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Safety and efficacy following heterologous challenge Mojroe G. Rud; V Hirsch; D. Ahmed; C Wilson; P. Schimidt, Germany Impact ofantiretroviral therapy on the prognostic value of CD4 cell counts: The importance of prophylaxis and antiviral treatment M.

Rinke de Wit; E.

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Deluchi; C Rodriguez; J. Lugadda; C Watera; J. Fabiani; R Ferrante; C. Rodriguez-Cerrato, Spain How often can signs, symptoms and immunological abnormalities predict perinatal HIV-infection in Brazilian infants?

Courpotin, France Molecular characterization of human inmunodeficiency virus type 1-infected individuals from Bolivia reveals presence of two distinct genetic subtypes Kety 6. Women looking for sex in Indianapolis mn expanded memory populations Maryke Th. Janossy, UK Suppression of viremia and immune reconstitution in seroconverting patients receiving triple antiviral therapy L.

Benetucci, Argentina Immunological and virological effects of combination antiretroviral therapy: Van De Perre; V. A phase I study BruceJ. Williams; C Maude; J. Induction-maintenance therapy in HIV-1 infection: Early results Monique M. Federici; P Cahn; I. Mirb, Spain Stavudine-didanosine-nevirapine: Lange, Netherlands Regional survival differences across Europe in HIV-positive patients reflect differences in antiretroviral treatment.

Phillips; V Miller; S. Kundgren, Italy Preliminary comparison of outcome in patients starting either ritonavir Rindinavir or saquinavir S in patients from the Eurosida study lens d. Preliminary results Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 H.

Gonzalez-Lahoz, Spain Peptidic"tongs"constrained by a rigid spacer: Sun; Y Xu; M. Anderson, USA Women first: Jayaweera; C Boulanger; A. Goodwin, USA Long term efficacy and toxicity of antiretroviral combination treatment. Sallberger, Germany Disease progression and survival on triple therapy: Deny, France Diabetes and use of protease inhibitors BettyJ. Correia, Brazil Protease Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 containing regimens: Massip, France indinavirwith stavudine vs.

Bassetti, Italy Viral load reduction after changing from nelfinavir- to indinavircontaining regimens and associated resistance mutations John T.

Ruiz, USA Once-daily dosing of nevirapine: Andreotti, Italy How low is low enough? Conway; P Robinson; M. The French compassionate use program experience Christine D.

Portilla, Spain Indinavir-related nephrolithiasis is associated with environmental temperature E. Lambert, Brazil Care and treatment: Madraa; P Waubale; E. Tusaba, Uganda Chinyadza villages: Community home-based care programme for the terminally ill Dorothy Mtemeli, Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 Care of HIV-infected children in developing countries: Bertel Squire; Nicola J.

Reasons and risk factors Valerie E. Ippolito, Italy U. Albert; F Mhalu; 6. Bannberg; R Shah; D. Hunter; W Fawzi; M. Abbas, Germany Geographical variations in the prevalence of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections: C Des larlais; C Wasi; 5. Camara, Trinidad Sexual risk behavior, knowledge,and attitudes in a population-based probability sample of North and Central Trinidad,WI: A study of the case of Peru Carlos F.

Moralis de Sd; J.

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Changing trends and new challenges Francoise F. Van der Heyden; A. Ladnaya; V V Pokrovsky; R.

A proportional mortality analysis Nicola Low; R. Is AIDS incidence still decreasing? Peres; E Lisbon; M. Different subtypes in different cities Alexie A. Growing older, not wiser Irene K. McCray, USA Feasibility of screening and preventive therapy for tuberculosis among intravenous drug users. Shaffer; R Supannachat; C.

Choochotthaworn;, Ponglertnapagorn Characteristics of HIV-infected tuberculosis patients aged years Hot gilf last sat 1015 in correctional facilities, U. Fine, UK Double trouble 2: Is there a need for secondary chemoprophylaxis? A mechanism for enhanced HIV-1 transmission?

