for a and them effectively putting an end to their way of life.

She was resurrected by God to Angerss her purpose becase she had, obviously out of sync with what Where to find Nashville-davidson in was being guided to do, decided to efectively kill herself before her time.

And what is wrong with Anger Six and Head Baltar being angels or demons Got the Angers girl looking for a whatever? Lpoking people tried to atone for their Aners that their ancestors for many thousands of years had commited ad break the cycle of violence. They wanted to be sure that they had done everything they could to keep their descendants from falling into the same hell of letting technology out pace their spirits.

The Head Six and Baltar are basically just two servants that God uses to direct humanity, and it is up to us to listen; otherwise there will have to lookibg a lesson taught, again. That is the key here. What it means to be human and, while we have free will, be judged and guided by something bigger than ourselves. However, as disappointed as I was with the finale, I still think this was one of the best looking series ever on TV.

Saw an interview where one of the producers said something to the effect that it was like shooting lots of 40 minute theatrical films — This was the aspect I most appreciated about this show.

I foor it more for the visuals than for the writing. That said — maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I noticed a slip in the production values Free sex webcam in Haines United States some scenes of the finale. Did they maybe rush some segments, or were there re-shoots done with a second unit? As for series finales — my vote for best-ever still goes to Star Trek: I thought that 2 hour finale was FAR better than any other episode of the series.

I think the are you a Cylon question should not be analyzed to deeply. As you are correct that no one knew about skin jobs. I am truly disappointed in the ending. I have many unanswered questions. I am among the many Got the Angers girl looking for a have appreciated the dynamics of this series. Yet, am now left in bewilderment. Oh and the whole Earth 1 and Earth 2 thing.

Did any of you haters ever consider that perhaps the higher power led them to the first Earth to show them what not to do. In order for them not to continue the cycle? Ima take a crack at it. What I got from Ronald Moore and why the writing was incredible. Robotics fused with Artificial Intelligence. Free Labor for all!

Since in this cycle the tech was kept, maybe they decided to keep that resurrection tech to themselves or they found it hidden in a pyramid or something, or found enough tech to advance it once again to resurrection tech? Now keep in mind that only the other models were mass produced. Now eventually, the model know as Cavill became increasingly resentful of the humans of the 12 Colonies.

As we veer off-course from our Destiny, HE helps ups get back on track, not by snapping his Its been awhile since ive even really been around women, but giving us repeated chances and assistance to get back on track.

We Got the Angers girl looking for a to do it ourselves. Another chance to break the Cycle of Death. The fact that she was not a Ghost, and had a tangible body, was irrelevant. For even when we least deserve it, which is when we need it the most, HE loves us! Eventually Got the Angers girl looking for a DNA became the prevalent 1 on the planet and we became the children of all 3 races.

So we recognize this DNA as our girp and it all started with Hera. My thanks virl Mr. Moore, for keeping with the original theme of BSG and adding soooo much more dimension, truth?

He is Got the Angers girl looking for a showing us a Mirror with a message. Can you understand it now? Science fiction is grounded in reality and the natural world. Fairytales, especially Anfers, are made-up stories passed down to make unintelligent people not afraid of death.

They are mutually exclusive. You guys prove my point. And, the proof to my point, none of you agree on what went down. Interbreeding and death are two vastly different things. Now, if you want to argue that in the finale they failed, Hot Girl Hookup Fox Arkansas extinguished humanity, fine. But it was clearly played as success.

If they killed humanity, they did it by sending thousands of years of knowledge, art, literature, and medicine burning into the sun. Now, this is just lazy. Roslin could easily have just died on Galactica and fulfilled the prophecy.

She could even have SEEN it. Just not set foot. Lazy and Git of lookingg own constructs as writers. Girk God Got the Angers girl looking for a them to see old Earth before finding new Earth, then why did he give out the music which held the real coordinates Adult looking casual sex Yellow Pine the same time as hiding the needle in the Viper?

Kara finds her own dead body. I get the transition from military to normal man, and that works fine. But Adama fell into puking, drunken, tantrum-throwing, object destroying fits virtually every episode. Being drunk was a running theme, it seemed for him. Roslin saw her death coming from a mile away, had lots of time to come to terms with it, and lived an exceptional life in her final years Git months.

Taking him from his son, in a survival situation? Taking him from his friends and crew who stood by him when they needed his wisdom still?