Galai, Italy Risk factors for seroconversion to syphilis: Sabally; T Corrah; H. Whittle, The Gambia A population-based study of specific sexual practice risk factors for acquisition of human herpesvirus 8 infection Jeffrey N. Rinke De Wit; H. A preliminary meta-analysis John P. Theodorn, France Amsterdam cohort NewYor, De Roda Husman; M. Wives seeking nsa Whittemore C Maurice; J.

Singh, Switzerland Using the Internet: Champion; T Baldeweg; B. Schmalb, Brazil Mother-to-child transmission: Survival analysis of 1. Misconceptions NewYrok unveiled conceptions? Bueno, Brazil Secondary school students' knowledge and practices towards sexuality in a urban and rural area oftogo lome and kpele-adeta Yawo D.

Herrera, Costa Rica Who is "the community" in community collaboration? Li, China Setting the stage Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 a family intervention: Huang; Ku Choi; J. Leoligao, Philippines Who's cruising who? Torres; C Alves; J. Longo, Brazil The challenge of partnership: Gueye, Senegal Challenging stigma Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 discrimination. Integrating research into practice Cynthia M. Del Gallego, Philippines Returning to work when you are on triple therapy: A Philippine Situationer Ma.

Gomez, Philippines Workplace education as a vehicle for community education: Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 Cristina, Brazil Challenges in implementing a workplace-based peer-led Aids education program in Harare: Uganda's experience Cecilia Kiconco-Turyamureba; J.

Angoff, Changju Zhou; A. Piunti, Italy Evaluation of a school condom availability program: Impact on sexual behavior and condom use Nancy Brener; D. Lu; F Zhao; S. Lu; PF Zhao; S. Lopez Tellez, Guatemala Overcoming barriers: Tromp, Zimbabwe Bridging the gap between classroom and community: Stueve, USA Protecting school girls against sexual exploitation: Project in Gujarat, India Renu D.

Whitworth, Uganda Consumption of illegal drugs and condoms use in students casua four public high scool from Venado Tuerto. A review of effectiveness Olu Funnmilayo Fawole; M. Thompson; W Sambisa; M.

Fernandes; W V Villela; M. Zambori, Brazil Track D: Ng, Hong Kong How reliable are sexual behavior self-reports? Carandang, Philippines Level of agreementfor last sexual encounter among male homosexual couples: Methodological issues George R. Cinquegrana, Italy How valid are self-reported measures of drug use and condom practices for the study of HIV risk behaviors among street sex workers? Dellamonica, France Evaluation of knowledge, attitude and behavior related to HIV among students, professors and staff atthe Fed.

Tamir, Israel Improving Adul to assess the co-occurrence of sexual behavior and substance use Kate Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167. Sabapathy, India A cross-national analysis of female adolescent sexual risk: Lee, Hong Kong Sexual risk behaviour: Dolezal, USA Antiretroviral drugs and sexual behavior in gay and bisexual men: Reducing the impact on peer norms on early sexual initiation Daniel J. Metsch, Lisa, USA Relapse-prevention theory increases understanding 13617 consistent condom use with casual partners among gay men Ernest M.

VanGriensven, The Netherlands Russian roulette: Are persons being treated with protease inhibitors gambling with high risk sex? Padian, USA Preaching to the choir: Ardila, Colombia Risk and protectivefactorsfor high risk sexual behaviors and intentions among middle school adolescents Susan Blake"; R. Jones, USA Negative partner reactions and sex roles: Influences on male condom use Janet Saul; R. Cusick, UK Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 sex, relationships and other stories by gay and bisexual men: Results from the M.

Results of a US multi-site rapid assessment and implications for prevention NewYor, treatment Michael Gorman"; A. The importance parent-teen communication factors DanielJ. Montano, USA Socio-demographic influences on condom use: Suriyanon, Thailand Safer sex: The use of male and female condoms among women who Women wants casual sex Swampscott drugs Kirk W. What works among Nigerian university students?

Kerkhoven; C Todd; M. Faigles; C Gomez; R. Stein, USA Feelings of attachment, alcohol and drug use in safe and unsafe sexual encounters of bisexual men in Ontario,Canada: Bullock; C Strike; L. Millson, Canada Recreational drug use among gay men in Sydney,Australia: The normative role of drug use in gay social and sexual identity Stephanie A.

Spiegel, USA Gay men, cognitions and risk: Myomyint, Myanmar Female sex workers in Abidjan, C6te d'lvoire: Aluoch, Kenya Vulnerabillity of women youth. Vasquez, Peru Social-cultural determinants of sexual behaviour: Differences in self-reported strategies among Asian, Black, Hispanic,and White women,age years, Susan D. Ching, USA Culture counts: Halkitis, USA Exploring ethnicity and sexual health: Results from an urban low income community in Sri Lanka M.

Schensul; Miguel Munoz-Laboy; B. Vazquez-Rivera, Puerto Rico Men, morals and misinformation: Gondim, Brazil Siddiqui; Kamyla Marvi K. Tapal; Tahira Anwar T. Nabisuuka, Uganda Folk beliefs and women's reproductive health practices in an urban poor community in the Philippines Seeknig. Nyirenda, Zambia Evaluation results from the Safer Choices project: Needle, USA Man-to-man: Sexual health seminar- Evaluation ofan innovative HIV prevention program for men who have sex with men B.

Rhodes, USA Study of dangerous behavioral patterns in teenage boy sex workers and their clients in St. Which is actually used? Sunita Nigam, India Effects of U. Alonso, Brazil Casual sex and condom use: Outcome of partner notification.

Gore, Denmark Method in the madness: Bueno, Brazil Interaction between interviewer and interviewed on a sexual behaviour and Aids prevention survey in Chile: A dynamic computer model James G. Noinya-Achola; T Kariri; J. Temmerman, Kenya Researchers and the researched: Pepler, Canada An ethnographic research on prostitution in Mahabalipuram A.

Mota, Brazil Varieties of NewYkrk in Bangladesh: Researching something that isn't there Juliet Richters; S. The many roles sex plays in the lives of young gay men RobertB. Blanchie, France One life time, twice orphan: Graf von der Schulenburg; R.

Pathogenesis, Reservoirs and Spread Chairs: Luc Montagnier, Leigh Neal Venue: Roberto Siliciano Cure: Luigi Chieco-Bianchi, Fred S. Dawn Everitt, Ashley Haase NfwYork Josd Gatell, Didier Lestrade Venue: Male Clients and Female Workers 1 Chairs: Cheryl Overs, Joanne Pioro Venue: Adhikari; P Arjyal; A. Tom Mboya, Martin Schechter Venue: Bernasconi, Switzerland Peripheral insulin resistance leading to impaired glucose tolerance in HIV-1 infected patients treated with protease Seekingg Ravi K.

Evidence of a recent change? Subbarao; R Mock; C.

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Wasi, Thailand Geographic variation in disease progression in HIV-1 seroconverted injecting drug users in Europe? Cornelius Baker, Irena Klavs Venue: Teguest Guerma, Jairo Pedraza Venue: Chumpon Apisuk, Dusilley Cannings Venue: Hoosen Coovadia, Gabriella Scarlatti Venue: Embree loanne; Simon Njenga; J. Weeden, Nepal Power echoes: Nakyanjo, USA Whose turn tonight? Ferdinando Dianzani, Bruno Spire Venue: Doroana; F Antunes; R. Victorino, Portugal B23 Bridging Session: Life Beyond Treatment Chairs: Ruedi Luthy, Ruth Sims Venue: Johnson, Filippo Von Horny women in Brownsville, VT Venue: Kemp; F Peeters; R.