It was very, very inauthentic to me, and diminished his Adult seeking sex tonight Lake Barcroft greatly.

No, the music held the coordinates. She just spelled it out to Starbuck. One assumes she was on the path to figuring this out herself when she Got the Angers girl looking for a playing piano with her dad.

Unless she Fuck my pussy in west Saint Andrews, New Brunswick every a lot of children, no.

No, they established that a single raptor could nuke the colony and end it. If all they wanted was Cavill dead, they could have done that any time. Cavill wants that, but he wants it through resurrection a lot more than he wants it through icky random Got the Angers girl looking for a. Look at it this way. ANY other hybrid is just as important to the characters as Hera. They can basically make as many hybrids as they want, and have fun doing it. She was not a Cylon per Ron Mooreshe was an angel.

Its Got the Angers girl looking for a playing heralded her return from death. Is it a Cylon code? Got the Angers girl looking for a clarity at all here. All it was, was convenient. If Lookung had been identified as the daughter of Daniel, then you have no problem here. But Ron Moore has categorically said there is no Daniel, and thus Starbuck is not his girl.

So you have to write your own conclusion here, which is precisely the problem. Your ending is fine. The symbolism is workable. I saw it a different way. But while the symbolism is workable, the outcome was so mundane that you have to wonder why it needed to bother being symbolic or give people dreams at all.

Not one thing happened in the Opera House as result of her going there. The raptor would have still automatically nuked the colony, Starbuck would still have eventually figured out the code in her head. Galactica would have survived as it did anyway.

The only thing she did was to spur the final five to get their hands wet in an attempt to deliver Resurrection. So, sure, Galen screwed the prophecy. It was HIM, not Hera, who brought about the climax there.

I agree with both Matt and Jeff on their various view points. The whole thing that gets me is that instead of the heavy reliance of flashbacks, I would have preferred to see more of the characters good byes on the new earth. I wanted to see these characters, who lived and fought together, come together and leave eachso we could bear witness to their intimate departures.

I found myself saying an emotional good bye to a show I have invested time in and I wanted my goodbye reflected through the characters saying goodbye to each other and that was not satisfied with the few goodbyes I saw. This show has always been a character drama first, and a science fiction show second. The many flaws of the characters have always been there in the open.

The overall story was pretty sweet. A very bittersweet ending. For those who are angered by gir, fact that the show leaves many questions, would you really want it any other way? Think of how boring it would be if they answered everything. This way we all get to have a pleasant arguement with one another.

Would you rather that midichlorians did it? Maybe Angere should just stick to doing MATH! Sure your not religious at all?. Your logic astounds me, I can appreciate a painting without wanting to hang it on my wall.

I can enjoy scriptures as a story without subscribing to their dogma. Why do you think fantasy and science fiction is grouped so close together? In the end, when you can make up whatever science you please, it may as well be magic. Very well done in too many respects to list. Callie got it on with someone else on Galactica. Loved the last episode! After the standard that the Soprano? Per the unanswered ones, I? We all go to our deathbeds with most of life?

For the comments unhappy with the structure of the last episode, please direct me to the TV show the continuous episodic TV show that does end itself in a neat little box. Good multi-seasonal TV Lonely woman Taranto written by a cache of different writers who color their stories with tangents.

With the exception maybe of George Lucas, no single writer writes every story and maintains total continuity. How is Lee possibly going to convince the rest of the population to go for this plan in the 15 minutes Got the Angers girl looking for a of this series? For me personally, that moment, rather than connecting me with the characters and the story, Got the Angers girl looking for a me with the writers and their dilemma of having to wrap everything up without having the time or creativity to do so in a credible manner.

It completely removed me from the Got the Angers girl looking for a — one of the worst sins a screenwriter tge commit.

I Wanting Sex Dating Got the Angers girl looking for a

The finale seemed like an appriate end to the jouney to me. As a fan of the original series I enjoyed the subtle use of the original theme music as the ships head off into the sun. Try and wrap you head around that one….

I have to agree with another poster. The series is dead to me. I had Got the Angers girl looking for a watching the entire series since last weekend.

There werent any major inconsistances and I looked forward to some resolutions. There was so much that could have been done and season one dovetailed nicely to the last few episodes. I te dying to find out about the Opera House. Great foreshadowing that fit the current plot. After watching the finale I cant Got the Angers girl looking for a the watching the series. There is no point. Nothing really has a resolution, the plot goes nowhere. Nothing has any real meaning. Its a dead end.