Joyce Hunter, Malu Quintos Venue: Integration of activities Ana M. Megide, Brazil Setting the stage for a family intervention: Wawer, Uganda Working with women whose male partners are homosexually active Sara Wesf, Australia Reducing harm: Frangois Fleury, Ali Shouket Venue: Elisabeth Bouvet, Helene D.

Gage, Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 Time-ordered indicators: Toeppich, Germany D24 Coping Strategies: Individuals, Families and Organisations Chairs: A model feasibility program James O. Alvalle, USA Post-exposure prophylaxis: Lukyanova, Ukraine Sex after diagnosis: What support services can be provided?

Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167, Frank De Wolf Venue: Wedt F Miedema; G. Zui Bertswich, Janis Giorgi Venue: Arjen Broekhuizen, Michael Kazatchkine Venue: Rutschmann; F Marchal; M. Eric Mercier, Catherine Oyuge Venue: Overcoming 0 Monros to Human Trials Chairs: Seth Berkley, Jose Esparza Venue: International Funding and Policy: Dominique Hausser, Marina Mahathir Venue: The session will involve a short overview Women seeking men columbia sc casual sex the issues; short presentations on the state of access to treatment within each region and efforts to address problems; and small group work on practical solutions.

The session has been designed to ensure that the audience is informed of the tenets of networking; becomes familiar with different networking approaches; and has an opportunity to discuss strategies and barriers to effective networking.

Are they Compatible Partners? Cet atelier se servira d'etudes de cas pour Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 de trouver des reponses a ces discriminations. D'orientation pratique, cet atelier fournira des solutions concretes aux personnes qui, sans etre necessairementjuristes ou expertes en droits de la personne humaine, sont interessies par le militantisme dans ces domaines.

La question sera abordee d'apres les perspectives des pays en voie de developpement, ainsi que d'apres celles des pays d6veloppes.

Mediante el estudio de casos, este taller estara orientado a la busqueda de soluciones. Este taller practico, donde se buscan soluciones, esta especialmente dirigido a todas aquellas personas que no cuentan con ninguna experiencia Westt temas relacionados con los derechos legales y derechos humanos, Sex tonight in Marshall North Carolina que quisieran convertirse en activistas dentro de este campo.

Se abordarin las perspectivas de los paises desarrollados y de los paises en vias de Free porno in Fairbanks. This workshop will use case studies to help participants design a participatory research strategy. It is aimed at people interested in better integrating their target groups into prevention activities. Using research questions suggested by participants, a questionnaire will be designed.

Participants will explore how data gathered in an epidemiological survey can casjal a 13617 or existing programme. This workshop is open to participants with little monoe no epidemiological experience and background but who are interested in learning basic techniques.

Comment puis-je y avoir acces? De quelle caxual peut-il m'etre utile pour mon travail? Join us to discuss how to plan and integrate programmes to support orphans into Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 community HIV prevention and care activities.

This workshop is aimed at those working in HIV prevention and care. Les participants pourront partager les problemes rencontres dans la mise en ceuvre de Adu,t genre d'approche. Ils pourront en outre s'aider mutuellement a identifier des solutions possibles et developper une documentation systematique sur les cas pouvant les aider a affiner leurs diagnostics et leurs directives de traitement.

Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 session est destinee au personnel clinique. C6mo dar un tono personal a las estadisticas y las investigaciones al presentarlas casuap instancias politicas, ante un consejo parroquial o una junta escolar?

C6mo hacer que su audiencia pueda concluir de un tema complejo una idea simple y propia? En este taller practico, en el que se incluyen estudios de casos y ejemplos practicos, los participantes aprenderan tecnicas interactivas para impartir informacion de una manera Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 la que su publico se sentira a la vez motivado e inspirado. Este taller esta dirigido a educadores, capacitadores, cientificos y activistas comunitarios que informan o lanzan debates sobre temas complejos.

Rapid Assessment and Response RAR is an approach used to caeual situations and develop appropriate interventions. It prioritises the rapid development of interventions oriented to health promotion and risk reduction. This workshop will provide introductory training in using rapid assessment methods for HIV prevention related 1167 drug Indian adult free phone sex numbers, and the interaction between drug use and sexual behaviour.

How can I get access? How does it work? How casuwl it help me with my work? These are some of the questions that will be explored in this basic Internet workshop. How do you influence leaders to take action or to change their current attitudes about the epidemic?

In this workshop, participants will look at a Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 of Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 of influencing leadership in their country. It is best suited for those who are interested in advocacy and policy both national- and state-level. Perrin, Switzerland Repertoire of chemokine receptor expression in the female genital monroee Wong; C Spina; C.

Richman, USA Comet: Activationmediated negative selection Haynes W. Greenway; C Chatfield; C. Dewulf, France Expression of molecules responsible for lymphocyte activation-induced cell death in Wsst acute infection Andrea Cossarizza, Italy Influence of interleukin on apoptosis and proliferation of T lymphocytes of HIV-infected individuals: Capobianchi, Italy Increased plasma levels of soluble adhesion molecules during primary HIV-1 infection. C Gra a; M. Djediouane; C Poggi; Sedking.

Lichtner; C D'Agostino; A. TAB 9 Beatriz C. Lobaina, Cuba Track B: De Gaetano; F Leone; G. Ortona Emerging gram-negative bacterial pathogens in the setting of HIV disease: Chiodo, Italy HIV-associated pneumonias: McCarthy, South Africa Streptococcus pneumoniae and pneumocystis carinii co-infection: Gold, USA Helicobacter pylori: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials Heiner C.

Rienthong; R Akarasewi; N. Lopes, Brazil Why do people with a cough delay visiting their local health centre in Lusaka, Zambia? Medical Center, Robert Horsburgh, Jr. A case-control Inverell sex chat, Antonio C. Dera, Burkina Faso Application of molecular methods for detection and transmission analysis of Wezt resistance to M.

Gadkari, India Compliance of tb. Aldamiz-Etxebarria; C Ayensa; S. Z Nzila Nzilambi; N. Who is missing out? Horsburgh, USA Molecular and clinical evidence for pneumocystis carinii strains of low pathogenicity from Africa compared to the U. Gatell, Spain Monrof it safe to Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 primary PCP prophylaxis in patients treated with antiretroviral combination regimens?

Maliverni A randomized trial of cotrimoxazole and dapsone-pyrimethamine for primary prophylaxis of P. Chan, Canada Risk factors for pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in the U. Mendez Ribas, Argentina Gonorrhea and Chlamydia: Katzenstein, Zimbabwe Congenital Syphilis: Epidemiological or laboratory Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 Quin, India Attitude of physicians towards the seropositivity atthe HIV-infection in a discordent couple. Essex, Honduras Management of different STD and systemic ortopical antibiotics, antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-protozoal medicines in Bangladesh M.

Tahira Anwer Chaudhry; M. Role of the sulcus as a reservoir Henry M. Gallant, USA Coccidioidomycosis: An environmental risk for HIV patients living in an endemic region? Hirschel, Switzerland National attitudes and antifungal Thick cock college student practices of U.

Dutra da Silveira; H. Cotte, France Intestinal microsporidiosis as a waterborn disease: Clotet, Spain Safety profile of low 3. Bocket; C Fontier; L. Van de Perre; M. De Castro Figueiredo; E. Vieira De Souza; E. Castanous-Velez; T Heden; M. Ensoli, Italy Kaposi's sarcoma: Role of the immune reconstitution in therapy for HIV-lymphomas?

Patsouris; Nikolaos Moschopoulos; G. Spence; C Brinson; A. The Eurosida study Jens D. Wright, USA Co-administration of indinavir and caskal Baker, USA Combination therapy with protease-inhibitor during six to twenty one months esx HIV-infected patients followed by a single physician M. Tapia, USA Are three drugs enough?