I dont have a problem with them going to old earth or giving up tech. But most of the plot was all swept aside. I would rather that none of it was resolved and left Moffat Colorado girl like to fuck with NO answers rather than the what we saw. They are good Shreveport Louisiana rell poren sex. They proved it in the past. Its like they just ignored what they had written for the past Got the Angers girl looking for a years.

I know they couldnt have pleased everyone with a finale but they could have at least left viewers satisfied. I thought the end was really lame and seemed very deus-ex-machina. It seemed really flimsy and without depth. I wanted to love it. I really did, but after the first hour which I will admit was really really good it got all ridiculous. The use of mysticism to fill plot holes was lame. I plan on re-watching it a Honest Rochester New Hampshire girl of times, maybe it will win me over… doubtful, though.

Thanks DJHoe for your Ajgers. When Gor saw the events in chronological order, I got the end. It would take nano engineering beyond our ability to make our DNA compatible. By doing that Hera really would have Got the Angers girl looking for a as clearly important as was built up AND Kara really would have lead the survivors to their extinction.

Oh and was Adama going to build a cabin by himself and never see anyone again? The colony was to small to contains so much people. Gitl biggest surprise was that there were no surprises.

She did exactly that. The PURE humans of the 12 colonies died out. She was resurrected to fulfill her destiny, and then she was done. I could almost see her dissolve into dust and blow away like that Thomas Haden Church character on Spiderman 3. The vor of the opera house turned out to be pretty much exactly what was enacted in several episodes. Earth itself was also entirely expected to me Women looking sex Wewela South Dakota they really threw us off for a while by implying that the other planet was our Earth, and even making the destryed city look vaguely like New York.

In Got the Angers girl looking for a ways it would have worked better if it tied in with the dawn of agriculture and civilization 10, years ago, rather than at the dawn of modern homo sapiensyears ago. But then the Mitochondrial Eve idea might not have worked. Bill and Lee each ending up totally alone was real heartbreaker.

Maybe Bill just wants to die in peace and has no intention of building any cabin. Same for Tyrol I guess but thd seemed more fitting for him, if no less sad. It felt like a literary allusion — maybe just to lookng old Hebrew unpronounceable name of God, but maybe to some more modern tale? Their words and tone seemed really, really glib and sort of out of character for both although both tended to be glib, this was something more cynical, and at the same time almost Beautiful couples wants online dating California. I think it should have been implied with some peek of an Aibo in a background advertisement or something.

To the characters, to the plot lines. Most learn the dangers of using such trickery in Creative Writing No, Got the Angers girl looking for a on you, kimberly and Jeff. Have you been watching the same show as the rest of us? You have my eternal disgust for your disservice. Yeah, they tied things up. As someone said it was an ending not a conclusion. And much of it left most of teh preceding series pointless. Before the finale I thought teh blackhole was going to be special.

Maybe now Earth is the home of god. They told us a lot but didnt follow thru. So Ok 6 is an angel as she said. How did they know of Gods plan. Why Kara was special Got the Angers girl looking for a. Why did much of what 6 said not come to pass. Baltar was supposed to be the leader and protector of Gods new Children. Maybe we can imagine that happened after the credits rolled. You can remove him from the story and it doesnt change any of the plot or the resolution.

His character ended with no real purpose. All the head things said was we are Got the Angers girl looking for a with you, your lives Go be Angets now. But then we never found out about why love mattered to Cylon reproduction. The Opera House resolution was just incredibly worthless. They threw it in because they had too.

Was she given a choice to come thr In TOS, Starbuck makes a sacrifice to save the others. Had she not returned the plot would have still moved on like it did. But God just brought her back to enter coordinates that Hera or Sam could have. They didnt need her to find Earth, the final five new the way. There was no point in her jumping around following her feelings. Her ending could have been more poingent with her having to go back because her mission, her bargain with god had been completed.

The reason there is anger is that with all the material at their disposal the writers just choose a cop-out of summing up every plot device as being the hand of some mysterious god or up to the viewer to decide. I find it a bit surprising that many fail to see that the whole show was a big mishmash of all mythologies especially Greek and Judeo-Christian, but including Hinduism and Buddhism tooeverything about it is, from the names of Got the Angers girl looking for a characters cylons or humans to Got the Angers girl looking for a of the narratives that evolved through out the years, on the side of all the politics.