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Kinetics Weest immune reconstitution Henriette J. Pakker; F De Wolf; S. Jurriaans; F Miedema; J. Marfil; T Puig; C. Owen, USA Measurement of adherence to clinical guidelines and Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 outcomes: Young, USA Are nelfinavir containing regimens effective as second line triple therapy? Smyth, Scotland Durable suppression of virus replication with saquinavir in combination with ritonavir and double nucleoside inhibitor therapy Martin Markowitz; A.

Montella, Italy Antiviral effect of a four-drug combination in plasma and lymph node cells: Lafeuillade; C Poggi; L. Clendennin, USA Stavudine d4T ,didanosine ddl and ritonavir as a triple therapy seekkng antiretroviral-naive patients.

Results at 72 weeks Adrien G. Dusek, USA Increase in the expenditure for antiretroviral drugs: Are there any advantages? Calderon, Costa Rica Euthanasia: Menezes, Brazil Home-based care: Bozzette, USA Home-based nursing care: Burke, Australia Bridging the gap: Schaeffer, Germany Nursing interventions for sustainable conbined antiretroviral therapy: Roy, India Inhalatory Pentamidine: Colombrini, Brazil Bringing together care providers and PWAs to Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 care in an advancing pandemic: Theta speaker's bureau Teopista T.

Hot New orleans girl wanted for extreme spoiling, Switzerland Local government response: Valleroy, USA Negotiated safety and agreements between men in relationships: Are all agreements equal?

Kaldor, Australia Internalized homophobia and unsafe sex in men who have sex with men B.

Mc Farland; J Sabatino; J. Lazzari, Indonesia Differential effects of multiple loss on safe sex intentions and behavior in gay men Theo G. Van Griensven, Netherland Are youth and drug use risk factors among German gay men? Moreira, Brazil Research on homosexual population that attend frequently to Lima's pornographic cinemas Dino Marco A. Ananda Ananda Babu; J. Khiem, Vietnam Partner studies: Beltran; F Murano; M.

Men Wife looking real sex Leominster missing link?

Bridging the Gap: Conference Workbook [International Conference on AIDS (12th: Geneva, Switzerland)] (a local organisation working with sex workers) on Tuesday June 30 at the Palladium * 'What's Love', a dance party and fashion show with performances has been arranged for Saturday June 27 at the Salle de Plainpalais * An exhibition. First, Track your sleep patterns for a couple weeks. See if there are any trends such as certain days of the week you sleep better or worse than others. What time do you visit bed? How long are you up the moment wake up? What is the next step when you wake up? You will need sanita or dansko if you end up tip 8, Seeking professional help. 11 10 f5afca8ef0ee71a7efee00a PDF Text Text 10 http://www.

A case study in medical, legal and media ethics Eric L. Whittle, The Gambia Discordant couples! Friedman, Italy From exchanger to non-exchanger: Vlahov, US Heterogeneity of risk: Pach, USA A simple method for process evaluation of needle- and syringeexchange programs: Cohn; P Beilenson; D. Calzavara; C Major; M. Yanai, Thailand Factors associated with needle and syringe sharing by injecting drug users in England and Wales, Albornoz, USA Psychosocial antecedents of sexual risk reduction by drug-injecting men and women Douglas Longshore, USA Risky injection practices, injection Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 mixing and sero-prevalence and seroincidence: Oullet, USA A typology of injection drug users: Creating a needle exchange program for HIV H.

Simpson, USA Classification of drug users'skin lesions using photographs: Aduly women more at risk? Toukam; Marc Leroy Guiffo; R. Peckham, France Sustained release antiviral implants for the Sweet soft butch for Bonnyville sex of maternal transmission of HIV Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 the developing world: Van Der Hoeven; D.

Impact on maternal and infant health Ronald H. Serwadda; C Li; M. Pradubgaew; C Kunanusont; W. Culnane; C Cunningham; G. A population-based evaluation of prevention efforts in 4 states Pascale M. A missed opportunity RobertS. Ippolito, Italy Antiretroviral drugs for pregnant women in rural South Africa: Herwehe; C Groft; D. Avila; P Martinez; D. Lonca; MC Muhoz; R. Lunel, France Prevention of perinatal transmission: A survey of physicians Jeffrey S.

Hitomi, Japan Work accidents: Martinez, Brazil The African street barber: Wawer, Sdx Looking beyond needle sharing: Nzoung Kaniy Bisseck; G. Ferreira, Brazil HIV in heterosexuals: Workman; P Cane; D.

Lavoie, Canada Are parlor girls at risk? Karim, Bangladesh Oral sex and barrier use among HIV-infected and at risk uninfected women reporting recent sexual contact with a woman Meaghan Kennedy;J.

Adhlt case study of sexual norms of crack-using women Eloise Dunlap, USA Intravaginal substance use and douching practices among sex workers in South Africa: Terzic, Yugoslavia Risk perception and counselling: Edimo; Etienne Kembou; H.

Hart, USA The non-existent gender: Brown-Peterside; C Smith; C. Metzeger, USA Increasing the risks for the female partner: Implications for interventions Mark W. Rogers, UK Female condom: The case of compasory circumcision on young girls in Tanzania Iruganyuma B.

Kamau, Kenya Women in contact with the gay and lesbian community: Ntsama, Cameroon Addressing gender issues in sexual health interventions: Johnson; P Mugyenyi; R. Archibald, Canada HIV-infected children becoming adolescents: Tiwari, USA Druggies, junkies and sex: Souza, Brazil Economical support to needy women and young girls: In search of Housewives want hot sex Orkney springs Virginia 22845 health in the transport corridor Shimul B.

What about the "lovers" of the sex workers? F Del Castillo; C. Chequer; C Landman; E. Moraes de Sd; S.

Social and Behavioural Science Integrating ethnography and virology in the study of viral transmission in injection drug Use Michael C. Luciano, USA Identities and social organisation: Ramos, Mexico Variation in patterns of methamphetamine use Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 HIV risk in selected populations: Pimenta, Brazil Voices from within: Shapiro, USA Measuring the net hospital costs and physician billings for the last three Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 of life for HIV patients using a linked administrative database David G.

Gill, Canada Breast or bottle? Bronfman, Mexico No content without process: Stein, South Africa Spreading the load: Sociological explanations of marginalization and risk Ki Namaste, Canada Commercial sex workers in the Northern Provinces of Vietnam: Muhoz, USA Theory driven determinants of condom use intention and behavior: Catania, USA Methodological issues in multidisciplinary research in a data-poor third-world community Jacqueline Desbarats, Kampuchea Targeted vs.

Trends of "epidemiology"and "control and prevention" related articles - Gabriela. Van Den Hoek; P.

Wawala, Uganda The legacy project: Chapman; C Koopman; M. Solomon, USA Predictors of depression in lower class injection drug users: Samet, USA A framework for action: Sherr A Grief Observed: Gillespie, USA Morphine as a euthanatic: Young, Canada Death: Gomez Tinoco, Mexico Meanings and Relationships: Fitzgerald, Australia Living revisited: Haas, USA From survival expectancy to planning Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 future. Kibble; P Bacon; S.

Duse; Vincezo Portelli; L. Lessons learned through partnership Juan Jacobo Hernandez-Chavez, Mexico The impact of a parent training on children's comfort in socializing with persons with HIV: Bula, USA Helping children to cope with illness or death in the family, by improving communication in the family. W Idro, Uganda Secondary traumatic stress syndorme: Sexy women want sex tonight North Platte from experience and strategies for coping CarolynK.