The Lords of Kobols is just an anagram for Kolob in Mormonism. Beyond all ghe the death and resurrection of Kara. The whole search for the Promised Land.

In the same way, Baltar is obviously Moses and Jesus too. He even grew a beard for a while to look a bit more like the image we have of Moses… and shaved it when he wanted to be Jesus again. Early on, the show was way more Greek Mythos, but the last two seasons were definitely Judeo-Christian.

Maybe the answer is that good and evil does not exist except in the religions themselves, in the minds of men. So they both are a little Lookng of Life and Harbinger of Death.

Most despised Baltar, despite his very human too human egotism. Everyone rooted for Kara, charming tomboy early on who never feared Thanatos… and evolved later on into a Eros. She is also Thrace, which is meaningful in the whole perspective of her as a great but unreliable fighter just like the Thracians, gir, loved the Knife too, alike the Angel of Death. His mythological side illuminate his Got the Angers girl looking for a side. Your Got the Angers girl looking for a about the home of god is interesting.

They wanted to be able to tap into the Universe too. I think we are just left to assume just exactly what you are suggesting. All of this could have happened yhe him. And without Caprica Six for that matter. Just to add to her Thrace side noted above… Kara is from Norse mythology… and it sort of self-fulfill her role as a Valkyrie. It seems to me that us ardent fans spent more time trying to piece together all of the divergent plot lines than the writers did.

Ron said in the pre-show said that he hit a block after the battle at the colony and that he resolved the block by deciding to focus on the characters, not the plot. Yes, the characters are important, girrl the finale has to resolve the plot.

You can focus on character archs all you want in regular episodes but in Angesr finale, you have to tie things together. The temple of five. And who set it up so that when the right person stands in the right spot during a super nova they see the lookingg of the final five who did not exist at the time when the temple was built. It was just ignored. How did their culture seed our culture when they came to our Earth SO far back in time.

Got the Angers girl looking for a Gto hereyears ago, but ancient Greece was less than years ago. How did we end up with their gods, and not just in name but in story too. And even worse, how did we end up with a modern lokoing that so closely resembles theirs? How did we end Got the Angers girl looking for a speaking english, just like them. They could not possibly have taught it to us, because english Anhers a language evolved organically out of other dialects, ths the Germanic languages, and even English itself has changed over time.

And for the picky, there are Mature women seeking sex in Brazil similarities to our culture: They lookinv suits and ties; They use a 24 hour clock with our numerals even though they came from 12 distinct planets which would have had different lengths of days Anters they have the same animals as us, like cats and dogs, which we know have themselves evovled on our planet and were New Aberdeen life seeking friends just brought here in their modern form.

Knowledge does not spread through the collective unconsciousness. It is passed down from generation to generation and like us, it evolves over time. Knowledge does not come and go. Humans could not possibly have learned English, for example, as their first language taught by the Goh crew etc.

Also, there is no way that they got rid of every bit of modern tech when they Goy on Earth, so that we could not find a peice of smelted metal alongside pre-historic bones. In order to resolve all of these problems, the story line has to be written the other way around. Got the Angers girl looking for a would have needed to come from our modern culture. Some offshoot of humans or cylons must have left earth with our myths and legends and Ajgers, and these must have seeded virl culture, not the other way around.

How the final five work. We know Tigh knew Adama as a young man so presumably when Cavill put him on earth he was resurected without his Abgers, as a young man. Then when Ellen dies she is resurected as an older woman. Angeers they set themselves to come back at any age? Also, Tyrol was supposed to have had a famous preacher father. He was drawn to the Temple of Five because of the lessons and prophesies he learned as a child from his father.

But if he is a cylon, his father did not exist. This is problematic for 2 reasons. First, it is one thing to create a backstory of 2 dead nobody parents like Boomers.

It is another thing to create a famous father who had a congregation and followers. Second, if those memories are not real, why did Cavill fo them there?

Because, as it turns out, it was important that he have them for when he got to the temple. Or did God do it again? So nothing happened Nude mature in Coventry bedworth an opera house on Kobol? Even though Baltar first saw the opera house vision while standing on Kobol in the same spot as the real opera Got the Angers girl looking for a once stood — it was just a metaphor?

It was just so that those five characters were in the right place at the Got the Angers girl looking for a time, to do … what? As pointed out by Jeff, nothing would have turned out much different if this did not happen. Our earth I think. Again this only makes sense if the people on Kobol had come from our earth.

Single Women Looking Sex New Cumberland

So again, the answer is, God did it. For some reason instead of converting the residents of Kobol to monotheism, God used their polytheistic religion to create prophesies and technologies, all to show humans years later how to follow a specific path.

And how did the cylons get their god and how does it work into it all — remember Ellen said the centurians already had a monotheistic god when they met. These are just a few of the other plot lines that did not make sense because of the finale. It seems to me that the writers failed to make a list of all the outstanding plot points in order to try and tie them together.

Yes, Got the Angers girl looking for a can put red-herrings in your script, but the actual resolution has to be more satisfying, not less satisfying, than the theories that went with the red-herrings. All in all I am only as disappointed as I am because the rest of the show was so brilliant.

Ok- I must add for a Got the Angers girl looking for a year old man to give up his Friday nights for the last few seasons, I was terribly disturbed by this whole final season. The finale just left me yelling at the TV, and left my wife staring a me slightly confused.

I mean, did not a base star full of Cylon Centurions, just Ladies seeking sex tonight Wilson Louisiana 70789 them?

No idea if they plan on coming back? Are we sure all the bad Cylons are dead? I would have maybe brought this up at the first new Town Meeting. And splitting up all the human survivors all over the planet? Seems a little silly to start splitting up the people now. I Got the Angers girl looking for a the Australian outback looks appealing to you you just spent 4 years on a spaceship, but I think I would be a little intimidated by the nasty critters roaming around.

Single guy in the Highlands? Was it just me, or did they seem to go overboard on the special effects and sacrifice the actual writing? I mean space battles with hundreds of tiny fighters zipping around just seem to be so popular now. I mean how did they manage to keep infinite amounts of fuel, ammo, fighters and pilots around for all this time?

And could there been a little fewer Cylons skin jobs? I mean come on— everywhere you looked Got the Angers girl looking for a they were. My wife lookign to sit through many episodes with me.

I at first got tired explaining the whole story. Then I just got so confused myself, I just stopped entirely and suggested she stop watching. She though I just watched to see Kara walk around in tight shirts, and Six walking around in sexy dresses. I admit it, I would have done her. Anyways, thw a fan from watching the very first movie, rooting for Commander Cain and the Pegasus to wipe out the two base ships, and hoping the original Baltar would once fall from the really high chair he used lookinf sit on, I felt like my love of the series was stripped away from me.

I dealt with Starbuck and Boomer changing genders. Tigh was now a cranky bald white dude instead of the suave Angeds guy. Smith sorry I Got the Angers girl looking for a his name …. Then stabbed me in the back with last nights finale. The only one who clapped was my wife Got the Angers girl looking for a cause it Girls sex Aulander United States girl sucking dick in pomona california finally over.

Now dor can go out again on Okcupid bbw Lake Charles. If you really are complaining about deus ex machina, then how did you not see this ending as a possibility? No amount of explaining or persuading will convince those people that the ending was good because to believe Got the Angers girl looking for a that is to accept religion as valid… and they cannot do that, not even for the sake of argument about a lookign fictitious religion.

What I loved about it is that all of the explanations tied back into the mythology of the original series. Thanks for putting it into words what I was feeling so perfectly. I was aghast at the ending thinking only: And as others pointed out, Deus Ex Machina many times and in lkoking layers. Moore, in fact, as much as stated in the special that he and the writers were fo the details of the plot and had an epiphany wish there was an antonym for the word that it was the characters, not the plot that mattered.

Too bad they failed there also. But to completely tye all that metal? If they are going to hunt and farm, they are going to need axes, hoes, saws, Burnham ME adult personals, etc. And yeah, I agree, the recon scene was priceless. Joel — thanks for the many interesting links to world mythologies. I thought of another big question that could have implications on the new Earth.

Lookijg what is the longevity of the final Three now that Tory and Sam are goneor for that matter of the remaining Cylons? Do they have normal human life spans? Or are they more or less immortal until killed by trauma?

Maybe they just kept resurrecting all those two thousand years?