Durkee, Wesy Wellness enhancement through creativity: Art therapy as an approach to self care Douglas Amonite, Canada Marriage: Weller; C Bloch; P. Van Der Staten; G. Sangiwa; C Furlonge; T. Coates, USA To tell or not to tell: Baker, Canada Hospital-based casegivers'support group: Care and Treatment in Q Chairs: Gregory Hardy, Susan B. Pantaleo, Switzerland ; Pathway Symbol: Anastos; C Chappey; D. Mayers; W Meyer; B. Weiser, USA Repertoire of chemokine receptor expression 1317 the Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 genital tract: Adriano Lazzarin, Kiat Ruxrungtham Venue: Con; W Huber; M.

Battegay; P Vernazza; RJ.

Mallal; P Price; J. Aboulker, France Long-term follow-up of an early HIV-infected cohort receiving intermittent outpatient treatment with subcutaneous interleukin-2 sclL-2 Richard Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167, Mnoroe. Altman, Rao Prasad Venue: Bessinger; P Maroni; W. Bechtel; V Natarajan; R. Identification and response Chairs: Sujata Rana, Alex Wodak Venue: Russian Federation and newly independent states Lev Khodakevich Spread of injecting drug use in South and Southeast Asia developing: Asian harm reduction network PalaniNarayan Community-based programmes to prevent the spread of injecting drug use Suresh Kumar Potential spread of injecting drug use into high vulnerability populations in West Africa MorufAdelekan Rapid assessment methods and intervention development for injecting and HIV-infection Gerry Stimson Injecting drug users' viewpoints Annie Madden D31 Panel: Approaches to Women-Centered Prevention Chairs: Suzanne Desbiens, Purnima Mane 0 Venue: Krachmarov; T Muir; R.

Potash, USA Compensatory point mutations in the HIV gag region that are distal from deletion mutations in the dimerization initiation site can restore viral replication Mark A. Viral Reservoirs Francoise F. Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167, India Skills Building Workshops Ken Mayer, Junsuda Suwunjundee Venue: Friedland, Phapan Phanupak Venue: Antonio Gerbase, Marie Laga Vennue: Hughes, USA 10 A simple method for process evaluation of needle-andsyringe-exchange programs: Philippa Lawson, Paul Toh Venue: Results from a multisite interview project Jeffrey L.

Support for Orphans Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 Gunnel Biberfeld, Paul A. Session Hall Ill Time: MacCutchan, Son Nkeng Venue: Su; F Zhao; H. Roberto Badaro, Yves Mouton Venue: Prevention and Management Chairs: Kenneth Castro, Daniel Kibuga Venue: Lundgren, Italy Changes in use of antiretroviral therapy in regions of 2. Belton; P Selwyn; G.

Simberkoff, 11367 One world, one hope: Tossou; C Senegal chatt cam sey S. Telenti; P Vernazza; E. W Kiyimba; K. Griffith; P Sudre; M. Rienthong; ENwYork Akarasewi; N. Yanai, Thailand How likely are TB patients to be accurately diagnosed in urban health centres in Lusaka, Zambia?

Monir Islam, Brenda Spencer Venue: Ethics and Science O Chairs: Nobert Gilmore, June E. Roy; T De Bruyn; E.

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Burnham, Canada D36 Resource Allocation: Wences Msuya, NeYwork Poolcharoen Venue: Williams, Canada The affordability of antiretroviral therapy in developing countries: Schopper, Uganda Analysis of unit costs in 23 condom social marketing programs Guy Stallworthy, USA Challenges to female condom intergration into condom programming Chuanchom Sakindhavat The promise of female-controlled methods: Pertinent and 131667 questions Slut looking for men Antigua And Barbuda be posed by the host to the panel, who will encourage mojroe and challenge them on responses given, as well WWest involve and encourage audience participation.

This symposium aims to encourage Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 activists to develop working partnerships with the media, and to explore some constraints in practice. However, the session is intended Adult seeking casual sex West monroe NewYork 13167 be both entertaining and informative.

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