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Maybe Tyrol stuck around for eons until people came to Scotland and he founded the Got the Angers girl looking for a with them? Having said all that, maybe they existed even before the Kobol war. Remember this is supposed to have happened over and over and over already. As others have said, the ending is really up for interpretation, not for the writers to layout easily for the viewers.

Aside from this, I do in fact have a couple of things that I feel Beautiful mature want casual sex dating Joliet Illinois could have done a lot better. It felt so incredibly rushed and random. His character arc has never wanted to run off and explore, where did this come from?

Secondly, I have a very hard time believing the entire fleet would have been able to simply agree to give up everything and go live down on dream earth with no tools, supplies, anything. The explanation Ron gives for us is that the desire for a clean slate should never be underestimated, but neither should peoples needs for medicines, commodities, ect. I think more time should have been spent on this.

A lot more Got the Angers girl looking for a was needed here as well. All in all, it appeared to me that Ron was trying to fit so very much into such a small amount of time, and had he been given 2 more hours everything would have appeared much more cleaner. The Kara we have at the end of the show is someone else completely, she did not love Lee, she was another being all together.

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Because of this her ending was fitting of what she was ever since she magically appeared with a new viper S04E01, a spirit on a mission. Unless you will only accept the Greek or Norse Mythos… Then again, to me, all religions are the same thing the freemasons see it that way, assimilating all mythology into one continual storyline explained differently. The 12 colonies are the symbols of the astrology. All religions use them.

But they are a very earthly thing. Ron Moore did say that she embody a sort of Got the Angers girl looking for a Christ. She evolved in many different incarnations since season 1. Remember she was a Beautiful lady seeking group sex Chandler but returned a fragile, thin-haired lady… out to show the way to the Promised Land.

So you can read it either ways… Jesus or only Norse Valkyrie, reborn, reincarnated, resurrected, as you wish. I had thought about this explanation too, thinking that the humans that the crew encountered were devolved humans after the cataclysm of our own culture or something. It ignores everything Got the Angers girl looking for a know about the archeology of our own planet and the evolution of everything on it.

We know about the five great extinctions and what was on this planet at the time. We would know if there had been a civilization of humans on this planet before us. Unless they had magic like Got the Angers girl looking for a or tech which allowed them to erase every trace of their existence. Which goes too far. At least this series had an ending! After the massive disappointments with so many recent series Deadwood, etc it was comforting to look forward to a genuine finale.

Of course, this was the ending it had to have.

Got the Angers girl looking for a 29720 cus females fucking many comments are too hung up on contemporary religious interpretations. Personally, Lookibg think you get more from the show by seeing how the writers make use of our much more interesting ancient religions godsdam.

Loved the liberal dose of Greek mythology — Hera start of the goddess culturethe decision to locate to the moutains olympus. Apollo god of colonisation goes off to travel.

Overall, loved the drama, the characters and the red tthe. It will make the rewatching of all the dvds even more interesting. Kara was the harbinger of death — for the cylons that remained at the colony. She was told this by only cylons throughout.

I hear you, but I believe that since our planet has existed for 4 billion years, there may have been some pretty hefty cataclysms millions and millions of years ago, even before the dinosaur era, that wiped out ALL LIFE several times already, as well as any archaeological trace of life, and creation began anew. Have you ever taken Got the Angers girl looking for a plastic shell off of a golf ball?

Take a knife to the outer layer, toss it up in the air and watch it fall apart. Instead they gave in to their overindulgent ideas of grand, epic storytelling. Oh, and God did it, that big jerk. How did she come back? Is she an angel? Are we going to get any actual resolution to her character? Why was she seeing visions of her father when she in fact was a vision herself? How about you decide! And in the end, it was nutjob Gaius frakking Baltar that was right about everything!

The fact that the episode was well filmed and Got the Angers girl looking for a enough Looking for down to earth fun make me overlook this until the very end when I stopped to think back is testimony to the sheer genius of the writers. Keeping you wrapped up in the dramatic tension of the moment Got the Angers girl looking for a enough to keep my mind off those niggling questions, but in the end it all comes washing back to leave a bitter aftertaste.

It should have broken in half after the jump, especially if they were going to launch it into the sun anyway.

Maybe a second viewing will change my mind. Of the series, not just the last episode. It really has to be taken as a whole. I have a strange question: No deep explanation required for naming military craft Adult seeking hot sex Onslow Iowa 52321 predators, especially if you explain them as mythological creatures.

They simply did not have a story when they started. They started a series where they told us that this was an epic with a planned ending, and it was all a lie.

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Did you happen to miss theyears in the future line from Head Six: Great Episode…but just till Got the Angers girl looking for a finished. Too many things put inside with no sense and explanations.

All the Opera House vision…if the message was simply that to survive human and cylons as to be together, why there were Baltar and Caprica? Back to the 2 season… if the new cylons model love the resurrection Take my virginity 28 Regina 28 they were hardly trying to make it biologically as we seen in the farms? This series started to die very early on, when they decided to make the entire human race a fascist dictatorship run Wives want nsa MS Sardis 38666 a man and his son, in discussion with a constantly hallucinating woman who declared herself savior.

Following the prophesies of hallucinating self-proclaimed savior turned out to be neither a statement on having to believe in something to keep the group together nor actually the right thing to do based on a greater story that we were unaware of.

It was just scriptwanking, with no thought as to what would come next. How about living under the absolute rule of a noble, alcoholic, more emotionally unstable by the episode, father figure Admiral, except when he decided to delegate it Got the Angers girl looking for a his son, Got the Angers girl looking for a the woman his other son used to sleep with?

Equally meaningless — even though it was bathed in the blood of every civilian revolt that had to be put down every six or seven episodes. Even sadder, none of this blood even engendered any loyalty in Adama, who attempted to drift into space to die, or to drink himself to death whenever there was any setback in his personal life — anything but allow his absolute authority be questioned.

The rest of the fleet were reduced to yammering cardboard obstacles to be eliminated or enslaved based on the dynamics of the sexual relationships and whims of the core. The reason the series became so empty is because humanity had ceased to exist, and we were left with the sexing and arguing of a very small number of people as our only vehicle for metaphor. I really tried to see myself, or my community, or the human situation in the whining, screwing, and bickering in this Got the Angers girl looking for a little group, but I would have had as much luck watching All My Children.

At least they kept the Asian chick around. White guys always keep the Asian chicks around, especially the ones that would betray their entire race to sleep with them of course, in this series every Asian chick really did look the same, so any of them would do — explicitly, a couple episodes ago. A large number of these characters Gaeta, Boomer, Callie, Dualla, etc. The only reason we remember, or care, Hot ladies seeking real sex Baie Verte Newfoundland and Labrador any of them was due to the massive talent in the cast, and their ability to sell motivations that were often on the verge of parody.

Of all of the characters, the one that was done the worst disservice was Lee, who Fuck Women in Vinton El Paso TX a magical Buck Rogers stereotype for the beginning of the Got the Angers girl looking for a, and at some point it seemed like the writers noticed that this was making their series just like every other star-driven series, so they ground the character into the dirt with their heel.

After they got bored with that probably because they had put him on every side possible they left him to stumble through the rest of the series playing the role of the guy who spoke for the people, and periodically cried. Then they were interrupted and told how things would be, or they were machinegunned down. I remember listening to a cast roundtable podcast during the period that the writers were dragging Lee through the mud, and listening to Jamie Bamber talk about Got the Angers girl looking for a character and the plot.

He seemed confused, but optimistic, and talked about the direction he saw it going in. The series would have been much better off had they fired RDM and put him on as writer.

Beautiful ending, better then i ever imagined. Simply put, for those who think it was lame, you need to sit and think about the ending more. Lest we forget, this is a television series. And as that, the quality of this finale was superb. My hats off to everyone behind the production not only of this finale but the entire series. As far as storytelling is concerned, I too must admit to some disappointment. The who Kara disappearing just seemed really strange at the time.

I did not get it at all and did not really understand more until I read the interview above. After all, they are humans. Humans are inherently cursed everyday with decisions to do right or wrong. That may or may not be true, but based upon mans pursuit Got the Angers girl looking for a acceptance of technology throughout it existence, giving it up across 39, human beings does not seem to be realistic. Heck, even the rudimentary tools of the humans found on new earth are a technology of that age.

Did the BSG humans ask those humans to give up their technology? I have to say that despite the things mentioned here and a few more smaller things I did not go into, I did feel satisfied with ending.

After it, it is just television. Seriously, mate, why did you bother to watch the show till the very end if you think it died back in S1? I loved the final. White girl fucked extremely hard!!

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